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How does this blogging thing work again? Update for work and life in general!

Greetings, my flist! All ~5 or of you or so who, like me, are still on DW and LJ and check it regularly. ^^

I haven't said much here lately, and I admit, it's b/c everyone else is on FB and it's nice to say something and start a dialogue. *sigh* I so miss this platform's glory days. But I should stop contributing to the problem by not posting here, and post more! Ha!

Okay,'s an update on what's happening in my life.

Tl;dr: Not much, as usual.

Longer version, work: I managed to finish Clay 26 on time. Yay! Only one volume left of Clay, which I'll tackle late this winter/early spring. I also finished Skip 34 on time. Next vol will hit it a month or two. At the moment, I'm lettering Seraph vol 5 (due in 5 days!), Voice vol 11 (due in Jan), and Natsume v18 (due in Feb.) I won't have Requiem vol 2 until after the New Year.

Longer version, Yuletide: I finished my assignment several days ago!! It's currently being ripped apart by two capable betas, and I have a third one waiting until she can make it home and re-watch the film--and also finish her finals--before she tackles it. I uploaded my pre-beta version to the site already. My assignment is filled! I can tweak it w/o anyone noticing until mid-day through the 24th. ^^V Now I'm working on a treat for a beloved anime fandom. The plotting is going well! I'm also doing some very interesting research for it. C: This will be my first Yuletide treat ever! I'm very excited to give back more than I receive. Yay! I've been lucky in arranging write-ins pretty much every weekend since the end of October. It's great to see so many of my IRL friends more than once a month! :D And I made a new one! *waves to rathany*

Longer version, car: Took my car into the shop last week for a broken turn signal and general checkup. Come to find out the small puddle I'd see under my car for the past six months hasn't been condensation from the A/C, but a leaking radiator. O.o So that's been replaced! They can't do anything about the busted passenger door lock (thanks to that asshole thief in April '13), but they referred me to a lock specialist. They ARE able to fix my driver's side window, which hasn't worked for a couple years. Apparently the window is blown. I'm waiting for them to call me when the motor they need arrives in the shop. My car starts up immediately now! It's nice. ^^V

Longer version, health: I'm doing okay. Really put on some pounds in the past couple years, so I'm back up to where I was in '05 when I began losing weight. I need to relearn how to stick to my calorie limit and exercise every day. (I know the true reason is stress. I'm a comfort eater. Also my body wants me fat.) I also had some ladyparts concerns, that are going to cost me some serious money once the bills arrive, b/c my current insurance sucks. But that won't matter for much longer, b/c my insurance company is drop-kicking all Texas policies. And since I bought mine in TX, I still count. I'm probably going to follow the lead of a good IRL friend who did a ton of research and selected a particular branch/iteration of Obama care, and select a similar plan from that. :B Oh, and ladyparts concern turned out to be A-Okay. I'm good until it's time for the next annual checkup. Wheeee!

Longer version, living arrangements: Haven't made any progress on the home/condo/townhouse buying front. T.T Crazy busy this summer, then losing a week to the wedding, then even crazier busy post-wedding, then worried about the health concerns, and now it's too late to buy something before I need it in March. *sigh* I haven't even made an appointment for a mortgage meeting with my credit union. And now I kinda want to take a class in first-time home buying, which several people have recced to me and seems like a good idea. When I receive the lease renewal notice from my current apartment complex, if the rent is going up again (as I strongly suspect it will), then I'll start looking for a cheaper place. That hopefully isn't in the ghetto. I expect I'll end up further west, away from everyone. At least I have a car and can drive. :| (I am sooooo not looking forward to moving all my books. ALL MY BOOKS. ALL MY BOOKS.

Longer version, misc: Spicer and Kakashi are fine! C: They both fluffed up for this winter, especially Kakashi. He's so soft! XD Now I can look forward to when he starts shedding ALL OF IT come the summer. FUN AND HAIRY TIEMS AHEAD. A few days ago at the library, I saw a man watching hard-core porn, full-screen, on one of the public use internet computers. He wasn't even tucked away in the corner, trying to hide it. Nope. I was astonished more than anything. *shakes head in wonderment* I don't like being a rat, but COME ON. Have some class and do that at home! I checked out my books and left, b/c he had to have seen me, since I walked right past him on my way to the checkout stand. I ended up calling the library and telling them. The woman I talked to was shocked and glad that I had reported his ass. I have zero guilt about tattling, so it was the right thing for me to do.

Longer version, entertainment: I read volume 1 of Scott Lynch's Gentleman Bastard Sequence, Lies of Locke Lamora, and loved it. ^^ I'm definitely seeking out the next two volumes! I know it has a lot of fans in fandom (you know, for an un-movied/tv show-ed book series), and I am anticipating reading the fic. Heee! The love the two male leads have for each other is so very obvious. :3 They can moon over women in canon all they want, I know what's REALLY going on. *cackles* Haven't watched much anime lately, not since my group anime nights fell by the wayside due to scheduling conflicts. T.T I've been watching World Trigger here and there by myself. I'm really looking forward to Shokugeki no Soma/Food Wars and World Trigger anime series next year! :DDD I recently caught up with Food Wars manga b/c they're running the current chapter in English Jump now, and it's GREAT. Hilarious, almost equal-opportunity fanservice, and gorgeous art. Seraph I want to see for obvious reasons. :3 It will be my FIFTH manga title to earn an anime after I began lettering it! :DD (1. Nana, 2. Clay, 3. Skip, 4. Natsume! Honey & Clover doesn't count, it had an anime before I began lettering vol 1.) I picked up the first two volumes of Attack of the Titans manga at the library. (And that's how I saw the porno watcher. :P His computer screen was right in front of me as I was walking up the aisle.) I've never watched the anime, and I know it's one of the big titles right now, and hey, library books are free and legal, so let's do it. ^^V

I guess that's it for this long update. It feels good to talk to you guys again! Please leave a comment, if you have anything to say or ask. C:
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[personal profile] rathany 2014-12-11 03:08 am (UTC)(link)
I am glad your lady-parts are okay! (That was a strange sentence, but still, good to hear that things are okay.)

I also need to re-drop pounds. I blame Dragon Age :) Well, actually other stuff but it didn't help.

Good luck with finding a place. Looking at houses is fun. I may or may not be able to give some advice if you need it. (My main advice is always 'hire your own home inspector, not the one who works with your realtor. You want someone who is working for you, not working for the person trying to close a deal as smoothly as possible.)
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[personal profile] rathany 2014-12-15 08:15 pm (UTC)(link)
You may have already realized this, but the database the realtors used to pull info on houses, townhouses and condos is publicly accessible. It's Realtors get additional access, like the actual street addresses, but almost everything a realtor will show you on the properties they find will be in that database. It's much easier to see for yourself what your budget will get in a variety of different areas than having someone else do the searches for you :)

Also, <- crime rates, earthquake maps, flood maps and everything else.

Other than that? Yeah, my best advice is to have your own home inspector and a list of things that must be checked before you'll buy the house. Radon in basements is a big concern in this area because of the volcanoes. If you realtor is resistant to the house being checked for it, fire 'em.

Realtors are salespeople. Some will seem nice at first, but then turn pushy. If you aren't selling a property you aren't tied to any one realtor by anything. If they stop helping you or seem pushy in bad ways, fire them. Oregon has high commission rates. Make 'em work :)

And don't worry. Once you get a sense of the stock on the market, you will feel less overwhelmed.