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Yuletide approacheth! XD

Nothing but fanfiction and Yuletide babblings in this post. C:

I am pleased to say that this year, I did meet my goal and finished my assignment AND a treat. My first treat ever! (For those who read this and might not know, a "treat"--in regards to the Yuletide fanfic exchange--is an extra gift fic you write for someone purely for fun. It's not required.) I've never managed to complete a treat before, and I've received two in my three previous Yuletides: my first Yuletide I had one for DOGS, and my 3rd Yuletide, I received a drabble (a real 100 word one!) for Finding Nemo. C:

Some of you already know what fandoms I wrote for, but I can't announce it anywhere until reveals. My lips are sealed until the new year! But I will say that my assignment is for a movie I quite enjoy! I watched it on HBO several times, and liked it so much I was a good girl and bought it. C: The treat brings me back to my usual beloved anime and manga fandoms.

Both fics are already posted. The assignment was due on the 20th, but I actually had finished the first draft and uploaded that on December 7th. Since then, I've heard back from one beta reader *waves to winnett* and am waiting on two others. I uploaded the treat yesterday, and am waiting to hear back from two different betas for that one. And the treat has a third beta lined up, too. But she wants to finish the assignment beta first. ^^V (You can edit fic on AO3 at any time, though it's vastly preferred to finish tweaking your story BEFORE your recip can read it. I uploaded the first drafts so I wouldn't have to worry about being able to upload the stories later.)

I kept an eye on my gifts page at AO3, and my author uploaded my story around 9 and a half hours before the deadline. If my author happens to see this: thank you!! I look forward to reading it! :DDD And I don't present shake, so feel free to tag away and everything. (AO3 has some quirks that let someone sneak a peek at their present's tags, even though the work itself has a generic listing of "this story is part of an ongoing challenge and will be revealed soon". If the story's author uses the tags, a recipient can check out the fandom, characters, any ships, etc. You can even estimate story length.) I think most people who know how to shake their Yuletide fics do so, but not me! I like the surprise when that "you have a gift posted at AO3" email arrives. C:

My gift is going to be something from this list: *doki doki* And no, I don't have a favorite. I want them ALLLL!!!

I'm hitting F5 on my AO3 page every couple of hours to see if I'm lucky enough for a treat this year. Here's hopin'! My own recip has a treat written by someone else, and the person I'm treating has their assignment fic AND another treat! They'll be getting at least 3 stories on the 25th. So lucky!!

As always, I'm nervous that my recip and treat-ee will like their fics. I was pleased by my assignment, and had no trouble coming up with the plot. It was tricky for me to write because I've never attempted to create a story so incredibly dependent on dialogue. The entire plot hinges on it! It was a struggle, but I like to think I made it work. My beta reader gave it a thumbs-up! ^^b In contrast, the treat flowed very quickly, but it was a less complicated and very much a straight-forward fic. I think the fics have comparable fandom sizes, though the assignment one has an advantage by not being anime or manga. (Yuletide leans towards Western fandoms. It can be frustrating for those like me, who love entertainment originally from Asia.) Anyway, I am very much anticipating comparing the traffic between the two!!

Perhaps this will be my year to be recced by strangers! :DDD Did you guys know I've never been recced by a passing stranger, AFAIK? Not once, for anything I've written. I always appreciate recs by online friends and grateful recipients--of course!--but the stranger-rec is one Real Fanfic Author square on my bingo card that I have yet to claim. *crosses fingers for good luck*

Today, I finally FINALLY finished reading all the fics for fandoms I know from last year's Yuletide. Just in time to start reading from this year's collection! XD (I go alphabetically through the fandom list, reading almost every fic for every fandom I know. This is why my recs page is full of random fandoms like Alien Vs. Predator, Indiana Jones, Lackadaisy the webcomic, and Under the Dome (the orig novel). Though most of my Princess Tutu fic is from Yuletide, too! Anyway, it's a great source for stories from rare fandoms that you might never read otherwise. And yes, I ship Alexa/Scar from AVP like burning. SHUT UP IT'S FUN THEIR LOVE IS ETERNAL!!)

The total word count from the two Yuletide fics I've written this year is 17k, a little under what I banged out in the single World Trigger mini-epic I wrote last year. Once again, I've proven I can crank out the words when needed. I really could update my current WIPs more often. But I admit, guys. I can't justify spending an hour a day on fanfic when I could be working on my original manga. But I can justify fanficcing for fun and stress relief. Some people watch football, others play video games, I write.

Writing fanfic is a guilty pleasure for me. I guess I'm trying to say I still need to find the happy medium of being productive with my WIPs, and working on my original manga. (The fanfic is so much easier. Both b/c it's straight-up words rather than words with pictures, and b/c it's fanfic, which means all the world building and character creation is already done and ready to be used.)

This year, the Yuletide exchange is being run on UTC time, which is 8 hours ahead of me, here in the Pacific Northwest. If everyone has a story turned in on time, the stories will go live midnight UTC on the 25th, which is 4 PM on Christmas Eve for me.