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Mid-holiday update and Yuletide recs!

Greetings, everyone!

Yuletide fics went live on Christmas Eve (which was midnight UST), and I was pleased with my own gift fic. Once again, my assigned writer wrote for a fic early in my fandom's alphabetical list. C: (There's definitely a pattern here. '11: DOGS, '12: Blacksad, '13: Basara, '14: Claymore.)

Yes, I received my Clay fic for Isley!! XD It is short and sweet, and I am happy with it:

fandom: Claymore
title: And I Am Undone
author: still anonymous until the 1st
genre: Adventure
ships and characters: no ships, a gen fic; Isley and Rigaldo
length: 2,306 words
rating: PG for canon-level violence
summary: Isley had never intended to rule over the North. He’d only wanted to do his duty.

Please swing by and give it a read! C: The title is the link.

And then, a day later, imagine my surprise when I received a treat for Yuletide Madness! (Madness is a companion collection to the main one. It remains open until the 26th, and is for optional fics (not assigned) less than 1k words, or longer fics not finished in time to go into the regular collection.)

My lovely treat fulfilled my perpetual House of Five Leaves request, at last!! \o/ I was delighted to see it, and even happier after I read it. It's very good.

fandom: Sarai-ya Goyou (House of Five Leaves)
title: Tonbo-giri
author: still anonymous until the 1st, but I'm pretty sure I figured out who it is. :3
genre: Drama
ships and characters: Masa/Yaichi
length: 3,666 words
rating: PG for canon-level violence
summary: After meeting with Monji in the woods, Yaichi comes back to Katsura-ya and hopes to be left alone. He's used to not getting what he wants.

Again, please give it a read! Both of my gift fics deserve more love. :3

I'll post with info and links to my own stories on the 1st, when authors are revealed and we can freely talk about our fics. C: Once again, I didn't write a Yuletide hit, but I am happy with how my fics are doing. The manga/anime fandom one in particular is being well-received. Yay!

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