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Yesterday I was able to attend winnett's birthday party, and much fun was had. I had my first ever martini (strawberry, b/c I like the sweet fruity drinks), and then we went to box karaoke.

For those who don't know, box karaoke is karaoke in a private room, where only the people in your group can hear you sing. (None of that embarrassment by singing in front of a huge room of drunk strangers!) I haven't been to box karaoke since leaving Texas. My friends back home knew of a place in Korea Town in Dallas, and we went there three or four times. I had no idea box karaoke was in Portland, but I am muchly pleased.

And yes, I am going back! XD

The karaoke place has their song list online, and I made up a list of all the songs I wanted to sing. I was able to do most of them, too! I only ordered one drink there, for I am a lightweight. IDR the name, but it was some form of sake + plum or plum sake. Delicious. :9

I danced and sang without reservations, likely due to my two drinks. *laughs* It was so much fun!!! Winnett and her BF were the only two people there that I already knew. The other five seemed quite nice, though! I think I made a new friend, who sent me a friend request on FB. (Alas, she isn't on LJ, like so many people these days.) We sang for three hours, and they pretty much had to kick us out. XD The final song was one specifically requested by the birthday girl, Weird Al's "Yoda". I practiced it just for last night! ^^V

Getting home was interesting. I rode the train in so I wouldn't have to worry about being sober enough to drive--and wouldn't have to bother with parking. Which was a VERY good idea last night, as Portland was hosting THREE different professional sports games. Hockey, basketball, and soccer. ^^;;; The train we saw pass by at my train stop to go home was already full from the hockey and basketball games, which happened on the other side of the river. The soccer game (right next door to the train station) was winding down, and ended as we were waiting for the train. And waiting for the train. And waiting and waiting, as more and more people piled out of the stadium and were waiting with us. (Winnett and her BF kindly walked me to the train stop and waited with me.)

At this point, with the train not coming and the masses of people who wanted to board said missing train growing and growing, I began to have memories of 4th of July '13, when I watched the fireworks with book club friends in downtown Portland. The masses of people all leaving the fireworks show at the same time, the super-crowded trains, all meant I didn't get home un 4 AM. yes, it took me FIVE HOURS to get home by train. D:

I asked if Winnett would drive me home, b/c GAH. Thankfully she agreed! Whew! So the three of us tromped the mile and a half or so to their place, and after a short food and water break, they kindly drove me home. OMGYAY. They also met Kakashi. :3 (Alas, Spicer was not in the mood to say hi to strangers.)

Today, I am sore from all the dancing, my voice is rough, and I am very very tired. But it was worth it!! Like I said above, I definitely want to go back. YEAH!