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I cleaned for 6 hours today, and I am STILL not done. I made a list this morning of everything I needed to clean, and marked the most important ones. (Windows, mop, vacuum, empty cabinets under sinks so the apartment guys can check for leaks.) I took 3 times my usual dose of caffeine, and got busy.

In which slr2moons details her cleaning adventure. )

I still have some stuff to do. Gotta finish cleaning the stove top, sweep up the floor in the bathroom, pick up scattered laundry and make sure at least all the underwear is hidden. :P I need to do this all tonight, too, b/c last year the inspection started with MY building, right at 9 AM. Bleh.

Gonna take another painkiller before I go to bed tonight. I'm gonna be sore tomorrow from all this vigorous exercising. And possible with the sniffles, too. I get sick easily these days, my endurance is really down. X|

But at least now my apartment smells pleasantly of Mr. Clean. I wish my walking buddies Sno and Mab were coming over in the next few days, so they could see how nice everything looks. ^^ And I noticed my windows are easier to slide open and closed! Imagine that.

Now, it is 8:30 PM, and I can finally get to work. Wheeeeee!