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Do I win the cleaning Olympics?

I cleaned for 6 hours today, and I am STILL not done. I made a list this morning of everything I needed to clean, and marked the most important ones. (Windows, mop, vacuum, empty cabinets under sinks so the apartment guys can check for leaks.) I took 3 times my usual dose of caffeine, and got busy.

First I did the windows, which I haven't really cleaned since this time last year. I don't mean wiping down the glass, but taking a toothbrush and some cleaner and attacking the trim and sill. My windows are old-style aluminum trimmed single-panes, and the aluminum sweats in the winter, when I have the heater on. Add my cat(s) sitting in the window all the time, shedding, the tiny beetle invasion I deal with every spring (not even keeping the windows closed will keep those tiny little bastards out), and decomposed fly carcasses add up to some nasty black dirt. It took two toothbrushes, a bunch of paper towels, Mr. Clean, water, and a screwdriver to get rid of almost all of it. (The screwdriver was for prying out gunk and forcing the paper towels down thoroughly into the cracks and ridges. Great invention, screwdrivers.) When it was all as clean as I could get it, I sprayed on some Tilex, wiped that up, and rinsed twice. Took about an hour, all together. My windows were VILE. Yes I should clean more often but I hate it and there is so much else I'd rather do than clean.

I'd picked up and wiped down (lol) half of my counters yesterday, so at least that small bit was done. Then I mopped the kitchen and laundry nook. I should do this more often, too, but it wasn't as nasty as the windows!!! (Nothing in my apartment is as nasty as those windows...)

Took a painkiller, then a break to eat, napped for an hour, then forced myself back up and took out the trash and recycling. Then I vacuumed. Poor Kakashi is so afraid of the vacuum. Spicer didn't like it and would move around to avoid it, but he wasn't as completely terrified as Kakashi. My sweet ninja kitty. I always feel guilty when I vacuum, b/c it freaks him out so.

I emptied the cabinets under the sinks. The kitchen one was pretty easy, just a big bag of bags to be recycled at some point, and my bucket of extra cleaning supplies. The bathroom one is much more of a task. ^^; I dumped all the smaller loose stuff in an extra (cleaned!) cat little tray and set it in the bathtub, tossed all the larger stuff around it (hair dryer, packages of soap, etc).

I still have some stuff to do. Gotta finish cleaning the stove top, sweep up the floor in the bathroom, pick up scattered laundry and make sure at least all the underwear is hidden. :P I need to do this all tonight, too, b/c last year the inspection started with MY building, right at 9 AM. Bleh.

Gonna take another painkiller before I go to bed tonight. I'm gonna be sore tomorrow from all this vigorous exercising. And possible with the sniffles, too. I get sick easily these days, my endurance is really down. X|

But at least now my apartment smells pleasantly of Mr. Clean. I wish my walking buddies Sno and Mab were coming over in the next few days, so they could see how nice everything looks. ^^ And I noticed my windows are easier to slide open and closed! Imagine that.

Now, it is 8:30 PM, and I can finally get to work. Wheeeeee!

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