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Dear Yuletide Author, 2016

Dear Yuletide author,

Hello, my lovely author! ^^ I'm so pleased to be back in Yuletide again, after taking last year off to deal with real life. I really missed participating last year. I'm sure this year's writing and reading will be incredibly fun, and I am glad to jump feet-first into the fest alongside you! *bro fist bump* For the record, I am slr2moons at AO3, too. C:


I enjoy stories with strong emotions and character development, with a gripping plot as icing on the cake. I really like to see inside a character's mind and understand them. For me, it's all about the characters! I'm not very interested in fluff, curtain!fic, established relationship, or holiday fic--unless it has some character nuance or intriguing plot that makes it fresh. I like both upbeat and dark fics. It all comes down to the power of the story being told, no matter how it ends. If a fic makes me cry in agony or joy, that means it's good. ^^

Romance or gen: Both! For romance, I enjoy lots of UST. I'm a fan of slash/BL, het, femslash/yuri, and threesomes and more. Just show me my favorite characters interacting! I can take or leave graphic sex, it's truly the foreplay and dialogue I enjoy. In gen, I love watching characters learn to trust each other. Knowing they can depend on someone--even if they can't stand that person otherwise--makes me smile. With either romance or gen, I enjoy watching a character realize they belong, be it welcomed by close friends, lover(s!), or new family. Found family always gets me. Always.

Kinks: I confess, I'm asexual, so I don't really have any kinks. :B But I DO like reading romance and sex scenes that are passionate, as I like it when my favorite characters are enjoying themselves! If you have the urge to get smutty within your plot, go for it! :D That said, I do enjoy certain non-sexual kinks. I would be delighted if you included any of these: bed sharing; non-sexual intimacy like hair brushing, huddling for warmth; and hurt/comfort. On a less pure note, I do have a thing for soulbonding! (With good OR bad results for the characters.) And also, I rather like ribbons being used as restraints. ^^;; (I saw this piece of fanart years ago with a man tied up with red ribbons and I was fascinated. Ropes or chains would have been boring, but ribbons? I AM SO THERE.)

Squicks, triggers, and DNWs: Please no rimming, no sexual use of body waste, and no on-screen adult/child sex.

Writing style specifics: Any POV works, even second person or reader insert. Present and past tense are both just dandy! Original characters are fine by me, as long as they contribute to the story. Want to illustrate your fic? YES PLZ. In other words: you can write however is best for you and your story, and I will happily read it. I also love a good crossover or AU! I admire an author who can change the setting or make a timeline tweak and still keep everyone in-character. To sum up this section, I hope to read a fic that you've had fun writing. ^^

Anime and manga canons: I do like the use of honorifics after characters' names, but if you aren't comfortable with them for a particular fandom (very possible since some manga publishers don't retain them, not to mention dubs), then don't worry about it. C:

You are more than welcome to read my small fic library at AO3. If you'd like a ton of examples of fics I've loved and why I loved them, you can also check out my fanfiction recs page or my AO3 bookmarks.

And finally, if you have any doubts or need clarification, my BFF, Star, has agreed to directly answer any questions you might have. She knows me so well, I trust her answers would be correct 99.9% of the time! ^^V You can reach her by email at stars_reflection at good old Yahoo. C:

I'm eager to have fic in any of the following fandoms! I want them all equally, I just have more ideas floating around in my head for some than others. XD These are all suggestions, of course. If none of them spark a bunny for you, then write whatever bunny you can catch for my requested characters. C:

Here we go!!!!

Fandom specifics, in alphabetical order!

薔薇王の葬列 | Bara Ou no Souretsu | Requiem of the Rose King (Richard York, Edward Lancaster, Catesby, Anne Neville). I have read through volume 6/chapter 25.

Ahhh, Requiem. The messed-up angst-fest manga full of self-hatred, blind loyalty, and really nasty psychic visions. It's difficult for me to describe what I like about the series, but my favorite scenes are definitely when Richard and Edward are thrown together. (His cousin, not his older brother.) I also enjoy the scenes of devotion, such as Richard's loyalty to his father or brothers, and Catesby's to Richard. And even Edward L's to Richard! Oh, and since Richard thinks of himself as male, I use the male pronouns for him. C:

Please, dear author, give me more Richard and Edward adventure and drama! Edward's feelings for Richard are both adorable and sadly misguided, while Richard just sees a sort-of-friend who can help him get what he wants. Both boys have so many issues--thanks in part to their terrible mothers. Yes, I ship them and their unhealthy relationship like burning. They have such volatile sparks between them, it's so much trainwreck-style fun to watch them interact! Whether you can give me some romance or an awesome gen adventure like in volume 5, I'll be happy either way. Just how would Edward react if he ever saw Richard fully naked? Confused at first, I'm sure, but after? Horrified? Curious? "Okay, no problem, I can work with that, too"?? There are so many possibilities here! From dark and mean to sweet sugary feels! <3 If you decide to try some sexy times, I do request one thing in addition to my DNWs above: please keep the boys above the age of 14. Thank you! For some gen ideas, how about fencing practice? A hunting competition? Or a missing scene from their incognito adventure with Richard in drag from volume 5? Perhaps they have to pretend to be siblings, with Catesby as their shared servant? Or you could go super-cute and write a forgotten meeting from when they were little kids, playing in the castle or the grounds. :3 In a darker gen vein, they could have to fight back-to-back to escape highwaymen, or one is injured or sick and the other has to nurse them. Or how about exploring the fiasco that could happen if Richard discovered who Edward was: the son of King Henry? Or if he learned that his gentle sheep-herder Henry was Edward's father? So many possibilities!!

Don't forget Catesby and Anne! :D Catesby's devotion to his Richard-sama is so tender and fierce. And poor kind-hearted Anne, stuck in the middle between Richard and Edward. *coughs and adjusts her halo* This manga is full so so many beautiful people! And did I mention I enjoy reading poly? *coughs again*

Chanur Series - C. J. Cherryh (Pyanfar Chanur, Haral Araun, Kyhm Mahn.) I've read all five books, and wish there were more!

I first read this series as a teenager, after seeing the cover art in my Michael Whelan art book and becoming curious. Thankfully my library had the entire saga, and teen!me enjoyed it so much, I went out and bought my own copies. :3 Adult!me reread the books for the first time this year, and I loved them even more. The realistic space opera with communication time delays, the reactions of different alien species to faster-than-light travel, aging at different rates due to aforementioned travel, language and physiological communication problems, and politics affecting absolutely everything. Fascinating!

Pyanfar is my hero, flat-out. She's smart, brave, dares to fly in the face of tradition, and politically savvy enough to turn a profit and even become the ruler of the Kif! Wow. Haral is so dependable and such a good friend to Py. C: I love how she and Py work together, and know each other so well. I was happy when Kyhm proved his intelligence and found a purpose on the Pride in canon--fly in the face of stereotypes! Dare to be more than people expect! YEAH!

I would adore more Pyanfar-centric space adventures. Perhaps in her crew days before she became captain of the Pride. Or in her early captaincy! Or between the end of her own canon saga and Hilfy's sequel! Does teenage!Py make an ass of herself and have to fix things? Perhaps she rescues a deal on the brink of falling apart and earns herself a promotion! Maybe the ship is lost somewhere between jumps and has to find its way back? If you enjoy humor, maybe they have a resurgence of Sikkukkut's food rodents and have to deal with the little terrors before they nibble the ship to death.

This fandom is also ripe for other space-faring crossovers! Just please make sure that I am familiar with your crossover canon. You can ask my friend Star, mentioned above, or look on my fic recs page. :3

I do have one odd request for this fandom: do not feel pressured to write in Ms. Cherryh's distinctive style. If you like a more straightforward syntax, then please write that way. ^^

In Death series by JD Robb: (Eve Dallas, Ian McNab, Delia Peabody, Roarke) I have read the entire series to date.

I love the characters in this canon, so very much. ^^ And the murder mysteries are always engrossing!! The banter between characters is fun, the future setting exciting, and I admire how much the characters have grown all this time. Good stuff. *happy sigh*

Okay, so...remember how Peabody once told Eve that if either she or McNab are killed off, the other has permission to pursue Eve or Roarke? You can definitely try this--or even not bother with someone being hit by an airbus and go FOURSOME!! "Woohoo!" as Peabody would say!! :3 I so love these characters and their friendships and love for each other. Exploring that at any level of intimacy would be fantastic.

If you're feeling ambitious, a mirrorverse!AU would be amazing. OMG. Rourke is the devoted and badass cop, out to catch criminals. Eve is the criminal mastermind. How could this role reversal happen, given their pasts? Would Rourke be in homicide, or vice, or the computer team? Would Eve be a serial killer, taking out child molesters and rapists? Or would she be a smuggler and con artist? Do Peabody and McNab still work as cops, or are they with Eve? Or one of each? And what about Mavis and Somerset in all this?? DO TELL!

If something less extravagant is to your bunny's taste, then how about day or even a scene in the life of the characters. Perhaps a party, or shared yoga lessons (Peabody grumbling about her "girls" getting in the way! Hahaha!). Or everyone could have to go undercover at a science-fiction convention--complete with cosplay!! Or an exciting case!fic in canon style. I do love it when Eve is forced out of her comfort zone by having to go gift shopping or admit her feelings to anyone not Roarke. It's fun seeing her squirm!! I also always get a kick out of Eve having to take down the random purse snatcher/flasher/drunk idiot/etc, complete with snarky remarks. Perhaps Peabody could join in the smack-down fun? XD Bonus points if your story includes Galahad. :3

Mrs. Todd's Shortcut - Stephen King: (Ophelia Todd, Homer Buckland)

I love the adventure and hopefulness of this canon. Ophelia's determination to find the shortest route possible between Castle Rock and Bangor is fun, and I feel a connection with her, because I love finding obscure back routes, too! Her determination to keep using shortcuts because she recognizes her true self when she's driving them--and she loves herself that way--is inspiring. And I particularly adore that at the end of the story, Homer goes with her. It seems characters never chose to leave home and go adventuring for good, yet in this story, they do it! THANK YOU!

For some fic is it that Ophelia even manages to find those supernatural roads? Is it something about her personality? Or her car? Did she learn of it from her father, who taught her to use shortcuts? Or is it just that she keeps trying all those unknown logging roads and stumbles upon them? Do the roads appear on her map--perhaps AFTER she finds them? How are they depicted when they fold space? Why does she forget--or perhaps willfully ignore--the stranger aspects of her journey, like grabby trees and bizarre creatures? Is it because of a specific event? Would acknowledging something is weird make the roads no longer work, and she knows this from previous experience? What does her husband think of her shortcut obsession? Homer told David her husband "didn't care piss-all", but was that the truth? If not, why would Homer lie about it? How did he even know the husband's opinion? And then the really big one: just what happens with her and Homer after canon ends??? Perhaps you could tell me about their first adventure. Does Homer de-age and become some sort of wild fae ruler, like Ophela? If they return to Castle Rock, what do David or the rest of the townsfolk think of their changed appearance and demeanor? I'm just full of all sorts of questions about this fandom! So many intriguing possibilities...

Note: This story is in the 1985 Stephen King short story collection Skeleton Crew. Those of you know know Mr. King's works well will recognize this early foray into his Dark Tower series' todash space. It's been suggested that these are the same paths Father Callahan used to pass into the AU-America for Wolves of the Calla. I wouldn't object to a crossover with any other fandom at all, just please keep the focus on Ophelia and Homer. C:

Natsume Yuujinchou | Natsume's Book of Friends: (Misuzu, Matoba Seiji, Natsume Takashi, Nishimura Satoru). I have read the manga through volume 20/chapter 81 and watched the anime.

Natsume is one of my top ten manga. I love the slow growth of the characters, the importance of friendship, trust, and helping others. And all the touching stories of the various ayakashi! While I do enjoy the anime, too, the manga has a special place in my heart. C: This section's optional details will be more character-based than for my other fandoms, because I adore Natsume's cast!

Misuzu is my favorite ayakashi in all of Natsume Yuujinchou! He's so honest, and his sense of honor is satisfying. Also I love his horse-cow-human design! I'd love a story where he and Natsume work together, or Natsume has to call his name for a daring rescue! Perhaps from Matoba's clutches? Or even a quiet moment with some touching dialogue between him and Natsume. Or you could go AU and have Misuzu ask for his name back, at last! What would cause him to want it returned? Could it be to protect Natsume? Can he change form, like Nyanko-sensei? (Perhaps turn into a pony-sized version of himself? Or take full human form??)

I have a hate-love relationship with Matoba. He's a complete creeper, but he's a true wild card in canon, which makes him interesting. And I'm a sucker for interesting! I've particularly enjoyed learning more about him as Natsume reluctantly spends time with him in the more recent volumes. I always appreciate a villain(?) with shades of gray, rather than just a bogeyman intent on impeding our hero. :P Perhaps you could write a missing scene from one of their encounters. Or have Natsume notice that cloth in the tree which reveals your spiritual power level! Or Matoba could become a substitute teacher for one of Natsume's classes and do his creeper thing. XD How would his classmates react to him? Don't be afraid to try some comedy with Matoba, I'd be down for that! He'd make a great straight man. ^^V

For Natsume Takashi himself, I admire how he's come to trust his friends over the many months of canon time. When he admitted he can see ayakashi to Tomura and Taki, I choked up. He's even opening up a little to his "muggle" friends Nishimura and Kitamoto, much to my delight. ^^ Natsume is so gentle and kind, trying to help ayakashi and having to learn the hard way that not all of them are good. (The opposite lesson he had to learn about humans: not all of them are cruel. Interesting.) I would love a fun ayakashi-centered adventure that could be canon. Or you could explore his friendships! I rather like his odd relationship with the guy from one of his foster families, Shibata Katsumi--the playboy in love with the dying flower youkai. I didn't have enough character slots to nominate him, but I would enjoy more interaction between him and Natsume! (And feel free to slash it up. *eyebrow waggle*) If you're feeling ambitious, you could do a future AU with grown!Natsume still returning names and trying to help ayakashi. Or perhaps Natsume could travel to Tokyo and deal with a city ayakashi and exorcists? Just how would that go?

Nishimura Satoru. I admit, when it comes to this guy, I'm pretty shallow! XD He's so obsessed with girls, and he expresses so much dismay whenever he thinks Natsume might have a girlfriend. The slasher in me can't help but see that he has a massive crush on our beautiful and ethereal Takashi. Nishimura is chasing skirts as overcompensation, and his dismay over the girlfriends is jealousy--of the women! X3 Nishimura is so outgoing and bouncy, what could make him keep quiet about his attraction? How would Natsume react if Nishimura did express that interest? Natsume seems rather indifferent to romance so far, would that continue? Or how about a quiet pre-slash moment between the two, with Nishimura just so happy to have some quality time alone with his true love? ^^ I realize this is very much a rare pair, so Nishimura is an "OR" character request. If you can't fit him into your story, I don't mind. C:

I do have one DNW for this particular fandom: please, no non-con. Thank you! C:

声優かっ! | Seiyu-ka! | Voice Over! Seiyu Academy: (Kino Hime, Haruyama Mizuki) I have read the entire manga.

I love this canon because it's so much fun. Hime's attempts at using a cute voice ending in disaster, her learning to use her voice in a way better suited to her talents, the cross-dressing adventure when she's being Shiro, canon BL fun's all a complete blast! XD

Not even gonna lie, I ship Hime/Mizuki-sempai like burning. I adore how he takes care of his kouhai and is protective of her, and really does love her. His jealousy over Hime and Senri's friendship in vol9 made me squee! I know, Hime is young and not thinking of romance in almost all of canon. You could progress them along in their careers a few years, to let her mature a bit more. What about her professional role as Shiro the male seiyuu? Is there a scandal about the Mizuki/Shiro IRL BL romance?? Does a reporter find out about the Mizuki-Senri rivalry over the adorable little uke-Shiro?? How do the fans react--lots of doujinshi, perhaps?? XD And what about poor, overlooked Fujimori's crush on Shiro?

If you just can't ship Hime and Mizuki, then I'd love some gen sempai and kouhai quality time. Perhaps Mizuki helps Hime with another tricky role, or she goes with him to a shoot or filming--perhaps as herself! ONOES, Mizuki has a cute little girlfriend! The paparazzi would go crazy! XD The BL drama CD was my favorite arc--you could give me more!! Or perhaps Hime is outed as being female, and Mizuki is her solid rock to rely on?

How about the classic school festival storyline, with Hime getting up to shenanigans with her classmates? Perhaps they do another odd twist on a fairy tale, utilizing Hime's voice? If you're more into drama than comedy, Hime could have to deal with her abusive mother. I felt canon resolved that particular issue much too quickly--you could explore it much further. Or show me a flashback from her childhood. Maybe she met Mizuki when she was small?

I'd welcome an AU! They're Shakespearean actors! Or a traveling troupe in feudal Japan! Or virtual idols in the future, and someone keeps messing with their programming ala Duck Amuck!

Thank you so much for offering to write in Yuletide. I hope you can find a promising bunny and have the words pour forth with ease! And may the fic you receive this year fill you with joy. GOOD LUCK TO US BOTH!

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