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Hi, everyone! I have a second cat, at last. :D

Hi, everyone!

Yep, still here. C:

Not much has changed in my life, except for one new addition! Last November, I bought a Maine Coon kitten. :3 I wanted a Maine Coon, like my beloved Spicer-kitty, but I didn't want to deal with the congenital heart disease so ingrained into the breed. The only way you can try to avoid it is to know the parentage of a kitten, and said parents' heath. And the only way to know that for sure is to buy a purebred kitten. So I did. C:

I googled for "Maine Coon kitten Portland", and of the handful of true local results, my top pick actually had kittens available. So on Sunday, November 13th, I brought him home. Here he is, that very day!

Isn't he adorable??! X3 He was 5 months old, born in June, and weighed about 3.5 pounds. He's half again as large as Kakashi was when my ninja kitty was 5 months old. This boy's gonna big! At least 20 pounds of cat, full-grown! His color is officially called "Cream Mackerel Tabby". You can't see it in this pic, but he's a polydactyl cat, which means he has extra toes! In his case, three each on the inside of his front paws, where a human thumb would be. His feet are huuuuuuuuuge! And he tried to make a fourth toe, as the outside extra toe has two claws, fused together in vertical parallel. I affectionately call them his crab claws. :3 The vet advised me to keep them trimmed far down, though, as they can curl under his paw and poke his main pad if left to grow naturally.

On the drive home, I tried out the names of several fictional men with blond hair. Edward Elric, Legolas, etc, but when I tried "Shizuo", from one of my favorite anime sereis Durarara, he looked up at me, eyes wide and ears pricked. So Shizuo he is!! Just "Shizu", for short.

Next time, I'll share another pic and talk about him and Kakashi. Hope you enjoyed this cat-centric update!! And the kitty pic. :3

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