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Dear GenEx author or artist...

Dear GenEx author or artist,

Hello, my lovely author or artist! ^^ This is my first year to participate in GenEx! But I swear I'm not a complete noob--I've completed five Yuletide exchanges and made artwork for three big bangs.

:D I do so love creating for my recip, and I certainly hope you enjoy the exchange, too! Some parts of this will be copied from my Yuletide letter for efficiency's sake--but with any shippy stuff removed, and with new fandoms and prompts added! :3 If you've seen my requests before for Yuletide, please read them again for any changes.

For the record, I am slr2moons at AO3, too. C:


For fics: I enjoy stories with strong emotions and character development, with a gripping plot as icing on the cake. I really like to see inside a character's mind and understand them. For me, it's all about the characters! I'm not very interested in fluff, crack without plot, or holiday fic--unless it has some character nuance or intriguing plot that makes it fresh. I like both upbeat and dark fics. It all comes down to the power of the story being told, no matter how it ends. If a fic makes me cry in agony or joy, that means it's good. ^^ Don't feel you have to match the tone of a canon. Feel free to make light-hearted canons dark, and dark canons light. If I don't want this with a particular canon, I will specify in its section.

For artwork: I love the use of color theory and shadow, and extra details in artwork like intricate jewelry or clothing. I like both digital and traditional artwork. If you're assigned to a visual fandom, feel free to put your own interpretation of the characters into your art. I have canon to give me pure canon-style! C: I do request you don't get too abstract or into Cubism, though. ^^ Also I love fan comics!

Beloved tropes and genres: I will enjoy almost anything if it features characters I love! Here are some personal faves that will always make me want to click on a work, in no particular order: Enemies to friends, time travel and loops, team-focused, case!fic and mysteries, adventure, found family, fix-it!fic, competence in a character's job, huddling for warmth, bed sharing, space pirate AU, professional artist AU, supernatural elements in a "normal" canon, and trope subversion!

Squicks, triggers, and DNWs: With sex out of the way, I don't have many at all! Just please: no torturing animals. Being eaten or humanely killed and used for survival is fine, but no torture or horror moments like the rabbit scene in Fatal Attraction. *wince* One exception: cats must be safe.

Writing style specifics: Any POV works, even second person or reader insert. Present and past tense are both just dandy! Original characters are fine by me, as long as they contribute to the story. Want to illustrate your fic? YES PLZ. In other words: you can write however is best for you and your story, and I will happily read it. I also love a good crossover or AU! I admire an author who can change the setting or make a timeline tweak and still keep everyone in-character. To sum up this section, I hope to read a fic that you've had fun writing. Go crazy! ^^V

Anime and manga canons: I do like the use of honorifics after characters' names, but if you aren't comfortable with them for a particular fandom (very possible since some manga publishers don't retain them, not to mention dubs), then don't worry about it. C:

You are more than welcome to read my small fic library and see some of my fanart at AO3. Lots of gen there! :3 If you'd like examples of fics I've loved reading and what I loved about them, you can also check out my fanfiction recs page or my AO3 bookmarks.

I'm eager to have works in any of the following fandoms! I want them all equally, I just have more ideas floating around in my head for some than others, especially if I've requested more than one relationship. XD These are all suggestions, of course. If none of them spark a bunny for you, then write whatever bunny you can catch for my requested characters. C: Remember, I hope to receive a work that you've had fun creating.

Here we go!!!!

Fandom specifics, in alphabetical order!

Chanur Series - C. J. Cherryh (Pyanfar Chanur & Haral Araun; Pyanfar Chanur & Kyhm Mahn.) I've read all five books, and wish there were more!

I first read this series as a teenager, after seeing the cover art in my Michael Whelan art book and becoming curious. Thankfully my library had the entire saga, and teen!me enjoyed it so much, I went out and bought my own copies. :3 Adult!me reread the books for the first time last year, and I loved them even more. The realistic space opera with communication time delays, the reactions of different alien species to faster-than-light travel, aging at different rates due to aforementioned travel, language and physiological communication problems, and politics affecting absolutely everything. Fascinating!

Pyanfar Chanur & Haral Araun: Their friendship and trust is so lovely. *wistful sigh* I would adore more Pyanfar space adventures, with Haral at her side. Perhaps in Py's crew days before she became captain of the Pride. Or in her early captaincy! Does teenage!Py make an ass of herself and have to fix things? Perhaps she rescues a deal on the brink of falling apart and earns herself a promotion! Do Py and Haral get in a bar fight?? Why does it start, and how does it end? :D Or maybe they share a quiet moment over a hot drink in a station cafe, and watch the people go by. ^^

Pyanfar Chanur & Kyhm Mahn: I know this is a married couple, but I'm in it for their friendship. C: In canon, I was so happy when Kyhm proved his intelligence and found a purpose on the Pride. Dare to be more than people expect of your gender! YEAH! Tell me about an eventful station visit. We know other space-faring species are wary of or outright terrified of male Hani. Just how would one of those encounters go? Perhaps tell me your own little adventure story set between the end of Py's own canon saga and Hilfy's sequel, with Py and Kyhm working together to save the crew and the day. Maybe the ship is lost somewhere between jumps and has to find its way back? If you enjoy humor, maybe they have a resurgence of Sikkukkut's food rodents and have to deal with the little terrors before they nibble the ship to death. Or maybe someone picks up a lice-like parasite dockside, and everyone has to shave off all their fur! XD

I do have one odd request for this fandom: do not feel pressured to write in Ms. Cherryh's distinctive style. If you like a more straightforward syntax, then please do. ^^

Jurassic World (2015) (Owen Grady & The Raptor Squad; Blue & T-Rex; Owen Grady & The Raptor Squad & Indominus Rex)

This is my newest comfort movie. Every time I watch it I spot a new plot hole, but the movie is so pretty and so much fun, I don't care! :D The raptor squad makes this movie for me. Poor Indominus is a woobie!villain, she just doesn't know it. Then T-Rex swoops in to save the day! Ahhhhh! *fangirly squeal*

Owen Grady & The Raptor Squad: OMG give me dino adventures!!! An AU where everyone lives! Or the squad and Owen are sent out into the world as a military team after all! Describe their mission to me, and if they succeed or fail most spectacularly, with lots of blood and dead bad guys! If you'd rather something less action-filled, I'd enjoy a quiet moment with the group. Tell me about when the squad hatches, and are all adorable little babby dinos. :3 Or write Owen's return to Isla Nublar, and how he finds Blue again.

Blue & T-Rex: I loved their teamwork defeating Indominus, and how at the end of the film, they looked at each other with respect and go their separate ways. Tell me about their second meeting. Does T-Rex remember Blue? Do they face off over a herd of juicy dinner? Do they become each other's packmate and work together for safety? Maybe they met before the movie's climax, when Blue sneaked out of her paddock one night and went exploring. Or really go crazy and try a space pirates AU!!! I have no idea how that would work, but I bet it would be fun!

Owen Grady & the Raptor Squad & Indominus Rex: Indominus' life would have been so different if Owen had known about her from her hatching. Spin me an AU where he raises her as part of the Squad! Or a canon divergence AU where Owen and the squad successfully stop Indominus. Maybe she's very injured at this point, and they help save her life? I'd love to see an angry tolerance between them shift into something relaxed and natural. C: Or perhaps Indominus escapes or avoids her Mosasaurus-dinner end, and Blue (and T-Rex!) have to deal with her on the island, sans-humans. I don't mind if you can't work Owen into this relationship.

And let me state for the record that I don't mind if you kill off one of my requested characters, if it fits the story you want to tell. I mean, these are carnivorous dinosaurs. SOMETHING is going to die. Just no cruel torture, please! C: Or cats being eaten. All cats must be safe. Please!

MASH (Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan & Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce; Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce & B.J. Hunnicutt & Charles Emerson Winchester III; Sherman Potter & Max Klinger)

MASH was my comfort show back in college. I knew that no matter the time of day, I could find an episode playing somewhere. When Netflix had the show available for streaming a couple of years ago, I was overjoyed!! I watched at least one episode every night. The slowly maturing characters and friendships are what grabbed me about this series. That and the engaging single-dose stories. C: Granted, there are a few duds, but on the average, every ep is good! My faves were the comedy eps of this show, like "Five O'Clock Charley" and "The Smell of Music." I also really liked the glimpses of supernatural we were given, such as Klinger's out of body experience, the soldier who said he was Jesus Christ, and the ep where they had a woman perform a traditional Korean evil-banishing dance to stop a long run of bad luck. If you're more into drama or adventure, then I enjoyed the eps where they traveled, be it to Seoul or a simple fishing trip.

Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan & Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce: The development of this friendship was my favorite of all the characters in the show. Margaret's slow change from conspiring with Frank to boot Hawkeye out of their unit to counting Hawk as one of her best friends was simply beautiful. Please show me more of their friendship! You can set it anywhere in their timeline, just if you set it early, please give me a glimmer of hope and respect between them. :3 Do they work together to save yet another patient? Does Margaret help Hawkeye prank someone? Do they end up back-to-back, fighting zombies? Or perhaps they meet up again after the war at a medical conference, and rehash old times. Maybe Hawkeye encourages Margaret to become a doctor? Or one of them is sent back via time travel to their early days and takes the chance to change things?

Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce & B.J. Hunnicutt & Charles Emerson Winchester III: These three had such a great contrast. I was so happy when Frank was replaced with Charles, I must say. ^^ He may be stuffy, but Charles is the perfect straight man for Hawk and BJ! Tell me about another prank war! Or they end up stranded in the Korean wilderness and have to work together to make it back to camp. Or Charles manages to teach the pair of them about one of his upper-class enjoyments, like caviar or opera, which Hawk and BJ have no end of fun in mocking.

Sherman Potter & Max Klinger: Colonel Potter is pretty much my favorite character in MASH, for his reliability and his humor. Klinger is definitely up there, too! I love his slow growth in the series and his occasionally questionable taste in fashion. (Some of those dresses were not flattering, alas.) Please give me commander and company clerk shenanigans! Perhaps the Colonel wants to paint Klinger again, who insists on wearing one of his beautiful and colorful ensembles. Just where does the Colonel find his paints, out in the Korean war zone? Does Klinger have to go one one of those multiple trading quests (I always enjoyed those story lines!) to track down a specific color or some turpentine? If you could work Colonel Potter's horse, Sophie, into the fic, that would be just lovely! :D Maybe Klinger wants to be painted with his ensemble while riding sidesaddle? :D Feel free to go into costume porn here, I just love descriptions of beautiful clothes! :3 (Please don't kill Sophie.)

Mrs. Todd's Shortcut - Stephen King: (Ophelia Todd & Homer Buckland)

I love the adventure and hopefulness of this canon. Ophelia's determination to find the shortest route possible between Castle Rock and Bangor is fun, and I feel a connection with her, because I love finding obscure back routes, too! Her determination to keep using shortcuts because she recognizes her true self when she's driving them--and she loves herself that way--is inspiring. And I particularly adore that at the end of the story, Homer goes with her. It seems characters never chose to leave home and go adventuring for good, yet in this story, they do it! THANK YOU!

Ophelia Todd & Homer Buckland: I enjoy the easy friendship between these two, and Homer's genuine interest in Ophelia's shortcut quest. How is it that Ophelia even manages to find those supernatural roads? Is it something about her personality? Or her car? Did she learn of it from her father, who taught her to use shortcuts? Or is it just that she keeps trying all those unknown logging roads and stumbles upon them? Do the roads appear on her map--perhaps AFTER she finds them? How are they depicted when they fold space? Why does she forget--or perhaps willfully ignore--the stranger aspects of her journey, like grabby trees and bizarre creatures? Is it because of a specific event? Would acknowledging something is weird make the roads no longer work, and she knows this from previous experience? What does her husband think of her shortcut obsession? Homer told David her husband "didn't care piss-all", but was that the truth? If not, why would Homer lie about it? How did he even know the husband's opinion? And then the really big one: just what happens with her and Homer after canon ends??? Perhaps you could tell me about their first adventure. Does Homer de-age and become some sort of wild fae ruler, like Ophela? Or does he turn into his own idealized version of himself? If so, what is it? If they return to Castle Rock, what do David or the rest of the townsfolk think of their changed appearance and demeanor? I'm just full of all sorts of questions about this fandom! So many intriguing possibilities...

Note: This story is in the 1985 Stephen King short story collection Skeleton Crew. Those of you know know Mr. King's works well will recognize this early foray into his Dark Tower series' todash space. It's been suggested that these are the same paths Father Callahan used to pass into the AU-America for Wolves of the Calla. I wouldn't object to a crossover with any other fandom at all, just please keep the focus on Ophelia and Homer. C:

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Fluttershy & Discord; Fluttershy & Princess Luna). I have watched through the first half of season 7.

Like most of my other requested canons, this one has a special place in my heart. I started watching it after a traumatic emotional event, and the pretty ponies and sweet stories helped me make it through to the other side. Fluttershy is my favorite, for I am also shy and love animals and would rather be alone at home than at a crazy Halloween party. ^^

Fluttershy & Discord: I absolutely love their friendship! Watching it grow from that first ep where Fluttershy trusts Discord to his determined defense of her in the sixth season finale was glorious. Please tell me about one of their escapades! Does Discord wreak havoc at a tea party? Do they go for a picnic and help some animals in distress? Do they provide key help on a mission with the other Mane Six? Has Fluttershy ever visited Discord's chaotic home pocket universe? [ETA: I just saw "Discordant Harmony". How about an AU of that ep? Does Fluttershy turn herself into the god of chaos, and Discord becomes a pegasus pony?] Maybe a spell goes wrong and the pair end up in a parallel universe! (No human AUs, though. We have EQG for that. ^^) Feel free to include anypony else from canon. Though not so much Angel-Bunny, unless he behaves and isn't an abusive jerk to Fluttershy. Also you can set your work anytime within their friendship!

Fluttershy & Princess Luna: Luna is my second favorite character, due to her complicated past and gorgeous character design. I would adore having a work focused on the two of them. Does the map send Fluttershy and Princess Luna to help somepony? Does Luna adopt a pet from Fluttershy's refuge, or ask Fluttershy for help with a stray she picked up? Does Fluttershy have terrible nightmares, and Princess Luna helps her through them? Do they go as ambassadors to a new country in Equestria? Or maybe all four Princesses meet for brunch, and Fluttershy ends up accidentally joining them. Do tell!

Natsume Yuujinchou | Natsume's Book of Friends: (Natsume Takashi & Misuzu; Natsume Takashi & Matoba Seiji; Madara "Nyanko-sensei" & Taki Tooru). I have read the manga through volume 21/chapter 84 and watched the anime.

Natsume is one of my top ten manga. I love the slow growth of the characters, the importance of friendship, trust, and helping others. And all the touching stories of the various ayakashi! While I do enjoy the anime, too, the manga has a special place in my heart. C:

For Natsume Takashi himself, I admire how he's come to trust his friends over the many months of canon time. When he admitted he can see ayakashi to Tomura and Taki, I choked up. He's even opening up a little to his "muggle" friends Nishimura and Kitamoto, much to my delight. ^^ Natsume is so gentle and kind, trying to help ayakashi and having to learn the hard way that not all of them are good. (The opposite lesson he had to learn about humans: not all of them are cruel.)

Natsume Takashi & Misuzu: Misuzu is my favorite ayakashi in all of Natsume Yuujinchou! He's so honest, and his sense of honor is satisfying. Also I love his horse-cow-human design! I'd love a work where he and Natsume work together, or Natsume has to call his name for a daring rescue! Perhaps from Matoba's clutches? Or even a quiet moment with some touching dialogue between him and Natsume. Or you could have Misuzu ask for his name back, at last! What would cause him to want it returned? Could it be to protect Natsume from something worse? Can he change form, like Nyanko-sensei? (Perhaps turn into a pony-sized version of himself? Or take full human form??) And just how conflicted is Natsume about keeping Misuzu's name in the Book, and occasionally having to call for his help?

Natsume Takashi & Matoba Seiji: I have a hate-love relationship with Matoba. He's a complete creeper, but he's a true wild card in canon, which makes him interesting. And I'm a sucker for interesting! I've particularly enjoyed learning more about him as Natsume reluctantly spends time with him in the more recent volumes. I always appreciate a villain(?) with shades of gray, rather than just a bogeyman intent on impeding our hero. Perhaps you could write a missing scene from one of their encounters. Or have Natsume notice that cloth in the tree which reveals your spiritual lower level! Or Matoba could become a substitute teacher for one of Natsume's classes and do his creeper thing. XD How would his classmates react to him? Don't be afraid to try some comedy with Matoba, I'd be down for that! He'd make a great straight man. ^^V How about a future AU where grown!Natsume faces down the Matoba family?

Madara "Nyanko-sensei" & Taki Tooru: I am continuously amused at Taki's overcoming need to hug the adorable and cute Nyanko-sensei. He acts like he can't stand it, but as a youkai he could easily escape or just avoid her. I think he genuinely enjoys it. :3 I'd love to see the pair of them go on an adventure. Maybe Sensei is kidnapped by a little kid or caught by a random anti-youkai spell, and Taki has to rescue him. Or conversely, maybe Taki runs afoul of another nasty youkai, and Sensei has to save her! Or Sensei could sneak into school with Takashi, be waylaid by Taki, and find himself keeping her company all day. Just what would they get up to, and would other high school girls squee over him, too? Perhaps he could bounce back and fourth between harassing Takashi and fleeing from Taki, all the while stalking a tasty youkai that is scampering around the school. I'd love to see a description of Sensei stalking and pouncing, all cat-like. :3 I always laugh when the Great and Magnificent Madara-Sama can have fun batting around a pussy willow like an ordinary house cat. Heh!

Urakata!! | Behind the Scenes!! - Kurisu Ranmaru & Goda Ryuuji I have read through volume 4/chapter 21.

This is still a new manga, but I really like what I've read so far! I'm always fascinated by behind the scenes stuff, movie makeup, and practical special effects. Feel free to geek out about them!

Kurisu Ranmaru & Goda Ryuuji: I would absolutely adore loyalty!fic for these two. Ranmaru is so shy and introverted, yet Goda-sempai encourages him to be an active member of the Art Squad. I, too, can be very shy and introverted, and I might be just a bit jealous of Ranmaru's relationship with Goda. Not every extrovert is willing to nudge an introvert along, accepting their social fears while encouraging them to reach out and do what they can. *wistful sigh* I also love art, particularly the movie set things the Squad becomes involved in. You could show me how the two guys work together on a tricksy scene or prop! Or maybe they hang out with some quiet down time, or both have to go on a supplies shopping trip and experienceshenanigans. :3 Maybe an AU where they meet in elementary school art club? Or a future scene with them working together professionally? I'd welcome any sort of AU, but please keep them in some form of backstage showbiz. C:

Thank you so much for offering to participate in GenEx. Best of luck!!!