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Greetings, my flist! All ~5 or of you or so who, like me, are still on DW and LJ and check it regularly. ^^

I haven't said much here lately, and I admit, it's b/c everyone else is on FB and it's nice to say something and start a dialogue. *sigh* I so miss this platform's glory days. But I should stop contributing to the problem by not posting here, and post more! Ha!

Okay,'s an update on what's happening in my life.

Tl;dr: Not much, as usual.

Longer version within! Work, Yuletide, car, health, living arrangements, misc, and entertainment. )

I guess that's it for this long update. It feels good to talk to you guys again! Please leave a comment, if you have anything to say or ask. C:
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Interesting things happening in the manga world that are relevant to me.

First, the bad news. Clay is ending in the October 4th issue of Jump Square. This means 2 more volumes in English. I already have Japanese Clay vol 26, which was published in June. One more Japanese volume is coming, possibly two if the final chapter is super-long.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I started lettering Clay in fall of 2005. 9 years, guys. It won't be my first ongoing series to end--that was Nana, which didn't have a real ending, but cut off abruptly due to mangaka health problems. Honey, Captive, and the various oneshots all had ended before I began. Clay will have a real ending.

*is at a loss*

In lighter news, apparently Seraph will have an anime. This is early, particularly since it's a monthly title. IDT we know the anime studio yet, but I hope it's Madhouse or Bones, and that they don't stiff the budget. I likes me some pretty animation. I also hope they wait until next spring. That'll give us around 8 more chapters of manga, and if they keep the anime to a short 11 or 12 ep season, that should be just enough. Please no half-baked anime-studio-written endings! *cough* Clay *cough*.

And in news that's relevant to me on a personal, apparently there's a new manga adaptation of Arslan. O.o Being done by FMA's mangaka, Arakawa Hiromu. Talk about a complete change in style from the original shoujo manga adaption. *blinks* And here I thought the Arslan manga people had mentioned reading at Crunchyroll was the shoujo version, and I'd been surprised someone would license such a dated-art-style manga. This explains things, huh?

As for me, I'm going crazy trying to finish everything--or as much as I can--before the week I lose in Texas for family visits and my cousin's wedding. (No one can lay a guilt trip on you like family, amirite?)

I have this fear that my being away for so long will trigger Spicer into another bought of health problems. It's entirely possible. Argh.
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This holiday season has turned me into a social butterfly, I must say! I've seen just about all of my IRL friends at least once, much to my delight. :3

In addition to the usual book club, I arranged the four Holiday Fic Exchange write-ins, which were a resounding success--as you already know. :D

A-chan from Salem invited [profile] knastymike and I to a home-cooked meal, which we both jumped at. She made this delicious chicken roast that, IIR, she just made up on the spot. Also this dish we dubbed the "corn thing" because it was, and delicious sweet pota'to wedges, and a mint lima bean dish I had to pass on because allergies, but I did try a small bite and it was great. :9

Also at A-chan's, I saw my first blu-ray movie on an HD tv, and I was blown away. WOW. The movie in question was The Avengers, and the picture was so sharp and clear, it was like I could reach out and touch RDJ's stubble. O.o More often that not, the image distracted me from the actual movie. I was so busy marveling (badum-chinnnng) how it looked like I was right there, in the action.

On Thursday was another anime night, and traffic wasn't that bad, for once! Great amusement and much oogling of animated men happened with the usual suspects: [profile] winnett and [personal profile] saladbats. I convinced them to try the first ep of the original Macross. Winnett was caught up in Robotech nostalgia, and saladbats had much fun mocking everything. XD I joined in the latter, just a bit. I mean, we meet the four main ladies of the ship, and what are they talking about? Not the weather, not their favorite book, not who they voted for in the last election, nope. Can you guess the subject??? That's right! MEN!! Wheee! (Bechdel test results: FAIL.) I still like the series, even if it is rather dated. *laughs*

Then on Friday night, I went to my first ever solstice celebration. Burned a yule log and watched my worries go up in sweet-smelling smoke, and everything! It was terribly fun! It was a "Souper Solstice" party, as five huge pots of soup were the main course. I tried them all. The buffalo chili and tomato bisque were my faves. :9 I knew lots of people who were there, all from book club, including A-chan and knastymike again. Had a bit of an adventure finding the host's house, because they live in a hilly part of SW Portland between I-5 and the river, and I have discovered that Portland does not believe in frequent street signs. And the ones they DO believe in, you can't read. Particularly at night, and in the rain. :P But I found the place eventually, and even made it back home after only two turn-arounds. Heh!

All this socializing has me further behind on work than I'd like, but I have only two pink pages in Skip 31 left, at least! Things are about to rev up for my third BL oneshot with CE3, too. Busy busy busy!

Oh yes, and I am delighted to say that my own Yuletide gift fic was posted about an hour before the deadline on Thursday. YAY! :D OMG, I can't wait to read it!! There's a coding loophole that lets you "shake" your presents by investigating the tags for a story, but I'm not doing it. I want to be completely 100% surprised!!

And now, work calls. Be well, everyone!
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I'm pleased to say that my bromance pic is coming along nicely. I'm almost done with the roughs. All I have left are shoes and two hands. I'm quite proud of this pic so far--I've never drawn such a complicated pic so quickly! It's fun! Practice does make things easier. :3

I've been slowly watching the creep-tastic anime from last season, Shiki. GAAAH. I try NOT to watch it just before going to bed, because it's already given me equally creep-tastic dreams once, and that was enough! I'm only through ep 8, and it's 22 eps long. That leaves quite a bit for me to get through.

I like the character designs, though the hair styles are...bizarre. Even for anime. O.o

Speaking of creepy shows, I've started rewatching Supernatural. I'm playing my DVDs on one of Shetan's screens and working on the other while I listen and glance over from time to time. I forgot how scary the first season was. I like these monster of the day eps, even if the new hot woman the guys help in just about every single ep becomes rather annoying. (It's MacGuyver all over again! Hahaha!)

Also...I just don't ship Dean/Sam. I don't see it! Normally I'm all about the slash, but all I get is a brotherly vibe from these two. IDK. I've read a handful of highly recced Dean/Sam fics, and they were okay, but none grabbed me. Since I've only watched through the 5th season so far, I'm really careful about SPN fic for fear of spoilers, but still. I don't really ship anyone in this series. Not even Dean/Castiel. Though to be honest, I have yet to read any Dean/Castiel for fear of spoilers, so maybe that ship WILL grab me when I do. But I have to wonder if my slash goggles are broken--for SPN, because they're going strong for just about everything else. Ha!

My fave SPN ep is still #12, Faith. It's the first Dean-focused ep, Mr. Ackles does some great acting in it, and I really like the story. I also enjoy the twist that the faith healer saves people's lives without realizing it's because his wife has gained control over a Grim Reaper, and she is selecting people who "deserve to die" in the healed ones' places. Nice lady, huh? Anyway, I really love that ep, even having watched five season's worth of the show. I wish it had commentary on the DVD. I guess I should be grateful there's a cut scene bonus content. (And for once I agree about cutting that scene, it really ruins the effect of my beloved Deanikkins being healed all miraculously.)

My fave YA author, Sarah Rees Brennan, will be in Portland again tomorrow. It will be her first visit since 09!! I have eight books for her to sign: four short story collections and four novels. All of her fiction so far except for her first book, which she signed for me last time. There's a brand-new story collection with one of her works in it that I need to get. The Powell's site says they only have two at the store. I plan to arrive there early enough that I can grab one.

Now I think I'll watch some Naruto, to balance out the creepy. Yay!
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My guest comic is in! It will be posted sometime this week! KYAA! XD *does happy dance* Of course, I will be linking here for all to see. *giggles*

Thursday night, I took some time off work and watched a Studio Ghibli film I'd never heard of before, Umi ga Kikoeru/The Ocean Waves. I can see why it's not a very popular Ghibli film, and why Disney will take their sweet time in releasing it. The female lead is a liar and not very nice, the two male leads could easily be seen as gay lovers (no slash goggles needed, seriously! I was actually hoping they WERE gay, but no. :P~~~ How mean to get my hopes up like that, Ghibli!) One of the guys goes with the girl to Tokyo in secret, they share a hotel room (he sleeps in the bathtub), there's smoking, drinking, and an ambiguous ending you have to sit through the credits for to actually see. No magic, no sci-fi, no cute little critters like you see in most Ghibli films...just regular people living their lives.

Yep, not going to be widely released here anytime soon. It's a shame, though. I liked it, and will definitely watch again.

With my goggles, because what the hell, right? ^^V
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 I wrote this fun, energetic post about how much I enjoyed the holiday weekend, and as I deleted some extra space at the bottom, LJ ate it when it moved me back a page in my history. I'd forgotten to copy the whole post into my clipboard before trying anything funny like making the LJ cut I had been tweaking, and LJ's auto-saved draft restore didn't do jack to restore the post.

Ttaku. I am not writing all that out again. To sum up:

Had fun with friends, relaxed. Was treated to pizza by [ profile] knastymike , then treated [ profile] mcruthless  and [ profile] neekaneeks  to breakfast. Started watching Tiger and Bunny on Hulu. Saw matinee of PotC 4. It was better than 2 and 3 but not as good as 1. Read Bakuman vols 3 and 4. Took several naps. Did a little work. Bought Loveless vol 10 and June's issue of Japanese manga mag Zero-Sum.

Am mostly recharged to face June, which will be a month of Work Hell. Wheee!
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If you've ever had any doubts about my level of geekdom, let me put them to rest.

Last night, I fired up the first Bakuman anime ep. I quickly realized the opening song wasn't for the actual Bakuman anime, but was meant to be the opening song of the anime within the story. This anime within the story is based on the manga created by the uncle one of the main characters in Bakuman. This anime would have shown in Japan during the 80s, according to the canon timeline.

With amusement, I watched the simple art of the anime-within-the-story, and I couldn't help but notice how fitting the theme song was. The  source manga was a cheesy superhero comedy, and the song sounded just like all those superhero anime themes from the 80s and early 90s. Now, if you're wondering how I know what those themes sound like, no, I haven't watched them. I did, however, run an anime mp3 website years ago, and I collected any and all anime theme songs I could find. Including those old cheesy anime classics.

I couldn't help but notice how much the singer sounded like that one guy who sang so many of those old Dragonball Z themes. Really, the anime production staff did a great job finding this singer, because he really did sound like him. Then the song credits came up.

And it WAS him. Kageyama Hironobu himself. OMG!!!

I squeed, I flailed, I had a complete otaku fangasm. I did and still do dislike Dragonball Z, but the music??? That was something else entirely. ^^

So yes, I went into ecstatic spasms of joy about the singer for an anime theme song, whose voice I recognized even after several years of not listening to him once. A quick wiki of his name reveals he's been singing all this time, I just never watched the right anime or played the right games to come across his work again. While it would have been awesome if they'd managed to pull him out of retirement to sing this one anime-within-an-anime theme song, it's still pretty damn awesome he's continued to work for 20 years.

Kageyama Hironobu. Kyaaa! XD

This fangirl geekout post has been brought to you by the Bakuman anime, which as of this post's date is still unlicensed. The manga is being released by Viz, much to my delight. (Just try to ignore the misogynistic stupidity in chapter two/ep2.)

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I'm back from Montana, and it looks like the cold followed me home. *pained expression* Not only was the temperature somewhere in the teens when I stepped off the Max for the 3/4ths mile walk back to my apartment on Sunday night, but there was a strong wind blowing, too! Brrrrr! I ran a third of the distance, hauling 25 pounds of luggage between my backpack and roller suitcase. It was that cold. Guh.

Much writing about cats, trip details, book club, reading, anime, manga, Utena2, and movies. Wheee! )

And finally, a brief shigoto update: Naruto 48's conversion is coming along nicely, I'll finish the first half in about a week. I do have script for Natsume 3.2, and am about 12 pages in. Script for Nana 21.1 and Skip 22 are supposed to arrive sometime in January. Prolly the same can be said for New Title 5. It's all going to hit at once, looks like! Kyaaa! =D

Oh yes, and for a bit of an ironic laugh, I lugged Anthy, the drawing tablet I use with Usagi, to Montana with the plan of doing some work on my trip. However...I forgot to take the drawing stylus. And you can't walk into Best Buy or somesuch and pick up a replacement. So I lugged Anthy all that way as sheer dead weight. OOPS. *headdesk* I won't make that mistake again!

And now, minna, work calls. *salutes* (If anyone actually reads this whole post, I will be very impressed!)
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I need to make myself a celebratory "I'm a geek!!" icon so very badly. :B I'm keeping up my goal of translating for 15 min a day quite nicely, and if i miss a day, then I do half an hour the next. Two days ago I was stuck on four lines of thought, spread out over two pages. (Those of you who read shoujo manga will know exactly what I mean.) I filled half a page of scrap paper with different wordings and rearrangements of English, trying to figure it out. My time ended before I made sense of it, but I knew it was close. I took a day off yesterday, and when I Iooked over the Japanese today, the meaning clicked. :D I didn't even have to consult my page of notes, I just read the Japanese, the definitions of words, and there the answer was. Simple as that.

I love it when that happens. *triumphant pose*

Yesterday I was poking around on ANN, looking up a manga I just learned about through [ profile] fandom_secrets, when I happened to catch a news article about a Tegami Bachi anime. I completely flipped. I LOVE Tegami Bachi, which has been printed in English Shonen Jump for several months now. It's beautifully drawn, has a fun and unusual premise, incredibly sweet characters, and it's nice to read a shounen series in Jump that isn't about growing stronger. I'm crazy for it! It's being lettered by [ profile] ensuing, of whom I am vastly jealous. Come to find out they animated a Japanese Shonen Jump special release for Tegami Bachi early this year--along with a new installment of DB and the One Piece prequel chapter "Romance Dawn"--and I snagged the torrent for the TB segment last night. :D The actual tv anime series started October 3rd. It will be available on Crunchyroll, though I prefer torrents myself. OH YEAH!! I AM SO THERE! FORGIVE MY CAPSLOCK OF JOY!!!!!

Script for Clay 16 is officially here. *ties on the hachimaki* Speaking of which, I'd better get to it! XD *lettering fight scenes of gore and mayhem while thinking about the cuteness of Tegami Bachi*
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Looks like Naruto 47 will be descending upon me Monday or Tuesday. Once again I'm far enough ahead in my current titles to let me not be stressing out about it. I am, however, going to finish as many difficult to medium pages in Natsume and Skip this weekend as I can. Things should go easier on this third round of magazine to graphic novel conversion. I've especially learned what to look out for when I make my volume key sheet. Number and size of FX on a page isn't as important as the type of background involved, and of course if the artwork has been tweaked for the book version. (As of page 50 in the GN, only two pages with art changes. Nice!)

Scanner shopping, the Natsume anime, and a webcomic rec! )

I've made no secret that I'm rather intimidated by the character design for Bond, the feline main character of my own webcomic short story. I've barely drawn any anthromorphic characters, and while Bond looks like a cat, he will be expressing human emotions, similar to the casts of the Lion King or the Aristocats. I decided to dive in head-first, googled for kitty pics as reference, and threw myself at it. I redrew one lazy Maine Coon cat, added eyebrows, tweaked his mouth, and realized I CAN do this. *goofy grin* I broke through the wall. :D I'm sketching out various expressions tonight, and am pleased with the results. I can't estimate when I'll finish his design--particularly not with Naruto 47 about to consume my spare time--but the hard part is over! I have found the confidence to draw him. Kyaaaa!

Terry Brooks will be at one of my local bookstores next week, doing book signings. This makes me incredibly happy, as The Sword of Shannara was one of the first adult fantasy books I ever read, and stars one of my most devoted fangirl crushes. Ahhh, Shea Ohmsford, how I loved thee....I was 12, and in love...*wistful sigh* I have no doubt he was the start of my obsession with elves. *grins unashamedly* I'm going to dig my old copy of the book out from my book piles and ask him to sign it for me. *fangirlly squirms of delight* I actually have NOT read all his Shannara books because Mr. Brooks married Shea off in the 2nd volume and I...did not take that well. At all. *cough cough* THEN I found a pairing to squee over in his Scions of Shannara sequel series, but he deliberately killed it in the 2nd volume. D= I never forgave him for that. AHEM! In any case, I'm overjoyed by the chance to meet Shea's father, and I hope he will sign his first book for me. You know, since he's promoting his newest novel in a completely different series than Shannara... :B I've never been to a book signing for me before. I'm going to be so nervous and incapable of talking, I just know it. *fidget fidget*

I must channel this restless energy into being productive! Back to work on Natsume and Bond's sketches! BANZAIII!

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Clay 15 is here!! This is actually the third full day I've had it. ^^ I made my key sheet a couple months ago, right after my copy of the Japanese tanko arrived, and as usual I underestimated the page difficulty. I tend to forget how tedious Clay touchup can be. Ah well...I'm about a month ahead of schedule on Nana, still no script for Skip 20, still no script for the 2nd half of Natsume 1, so it's just Clay and Nana! My Clay daily quota is 4 pages. I have three days off and a 46 page buffer. I'm finishing one pink/Page from Hell Clay page a day to get them out of the way before Skip or Natsume arrive. My key sheet shows Clay 15 has only 6 pink pages, but....*points to earlier sentence about underestimating page difficulty*. This volume is still definitely easier than Clay has been of late, so that makes me happy. And I won't be tweaking my FX letters this time, like I did for vol 14! Wooo!

At least one of my days off will be used this weekend, as it's the big comics festival in Portland, Stumptown. I've scanned the schedule and found two panels I definitely would like to attend, but of course they're happening at the same time. :P I've still barely scratched the surface of non-manga comics, so I haven't heard of all the special guests and names they drop on that site. *goofy smile* Shoujo Editor 2 is actually attending with her comics circle! She does original comics with her sister, and thus will have a table to plug her stuff. Isn't that awesome?!? I wanna do that one day!! X3 It will be fun to hang out with her a bit! This will be the 2nd time I've seen her IRL, as we met face-to-face when I visited Viz on my SanFran/Portland trip in summer '07.

More on Stumptown, the FMA manga, and the Skip anime )
Mmph. Okay, enough from me. Clay calls!! Clare and company are in the thick of it, as always....
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For the past three days, I've been stymied on page 3 of my Vampirates doujinshi. Panel 1 just was NOT working. X| It looked great on my rough sketch, but in any cleaner form? NO. *headdesk* Yesterday I gave up on it and decided to skip to panel 2, which cooperated better. I was still frustrated and tired from panel 1's trials, though, so after banging out a quick cleaner rough of 2, I called it a night and watched four eps of anime instead. :P

anime musings, no spoilers of any kind! )
One of my editors emailed me and commented that she was in Tokyo right then. ........ -->I<-- want to blithely state that I'm in Japan. *affects breezy accent* "Oh, you'll have to wait until I'm back home. I'm in Tokyo at the moment, daaaahling.." Nuffair. *sulks*

Tonight I fired up Deleter to tackle page 3 again. I didn't even look at panel 1, just went straight to 2. One of the benefits of having a huge mirror as my closet door is I can do my own poses, though it means I sometimes have to draw left-handed. Like tonight. There I was, with my shirt off, posing in front of the mirror and trying my best to look manly--I must say I failed miserably. I'm such a weenie girl. :P~~ But it's easy to add muscle to the pic, so no big deal. (Once I stopped laughing at myself and could draw again, of course.) After panel 2 was complete, I had took another stab at panel1. I decided to start over with a completely different angle, and it worked!!! I was my own model again. Thankfully, since Clyde is a stick, I can model for him without too much trouble. Heh. I have to take away flesh instead of add it. After I post this, I plan to do a bit more cleaning up on the pencils. Hopefully tomorrow I can ink it!! XD

I'm pleased with the response to the first two pages. X3 I especially wanted to hear from the mangaka, and she DID comment! Yes, I squeed. A great deal!! I admit it! I'm a fangirl through and through!!! *plops on her Offical Geek hat* I want to finish the next two pages as soon as I can. X3

Oh, and even with stymie-ing panels that refuse to play nicely, drawing my own manga is definitely a blast. ^^ I wish I'd started doing this years ago!
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13 Naruto pages a day are taking their toll. Vol 45 is action-heavy too, which doesn't help. I'll survive, but I won't be very genki for a while. :P

Anyway, way back when I began lettering Honey, I decided to download the anime, as I suspected a license for that would soon follow the manga. I was right, but I snagged it all a good couple months ahead of time. I watched the first ep and a half soon after I finished the first couple volumes, but I stopped b/c ep1 has mild spoilers for events later in the series. I didn't know what those events were, but I knew they were NOT in the beginning of the manga thus must be future-flashes thus were SPOILERS! Which I avoid if at all possible, so I stopped watching.

Now that I'm finished with the Honey manga, I decided to watch the anime at last. And...I know it's hilarious and ridiculous, but...I'm jealous. Of the Honey anime. *facepalm* Why am I jealous of an anime?? Because the studio. JCStaff, went above and beyond the level of for-tv animation. Full animation, wonderful body language, even lip-synch! It's gorgeous to watch!!! And it's SO NOT FAIR!!!! *wails*

Skip deserves this level of animation. My wonderful, beloved, so fun and engaging Skip should have been drawn like this!! But it did not happen. Skip was stuck with the typical limited animation you find in your average tv anime. If Skip were all talk, like Nana, it wouldn't be that big a deal. But so much of Skip is action-based humor, and would have been magnificent if given high-quality animation!!! Even funnier and more gorgeous to watch than Ouran!!! But happen it did not. HONEY was given high-quality animation, and not Skip.

So yes, I am very jealous of Honey right now. *fumes* 98% of manga has one shot--one!--as an anime. Honey lucked out in its one shot. Skip did not. So unless the Powers that Be decide to give us a Skip movie or Skip oav release, both of which will have larger budgets and thus higher-quality animation, then Skip is resigned to the cheap anime bin.

*hugs Kyoko and Mr. Tsuruga* I'm sorry, guys. I wish it could have been different. *kicks Hagu, Ayu, and Morita* Jerks! *kicks Hagu again* Especially you!! *stomps off with much vexation*

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I guess the past few days have been more stressful than I thought, so that plus being back on the 1400 calorie a day diet wagon meant I was a zombie yesterday. I shifted into bare-minimum work mode (only did Captive and Nana) and ended up watching four episodes of anime. That's more anime than I normally watch in a week these days!

Naruto Shippuden #91. Kind of spoilery, but it's filler, so who really cares? )
Skip anime yay! Plot spoilers through vol 15 of the manga! )
The new kid on s2m's anime watching block: Bleach! Spoilers through manga vol 19 or so. )
Wow, it's been a long time since I've geeked out here. XD It's fun to indulge my inner fangirl and go crazy. Time for me to get back to work today, as I'm all genki now. ^^V I think I'll fire up my fave Hayami Shou as Kouji-sama song, Dou Sureba Ii, from the 2nd Zetusai soundtrack, and get to it. X3 Kyaaa! Sing to me, Kouji-sama!!! *swoons*
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Skip Beat--anime at last!!! Matte maaaasu!!! )

Overall, I'm happy, but not overjoyed. Slightly disappointed, but more than willing to watch more. Gambatte, Skip anime!! You can do it! You can win my eternal devotion! FAITO!!

(cross-posted to the Shojo Beat comm and my own journal)

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Quick, minna! Watch before Disney's lawers yank it down!!!

Stitch! Episode 1 - 1/3
Stitch! Episode 1 - 2/3
Stitch! Episode 1 - 3/3

Stitch! Episode 2 - 1/3
Stitch! Episode 2 - 2/3
Stitch! Episode 2 - 3/3

Are any fansubbers even going to try to sub this? I mean, it's Disney. Disney can be rather nasty about protecting their copyright, and they have the money and power in NA to go after subbers. But would Disney bother to release an official subtitled version in NA?? Or will they release it here, but only dubbed into English (and maybe Spanish)? Or is this version of Stitch slotted to remain in Japan-only? I must admit, I'm very curious to see what Disney does with this.

 And I'm rather proud of how much dialogue I was able to follow, even with my lax study habits lately. Heeee. I wish the ending credits had been included...that one thin member of Yuuna's dojo sounded a bit like Ishida Akira, but he (she?) didn't have enough lines for me to be certain, and without credits...woe.

 It was fun to see the Lilo & Stitch art and voice style maintained in the anime. Story elements, too. Even Stitch's use of spit. Hahaha! Iyada....watching the first ep has made me genki once more. Back to work! XD

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For some reason, I'm a zombie today. I did letter several extra pages yesterday, burned lots of adrenalin when I was swept up in a great new (for me) Potter fic, and ended up very very woozy when I was a couple hours late eating...I guess all those lttle straws added up to zombie!s2m. Okay....I'm staying awake long enough to type this post though. :P

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Skip Beat will be an anime, in the fall. Words cannot express my sheer joy. The article on ANN:

I have been waiting for this day since I began lettering Skip in September '05. The studio isn't Madhouse or Bones, which were my two top choices for production values alone, but "Hal Film Maker" did Princess Tutu, which at least had a lovely openening sequence.

I had my Nana anime. I had my Clay anime. I had my Naruto anime and my Honey anime before I began those titles. And now, at last...I have my Skip anime.

My life is complete. *dissolves into a puddle of fangirlish gooey glee*

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Last night I finished watching the classic anime Rose of Versailles. This anime should sound familiar to anyone who has poked about in the the history of our beloved art form. RoV and its source manga was one of the most powerful influences upon both genres. Exactly how Rose of Versailles has helped shape the face of modern-day anime and manga is something others have written before and much more eloquently than me, so I'll sum up my version with this:

Rose of Versailles is important. It's big. It's something every anime fan who considers themselves more than the generic Cartoon Network Adult Swim crowd needs to watch. Trust me, it's worth it.

So. Rose of Versailles. Originally aired in Japan from 1979 to 1980. A nostalgic favorite for a large portion of the Japanese population. 40 eps long, and worth every single minute. Think outside the box and go try it. :D
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ETA: according to, similar titles to the complete Princess Tutu anime DVD set are the Jurassic Park Adventure Pack, Battlestar Gallactica Season 2.5, and the Alien Quadrilogy. You know, since rampaging dinosaurs and blasting aliens have soooooo much in common with a mahou shoujo in ballet school. *snort*


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