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As the subject says, I survived.

I've been sleeping a great deal this weekend, no doubt to make up for the continuous stress I've been under for the month before the trip, and the work-week immediately after, when I had three deadlines due on the 26th. Speaking of, Seraph vol 4 is completely finished, Skip vol 34's first draft is done, and so is the first volume of Requiem.

Lots of words and some pics! below the cut )
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This is my contribution for next year's Bros calendar, as before being modded by [personal profile] ensuing. As with my Het Big Bang '12 pic, I decided to draw popular characters in a huge fandom. Entirely for shameless self-promotion. :3

And so, I give you Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and Cartman from South Park.

Click for larger size, of course!

The original sketch was done in pencil on paper at the first of my bday celebrations on September 21st, but it was a thumbnail rough with no detail. I even didn't bother scanning or tracing, but simply re-drew it in Photoshop. After the basic idea sketch, everything was 100% digital. This is also the fastest I have ever turned out a digital pic, and that it has four characters, half a background, and is in full-color is really something! Not having any lettering work to occupy my time is part of it, yes, but I am definitely growing faster. Such joy! XD After learning my lesson with the HP pic, this image's full size is 600 dpi, 9.5" x 7". I like working at the higher resolution. It makes things easier!

The important thing about this pic is that I painted it in a new style, one that emulates a Copic Marker painting. I really like how it turned out, and that transparent style is intuitive for me. I think it's the 6 years of public education art classes--watercolor is the cheapest painting medium, after all. (Ha!) I only used a fancy textured brush once in this painting, on the sidewalk. Everything else is from brush strokes.

The shoes are another step in my quest to include more detail in my art. I spent two days just on those shoes! I can draw one hell of a set of shoelaces now, let me tell you. *laughs* I gave each boy a recognizable brand of shoe, except Kenny, who gets stuck with generic sneakers. (The poor kid.) Their clothes are my own take on their usual canon coats and hats.

The pic will be available in the calendar once Ensuing has everything ready to go, and I will link it here, and hopefully remember to mention it in a new post. ^^

My fave part of the pic are the shoes and Kyle's hair. :3 I rather like Cartman's expression, too.

I know with this pic, I am inviting wank because I didn't draw the boys in canon-style art or all-out realism. I wanted to draw them in my own sort-of-Disney-sort-of-manga style, so I did. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead! Haters gonna hate. *waves hand* If the image is used for wank, that's just more linkage to me then, isn't it. *slightly evil grin*

Everyone, I hope you like my first South Park pic. I am very pleased with it. ^^ And yes, Cartman really does always deserve it!
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Today started off pretty good. I took the day off running, since on Monday I increased the intensity (up to 2.5 minutes running to 1 of walking for the first half, then 2 minutes run to 1 walk for the 2nd, from 2 min run/1 walk for the entire 50 min) and I could feel it. I decided to do a little housework. Vacuumed, disassembled my bed, laundry, reassembled bed with more blankets--including the electric one, since last night I didn't sleep well because I couldn't stay warm. Cats make intermittent bed warmers. :P

Then I cooked breakfast while I finished reading the wonderful manga House of Five Leaves, by Natsume Ono. Guys, I was bawling at the end. It's that good. I'm going to make a list of my personal manga top ten best, and House5 is definitely going to be included. I even sent Clay Editor 2 a gushy fan letter, thanking her for her role in bringing the title to Viz, because I probably never would have read it if she hadn't needed me to pinch-hit those early two chapters. I'm so glad I could contribute to this wonderful manga! T.T I will try to make a dedicated post about it, and why I love it so much.

It's also on my wishlist of Yuletide fics, and I'm offering to write it for someone else. So far, I'm the only House5 requester, but someone else is willing to write it, too! *has sparkly eyes*

I'm now painting the South Park bros pic. Had several false starts with the background, but I think I got it. Started on the boys' skin tone, and Photoshop decided to be difficult. The brushes palette has always been buggy for me, and somehow my newly made brush ended up painting with both foreground and background colors together. I finally fixed it. I think. Ugh. Things were just not going well, so I threw in the towel and decided to relax for a couple hours before bed.

Tomorrow will be my second anime night with [ profile] saladbats and [ profile] winnett at winnett's place. The first one was fun, and definitely worth the hour and forty-five minutes I was stuck in rush-hour traffic to get there. *facepalm* I'm leaving later tomorrow, at the tail end of rush hour. Hopefully it won't take more than an hour this time. Winnett lives across the river in Washington, so public transportation isn't an efficient option.

Oh yeah, I went to a YA panel on Sunday, with my fave YA author Sarah Rees Brennan in attendance. It was fun, Sarah was awesome, and she gave me a hug and let me have my picture taken with her!! (I look so short!) I gotta post that so you guys can see. :D
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I'm pleased to say that my bromance pic is coming along nicely. I'm almost done with the roughs. All I have left are shoes and two hands. I'm quite proud of this pic so far--I've never drawn such a complicated pic so quickly! It's fun! Practice does make things easier. :3

I've been slowly watching the creep-tastic anime from last season, Shiki. GAAAH. I try NOT to watch it just before going to bed, because it's already given me equally creep-tastic dreams once, and that was enough! I'm only through ep 8, and it's 22 eps long. That leaves quite a bit for me to get through.

I like the character designs, though the hair styles are...bizarre. Even for anime. O.o

Speaking of creepy shows, I've started rewatching Supernatural. I'm playing my DVDs on one of Shetan's screens and working on the other while I listen and glance over from time to time. I forgot how scary the first season was. I like these monster of the day eps, even if the new hot woman the guys help in just about every single ep becomes rather annoying. (It's MacGuyver all over again! Hahaha!)

Also...I just don't ship Dean/Sam. I don't see it! Normally I'm all about the slash, but all I get is a brotherly vibe from these two. IDK. I've read a handful of highly recced Dean/Sam fics, and they were okay, but none grabbed me. Since I've only watched through the 5th season so far, I'm really careful about SPN fic for fear of spoilers, but still. I don't really ship anyone in this series. Not even Dean/Castiel. Though to be honest, I have yet to read any Dean/Castiel for fear of spoilers, so maybe that ship WILL grab me when I do. But I have to wonder if my slash goggles are broken--for SPN, because they're going strong for just about everything else. Ha!

My fave SPN ep is still #12, Faith. It's the first Dean-focused ep, Mr. Ackles does some great acting in it, and I really like the story. I also enjoy the twist that the faith healer saves people's lives without realizing it's because his wife has gained control over a Grim Reaper, and she is selecting people who "deserve to die" in the healed ones' places. Nice lady, huh? Anyway, I really love that ep, even having watched five season's worth of the show. I wish it had commentary on the DVD. I guess I should be grateful there's a cut scene bonus content. (And for once I agree about cutting that scene, it really ruins the effect of my beloved Deanikkins being healed all miraculously.)

My fave YA author, Sarah Rees Brennan, will be in Portland again tomorrow. It will be her first visit since 09!! I have eight books for her to sign: four short story collections and four novels. All of her fiction so far except for her first book, which she signed for me last time. There's a brand-new story collection with one of her works in it that I need to get. The Powell's site says they only have two at the store. I plan to arrive there early enough that I can grab one.

Now I think I'll watch some Naruto, to balance out the creepy. Yay!
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I just finished the first pass of Clay 22, right on time. ^^ I also did a little experiment with the pdf. Those of you who have no interest in lettering or publishing can skip this part. Here, I'll put it behind a cut. PDF crunchings! A comparison by s2m )

In other work news, for Skip fans who have hard-copy vol 29, you might have noticed the white margin around almost all the pages. This is because the page files we were sent from Japan were actually cropped across the width smaller than normal. To preserve as much artwork as possible, the pages were set up by Viz for printing without full bleeds. Thus, the white margins almost everywhere. I'm glad Viz was willing to show the white around the margins, so readers can see all the available art! And thankfully, Skip 30's pages were sent at a nice, fat size. In fact, the largest of the three sizes Skip has come in so far. C: Yay!

Now that work is done until Natsume 14 or a new title arrives, it's back to artwork for me! I'm still working on the bday present for Star-chan, but she kindly said she doesn't mind if I put her pic on pause so I can finish the bros calendar pic for this year. The official deadline is the 15th, in four days. All I have is a rough sketch. *has huuuuuge sweatdrop* I know, I know!! >< Thankfully ensuing knows I'll probably be a little late. I'm going to work on the pic full-time until it's done.

I've waited too long to make an LJ post. I keep thinking of all sorts of topics to babble about, but I don't want to post a novel here. :B I'll save them for the next few days!! I'd like to post more often again.

Time for me to upload those pdfs to Clay Editor 4 and then fire up the bros calendar pic again. Busy busy busy!!
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Here it is, the painting I was working on for a month, and my art contribution to the fic I claimed for the Het Big Bang 2012, "Droxy's Folly" by stgulik and TeddyRadiator.

Completely digital from start to finish, all in Photoshop. I estimated it took me about 30 hours of actual work time from start to finish. Final image is 8 X 10 inches in size, 300 dpi. (I have decided that this really is too small an image size for fine detail work. Either I must work on a larger canvas, or increase the dpi. The more you know...*Reading Rainbow chime*) Uploaded jpeg version is at 150 dpi. I used about 25 different images for inspiration, from the trees to Snape's boots.

The coat of arms over the door is an actual one IRL, for the Farber family. There were several different ones out there--I chose the one with the most feathers. *laughs*

My favorite part of the pic is probably the extreme foreground leaves, with Snape's silk vest as a close second. :3 You can't really tell due to the size, but I put some love into those leaves and that vest!

As a side note, Snape and Hermione's wands matching their clothing color schemes was a lucky break. I almost forgot the wands and added them in pretty much last, after a quick google to find out what they looked like in (movie) canon. Whew!

The inspiring fic is written by stgulik and TeddyRadiator. Per the BB's rules, they sent me three snippets from their fic, and I latched on to the the third one. A couple questions later, I was painting away. ^^

As mentioned in a previous post (on lj), this pic was my deep-end-dive into full backgrounds. I am pleased with how it turned out, particularly since this is the first background I've done with custom Photoshop brushes, rather than the default set that comes with the program. Using the brushes was an amazing experience, with a slow learning curve that I am still navigating. But I've already made some headway in my knowledge, the most useful of which is how to control pen tilt to affect the angle of the brush being used. You can get some amazing effects with that, much easier than having to rotate the brush's angle in the brushes palette every couple strokes to make the same effect!

And because of those custom brushes, I must thank the generous digital artist who gave me a copy of her brush set. That was wonderful of her, and I am truly grateful. The basics she showed me during our brief conversation were a valuable start to my growing digital painting knowledge. *deep bow of appreciation* Thank you, madam.

Everyone, I hope you enjoyed my newest painting! I am quite proud of it, and am eager to get started on my next task. I must reinforce all this fancy brush knowledge I have acquired! Oh yes! XD
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My current daily To-Do List:

1. letter Clay 22
2. write on my Skip Beat! fandom summary for [ profile] crack_van. It's my turn to rec fics in the anime category next month. Character descriptions and arc summaries from all 30 volumes so far. Oh my...
3. birthday present for my BFF, [ profile] stariceling
4. pic for the 3rd bromance calendar orchestrated by [ profile] ensuing. This year, I'm doing the four boys from South Park. Can we say DA and Tumblr bait?? :3 *is shameless*
5. exercise
6. convert 3 of my recs to spreadsheet format
7. beta current WIP chapter for the aforementioned BFF
8. read at least two chapters for my Toriko catchup. Alllmost ready for Shonen Jump Alpha!

That's some list, huh? ^^; But I DID finish my Het Big Bang' 12 pic on time! I forgot that the premiere date for the BB wasn't Sunday, like I mentioned in my previous post. Sorry guys! You can see it (and why I was ranting about masonry...) on the first. :B

A bunch of blondes with swords are eyeing my expectantly from Shetan's monitors. I'd best get to work, huh?
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Let me start this post by saying: I hate masonry. As in the stonework, not the sekrit society. You'll see why next week, when I will have finished my pic for this year's Het Big Bang. Working on it half an hour a day for the previous weeks wasn't enough. I need to put in a minimum of 2 hours a day in this final stretch to finish in time. Pic is due Sunday.

Thankfully, work is under control! Skip 30 is almost done, with only one medium and a handful of easy pages left. This is good because I now have script for Clay 22. Remember how I said that earlier volume last year was so full of fighting it was pretty much one big fight scene? Welp, 22 really IS one big fight scene! The same bad guy, the same scene, with a bunch of different women waving swords at it. FUN TIMES. *wonders if that counts as a spoiler*

I've had an eventful week. On Wednesday I was the chauffeur for a friend's day surgery. I'm still not comfortable driving downtown, and that make it extra-fun. Then on Saturday, I helped Chiz and Neeka move to their gorgeous new place. I'm still sore! Only a little bit in my forearms, though. Apparently I really did manage to lift with my legs. ^^

Wow, when I was thinking about making a post, I kept thinking of all these fun and chatty things to say. And now, when I'm here typing, I can't come up with anything. :P

I recently caught up reading the wonderful shoujo manga "We Were There" by Obata Yuki. I had to stop at 13, because I have yet to buy 14 (no one carries it in physical store, and I keep forgetting to order it online), and 15 isn't out yet. Unfortunately, this is another series that only gets one volume released here a year. *hugs WWT and Kaze Hikaru close* I still love you!! Anyway, I'm quite irritated with the female lead of that series. Ugh. I just want to smack her. And while I do like the male lead, at this point I've lost patience with him to the extreme and am rooting for the other guy.

But of course, given the Law of First Love Interest Introduced (namely that they always win) and that ALL the book covers feature female lead with male lead, the other guy doesn't stand a chance. *kicks the stupid leads*

This is proof it's a good series, though. If I didn't care about the characters, then it would be forgettable and a waste of time. Nrgh.

In fannish news, the first chapter of my next fanfic is with my beloved beta-reader and BFF, Star-chan. I've been typing this on and off since January, when I started plotting it as a direct opposite to the extremely dark fic I wrote for Yuletide. *wince* When Chapter One is ready to go up, I'll be posting it to my Dreamwidth account,, AO3, and Luna. Skyehawke too, though I think I'll wait a bit on that one. I'll be linking them all here. ^^ Oh, and this is the Summer Wars/Skip Beat! romantic comedy crossover fic I've mentioned earlier. :D

My first hour of Big Bang piccing is done, so it's time to get to paid work. Yes, Kyoko-chan, it's your turn!
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Artist's claiming on my first of two Big Bangs this year happens on the 20th. A mandatory author's check-in poll is happening right now, and I'm stalking it for possible stories to claim. Making a list and everything!

I know there are a lot of writers on my flist. You might be curious to see how an artist approaches a BB! )

Yes, I am taking this very seriously. Fanart is great for traffic, you know! My Journey Big Bang pic from last year, the Sleeping Beauty/Last Unicorn crossover, is my most popular pic on DA. Heh. Gotta find another good one for my Big Bang #3!
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I lost two days of my life this weekend to an incredible HP fic epic...and to the heat. I've officially lived in the Pacific NW long enough to have lost my tolerance for hot humid days. Wheee! Anyway, that fic was amazing and I loved every minute of the entire 330,000 word experience, and I regret nothing! My only disappointment is that the fic never became Harry/Draco, but danced alll around it. Harry with long hair...and Draco tending it!! Pardon me while I swoon. *swoons* I am such a sucker for pretty men with pretty long hair!! X3 I must save the fic and its sequel to my hard drive so they WILL BE MINE FOREVER and eternally hope that the author decides to write more and tackle her fanon's version of Voldie's defeat...and maybe give me more litle tidbits of allllmost Drarry to flail over. *gazes up beseechingly at the fic gods* PLEEEZE!!!

If anyone is interested in experiencing the fic for themselves, be my guest: Blood Magic by GatewayGirl. *paws at her screen* I WANT MOAAAARRRRR...

Ahem. Yes, that fic and the all-too-short sequel (which at 26,00 words is still longer than my own longest fic) are both shoo-ins for my recs page. :D

Last Wednesday I headed across the river to hang out for several hours with fellow HP fans, though amusingly enough we barely talked about HP. ^^ I had tons of fun with [ profile] saladbats, [ profile] snottygirl, [ profile] winnett, and met a new friend in [ profile] katelinmr. I also had whiskey in my coffee, and pear juice with brandy! Both were very tasty. Would drink again! :9

Before the HP fangirl meetup, I tried to stalk the Goose Hollow Portland neighborhood with my digital camera, for background reference picture taking. Only my already low batteries finally died, and ALL THREE of my extra batteries died, too! O.o WTH? I've decided there must have been a ghost that sucked the juice dry. I think I took about 10 pics before the battery crisis. I'll have to buy a new package of AAs and give it a try again. :P

Non-fandom stuff: an upcoming trip, exercising, and some new art I'm making. )

Tired and woozy slr2moons is also kinda prone to rambling in her LJ posts. Hmm. I'd better sign off now. Quit while I'm ahead!
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asdfghjkl; *points to subject*

Candi, a cute webcomic about life in college. My guest comic is SFW, the rest of the comic occasionally not so much.

It was fun making faces in my desktop mirror and drawing them, but the best part was the "old art". I made a few deliberate mistakes, extra anime-fanart-ed the eyes, and didn't clean up my rough sketch too much. :D All together, I spent about 10 hours on it from first sketch to final tweaks.

YOU GAIZ, the comic has been up for only about an hour, and I already have one new follower on Tumblr, a new watch on DA, and 50 hits on my DA!!! Everyone's looking at me OMG!

I know, I know, that kinda was the point, but still. I need time to get used to the idea! *entertains a daydream where some very well-known webcomickers ask her to draw them guest comics, too*

Heeeee. :3
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OMG YOU GUYS!! XD I just sent off my first guest comic, the one I mentioned in my post yesterday! *flails*

I...I hope didn't misspell anything. O.o

Now I'm waiting to hear back from the webcomic's creator. OMG OMG OMG...
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I've been quite sociable the past two weeks! (Shocking, right?) Saturday the 19th I helped [ profile] knastymike with the heavy lifting part of his move into a new apartment. It wasn't that bad...except the leather recliner. That thing was SO HEAVY OMG. >< I was sore for two days! Small price to pay for good company, though. And Mike bought[ profile] inkytwist (who tackled packing and unpacking the kitchen...YEEK!) and me food at Old Chicago Pizza (OM NOM NOM), and frozen yogurt after we saw the Avengers.

Speaking of which, fun film! Even with me not knowing much Avengers canon at all. :B I do know enough to want a Loki movie, where he can be badass and awesome and crack that smile and wear more tuxedos. :3

The next day, I drove down to Salem to meet up with one of my Sci-Fi book club buds, Acacia, and we went to see Battleship. It was fun! I liked it more than Avengers, too. *dodges tomatoes* It's true! Even if they killed off the actor we went to see the film for. :P~~~ At least he took his shirt off at one point. ^///^ And yes, he also appeared on-screen in uniform, which is what we bought our tickets for in the first place. This was Alexander Skaarsgard, BTW. Best-known as Eric Northman, sexy Viking vampire in True Blood. Rowr! We ate at an El Salvadorian place. It was very tasty. :9

After that, I scrambled like mad to finish Naruto 59 and Skip 29 on time, which I did manage. ^^ Skip is now completely in the can, still awaiting corrections on Naruto. Clay 21 is almost done, I'm waiting for either more corrections or the go-ahead to upload. Now I'm powering along with Natsume 13! And this volume is making my BL-loving heart just pitter-pat. *giggles like she's 14*

Then this weekend, I lost my beloved pocketknife on Friday morning, during my usual run. I didn't notice it was gone until I was emptying my pockets after finishing, and the knife wasn't there. I immediately retraced my entire 3.5 mile loop, and no knife. T.T As much foot traffic as this area has, it could have been on the ground as short as 20 seconds before someone scooped it up.

I've had that knife since 1998, when my Dad gave it to me before I headed off to art school. *cries* I keep telling myself it's just an object, and if someone decides to commit murder with it, that they'll wipe my fingerprints off it, too. >< My mom says Dad will have fun shopping for a replacement for me. This gives me something to anticipate, at least. I feel naked when I go outside without my knife. I alllways carried that knife with me everywhere. *sniffle*

On Friday evening, knastymike and inkytwist sent me an impromptu invite to Mongolian grill, after they finished cleaning up knastymike's old apartment. I'd just eaten dinner, so I had ice cream while they had real food. Good company and conversation!

And on Monday, it was [ profile] saladbats' birthday! I headed out to a Doctor Who-themed room inside a fish-and-chips place in the NE of Portland. Only took me 15 minutes to drive! I could have ridden the Max, but by the time I realized how simple it would have been, it was already too late to make it that way. :P No matter, driving was fun! I made a new friend,[ profile] winnett, saw[ profile] snottygirl again, and hope to hang out with all of them more, soon! We are all writers or appreciators of same, and the whole lot of us are complete geeks. FUN! XD Even if all the Doctor Who themed stuff was wasted on me. *makes flyby noise*

Oho, and I ordered a Scottish soda. "Irn Bru". Tastes like bubblegum. I liked it, though I couldn't drink it every day. Far too sweet!

One of the webcomics I enjoy every week, Candi, is asking for guest strips. I'm going for it! OMG SO EXCITING!! XD I'm going to try to finish it before the 1st. KYAAA!! It will be my first guest webcomic strip, the first of many I hope! :D

And finally, I have a [ profile] dreamwidth account. Not sure how much I'll use it, but it's there if I need it! I'm slr2moons there too, of course. ^^ 
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Last fall, I signed up to provide a bromance illustration for ensuing's Bromance Calendar. I chose September, for it is my birth month. I finished the pic back in October, and now I'm finally posting it for public non-calendar consumption! No excuse for how long it's taken me to post it, except life in general. :B BTW, looks like the calendar is still available, if anyone wants a copy. It's very cute!

I decided to want to draw some eye candy, and thus I chose the glorious bishounen Tsuruga Ren and Yashiro Yukihito from Skip.

And now, art! 100% SFW.

A Bromantic Consultation by Sabrina Heep. ^^V Ren has asked his manager, Mr. Yashiro, to double-check a kanji reading, for the online dictionary he consulted beforehand via cell wasn't clear enough.

And now, babbling about the art:

I deliberately chose to not use Skip canon's head-to-height ratio for the men. Nakamura-sensei can make the 15-heads-tall-look work, but I can't seem to pull it off. I also prefer Yashiro's pale blond hair from manga canon. I was very disappointed when the anime gave him such dark hair! I suppose they wanted him to contrast with Sho--and Reino if they made it that far. (They didn't, alas.)

The script's title is "Hatsushigure", and is an archaic word meaning the first rain to fall between late autumn and early winter. Isn't it poetic?? ^^ The mon (the family crest on Ren's yukata) is a horse because I love horsies and am not afraid to show it! I chose to dress Ren in traditional clothing because in 29 volumes of manga, we have yet to see him in it. In the spirit of "if you want it, draw it", I did. ^^V And finally, my favorite part of this pic is Yashiro's tie. I just love how it came out. It looks so silky and satiny! I want to pet it. X3

Created 100% in Photoshop from sketch to final color. Only regular Photoshop brushes used. The texture in the background, the script, and Ren's yukata are actually manga screen tones. :D

This pic actually pulls double duty, for it's also a tribute to the best Yashiro/Ren fic I have yet to find, A Manager's Devotion by Hazukashiijousan. In the fic, Ren teases Yashiro about owning a pink suit, and Yashiro insists its proper color is "angelic aubergine". I couldn't help but giggle over the distinction, and that settled the shade of Yashiro's suit for this pic.

I am quite pleased with the painting, even now that I look at it again 6 months later. Yay, I made pretty bishounen!! Kyaaa! XD I will be posting this to DA, tumblr, and AO3 as well. Links here updated as the posts are made. ^^

And now, back to work for me. Wheee!!

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Stumptown 2012 was as fun and amazing as 2011 was not. Last year I was so stressed and drowning with work that I only had time to join Shoujo Editor 2 for dinner both nights, and a little hanging out with my Portland friends. But this year, I scheduled the 3 days off months in advance, and it was worth it. :D

More on Stumptown! )

One of my favorite aspects of this weekend was on Sunday afternoon while waiting to head out for food-cart dinner. I was able to chat with J and watch her do a little work in digital painting. She has some amazing Photoshop brushes I'd never seen before! I had no idea Photoshop brushes could do all that stuff! *has been edumacated* She kindly sent me the whole batch, and now I have 100+ megs of new brushes and NO CLUE how to use them. Whee!! XD I need to turn my hand to more color work, and thus begin learning how best to apply these fancy thingamabobs to maybe turn out some shiny pics.

To that end, I've signed up once again for the [ profile] het_bigbang, for fanart brings in page views! The hot fandom this year seem to be Game of Thrones. Hmmmm.

To finish this post with random fun, I updated my beloved ficrecs site today, and added Google Analytics to it. For I have always been obsessive about my hits. More information on them will be so fascinating!!!


(F5 F5 F5 F5 F5...)
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What better way to ring in the new year than with art? ^^V

Created for rebecca_selene's inspired crossover fic "Heart's Blood", written as a part of the journeystory Big Bang. You can read her fic here!

And now, my art:

Click for large version! :D Now mirrored on DA, and Tumblr soon.

Both of these movies--The Last Unicorn and Disney's Sleeping Beauty--had a strong impact upon my childhood. When I read rebecca_selene's fanfic summary on the journeystory comm, I knew I HAD to claim it for art. Not only does it give me the perfect excuse to draw my first love (OMG HORSIES!), but I can pay tribute to one of the Disney studio's most exquisite works of art, as Sleeping Beauty was the last Disney film created entirely by hand.

I wanted an animation cell look for the image, which is why I used cell shading with a full background. That background is a watercolor painting I completed and scanned in several years ago. It worked perfectly here, much to my delight!

Deciding what symbols to fill the filigree corners with was interesting. In the upper right is Haggard's castle, lower right is the spinning wheel, lower left is Maleficent's crow and the unicorn's butterfly, and upper left is the vial of blood that is central to the story.

I am continuing my quest to include more detail in my artwork, thus the filigree, the laces on Aurora's dress, and the unicorn's mane. And yes, I had a great deal of fun with that mane! It's my favorite part of the pic. All those swirls and curves! X3 Kyaaa!
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OMG you guys! I just made my first candle! XD

I'm a candle burner. If you give me a candle, I WILL light that baby on fire. I don't care how pretty it is, it's gonna burn. I've been saving the wax from my victims for quite some time, with the thought of using it to make my own candles. And this morning, I did!

All the glorious details and future plans! )

So hey! If any of you have old candles or leftover wax laying around, don't throw it away! Give it to me, and I'll put it to good use. ^^ I can give you a candle made out of it too, if you want. :D
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Yesterday I took a day off work and went into Portland to raid Powell's bookstore and visit with my friends Neeka and Chiz. It was a fun and relaxing visit! I bought a gigantic plate of nachos (gluten-free!) that kept me from being hungry all day. We sort-of-watched Captain America, which I've never seen before. It was better than I thought it would be. Hugo Weaving made that long black coat and suit work. Rowr! :3

I bought way too many books, as usual. Enough to earn a free reusable shopping bag from the store. :B I brought home a big bag of books I had loaned to Neeka as well, so at least the weight was balanced for my longish trek between train station and apartment. Only 2.5 more volumes and I will FINALLY be caught up with FMA! Then WHAT will I read next??

While checking my fave webcomics last night, I saw the artist of one is asking for guest comics in preparation for the craziness of the holidays. I'd love to give her one, but I don't have the time. >< I'm barely keeping afloat with work, I have three fan commitments already, and ugh. IDK. Maybe I can mess around for 10 min or so today and see what I can come up with. If I find a good guest comic bunny, I could run with it anyway. Think of the advertising potential!

I'm not really sure how guest comic protocol works. It seems like webcomic artists ask friends for them, or a friend offers to make one, or even surprises them with one. However it happens, it all comes from their circle of known acquaintances. From what I've observed, a comicker outright asking for them from the general public is quite rare. If I miss this chance, will it come up again? Could I email the artist at a later point and tell her if she ever needs a guest comic, just ask me? If that's the case, why didn't I give her one when she asked everyone? Could I draw a comic when I have time in however many months and send it to her for future use if need be, without coming across as really presumptuous?

And that paragraph makes it sound like this is my best chance, since the artist outright asked for guest comics. I do believe that's opportunity knocking at my door. Oh dear.

.....I should be working, not typing LJ posts, eh? Damn. Sorrygottagogetbusybye!
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Hey, everyone! Before I talk about my new art, let me say that it's a good thing I went to go see Real Steel two weeks ago, because Clay 20 was waiting for me in my inbox when I returned. Good movie, BTW. Fun, killer soundtrack, and I even had my shirtless Mr. Jackman moment. :3 Granted, it only lasted about 20 seconds and most of it was collarbone-up since he was talking with his love interest, but hey. Also I was only one of four women in the theater, and the other three were moms with passels of boys in tow. *snicker* I HAVE NO REGRETS.

Now, on to the artwork!! Some of you might recall from this post that I signed up for my first fandom Big Bang. To sum up, someone writes a story, I draw fanart for it, both go up with everyone else's stories and art and if all goes well, I earn tons of new hits. Fanart is great for getting your name out there! XD

Due to time problems, I could only chose one fic to illustrate, and since both of my friends who signed up couldn't make the deadline (plot bunnies can be so difficult when they refuse to behave! My poor friends tried so hard. *hugs them both*) I chose a fic based purely on the story info. My goal was to pick something popular to earn lots of potential views.

I went with a fic I'd been eyeing since I signed up for the Big Bang: a crossover between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural, in which Buffy and Dean have some zombie-killing adventure and maybe a little romance, too. ^^ Stories needed to have 9,000 words minimum to earn an artist, then we had one month before the final deadline. The author needed to finish 25,000 works total, and the artist complete two pieces.

I wanted to illustrate two actual scenes from the fic, one action and one romance. I found a great action scene in the 9,000 word draft my author sent me. Unfortunately, she was unable to finish her fic in time, and so for my second pic, I decided to use artistic license and indulge myself. Yes, I finished my pics even without a story to go along. I'm sure Dean and Buffy fans will still want to see them, even without the accompanying fanfic. :D

Both pics were surprisingly easy to create. I didn't sweat blood to draw or rush to finish by the deadline at all. ^^V I'm also getting the hang of digital painting, much to my pleasure. I know I still have a lot to learn, but I definitely see improvement. Kyaa! XD

Click here for art! SFW, just a little blood. They WERE fighting zombies, after all. ^^V )

I will be posting both pics to my DA account in a day or two. ^^ But for tonight, I think posting them here is enough code wrangling. Whew! Hope you like them!!!


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