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I do believe it's time for a shigoto update, hmm? Though there isn't much actual news to report!

Current status of Captive, Clay, Nana, Naruto, New Titles 5 and 6, and Skip. )

If you read through everything above, this does mean that at the moment, all I have to letter is Nana and Skip! It feels so weird. O.o Both vols are completely pre-lettered too, so I've been working on my art and stories instead. I didn't post it here, but the rough "blue line" of the human main character from my manga short story is up on my Deviant Art account! 100% SFW. I will be posting the final version here. Perhaps in a few days!

On a side note, at my last Sci-Fi book club meeting, I learned that a small group of professional writers meet a couple times a month to write together. New--serious writers--are welcome to join them. One of those authors is in the book club group. I'm trying to work up the nerve to invite myself. I mean, I'm writing a graphic novel. Does that count? Will the cool kids let me play with them?? O.o *fidgets* I'd so dearly love to have IRL writing friends, but I dunno how they'd feel about the whole graphic novel angle and being unpublished for my own work and not intending to actually publish-publish my first original story anyway since I plan to post it as a web comic and I'm nervous but would love to go MY INSECURITIES, LET ME SHOW YOU THEM. *hides*
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I'm back in OR. It was great visiting home and seeing a good chunk of the extended family. Usagi survived the trip, thankfully! I was worried last night when walking back to my apartment through half-melted snow slush and ice, as the footing was VERY bad and I almost fell splat on the ground three times. That would not have been good. But I made it through the nasty with no mishaps. Yay!

Now! The good stuff. How about an impromptu update in general? Shigoto is first, since that's what most of you are really interested in:

Shigoto, original manga, and fanfic updates! )
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I've said it once, I'll say it again...sometimes, I really hate tone. :P )

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrated!! I hope you didn't eat too much. ^^ I gave myself the day off from calorie counting and enjoyed a yummy meal or two. :9

I'm about half-way through Captive 4. Honey 10 is coming along. I'm very glad I have so much time on this final volume, since as previously mentioned the Umino Chika-sensei cut loose and went crazy in the 2nd half. *wince* I just started Nana 17. I'm printing Nana again! Yay! I'm about a fourth of the way into Skip 19. My Japanese tanko for Skip 20 came a few days ago, and my freebie copies of Eng vol 16. Heeeeeeee. I <3 Skip!!!!!! I'm behind on my Skip anime watching, though.

Non-work ramblings involving Dattebayo's Shippuuden sub, my original manga, artwork, and my fanfic story DaaGB. )

That's it for now, I guess. Back to work!

ETA: I'm jumping on the new icon bandwagon and plan on using all 40 of my alloted icons. Meet Hassan, from Vampirates. Heeeeee. DANCE!! DANCE FOR ME, HASSAN!!! <3 <3 <3

And I've been singing along with my ultimate fave mp3 list all day. So much so that I'm losing my voice!!! =D
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I just caught up with my Captive backlog. I am officially no longer behind. *grateful tears*

SO! Now that I no longer have to do at least 5--and preferably more like 10--pages of Captive a day, WHAT am I going to do with that new-found spare time???

Start Honey 10, of course. *blows raspberries*

daily quota, Honey, Nana, and other work-related ramblings )

*pokes herself* Okay, you've cleared the backlog yet again. Now...KEEP IT THAT WAY!!
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Clay 14 first pass is done. YAY. *oozes out of her chair onto the floor* Now I can clear the backlog for Captive 3 and start Nana 16. Speaking of Captive, my freebie copy of vol 1 came a few days ago. It's very purple. O.o I like purple, it was just a shock, is all. Usually Viz manga covers are a huge image with the series logo, mangaka's name, vol #, etc placed over it. Not so with Captive, they went with the cover image inside a box, and around the box? Purple. Huh. Flipping through the book make me a little woozy. I forgot how horribly difficult Captive 1 was. All that insane humor. Ooooog. I'm glad vols 2 and now 3 are a little more drama-heavy and thus less....frantic. Whew!

You know, the title of my journal is aptly chosen. "So Many Stories". Not just the ones I work on for others, and the ones I read, but my own. I've been dancing around a bunny for my own Harry/Draco friendship fic. I really like the idea, but the last thing I need is another fanfic WIP, right? So tonight I was thinking. That idea really is interesting, so...why not spin it into an original idea? And draw it as a manga? Hmmmmmm? Then I had to start thinking about world building. You know, since I can't set an original story at Hogwarts. :P Thus began about an hour's worth of messing around with ideas for setting. IRL, sci-fi, classic fantasy, IRL-AU style, historical, etc etc etc. All have pros and cons, so which one??

I think I found one that's rather unconventional. Hmmmmm. I need to mess with it some more. I must confess, I considered making everyone catboys. :3 But I think I'll go wth my first love: elves. Eeeeheeheeheee. <3 If I'm going to draw the same guys over and over, I might as well enjoy the view, right??

Anyway, wish me luck. Both with the Captive catch-up, and with the original story. Lots to think about....
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I'm about to upgrade to widescreen flat monitors for both Anthy and Utena. Why the spontaneous purchase? B/c I can't carry my two current 20 inch CTR boxes. HAHAHA! Oh, they don't weigh too much--barely. They're just the right combination of heavy and bulky-huge for me to drop them. And since all three of my comps are coming with me and Spicer-kitty in the car, and I will be unloading the car on my own...and the CTR boxes will take up the entire backseat...time to upgrade!! After all, who doesn't like dropping $500 on a whim??? Wheeee!!!

My "office equipement expenses" line on my '08 tax return will be immense next year. Anthy $400, Usagi $900, and now two new screens for Utena and Tsukushi at around $500. Heh.

I need to get my butt in gear and do some major packing. The movers will be picking up my stuff on the 4th.

13 days off left. Oh, and script and raw pages for Captive3 are here. Never a dull moment!! *frazzled laugh*

BTW, best wishes to everyone on my flist going back to class!

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(no reason for the icon, I just felt like looking at it) :3 

ETA: This post does NOT mean I don't want you to comment, email, or phone. I DO want to hear from you guys. If you catch yourself thinking "Maybe I should wait, since she's so busy..." DON'T. Wakatta??
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Urgh. If I had a designation for page difficulty higher than pink/Page from Hell, my current page of Captive 2 would definitely qualify. It's a review of volume 1, with tons of floating text, cute captions, chibi characters, sparklies, flowers, vines, and hand-written FX and asides. Which would be bad enough on their own. Except this page was printed in color, painted with markers or watercolor over EVERYTHING. No white space at all.  And as a black and white page of manga, all those pretty colors are turned into dots. *headdesk*

I've been working on it all day. I take breaks and letter pages from other titles, but I always come back to it. Urgh. If only I could let myself work half-assed....*headdesk* The arrival of  Captive 2 is why I've become silent again. --;;;

My first laptop computer arrived yesterday. An XP machine, b/c no way in hell am I touching Vista. Now I can leave the house to GET OUT and work away in a Starbucks or something. I'm pretty sure I'll name her "Usagi". I'd like to get a small 5 x 7 drawing tablet for her, which I plan to dub "Luna". Heeee. :3 Of course, this also means I now have three computers. ^^;;;; Let my geeky status be known!!!!! *flings out arms in acceptance*

I've finally broken Tsuwabuki. I slammed off the backspace key by typing too fast and furious, and it must take special tool or something to get it back on. I've reattached many a popped keyboard key, but Tsukwabuki isn't your normally constructed keyboard. Woe. It's only taken me two days to become accustomed to not using the backspace. I do a lot of highlighting and retyping. Heh. :P Tsuwabuki-kuuuuuuun....gomen.....T.T But at least I didn't drop him.
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I missed posting last week. I don't think anyone noticed though, so no harm no foul and all that. *waves hand*

Lured by anti-chan's own meme post about a personality test, I took it myself. Here are the complete results. Tl;dr version: I am an independent thinker. I love to work, I think things through, I'm good at my job, enjoy being alone, and need only a few close friends to be happy. Yep, that's me. What I find amusing is I fully expected to come up with the same results as anti-chan's test. I know I would have, before I found my current job. I guess lettering manga has really changed my life. Omoshiroi.

As a quick shigoto update: Captive v1 is 3/5ths done, I'm actually through with the series content and am now working on the first of two manga oneshots that complete the book. Clay 13 is 4/5ths done. I have two pink pages left before an easy finish of yellow and green. Honey 8 is finished, and I'm now having a mini-break since Japan hasn't sent the pages for vol 9. Yay. Break is good! Nana 15 has begun, I'm a whole whopping one page in. Heh! Naruto 38 is wrapping up, I have about 20 pages left, all yellow and green. I've been working on Skip 17 piecemeal for about a week, so I'm still at the beginning.

At the moment, things are under control. Granted, it's a very thin and flimsy control, but still, I'm not worried. I haven't had to use my freakout icon, which is good. Early this week I had a massive energy shutdown, but I'm apparently mostly over it. Viz is changing some things before pages are sent to me, I'll share what's going on when I know more myself. If I'm lucky, the change will save me tons of time.

And I have discovered audiobooks!!! They are wonderful!! I can work and listen at the same simultaneously!! They've helped me complete so many pages by keeping my alert....I've listened to 7 books so far, and am half-way through my 8th. I listen for 3 to 7 hours a day, so I burn through them pretty fast. More on my newfound passion later, though.

As always, work calls. Minna, be well! *hugs*

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Script for the 2nd chapter of New Title 3 came today. *fights down some insane laughter* I'm trying to wrangle a couple extra weeks out of SE4 so I can letter it without going insane, so wish me luck.

Oh, and I can announce NT3's shourai, since it was revealed in the May issue of Shojo Beat. It's Captive Hearts, the first series by Hino Matsuri. To give you an idea of how intricate it is, take four pages of Vampire Knight and compress the content down to fit on one. There you go. O.o

Kiokonai is moving to Houston for a month this weekend, to attend training for her upcoming job. Everytime I try to pack for my move to Portland, I get bogged down in the enormity of it all and just stare at it like a deer caught in headlghts. I have 6 simultaneous titles again. The next couple of months are going to be very interesting.

At least my two copies of Clay 12 arrived today. A spark of good news, hmm?

*fights down more laughter*


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