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Hi, everyone!

Yep, still here. C:

Not much has changed in my life, except for one new addition! Last November, I bought a Maine Coon kitten. :3 I wanted a Maine Coon, like my beloved Spicer-kitty, but I didn't want to deal with the congenital heart disease so ingrained into the breed. The only way you can try to avoid it is to know the parentage of a kitten, and said parents' heath. And the only way to know that for sure is to buy a purebred kitten. So I did. C:

I googled for "Maine Coon kitten Portland", and of the handful of true local results, my top pick actually had kittens available. So on Sunday, November 13th, I brought him home. Here he is, that very day!

Click for adorable kitten! )

On the drive home, I tried out the names of several fictional men with blond hair. Edward Elric, Legolas, etc, but when I tried "Shizuo", from one of my favorite anime sereis Durarara, he looked up at me, eyes wide and ears pricked. So Shizuo he is!! Just "Shizu", for short.

Next time, I'll share another pic and talk about him and Kakashi. Hope you enjoyed this cat-centric update!! And the kitty pic. :3
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I cleaned for 6 hours today, and I am STILL not done. I made a list this morning of everything I needed to clean, and marked the most important ones. (Windows, mop, vacuum, empty cabinets under sinks so the apartment guys can check for leaks.) I took 3 times my usual dose of caffeine, and got busy.

In which slr2moons details her cleaning adventure. )

I still have some stuff to do. Gotta finish cleaning the stove top, sweep up the floor in the bathroom, pick up scattered laundry and make sure at least all the underwear is hidden. :P I need to do this all tonight, too, b/c last year the inspection started with MY building, right at 9 AM. Bleh.

Gonna take another painkiller before I go to bed tonight. I'm gonna be sore tomorrow from all this vigorous exercising. And possible with the sniffles, too. I get sick easily these days, my endurance is really down. X|

But at least now my apartment smells pleasantly of Mr. Clean. I wish my walking buddies Sno and Mab were coming over in the next few days, so they could see how nice everything looks. ^^ And I noticed my windows are easier to slide open and closed! Imagine that.

Now, it is 8:30 PM, and I can finally get to work. Wheeeeee!
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I stopped posting here and on FB both, when Spicer-kitty was gone. IDK. I just didn't feel like talking much. Life has been okay since then. This summer has yet to be a disaster like the previous three, though the ending is going to be a bit dicey thanks to work.

Temporary kitty, flying back to TX for a wedding this weekend, work update for all my titles, and a developed tweak to my manga method. )

One page at a time. *deep breath in and out* And on that note, back to work for me.
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My last post was me venting about everything that's been bearing down on me in the past few months. But some good things have been happening, too!

Spicer is doing better, new URL for my fanfic recs page, manga counting continues, reading, small shigoto update, New Title 12's identity revealed, exercising with friends, Adult Things to Do List )

That's everything positive I can think of to share at the moment. ^^ Back to work for me! The Clay women are calling. C:
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Almost two months since my last update. So much for being the change and posting more, huh? Ugh.

Okay, so...

tl:dr: I have been very busy lately. Lots of stress. Staying in my current apartment for almost another year. Spicer is not doing well. Work is crazy-busy. Haven't been able to do anything creative since Yuletide.

The whole nine yards, for those not yet given in to the influence of the brief-content platforms of FB, twitter, and tumblr. )
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Greetings, my flist! All ~5 or of you or so who, like me, are still on DW and LJ and check it regularly. ^^

I haven't said much here lately, and I admit, it's b/c everyone else is on FB and it's nice to say something and start a dialogue. *sigh* I so miss this platform's glory days. But I should stop contributing to the problem by not posting here, and post more! Ha!

Okay,'s an update on what's happening in my life.

Tl;dr: Not much, as usual.

Longer version within! Work, Yuletide, car, health, living arrangements, misc, and entertainment. )

I guess that's it for this long update. It feels good to talk to you guys again! Please leave a comment, if you have anything to say or ask. C:
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As the subject says, I survived.

I've been sleeping a great deal this weekend, no doubt to make up for the continuous stress I've been under for the month before the trip, and the work-week immediately after, when I had three deadlines due on the 26th. Speaking of, Seraph vol 4 is completely finished, Skip vol 34's first draft is done, and so is the first volume of Requiem.

Lots of words and some pics! below the cut )
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Interesting things happening in the manga world that are relevant to me.

First, the bad news. Clay is ending in the October 4th issue of Jump Square. This means 2 more volumes in English. I already have Japanese Clay vol 26, which was published in June. One more Japanese volume is coming, possibly two if the final chapter is super-long.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I started lettering Clay in fall of 2005. 9 years, guys. It won't be my first ongoing series to end--that was Nana, which didn't have a real ending, but cut off abruptly due to mangaka health problems. Honey, Captive, and the various oneshots all had ended before I began. Clay will have a real ending.

*is at a loss*

In lighter news, apparently Seraph will have an anime. This is early, particularly since it's a monthly title. IDT we know the anime studio yet, but I hope it's Madhouse or Bones, and that they don't stiff the budget. I likes me some pretty animation. I also hope they wait until next spring. That'll give us around 8 more chapters of manga, and if they keep the anime to a short 11 or 12 ep season, that should be just enough. Please no half-baked anime-studio-written endings! *cough* Clay *cough*.

And in news that's relevant to me on a personal, apparently there's a new manga adaptation of Arslan. O.o Being done by FMA's mangaka, Arakawa Hiromu. Talk about a complete change in style from the original shoujo manga adaption. *blinks* And here I thought the Arslan manga people had mentioned reading at Crunchyroll was the shoujo version, and I'd been surprised someone would license such a dated-art-style manga. This explains things, huh?

As for me, I'm going crazy trying to finish everything--or as much as I can--before the week I lose in Texas for family visits and my cousin's wedding. (No one can lay a guilt trip on you like family, amirite?)

I have this fear that my being away for so long will trigger Spicer into another bought of health problems. It's entirely possible. Argh.
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On Tues evening, I had to move lilies inside b/c of apartment painting. Soon after heard Spicer vomiting, discovered it had a lily leaf in it. I googled "are lilies poisonous to cats". Yes. Yes they are. No cure, they can only try to dilute. Covered lillies with old shower curtain and tablecloth, stuffed Spicer into carrier, and sped to emergency vet. Wed morning picked up Spicer and transferred to regular vet. So far so good, Spicer receiving an IV bag as treatment. Brought home Wed night, Spicer tries his best to chew off catheter for IV. I cover with paper towel and duct tape. It works, ghetto style. Back to vet Thurs morning for more treatment. Pick him up that night, Spicer attacks catheter at home, he succeeds, take him back to vet for catheter check/retaping and bought Cone of Shame. Home again, Spicer freaked about Cone, after 30 min calms down. Can't chew on leg, but still shakes it hard every couple minutes to try to get off bandages. I sleep terribly b/c shaking leg hits Cone and is very loud, afraid to wear ear plugs b/c of alarm this morning. I'm exhausted. In a few min take him back to vet for hopefully final day of IV. Also blood tests to be run to check for any lily effects.

Lesson learned: Make sure any plants inside your house are not poisonous to your pets. Particularly if you know they like to nom on green things. Like Spicer does. *headdesk* T.T
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Last weekend was the exception to the new standard for Spicer. I had to give him two doses of the painkiller on Tuesday, but today he seems better. No painkillers needed. I guess Tuesday was a bad day? He isn't nearly as perky as he was over the weekend, but he's definitely better than Tuesday. I have a few more doses of the painkiller for future use. I'm sure I'll need them. *sigh* :|

As for myself, I have more encouraging news. I bought a jump rope a couple weeks back, and I've been using it. First indoors (apologies to my downstairs neighbors, though they moved out on the 31st!), and now outside. I started with 10 jumps inside a few times a day--had to relearn how to jump rope. :B Then I moved outside and did five sets of 25, walking along a short route in between. Now I'm up to 7 sets of 25.

Guys, I already feel better. It's amazing what exercise can do! Jumping rope is an incredibly easy way to increase the intensity of a workout. 20 hops and I'm winded! Seriously! It's not just the obvious of legs and heart, either. Your abs must be held steady to keep your balance, your feet build muscle b/c you're jumping on your toes, your shoulders and arms are worked out swinging that rope around. Who knew little kids (and boxers!) had such a well-kept secret?

I haven't lost any of the weight I've gained, but I know I've reclaimed at least a little of my former muscle. (At least in my feet! Haha!) But I feel so much better, I don't really care about no loss of fat yet. I'm sure it's partially the placebo effect. I know I'm exercising, and that makes me feel happy, on top of the endorphins actually generated by exercising! Whatever, I feel better! Yay! Without drugs! Without tons of caffeine! Yay!!!!
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Spicer-kitty gave me a scare last week. I noticed he was eating less, but thought he just didn't like the current set of kitty treats. On Wednesday I realized he was much less active than normal, and spending almost all of the time hunched up like the Sphinx--a posture I know is one he does when he's in pain. :C I made an appointment with the vet on Friday, and proceeded to have nightmares about a repeat of last summer's constant force-feeding. *gulp*

At the vet, he showed me Spicer's last blood test results from early in the month: no overall change, though the actual values fluxuated up and down. Spicer's liver is still off-kilter, and probably will be for life. The vet always calls Spicer "a fragile kitty". :| Spicer hadn't lost weight yet (I caught the eating less in time), and had gained .2 pounds. Everything seemed normal in the examination, but the vet noticed his--this is kinda gross, skip to the next para if bodily stuff squicks you--anal glands were swollen and hard. A cat's anal glands are the scent glands, located on either side of the anus. You know, when cats spray scent? That's where it comes from. (Thankfully neither Spicer nor Kakashi spray!) The vet called in an assistant to hold Spicer while he pulled on rubber gloves and squeezed my poor kitty's bottom until he emptied the glands like two big pimples. This brown, thick paste came out. The vet said it's supposed to be a liquid. There was a LOT of it, too. I can only imagine how much that was hurting my kitty!

He sent us home with some food to tempt Spicer to eat, four doses of painkillers just in case, and instructions about pausing some of Spicer's meds that might hinder his appetite.

Spicer is always relieved to be home after a trip to the vet, and he leaped out of his carrier and ran around with joy, as usual. But the joy continued! He scratched at his kitty tree, played with his toys, darted here and there, leaped up on my bookshelves, leaped back down again, sprinted from living room to bedroom and back again, and giving these tight little meows that I know mean "Play with meeeee!!!!" So I did. We played laser tag for several minutes, and then Kakashi was jealous so I pulled out his feather-on-a-fishing-pole toy.

His appetite came back over the course of the weekend, and he's now eating like normal, following me into the kitchen every time I go for a drink refill, and demanding more kitty food. I haven't had to give him any of the painkillers! It seems the agony was from his poor booty glands, and not a huge crisis like his liver taking a turn for the worse.

I feel like a got off easy AND dodged a bullet. I just hope we're this lucky next time he starts to feel bad. >
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...I just have to share this.

Late last night when I went to sleep (or TBH, not very early Tuesday morning), I woke up after dozing off. Not much time had passed, because Kakashi was still curled up against my right-hand side with only his head above the blanket, like mine. (So very cute!) I don't know what woke me up, but as I blinked in the dim light that comes in through my windows at night, I saw a dark blob where there isn't supposed to be a dark blob.

I focused on it, wondering what it was, and saw a spider. I could clearly see it was a spider. I disctincly remmeber not wanting to disturb Kakashi, and wondering what I could do for a weapon. No shoes nearby, no stray papers within easy reach, my glass and mug far away on my to kill it.

I watched the spider for a bit, and noticed it was swaying gently in the air. It wasn't on the wall, it was doing the dangling-from-a-single-thread routine. I finally admitted defeat, and acknowledged that to kill the spider meant disturbing Kakashi. I flung back my covers, sat up, rolled out of bed, and found the fly swatter. I returned to bed and peered at the wall where I thought the spider should be, as I had apparently forgotten about the dangling-from-a-single-thread variable in my exhausted brain. No spider. I looked at the ceiling. No spider. I squinted at my bed clothes, no spider.

Through all of this, Kakashi hadn't moved. He was still curled up in his spot on the bed, watching me, completely unconcerned about any missing spider but fascinated by the fly swatter.

After about 30 seconds, I gave up on hunting. I figured if the spider reappeared, Kakashi would probably play with it to death, or just eat it. I placed the flyswatter right next to the bed where I could easily grab it, and crawled back into bed. Kakashi snuggled up, I wondered where the spider went, and drifted back to sleep.

Fast-forward to now, when while reflecting upon my hazy spidery encounter last night, I finally realized some interesting facts:

1. My eyesight isn't great. I have to wear glasses.
2. I could see the spider clearly.
Conclusion A: the spider was quite close to my face. Within 16 inches, I'd say.
3. I flung the covers back before I sat up.
4. Reference Conclusion A.
Conclusion B: I folded the spider into my bedcovers, specifically between the layers of my bedspread. And it being a quit of many colors and patterns, of course I couldn't spot a spider on it in the wee hours of the morning when I was half-asleep.

I have no idea where that spider went. I haven't seen it since, and I realized where the spider likely ended up long after the sun set tonight.

Meh. It won't eat much. And if it DOES return, I am now armed with my flyswatter. Heh.

Hi. I'm still here. Finishing up a 2nd work crunch with Voice vol 4, but it's not nearly as bad as it was at the end of the Summer of Hell, so there's that.
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Hello, everyone!

Today is my birthday. Behold, I am one step closer to middle age! \o/

To celebrate my birthday, I'm going to order my favorite pineapple fried rice from the Thai joint across the street. :9

Going out to celebrate has to be put on hold. Work is heavy. While I've managed to finish everything but Voice vol 3, the book is due in a little over a week. It's been a mad scramble. I'm working 10 hours a day, and preferably longer. Thank the manga gods this vol is a little easier than vol 2 and vol 1. Though considering how nasty vol 1 was--with all the crazy shoujo romcom shenanigans to hook readers--being a little easier than that isn't saying much. Heh heh. *headdesk*

Spicer-kitty is doing well! Now it's turned a bit chilly again, his favorite fuzzy kitty basket is back on my desk, and he's currently curled up inside it. Kakashi is giving me the eye, hoping for more food. He's turned rather pudgy. My own weight is holding steady. The green juice once a day isn't taking any weight off at the moment, but with all the stress I'm under, I am happy to not be gaining. (I always gain weight when I'm under stress. Saying level is delightful to me in this situation.)

Not much going on besides work work work. I did make it to book club, but that's my only bit of fun in weeks. So it goes, when in work hell.

Yesterday I did 9 pages, including one pink and one orange. I'm so proud of myself! I want to do that much again! XD

Everyone, thanks for sticking with me for another year! *hugs for all*
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Spicer is not doing well. The vet asked me to bring him in today, and diagnosed Collangia (spelling?) Hepatitis. IOW, his liver has a nasty infection. Spicer is back on antibiotics, the shots again since he reacted so badly to the pill version. I have to give him a full syringe twice day. We have another appointment on Monday. By then, it should be visible whether Spicer is improving or not. I'm gonna be very good at injecting kitties. ><

I'm hopeful again. This past week has been a nightmare for both Spicer-kitty and me.
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Since very early Thursday morning, Spicer-kitty has been sick. It's his liver and heart. I'm having to force-feed and -water him so he can get the nutrition he needs to heal. He's getting daily antibiotic shots (vet, me, vet, me), Mylanta to keep him from vomiting, and a stinky brown liver medication.

The bottle-feeding is four times a day, and has to continue until he eats on his own. He already occasionally does, but it's not enough. The heat wave doesn't help. Kakashi is perfectly healthy and barely eating, either.

We have another appointment tomorrow at the vet.

I'm so glad I work at home, because IDK how I'd do this if I had a normal job and still lived alone. ><

You'll know more when I do. :/
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I post so little these days. It's not that I've abandoned LJ for Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr like so many have--because I don't post at any of those places, either. I just don't feel the need to talk as much as I once did. I guess.

Kakashi-the-kitten is at the vet, being removed from the gene pool and tagged for tracking by Big Brother. I'm grateful for both, as he's been really rambunctious the past few weeks, and keeps attempting to escape through the front door whenever I come home. With no more testosterone in his system, he should calm done somewhat and stop running me and Spicer-kitty ragged. And if he ever DOES escape, then I'll have a much better chance of recovering him with that microchip under his skin.

Anyway, Natsume 12 and Skip 28 are both done, except for corrections. At the moment, I'm wrapping up Clay 20, then I'll be officially without work until Naruto 59 or Skip 29 arrives, whichever happens first. With all four titles caught up to the Japanese release, and me being backup for Naruto anyway, it's probably going to be feast or famine in regards to my workload. Famine like now, with only one title, feast like a few weeks ago, with all four at once. The upcoming months will be most interesting.

I find it ironic that the one holiday season I won't be visiting the hometown in TX is the one where I will barely have any work to interfere. Of course. Also just watch: since I won't have to worry about weather interfering with my flights, it WON'T freeze or snow or otherwise grow nasty this holiday season. Never fails!

Fannish concerns, ala Big Bang art, Yuletide fic, and meeting fellow writers IRL OMG! Also shopping and reading. )

Look, I actually managed to write an update. Yay!
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Upon reflection, if my biggest gripe at the moment is my missing box from Amazon...I must be doing pretty good. :B Amazon is sending me a replacement box of my previously mentioned two CDs and book, since whoever signed for the first box on September 29th decided to keep it. Jerk. But enough about that. I promised kitty pics!!

Four kitty pics behind the cut! SFW, of course. ^^ )

Also if anyone wants to see Shetan, my new computer, I have added pics to his intro post. ^^

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I am one more home in Oregon! I do love visiting with my family and good old friends...I just wish I didn't have to go back to TX to do it. :P I don't think I'll be able to return over the holidaze this year. Money is somewhat short, and Shoujo Editor 2 said the next volumes of Natsume and Skip will probably be rushed over the next few months. (Still can't start on either, no raw pages from Japan. Alas!)

I was wrong in my previous post: the pregnant cat wasn't left behind by one of my sister's former tenants, but one of the neighbors nearby her rental place. In a curious case of circumstance, her longtime friend Dr. H also lives nearby in her own house. Dr. H was the one who took in the pregnant cat. I'm not sure how I ended up mixing things, but now I've got it right. :B

More about the saga of Kakashi the Kitten! )

I took today off work, and must resume Naruto 57 tomorrow. Tonight I am finishing up my first pic for the het bigbang. I could have sworn I blogged about it, but if I did I can't find it. I think I'll save the big explanation for when I actually post the art. In a nutshell: I'm drawing two pics for someone who is writing a crossover Buffy/Supernatural fic starring Buffy and Dean. I rather like how the first one has turned out! Here's hopin' the second is as good.

And now, back to work. Oh, and I do plan to post kitty pics! Just not tonight. :P

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Hello from Texas, everyone! Don't start a wildfire here, you'll roast us all. :P

I'm in the guest room of my parents' house, where I grew up into a professional anime and manga fan. Ahhh, memories!!! Watching my treasured VHS Fushigi Yuugi fansubs until 2 AM. Those were the days...14 years ago. O.o Yikes!

A few of you know, but when I return home to Portland late Tuesday night, I'm bringing a kitten back with me. :3 No, I didn't fly 2,000 miles just for a cat. I was visiting anyway, and my sister ended up taking in a pregnant cat abandoned by some former tenants of hers, so hey. Free kitten! He's gray, long-haired, laid-back, and thus I have named him "Kakashi". *snicker* I'll finally meet him tomorrow. But for now, Braveheart is purring like an engine next to me on the bed. I'm so glad he remembers me!!!! D'awww, Braveheart. He's so old now. *wibbles*

It's good to visit home. Not only to see family and friends, but the FOOD! I do love Portland, but it's impossible to find decent fried chicken in the city. :P~~~ Tomorrow: Chicken Express! Mmmmm! :9

And on that delicious note, I shall depart. ^^
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Yes, I have returned to the land of rain, hippies, and flaming liberals. )


I also took Tsuksuhi's tower outside and used some canned air to clean out all the dust. And there was a lot of it, since I've never cleaned her guts before. ^^;; I have her all plugged in again, but I have yet to turn her on. *gulp* I'm afraid she won't*turns her on and holds her breath* Looks good so far...success! I do believe she survived being turned off after an entire year of constant running, and my inexperienced cleaning today! Yay!! I have given myself the day off, but working even a little bit will help me relax. ^^ Natsume 8 awaits!

Upcoming in a later post: pics!! XD Possibly flocked, I haven't decided yet. :D


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