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Hi, everyone. Yes, I vanished again. *sighs* I certainly didn't WANT to. *headdesk*

The past few weeks have been interesting, in that Chinese curse way. In the past week alone: I'm 3/4ths through the process of buying a condo. (SO MUCH PAPERWORK GAH) Estimated taxes #4 were due on Friday (I am le broke now), the annual apartment inspection for water leaks and potential meth labs is Monday (which means I have to deep clean this weekend UGH), my right-side work monitor finally died and I bought another new one to match the recently replaced left monitor (see le broke note), and this weekend was a local convention I wanted to attend with a friend, but had to cancel because of everything else going on. >< (I had my Agatha from Girl Genius cosplay mostly ready, too. Wig and trilobite pin and all.)

And work is hanging heavy over me, as usual. Annnnd I've been 25-75% sick throughout it all. Fun times.

I want to post this now, so I don't put it off any longer. GAH.

More tomorrow or Monday. If I don't follow through with that, please poke me. Seriously, I miss posting!!!
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I'm lettering Skip vol 34, and it has several flashback pages. And I mean really flashBACK, with with one panel from vol 1 being used.

I've been archiving my manga Photoshop files for years, first to CD, then DVD, and then blu-ray. Skip vol 1 is on actual CD, and the disc loaded and the page I needed unzipped and copied to Shetan's hard drive just fine. Skip volumes didn't end up on DVD, but blu-ray instead. Given the subject line, you can guess where this is going.

My blu-ray for Skip vols 16-25 now refuses to load. It loaded slowly but okay two days ago, when I needed some flashback pages, but last night when I needed some more--nothing. I thought it was my disc drive, but the blu-ray that has Skip vols 7-16 loaded as fine as you please. The disc that isn't working has no scratches, it's been in its jewel case all this time. It just refuses to load. Good disc 7-16 contains pages 5-170 of vol 16. Bad disc 16-25 contains the end of vol 16: 171-188.

A year ago, this disc was working perfectly. No problems whatsover. Now? I've lost 1,750 pages of lettered Skip. How I wish I could send my past self a message to copy the entire disc to hard drive. T.T Or even two days ago, when the disc would partially load! *cries*

This isn't a horrible disaster, as Viz has the final tiffs of the pages saved, and Shoujo Editor 2 has already sent me the two pages from vol 17 that I need. But it still hurts. All those hours and love I poured into lettering Skip are now only visible as flattened tiffs. That really hurts.

I'm currently trying to copy everything I can from the bad disc to my new external hard drive. The end of vol 16 was a bust, but I might be able to save all or most of 17. *knocks on wood* Better than nothing, right? *sigh*

T.T Technology, how can you fail me like this? *cries*
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On Friday, I rebooted my laptop so it would be fresh and alert to burn some data DVDs, and that was the end. Windows would load, but no programs would open. I did a little googling for possible reasons on my tower, Shetan, and at the "malware" results, I took Usagi to the doctor.

Didn't hear from him that day, as he said. Didn't hear from him on Monday. -.-;;;

This morning I called, and apparently the file system is kaput. No way to fix it aside from wiping and reinstalling. The doc says he can pull all the data off with Linux, which is good b/c I have a ton of music, anime, and audiobooks on there. But still.

I've had my money's worth out of Usagi. She was new in '08, and has chugged along mostly reliably for six years. My poor XP 32-bit laptop. *sigh* Not even supported by Windows anymore.(I think the Java installation I did the restart BEFORE the killer one is the problem. Perhaps they stopped providing 32 bit Java, and didn't notice/care Usagi was 32 bit, so they stuck 64 bit on her and ruined everything.) /tinhat

With buying a house in my sights, this means I really can't afford a new laptop. I'd have to buy Photoshop along with it so I could work remotely on it, anyway. AND a new drawing tablet, b/c Anthy (the Intuos 4 tablet I used with Usagi) is also Win-32 and six years old, and IDT they make drivers for that anymore. I'll check before buying a new tablet in the future, but I'm not holding my breath. Anthy will be my backup for when (let's be realistic) my current work-tablet on Shetan, Doumyouji, fails. *sigh again* I'll need a new torrent proggie, too.

So. My data is being transferred to a new external hard drive. Shetan will have to carry all my computing weight for quite some time. And no more visiting unknown sites after a google search, either. I'm not risking my work machine just to look stuff up.

Now to decide what to do with Usagi's corpse. Bring her home to gather dust? Let the computer doc have her for $10? Reformat and bother to sell on Craig's List? Give to Goodwill? Meh. I'm leaning towards the 2nd. I still have Tsukushi and Utena2's husks around...
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Hey, everyone!

I kinda vanished again, didn't I? ^^; Sorry about that. I was busy with work, and finishing my Yuletide fic, and life in general. But here I am! *waves* Hi there. C:

Updates for Seraph, Voice, Natsume, and Skip. )

I should be busy lettering Natsume 16 and Skip 33, but they're on the back burner. And Seraph GN vol 2. *weak laughter* Yes, I am still behind, though I'm still holding my new record of only one late title from this summer. (Voice vol 3.) I'm not worried about catching up yet, but I have to work every day.

I poured myself into my Yuletide fic this year. The collection went live very early on Christmas Day. As of this post, my story has a whopping 4 hits, and that's it. No kudos/likes, no comments, no bookmarks. *crickets chirp* This means my recip simply hasn't had time to read it (it IS rather long), they did read and and are overwhelmed and don't know what to say, or they hated it and are overwhelmed and don't know how to be nice about it. Obviously I'm hoping for the first or second option. Even if it turns out they didn't care for it, I'm okay with that. I know it's a good, solid story. My betas have told me so, and they'd be brutally honest if it were not. I'm still proud of it. I did my best, and it turned out pretty good! ^^V (I can't link it yet until after New Year's, when authors are revealed. But I know one of you will be VERY interested. *grins*)

The story given to me was for Basara, and is cute. I particularly liked the ending, and I just love that the author worked two of my stated favorite things into the story. :3 It's less than 2k, if you want to read. Mild spoilers for Basara through volume 8 or so. (I forget when Asagi enters the story.) Here's the link: Asagi's New Brother by anonymous until New Year's.

I also received a treat fic, which is an extra fic written by someone because they wanted to write, not because I was assigned to them. It's a lovely short little fic for Gill from my favorite Pixar and comfort film, Finding Nemo. Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, author also not known until New Year's!

Two bits of interest: Adobe is now charging me sales tax on my InDesign subscription, which is illegal. No one in Oregon pays sales tax. I found someone else also affected, but my plea on the DamnPortlander's facebook and my Adobe forum post have been ignored. (Colorado peeps with this problem back in October replied immediately.) Here, have a look: my post about it; and here's the related Colorado post, which was answered. I don't think there's anything I can do about it. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Adobe is only doing this to individuals, and not businesses. I bet Oni Press or Dark Horse could sic the law on them. Grrrr.

And the second bit of interest: the private server that has hosted my recs site, pics, and other assorted stuff over the years is down, and has been since December 7th. I'm doing research on renting space on a pro server. I found out who hosts each of my fave webcomics, as I'll be using the space for my own soon! (Think positive!) So far DreamHost is looking like my best bet. Less than $10 a month, unlimited bandwidth and storage, FTP access. Gunnerkigg, Johnny Wander, Manly Guys, and The Meek are all hosted there. Along with Oglaf. If DreamHost is okay with Oglaf, then nothing I could draw or link to fanfic-wise could possibly phase them. Ha! If anyone has any feedback on web hosts, LMK. I could really use my former webcomicking contacts right now, but oh well.

Christmas so far has been quiet. I opened my presents while on the phone with my parents and sister. It was fun! I am pleased with my presents, and not letting myself gorge on all the chocolate today. :3 After that, I made breakfast, played some online games, and then go to work. And it is back to work I go! Voice vol 5 is due on January 22nd. Wheeeee!
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I know I've been really quiet here lately. I have this long post about my sister's visit and accompanying adventure in the works. I'm going to post it soon! But...things are only gonna get busier. ^^; In the next couple weeks I have to:

1. Finish Clay 23 (already done, OMGYAY)
2. bust my booty to finish Voice 1 early, b/c...
3. Stumptown (the indie comics convention is in two weeks. I have so much going on with work and IRL that I'd skip it completely this year, but an out-of-town friend will be exhibiting (not SE3, she has to pass this year T.T) and I'm looking forward to at least having dinner with her twice. I'm not going to a ton panels and hang around all weekend like I normally do. I have too much work, and it's boring hanging around unless you have people with you, and this year that isn't going to happen for both days. Thankfully the wonderful and kind saladbats plans to go for one day, and whichever day is better for her will be when I go to peruse the exhibition hall, too.
4. My sister is flying to Seattle for her own work--much longer and more complicated this time, and she wants me to visit. I'm aiming to ride the Amtrak train up for the 6th, and with Voice due on the 8th, I need to finish early.
5. The monthly hike with my book club cronies.
6. Clean off enough hard drive space on my laptop, Usagi, to reinstall Photoshop CS (yes, CS1. Shut up, I bought it years ago and Usagi is an XP machine!) and my slightly smaller 2nd drawing tablet, Anthy. This way I can do work outside of home again, such as on the train to Seattle, in my sister's hotel room, and even out and about if anyplace has plugs. (Note to self: check if any tablets are capable of running Photoshop. HAHAHAHA! I doubt it...) Also I really hope my old copy still works, b/c I've installed it around 8 times now on various machines, and IDK how many reinstalls the serial number is good for. I gotta find the discs, too. Oh dear.)
7. Iron Man 3 movie marathon on the 2nd. I think this one is a bust, though.
8. my original manga. I actually turned down another series in favor of working on it. I'm tired of doing nothing but paid work all day. I want to be an exhibitor at Stumptown, too! >< /whine
9. anime night, too much fun to miss
10. dinner with A-chan and knastymike, also too much fun to miss

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but those are the main points. FUN TIMES! But it's good to have so much work to complain about, because MONEY YAY. I think everyone understands that. ^^

Back to work for me! I'm gonna do a purple Voice page today. GRAAAH!! BANZAIII!!! XD
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Today, I noticed a new character in Clay 21 has a birthmark on her right cheek. It was quite a surprise, since I've lettered over half the book by now. I just went through the completed pages to check if I'd unknowingly erased the birthmark, thinking it was a speck.

I only did it once. Whew! Problem fixed, and now I know.

/anecdote ^^

Oh yeah, Usagi (my laptop) picked up a trojan last week. My computer doctor had to format C:\, after taking all my data off. Thankfully. He said he's noticed an increase in infected computers since mid-December. Everyone...

Update your anti-virus program. Update Java. Update Flash. Update Adobe Acrobat Reader. Update your browser. Install adblock if possible. Beware when clicking on random sites generated from Google search results. BACK UP IMPORTANT FILES.

No, I haven't fired up Usagi again. I have to reinstall everything, and with me barely hanging on re: work, I don't have the time to deal with it. *wince*

A plague on all trojan writers, users, and profiters!!! X(
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Usagi (my laptop) visited the computer doctor again today. The cat hair wrapped around her exhaust fan was finally causing performance problems. She overheated and shut herself off twice the past couple days. I didn't freak out; I knew what was going on, as this happened before back in October '10.

Thus, the visit to the computer doctor. He saved the cat hair for me. It was as interwoven and soft as a piece of felt. About half an inch wide at the beginning, trailing to frayed-yarn at the end, which was about 5 inches.

I can't hear her fan at all. It's bizarre! I'm so used to the whine being in my ears. The silence is so loud!

I will finish New Title 9 tomorrow, then do a read-through and make sure I didn't accidentally change a font w/o noticing, which is quite possible with InDesign. After that, it's time for Naruto AND Clay! Yes, I have script for Clay 21, as well. And oh man...this volume is going to be HARD. *wince* It's one long fight scene again...probably to make up for all the exposition pages in vol 20. T.T

Also on Wed night, I couldn't sleep. (Thus, my new icon is very appropriate.) It wasn't a bad insomnia, I didn't really mind. I just stayed in bed, staring at the ceiling and letting my mind wander.

This weird random insomnia happens once every couple months, I guess. *shrug* Probably happens to everyone.

And when was the last time I posted something random like this? I kinda miss it...
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I've long been watching the exodus of my flist's fellow artists to Tumblr, and after mcruthless kindly introduced me to how it works the last time I visited her IRL, I felt more kindly toward it. It IS the place to be, now! And given my networking skills in person are rather pathetic, I should do what I can online. So!

Hello, Tumblr! I have yet to do anything with it beside sign up and follow two good friends, but I will soon. I also decided to sign up under my real name, as it's time to start being more professional. Kind of. (The variations of my first name and initials were all taken, and "sheep" has unfortunate connotations. Hi world, here's my full name!) :P~~

For the record, this isn't only because of LJ's unfortunate choice in re-design. I've been meaning to claim my tumblr for a while, the re-design just goosed me to finally do it. I'm still going to post and read LJ. I've made too many wonderful friends, online and IRL, to give LJ up.

Usagi's disc burner and Giftmas plans. )
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I've mentioned many times that I have shortcut files for each of my titles (except Naruto, b/c it's pointless) where I save hand-drawn FX that frequently appear, and everyone's handwriting fonts, and things like signs, or seals in Natsume and movie scripts covers in Skip. Today I used my Skip shortcuts file for the first time on Shetan, and things were fine. UNTIL I tried to save it with the new FX I wanted to add to my library.

Photoshop CS3 crashed. I reopened Photoshop, opened the shortcuts file, and tried to save it again with the new addition, crash. I tried restarting Shetan, tried to save the file, Photoshop crashed. And then Photoshop couldn't even open the shortcuts file at all, which was nuts because I'd been using it fine before.

I finally saved the shortcuts file to a thumb drive and opened it on my laptop, Usagi, who is running good old Photoshop CS. Opened juuuust fine. I cut the file in half, pulled out the hand-drawn FX, the different type notes, and the handwriting fonts list all as one file; and all the signs, scripts, and omake layers as a 2nd file.

Photoshop CS3 on Shetan could open the hand-drawn FX shortcuts file fine, and saved it too. Yay! But the other one? Nope.

Back to Usagi, I cut that one into three files: omake, current signs and scripts, and then old signs and scripts from previous volumes that are unlikely to be needed again. You know, like the Curara commericial stuff from vol 5, and the Dark Moon promo poster from vols 10 and 11. That stuff.

Photoshop CS3 was good with the omake, the current signs and scripts, but crashed when I tried to open the old signs and scripts. Something in the old signs and scripts files does NOT agree with Photoshop CS3, and hell if I know what it is. That file consists of nothing but images and text. That's it. *is flabbergasted*

So here's hoping I really won't be needing any of those old signs and things. If I do, I'll just open the file on Usagi, save what I need in its own tiny little Photoshop file, and reeeeely hope it doesn't happen to be whatever Photoshop CS3 doesn't like. :/

FUN TIMES. WTF, Photoshop??!

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Interesting news this time! Last Monday--not yesterday, but a week before--I went on a mini road trip with the ever-awesome [ profile] mcruthless and [ profile] neekaneeks to raid Fry's Electronics. Neeka shooed us away and talked shop with the computer parts guys while Chiz (mcruthless) and I wandered the store and looked at everything we either didn't want or couldn't afford. :B

What were we doing at Fry's anyway? Buying the parts for my new computer. Yes, everyone, I have finally upgraded. *le gasp* The third time Chiz and I touched base with Neeka, she let us stay. (Apparently we distracted the salesboys when we were there.) Anyway, Neeka gleefully waved her hand at all the components inside the shopping card and said, "Come look at your black stallion!" for the case she had chosen for me was indeed black.

And that did it, the new computer officially has a name: Shetan, AKA the actual name of the Black Stallion in the Walter Farley books I adored in childhood.

Everyone, meet Shetan. )

So yeah. I have a new computer! He is fast! He is fully customizable! He eats gigantic Photoshop files for breakfast! Once I clean out my towers, he'll have dual monitors! It's a whole new world!!!

And that's what I've been up to. :D Waiting to start Natsume 12 and Skip 28 for script/raw page reasons. Currently working on Naruto mag pages and fanart advertising opportunities. FUN TIMES!

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Yes, I have returned to the land of rain, hippies, and flaming liberals. )


I also took Tsuksuhi's tower outside and used some canned air to clean out all the dust. And there was a lot of it, since I've never cleaned her guts before. ^^;; I have her all plugged in again, but I have yet to turn her on. *gulp* I'm afraid she won't*turns her on and holds her breath* Looks good so far...success! I do believe she survived being turned off after an entire year of constant running, and my inexperienced cleaning today! Yay!! I have given myself the day off, but working even a little bit will help me relax. ^^ Natsume 8 awaits!

Upcoming in a later post: pics!! XD Possibly flocked, I haven't decided yet. :D

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Yesterday, [ profile] mcruthless  and [ profile] neekaneeks  visited. Mcruthless to learn how to take care of Spicer-kitty while I'm away, and Neekaneeks to convince Usagi that she can print after all. And she does!! OMG YAY!! *flails* (Though Microsoft decided Usagi needed a special update last night and did their annoying unannounced restart routine. They just did one of those three days ago. Buh? :/) To thank them both, we took my car to our fave mongolian grill place and ate our fill. I'm glad we went for lunch, because I literally didn't eat anything else all day. I was not hungry! *laughs*

About my day, just long enough to make me want to cut it... )

Yes, this is quite out of character for work-crazed me. You see...Clay 18 and Saiun 3 are done! Kyaaa! XD With only Natsume 8 on my plate, and the far-off Skip 24, I can afford to spend a day running errands and taking it easy. Tomorrow, more of the same! Though I have to finish my pre-trip apartment cleaning. Geh. I hate cleaning, which is probably why I do it so infrequently. Which only makes it worse, of course. :B
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Just when I think Usagi (laptop) is doing fine, she pulls something else. Now, she's lost Seth, the printer, and reinstalling him does nothing. When I try to print, I am given this error message: "The print spooler service is not running." A google of the message reveals this is not an uncommon problem, but the easy fix I could find did not work, and the more complicated ones are talking about registry and running DOS and other terrifying things.

This is because of that nasty virus I stumbled across, isn't it? *gnashes teeth* It isn't a horrible situation that I can't print from Usagi now, but it IS irritating as hell.

Maybe I should just throw in the towel and replace Usagi with a new laptop, before she dies and takes all my files with her. IDEK anymore...

ETA: tried a 2nd fix-it through google search, didn't work. Tried Microsoft's troubleshooter Fix-it install program, didn't work. Tried downloading the newest version of my printer's driver from Dell (version date 11-15-10), it couldn't finish installing. The printer spool refuses to start running. Oh yes, and since all three fixes I tried or clicked through on Microsoft asked, yes, my printer spooler is set to "automatic". I had to use the scary "run" window to find that out. D=
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I only wish I'd listened to it sooner.

tl:dr: beware the fake anti-virus software ThinkPoint. It's fake and uses scare tactics. Don't install it--even if your offical legit anti-virus software program seemingly leads you to it!!

Full story: I decided to expand my knowledge of digital coloring, so I searched for a tutorial on DA, chose one from the search results, then glanced away to let it load. When I looked back, Explorer had shut down, and my anti-virus software, Microsoft Security Essentials (as recced by my computer doctor) told me it had closed the proggie to shut off a trojan. I click the offered more info, the program accessed a database, and told me to completely remove the problem, I needed to install something called "ThinkPoint".

Since this result came up through my legit and highly-recced anti-virus software program, I said okay, including the automated restart after DLing.

Usagi (my laptop) did indeed restart and ThinkPoint automatically launched. It scanned my computer, then complained it couldn't do anything about a fourth of my files (important stuff like Explorer and Adobe Reader) unless I paid for the full version. To paraphrase, "Your comptuer is badly infected and had been used to send out spam, of which I am legally viable even though I was unaware it was happening, but hey send us money and we'll fix it for you!!!" Hello, warning bells! Not about spam, but about the program telling me I had committed it. I told the program to continue w/o it, it told me the same thing. They want $69 for a year of "protection". I couldn't find a way to turn off the program. No file menu, no exit button to click, no quit option. I used the window's X button to close it--and again it complained that I needed to upgrade or WOE BETIDE THE CONSEQUENCES.

I decided I did NOT like this program that was so adamant about money, so I told my official anti-virus program to do a quick scan of my computer. When the scan finished, I started looking for ThinkPoint's program file folder so I could click on the uninstall option. Only I couldn't find its folder anywhere. Warning bells return! I looked at the desktop shortcut's properties for the destination path, followed it, and saw it pointed to one .exe file with a completley different  name in my documents folder: 'hotfix.exe'.  No dedicated program folder for ThinkPoint, no software company name folder, just that one file. Hello, the return of the returned warning bells!

I was just about to fire up my control panel for "add/remove programs" when my real anti-virus proggie popped up a window saying it found a nasty threat, and what did I want to do about it?? I clicked to REMOVE ITS ASS of course, then glance at my desktop and lo--the shortcut was gone.

I did some googling about what I expected was a fake antivirus program find it in a list on wiki of Rogue Security Software. A google of the specific name brings up this page that decribes what happened to me: (the Microsoft Security Essentials warning was FAKE FAKE FAAAKE!!) and how to fix it:

I'm crossing my fingers that Microst Security Essentials has solved the problem, and I will now be googling anything that I'm prompted to install before I do so, regardless of the program that suggests it. GAH!

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After Utena2's third Photoshop crash in twenty minutes yesterday, I realized she was protesting quite clearly that she does NOT like running when it's 90 degrees inside my room/office. While I might be fine with all four fans going, drinking ice water, and in barely legal clothing, Utena2 most decidedly is not. I closed my room windows, fired up Hoth, and Utena2 was just dandy after.

It seems I now have a legitimate reason for Hoth. He doesn't just keep me comfortable in the heat...he keeps my computers comfortable. Heh. *pets Hoth*
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I felt like posting, and since I post so infrequently these days, I decided to seize the moment. Heh. ^^

Natsume, Naruto, and a little Mistress Fortune )

My beloved 2nd external hard drive, Isley, has started throwing me CRC errors. For those who don't know--like me until I googled it--that means the hard drive is physically failing. It seems all my file transfers and downloading has worn poor Isley out. T.T I've been transferring files from him to Utena2's second hard drive for the past 5 days. So far, I've only lost two folders of anime. One series I have no desire to archive or watch again, but the other I need to redownload. All of it. *pained expression* At least it's a new show, so the torrents are still up and active. If it were something 3 or 4 years old (and still unlicensed), I'd be anxious about finding it again. Utena2's 2nd hard drive is "only" 400 gigs, which isn't enough to hold all of Isley's contents. I'll be burning things to DVD to make room. Oh well, I needed to do it anyway. :P I'm just lucky I've only lost two folders to the CRC errors. *knocks on wood* The transfer is 90% complete. Whew!

And yes, I transferred all the important non-anime files first. *raspberries*

My new downstairs neighbors are a young couple who smoke. Smoke rises + we like all to keep our windows open + my window fan  = me leaping up to remove said fan and shut said window at the first whiff. *gags* Yesterday it wasn't hot enough for me to turn on Hoth, my AC, and the couple and I were home all day long. I had to do the Window Dash five times. Yes, I counted. Unfortunately since both husband and wife smoke, I don't get a break during the weekday while he's at work. When autumn arrives and I no longer need Hoth, I'm doing to be doing the Window Dash 7 days a week. Oh, joy!

On August 9th, I will be driving to the beach, taking local friends [ profile] knastymike, [ profile] neekaneeks, and [ profile] mcruthless with me. This will be my one day of appropriate summer vacation this year, and I'm going to do my best to enjoy it. Even if it's too cold next Monday to actually swim, I'll at least build a sand sculpture of some sort! X3 Heee!!! I'm going to be a zombie the next day, but it'll be worth it. :D

Okay, back to work for me. Wheee!

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Utena 2--art and pre-lettering computer--died on me Wednesday afternoon. I would begin to think Utena is cursed, except I I know I have myself to blame for going the cheaper route in regards to the new guts my father filled her with last Giftmas, and when it comes to computer hardware you get what you pay for. Note to self: if when you buy a new computer you do not purchase one off the showroom floor but have one built from parts instead. fork over the extra cash for higher-end guts. I mean, really! *face palm* Okay, lesson learned.

The trouble started on Wednesday when Utena's monitor began flipping on and off whenever I touched a key or tried to use my tablet's stylus, and escalated from there until she couldn't even reboot Windows after a manual reset. I drafted Usagi (fun computer and my laptop) into prelettering once more and bemoaned not backing up my art files on Utena to either Usagi or Isley (my external hard drive for fun stuff).

The last time Utena pulled this, it was the death of Utena 1, and based on that experience, I expected the worst and assumed Utena 2 was now fried as well. Thankfully since I've only had Utena 2 for 6 months, and since I am so incredibly slow at making my own art, the "only" files I would have lost were the Photoshop originals of my manga about the singer Laurie (and I've posted jpegs of the 11 pages, thus I could have recreated the Photoshop files if needed), a piece of fanart I've been working on for Ms. McKinley's Sunshine, and a short comic starring me I had just begun drawing on Monday. It could have been much worse, right?

Yesterday, Thursday, morning I took Utena 2 back to the computer doctor, he determined it was a blown video card, and now Utena 2 is home with a shiny new replacement card and running fine...for now. *knocks on wood* The first thing I did when I turned her on was copy my art folder to Isley. I no longer trust Utena 2's stability, and I'm going to become downright paranoid about backing up any and all art files I create on her.

I lucked out this time, and I know it. Once again, let me admonish--especially to my fellow artists: back up your files, and back them up FREQUENTLY. Everyone's luck runs out some time, and every computer has a day of death. *gulps and eyes Tsukushi warily* She's been running since 2004...
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I'm typing this on Usagi, as Utena is at the computer hospital. Remember how I was going to shut down Utena and Tsukushi for rearranging/furniture's here purposes??? Tsukushi wasn't affect at all. No so for Utena. T.T

WIndows refused to load. To even TRY to load.

I found a local repair shop through google that had high reviews, and the guy said it could be that her hard drive is fried. I"ll find out tomorrow (Thurs) when he calls.

The good news is that my old hard drive, from Utena's predecessor, and the one holding all my stories, music, and web pages, is hopefully fine. *knocks on wood* The really good news is that I backed up everything major and important on both hard drives before I moved from Texas. So I'll only lose the new stuff I downloaded since then. Except I didn't back up the unlettered pages from Viz. You know, the ones waiting for me to letter. So if the hard drive nor its info is salvageable, then I'll be asking my editors to reupload. T.T

I backed up all of my anime downloads except Naruto and Bleach b/c the fansubber has the torrents always could end up redownloading 70 eps each. FUN.

Until Utena is returned in some form, Usagi is pulling prelettering and other previous Utena duty. *hugs Usagi* And thanks to Clare (which is what I named my external hard drive) this disaster isn't nearly as horrible as it could be. I hope. Ooooog....

Send us good vibes, mina-san. We need them. U.U


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