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I thought I'd never have to worry about it again. i was wrong.

They animated the English.

Thank the manga no kami it wasn't one of my chapters. Yet. *shudders*

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Since I was only six pages away from finally finishing Clay v9 after I met today's quota, I decided to keep working. Not to mention I was two pages short yesterday, for reasons I'll explain in a bit. I blew through two extra pages, then opened the next one and found a lovely surprise. I had originally labeled page 166 as yellow, which is downright easy for Claymore. You see, this page is yet another one of the perpetual radial lines/tones action scenes, which I have babbled about before. 19 out of 20 of these pages are not too bad to patch. Tedious yes, but now that I have a system down, I can handle it without too much effort. Alas, page 166 is that 20th page which proves to be a challenge. Three hours later, I've upgraded it to a definite orange. I'm not finished with it yet, either. I'll complete it tomorrow (or later today, rather), when I decide if this page needs upgrading again to Pink status. X_x Way to leave a nice surprise for yourself, s2m!!! *laughs*

But it does appear that I will finish Clay v9 tomorrow. *has huge smile* When it's done, I can get rolling on the first actual volume I'm doing of Temp!!  And it appears that my fanfic will be ready for beta-ing in a few days, as well!!! It's all coming together!! Banzai!!

Oh, I finally upgraded my lj account. ^^ Now I can finish some new icons when I have time and upload them. Oh, and I chose these cute little fox mood icons to use. Heeheehee! I like my new journal colors, too....


6/3/07 02:54
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The English is finally over. >< I thought I'd be running around the house, doing flips and shouting for joy, but all I can manage is an exhausted, "Yay." The past three days have been pretty much blown on doing corrections for the English. I understand why we have corrections, but ye gods--they can be so TEDIOUS.

But it's over now. Yay, run in happy circles, jump up and down, glomp the closest person. Waiiiiiii.

Yet I can't touch my fanfic b/c I have to play catchup on my regular titles thanks to the aforementioned lost 3 days. >< Hopefully finally watching the new ep (#4) of Naruto: Shippuuden will perk me up. Gaara-sama...make me happy. Or maybe I'll just go to bed and wake up a bit earlier than usual tomorrow. That sounds nice. I don't want to sully the joy of Naruto: S with this blah feeling.

I need to add a new icon to my list of ones I want to make: "Where has all my energy gone?" or better yet: "blah" This will be added to the Captain Jack Sparrow "I feel sullied and unnatural", and my "Anime villainess laugh", and my "I'm such a sinful girl." I think I'll finally upgrade my LJ to a paid account once I'm caught up with work. Maybe in a week? Anyway, I need more icons. Yes, most definitely. 

Oyasumi. zzzzzzz zzzz zzz zz z
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Yes, it's another long post. But this time I'm not ranting. ^^ Yakusoku yo!!

In light of my last introspective bit of blogging, I'm seriously considering drawing out the opening scene of my movie in manga format. This would accomplish several things, namely requiring me to chose a character design, practice drawing icky boring backgrounds and buildings, settle on pacing, and most importantly--finally figure out the graphic style I want.

My artistic mind is obsessing... )

I have most excellent news: the English is 4/5ths done. All that's left are corrections. So yay!! Indeed, if my mind weren't so preoccupied with my movie and it's about time, I would be dancing around my room. I'll hold the true celebration when the corrections are finished and the last English issue will finally be 100% OVER.

On my last fun outing several weeks ago when I went manga shopping with Yuumei, she told me about the series "Loveless" and talked me into buying it. I picked up the first two volumes.

manga reflections with very very mild spoilers )

It's been days since my last manga report, so I have quite a bit to list. Wheee!

I'll organize it this time... )

I think I've babbled enough tonight. *checks clock* It's Thursday!!! Naruto Shippuuden #4 is almost here...*drools* Bless the fansubbers who let me watch episodes a mere half-day from when they first air in Japan...

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So I was right, and still more English pages are here. My little break was nice....alas, 'tis over. >< And not only am I lettering the English again last issue last issue, but I'm trapped in English hell in regards to my Ranma DVD set.

Manga report isn't hidden b/c I'm proud of what I've accomplished. :P

Clay 9.61, 63, 71, 72, 80, 86, 87, 92, 93. Nana 12.197, which was the last page left to letter in vol 12. Nana 12 is finished! New 1.70, 72-76. New first half is finished, meaning I have no more New title to letter until Shoujo Editor sends me the script for the 2nd half of the book. ^^V  Skip 9.51-54, 64-66, 69. Temp fanbook.230, 233, 234. And English 6.9. Yay. Green: 1, Yellow: 15, Orange: 10, Pink/PfH: 2. Total pages: 28. Wheeeee! 

Nana news! Since we are so far ahead in regards to lettering (I finished vol 12, vol 6 is now being printed in Shojo Beat) we're taking a break. Shoujo Editor says we probably won't begin lettering Nana v13 until late 2007, or even early 2008. Whoa. I'm going to forget my Nana styles. >< Life will be weird without's been here since the beginning. *has big eyes* But I won't be lacking for work...since I have New title, I kept Clay, and I'm pinch-hitting three vols and the fanbook chapter of Temp. And of course, I have the English for a couple more weeks. Joy.

La la la.....I'm still hoping for feedback on my Sasuke fic. >< *crosses fingers for good luck*
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I seriously need to upgrade my journal. Of the six userpics allowed to free basic accounts, only two of mine are positive. >< Ii ja nai, sore wa...

Tonikaku, this is very very cool. Someone who regularly reviews manga wrote a magnificent bit about my own personal favorite, Skip Beat!!! Kyaaaa!! Which of course, I letter! Kyaaa kyaaa! She did a great job with the review, too. Complete with scans of some of my most difficult Skip pages. O_o Here's the link!! Be warned, mild spoilers through vol 5. Skip BANZAI!!!!!!

I promised to share another bit of artwork. Unfortunately, as stated previously, I so rarely have time to draw for myself. However, a few weeks ago, Senior Editor Who Loves Me (and who I letter the English for) asked if I could contribute a humorous pic of myself working on the book for her upcoming presentation on the series. Which is actually this weekend, BTW. So I thought for a bit, latched onto an idea, and drew me and the English's main character, Rei. After I sent it to her, Senior Editor emailed me that she loved it, and couldn't stop laughing for some time, thus earning her some rather strange looks from her coworkers. Heh. ^^ I do aim to please!!! Perhaps she'll even get a few chuckles from her audience. This is an accurate self-portraif of me, BTW.

I won't let myelf touch my Samurai Champloo plot bunnies aside from the odd scribbled note until I finish my Naruto fic. So yesterday and today while I was jogging, I let my mind wander around Konoha. I figured out some funny scenes, some sexy ones, and most importantly finally made it inside Gaara's head. 

Manga report! I'm temporarily out of English pages, so I'm focusing on finishing Clay v9 as much as possible. And I don't feel like placing them behind the cut today. :P Pages completed since the last report: Clay 9.43-47, 49, 50, 52, 54, and 56. Woohoo! Nana 12.193 and 196. New 60, 62, and 64. Temp (yay!! Temp at last!! It's incredibly cool to see this title on Tsukushi. I'll have to babble about it in a future post! ^^V) fanbook.227 and 228. Skip 9.48 and 59. Yellow 10, Orange 9, total: 19 pages. Whee!! Too bad those are spanned over two days...ah well. Must work!!! ><
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I find it amusing that I've come in a full circle. As always, click to read more. 

The manga report includes yesterday's list as well. 

My mind is blank. But I can't blah out now, I still have a good hour of work time left. >< Gaara-sama!!! Revive me!!!! And to think, soon, he's almost--ALMOST--be of age!! *faints* But hey, he'll be legal by Japanese law! SWEET!!! *swoons into Gaara-sama's arms*
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Yes, it's Friday night (early Sat morning, if you want to get technical) and of course I'm working. Much and many ramblings, though not as much as I've done in the past.

Tomorrow or Sunday I'll be visiting Yuumei for a few hours. I'm looking forward to it. Not only b/c I haven't seen Yuumei since early December, but b/c I fully expect this will be the last time I will be able to leave my house and do something fun for the next several months. I will be making a point to tell Yuumei, Kiokonai, and Rei to all call me as often as they can stand, so I might have contact with the outside world. That goes for everyone here. Please email/comment me!! I'll probably be a crying mess by the time this is over, so I'll need all the human contact I can get.

But I will persevere!!

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I caught my mother's bug. >< No, it isn't the flu, it's some sort of stomach virus that makes you feel generally icky, weak, and not able to eat anything except the occasional yogurt. I hate being sick.

Still no English, so my borrowed time is continuing. I am amusing myself by trying to guess what Lesson we will learn with this last issue. #1 was hunger, #2 was AIDS, #3 (and the issue where I began lettering) was global warming, #4 children armies in 3rd world countries, and #5 equal education for girls. What's left? Drugs, alcohol, rape (ghaaa!), animal cruelty, pollution, hygiene...hmmmm. I'm half-way tempted to start a pool. Heh.

Ah, my aforementioned fanfic's chapter 2 is up on The Pit. Here's the link, if anyone wants to read: With chapter 2 I've topped 100 hits, and garnered a 2nd review AND my first favorites. Heeheehee!! ^^ Out of curiosity, I checked to see what other stories the girl who favorited mine had in her faves list. I was surprised...they all sound like giggly-teenager wish fulfillment concerning Gaara-sama. X_x Of course, the girl says in her profile that she's 14 and is crazy about Gaara-sama. I find it interesting that my drama-suspense Gaara-centric fic would perk her interest enough when she seems to enjoy Gaara-glomping silliness. Perhaps her tastes are maturing.

My Feb issue of Shojo Beat came yesterday. Yay!! *runs in happy--if slightly sick--circles* Baby & Me in particular is very good this time. I also had wide eyes at the ending of Crimson Hero and Vampire Knight. I haven't read anything non-manga in the issue yet except for the editor's letter. It seems this is the last issue for this particular senior editor. What's noticeable about this is that she only became senior editor with the October issue. X_x And when I reflect about the recent ranting on the magazine's content at the Shojo Beat lj community and that particularly nasty rant (not by me!!!) at, it makes me wonder if I had anything to do with this change. Whoa. I talk more about it on my relevant post at the SB lj com:

In regards to reading, I finished Tokyo Boys & Girls, and Mr. Pratchett's first Discworld novel, and am now reading Red River. I've collected 4 new volumes of this series since the last time I read it, so I have 800 new pages to enjoy. ^^V I intend to read it in 5-volume sets, and read a prose book in between to avoid burnout. I am fond of Red River, it's another one of those schoolgirl-sucked-into-alternate-world stories ala Fushigi Yuugi and Esca. As ususal, the average girl has gorgeous bishounen falling all over her, but that's a given. I like this series for a few specific reasons, namely everything isn't always peachy for the main char, Yuri (for example, she was pulled into the setting to be a sacrifice, rather than to save the world.) Speaking of the setting, it's unusual in that she's traveled back in time to the 14th century BCE in what is now Turkey. This is a period which we learn next to nothing about in school, where it's always Egypt, Greece, Troy, etc etc etc. Granted, this manga is hardly 100% historical fact, but it's still a neat time-period to explore. And the artwork is beautiful. This mangaka must be a bit older than her contemporaries, if I had to guess based purely on the artwork, I'd say she's in her 50s or 60s. The art is reminiscent of 70s works like Oniisama E and Ace o Nerae. What I love about the artist is her mastery of line and her composition. I especially love her title pages. This woman knows how to design!! Shinohara Chie-sama, I salute you! *salutes* And for the record, it takes a lot to impress me in regards to art. My only peeve about the series is how often Yuri is kidnapped, usually by men who at some point decide to Take Advantage of Her, but who never actually do so. I plan on keeping a list for my own amusement. As of volume 3, we have our first kidnapping incident: Zannanza, the main love interest's younger brother, who I actually rather like. Of course, he's been drugged by the villain, so he can't be blamed for kidnapping her. Heh. I remember from the last time I read this series (vols 1-11), there are at least 2 more kidnapping incidents coming. I wonder if there will be a 4th in the new volumes I've picked up. ^^

On Tokyo Boys & Girls, I must say I was impressed with the ending. Manga series so often have rushed endings, but this one worked. Not only that, but the playboy main character, while he is mostly reformed of his nampa and careless ways, his reformation is believable. It isn't one of those instant "Oh, you've inspired me to no longer chase women b/c of your purity and beauty!" life-changing moments. No, it didn't happen like that at all. It's good to see a realistic behavior change like this. Yay!

And I now have a 2nd entry in my list of Incredibly Stupid Things I Have Done. This list excludes honest mistakes, faux pass made of ignorance on my part, and other genuine errors. No, to be included in this list, I must have done something that I know was incredibly stupid, and if I had paused for a second to think about it first, I would never have gone ahead. So. Entry #1 on my list is...I almost used a metal butter knife to free my stuck toast from the toaster. I was impatient and in a hurry, so when the toast didn't pop up b/c it was jammed in the toaster, I yanked open the kitchen drawer right below the toaster and grabbed the first thing I saw, namely the metal butter knife. Luckily my onee-chan came into the kitchen that very moment and demanded to know what I thought I was doing. So she saved me from electrocuting myself. Thank you, onee-chan. And I was 19 or so, thus I wasn't a child who didn't know better.

The new entry on my Incredibly Stupid Things I Have Done list isn't quite so life-threatening, but IS extremely stupid. I had my candle burning 2 nights ago, and I decided to lean in for a sniff of its fragrance. So I did, then jerked back when I heard a loud popping noise. I was a bit confused, until I smelled the nasty scent of burned hair. Yes! I singed a hole in my bangs!!!! Bwa hahaha!! Thankfully you can't tell, I think I only burned about a quarter inch from one clump, but still. *cracks up* Thus, we officially have the 2nd note in my Incredibly Stupid Things I Have Done list.

And on that rather amusing anecdote, I shall sign off. Heh.
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You know, the bad thing about icy, cold weather is that it sucks out all my energy and always leaves me starving. Today, for example. I've barely finished my quota--not counting Clay--and it's already almost 1 AM. I haven't pre-lettered a single page of Skip or Nana b/c to keep myself going, I read manga or fanfic in spare moments while saving and printing. And of course, the English is supposed to begin arriving on Tuesday. So tonight, to take advantage of my blahness and what is left of my post-Clay-pre-English time, I began watching my Donnie Darko Director's Cut DVD.

Ahhh...Donnie Darko. This movie is amazing. It staggers the mind! I wish *I* had thought of it, and that's one of the highest complements I can give. I've seen the theatrical version 5 or 6 times. I've seen this director's cut once, at a Donnie Darko party at Kioko-nai's house. However, since the party consisted of about 12 women, 2 guys, and at least one dog crammed into Kioko-nai's room, I wasn't able to concentrate on the film all that much. But thanks to Rei-chan's Xmas gift to me, I can finally give this version of the film the attention it deserves. And I'm not merely talking about me ogling Jake Gyllenhaal's veiny bicep. Which I admit, I did do. Along with the rest of his upper-body when it isn't veiled by his clothing. It's been over a year, possibly two, since I last watch this film, so I look forward to rediscovering it. I stopped about 20 minutes in b/c I felt like writing here, which I haven't done in a few days. I could babble on quite a bit about this film, but I think I'll save my comments for after I finish watching it again. I remember Kioko-nai mentioned finding some very interesting theories about the film's meaning online, so I'll probably do some googling once the movie's finished.

If any of you noticed my last friends-only post and were unable to read it, it was the 2nd chapter of my fanfic. Fear not, once it's available for reading on, I'll post the link here.

I'm hungry again. And it's only been an hour since I ate a bowl of yogurt with two cups of cereal stirred in. >< Cold weather always does this to me!

I'm a bit worried about the arrival of the English. It was originally supposed to be here the week of Thanksgiving, then it was pushed back to between Christmas and New Years, and now it's finally arriving in two days. Theoretically. Apparently, the penciller is the reason it's been so delayed. So the aforementioned artist is...what...two months late finishing his pages? Two and a half? And now, like before, it's up to me to finish ASAP. Bleague. I am so very glad this is the LAST issue. I think this time, I will not touch any pages of the English until my regular daily Clay-Nana-Skip quota is finished. I do have a huge buffer for Nana and Skip, but I need to keep as much of it as possible for when The New Title arrives.

But let's talk about more fun things! For example, the magnificent fanfic I've been reading!! As with almost all things fanfic that I read, it somehow ties into the lj community fanficrants, which I frequent for my own amusement. A few months back, someone mentioned a different lj community, ffnet_goodfic, which is where people can recommend good fanfictions they have found posted at This community has two or three posts a week, so it's rather low-traffic, but worth it!! A few days ago, a user rec'ed a Pride and Prejudice fanfic retelling set in the modern world, using rock starts and artists. Don't let that drive you away, it's very good!! Here's the link, for those who might want to try it: Ahhhh, an excellent story!! It would make one hell of a movie if they did it right. ^^V I'm in Chapter 9 myself. Lizzie is visiting at Pemberly and has seen Mr. Darcy's good side and met his sweet little sister. 

I really was looking forward to celebrating Kioko-nai's bday this evening, but she delayed it for a week b/c of the icy weather. So next Saturday I will finally eat sushi for the first time. I'm a bit leery, as I don't like fish and I don't like raw meat. But I do want to at least try it. Sushi is such a mainstay of Japanese culture, I need to at least be able to say I've attempted to eat it. X_x After the sushi, we will head to a karaoke place in Dallas that has jpop and jrock songs available!! Kioko-nai reserved a room for her party from 8-2. Wheee! 6 hours of singing fun! Heh! I'll be amazed if I know more than 4 or 5 songs, though. I only listen to my movie and anime soundtracks and mp3s, so modern songs--from any country--are only in my lexicon if they've been in something I've watched. X_x I suppose they'll have "classics" like "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic. And perhaps some L'Arc classics, too. I have their "Ray" CD memorized, particularly "Hana Sou" and "Silver Shining". It will be most interesting...maybe they'll have the Naruto themes, as well. I do SO love "Harumonia/Harmony" and "Kanashimi o Yasashisa ni". In fact, I think I'll crank up that CD now. ^^V One of the best $35 I've ever spent!!

I suppose I either need to upgrade to the flash-me-with-advertisements versions of lj for more userpics, or go to the paid version. (It's what, $2 a month? Something like that?) Anyway, 6 pics isn't enough. :P

My copy of the Feb issue of Shojo Beat is still not here, as usual. The gripings at the Shojobeat jl comm are continuing without my help. It's rather scary how many people have said they only read the mag for Nana.  X_x The general consensus is the non-manga pages are pointless, and that when it comes to content, Shonen Jump is much better. The manga published in NA-Jump is published weekly in J-Jump, so they print several chapters each month in NA-Jump to match the J-Jump rate. The Shojo Beat titles were published monthly in Japan, and monthly here. So at first glance, it looks like the boys are getting more each month. Technically, they are... And Jump doesn't have all the fashion/beauty nonsense (or the male equivalent) that is foisted upon Shojo Beat readers. The Jump articles are apparently interviews, rewviews, cultural notes, and the stuff that Shojo Beat DID have when it first appeared. Once again, the boys get the good treatment. *sighs* Anyway, one of these days when the comm is quiet I intend to post a Skip Beat! plug. The series is so fun, and beautiful to gaze upon, and unpredictable, and DIFFERENT! I wish they would advertise it more. I see the occasional ad in the back of Shojo Beat books, and the odd blurb in an issue of the mag, and that's pretty much it. In the Dec issue they did give Skip a full-page write up, so I suppose all hope is not lost.

I was reading another one of the books Onee-chan gave me for Xmas, this time the first Discworld novel by Terry Pratchett, "The Color of Magic". For those who might not know, Terry Pratchett writes fantasy humor. It's British humor, but it really is FUNNY. But alas, I really AM addicted to manga. About 2/3rds of the way through Mr. Pratchett, I had the burning need to go read Tokyo Boys and Girls. Now that I have all 5 volumes, I can finish the series. XD So I'm in the middle of TB&G v4. Once I finish, I'll switch back to Mr. Pratchett. No offense, Mr. Pratchett, but if I had forced myself to finish you first, I'd have been so distracted by my need to read manga that I wouldn't have been able to give you the attention you deserve. It's better this way! Now I'll have it out of my system and will be able to grant your prose the proper respect. *nods*

La la la. My brain blanked. X_x Two last bits before I depart: 1. I had to send Uncle Sam a 4-digit check this week for taxes. Joy. This is one of the few drawbacks to being self-employed. 2. I'm tempted to get started on that catalogue of Shojo Beat non-manga content I've been debating for weeks. It might sound incredibly boring and wasteful of my time, but I want to be able to look at it laid out all nicely in a color-coded chart. AND it will perk me right up and help me get some Clay pages done today. Oh yes, I know how my mind works. 

And I'm still hungry. Ttaku mo!!! ><


8/1/07 13:31
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I wanted to post this last night, but the net was in major BitComet rebound and was being difficult. So here it is the next day....

Thanks to a post in fanficrants, I learned that Claymore--MY Claymore--is being turned into an anime. By Madhouse, no less:

It will probably start in April, when the new tv season begins. You can bet I'll be all over the fansubs. Now if only Bones would animate Skip, my life would be complete.

To celebrate my mom's birthday, today we drove to Dallas to see the Body Worlds exhibit, which is displays of plasticized bodies for medical study and science purposes. Wow. I took the longest to finish at 2.5 hours, 30 min after Oneechan and her BF exited, and a full hour after my parents. What can I say?? It was fascinating. I was worried about being nauseous, but I was fine. It must have been the lack of blood. My favorite display was of a woman kneeling with arms outstretched above her, two birds taking off from her hands. Very beautiful, and one of the very few women in the display. The rest were all boys. It was sold out, and jam-packed with visitors. BTW, strollers should have been forbidden. Various moms kept using them to force their way through crowds and lines. Very rude and annoying.

Afterwords we ate dinner at On the Border--I ordered a chimiganga for the first time in years. Me bad. On the way home, we stopped at Borders so I could use my Holiday Savings before they expired. I had $10 saved up! So I entered the store armed with my manga list and a desire to buy. ^^ Lucky me, they were having a sale on Viz books--buy 3 get one more free. So I bought 9 books total. ^^V Bring it On v4 (okay, this one is a mahnwa published by Ice Kunion), Far and Away v5 (I'll never catch up...), Naruto v12, Ouran v8, Red River v15 (I'll never catch up with this one, either...), Tokyo Boys and Girls 3-5 (this finishes the series for me. For once!), and Vampire Knight v1. I drooled over more Bleach, From Far Away, FuruBa, Hana-Kimi, Hot Gimmick, Red River, and Tramps. I also pondered Godchild and it's prequel manga, whose name currently escapes me since two people whose opinions I respect really enjoy them both. And I myself did like Godchild while it was in ShojoBeat. Oh yes, and I drooled over the Hana-Kimi art book. :D~~~~~ This purchasing trip was rather fortuitous, as they had everything I really wanted except Punch v2 and Kaze Hikaru 3. I asked, and they sold their 2--that's it! D= --copies of Punch 2 on Dec 26th. So at least I didn't miss them by a couple of hours or something. That would have irked. But thanks to my Holiday Savings and that great Viz sale, I bought $90 worth of manga for only $60. Waiii! And the cashier was very cute and friendly. :3

I was glad I could go manga shopping, as my spare time will vanish come Clay and The English and I will not be able to afford to lose 2 hours on a manga shopping trip. When will they descend?? Only the Manga no kami know....and yes, this is really on my mind b/c I know how hellish it will be.

S2m will not be in a good mood until The English is finished. Thank Suzaku it's the last issue. ><

But I did give myself the day off in regards to work today, so any pages I complete put me ahead of schedule. Yay!! Except this stupid marriage form in Nana keeps cropping up! It's almost as bad as all those fireworks explosions in the first chapt of this vol!! GRAAAA!!!'


6/1/07 22:33
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I heard from Clay Editor. Apparently he's been away on a trip, so he's been away from his workstation for quite some time, and thus the script for Clay v9 is still not complete. So...yeah. I do believe v9 is shaping up to be like v8, when I received the script on the very the day the entire book was due. Heh. --;; I can only imagine what is going on in Clay Editor's life to delay things on this end so very much. Ouch.

For some reason, let me have free access to my complete Rorschach Inkblot test results. Here's the summary: "Your subconscious mind is driven most by Love. Your instinct to love and be loved is rooted very deeply in your subconscious and affects most of the decisions you make in life — whether you are aware of it or not. You inspire people to experience their true feelings of love and act kindly towards others. You also value your personal relationships more than most people. -->Your unique capacity to love may be greater than those around you, which means you may have more to give in relationships than your friends or romantic partners do.<-- Your psyche is very rich; the more you learn about it, the more you will understand who you really are."

Interestingly, this confirms up what I had already figured out about myself, which I marked with the -->arrows<--. The people I respect and admire most usually have the least amount of time for me. And when I am lucky enough to talk with them, I'm always wondering if I'm being a bother and imposing upon them, and get frantic thinking maybe I should let them have their space instead of calling or suggesting we go out and do something. I've noticed this often enough that it's made me wonder if being half-way ignored/forgotten is actually a requirement for me to admire someone. X_x Is this the after-effects of my hellish life outside of home? It's like I'm an emotional masochist: "I can only love you if you ignore me, because the only people good enough for my affections are themselves too good to have them for me!!" All right all right, I'm exaggerating. But I have noticed this strange tendency in me, and I have seriously wondered about it. Yet another obstacle in life for me to ( day...) overcome.

With Clay 9 and the English approaching, it's time to prepare for intense mode. I've stopped working on Skip consecutively and am now doing Pink (page from hell = 3+ hours to complete) and Orange (moderate page = 1-3 hours) pages only. This means I'm jumping from place to place in the story. But it's best to get the hard pages out of the way now, before Clay and The English hit and suck out my energy. Bleague. Unfortunately I can't concentrate on Orange and Pink pages with Nana since I don't have the Japanese tanko for easy reference. One of these days I'll import them all. Wheee! There goes $150...

I'm being a weenie. Last night, one of my long-time email friends forced me to answer a question he asked me back in April. Obviously I did not want to answer it then, and I still didn't yesterday. But I knew he would never let it rest, so I finally laid everything out for him. Last spring he responded to one of those email survey things I sent him, and some of his answers were extremely suggestive and sex-issues-heavy. As long as I've known him he has never hidden his (to be blunt) "hard-ons" and his love for overly sexy women. After I read his survey answers last April, I replied that some of them scared me and that I'd never let myself be left alone in a room with him. He responded and demanded to know the reasons why, so he could defend himself. THAT was the question I didn't answer until last night b/c I hate lying and knew he wouldn't react well to the truth. 9 months later and he still demands to know. (Wha?) So I told him. His reply is sitting in my inbox. I keep eyeing it with much trepidation.

I'm already getting burned out on my Ranma tv season 3 box. I'm in the middle of the 3rd DVD. I'll probably finish it and switch to something else for a while. I hear my Donnie Darko and Citizen Kane Special Editions calling me....

I outed myself in regards to my job last night to a new friend. While I was at it, I officially outed myself on my fave anime mailing list as well. Thankfully, I have not yet been accused of "working for the enemy" like one person told me last year before I learned to keep my mouth shut. So yay for this time. ^^ In the end, no one really cares about the English artist anyway. Except those who apparently consider that being a professional means being a traitor to my fan roots. *rolls eyes*

I'm in love with my Pirates movie2 soundtrack CD. Words can't describe how magnificent it is. I'm getting chills thinking about it. Hans Zimmer is a GOD.  XD

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A friend inadvertently reminded me that my fanfic was available for anyone to read. Naked, flapping in the breeze. So I made it friends-only. (It was the rough draft anyway.) If by some miracle you want to read the final version--or even more miracuously CAME here to read it--then please visit it at The Pit:

If at first the link doesn't work, hit reload. has been being difficult lately. <:P Oh, and you don't have to know the series to understand what is happening. If you did, you'd be better able to appreciate events, but if not then it's still perfectly enjoyable. ^^V

In regards to is about to Descend Upon Me. I heard today from the senior edior who loves me, and she said the English will arive anytime between one and three weeks. (Direct quote.) And it's a long issue at 46 pages, 10 more than ususal. Oog. At least this is the last issue. >< And of course the timing is absolutely perfect, since it will hit when I will (hopefully) be cranking through Clay v9 ASAP (all 200 pages are due on the 10th. Yes, January 10th. And no, I don't have the script yet), and will be beginning The New Title at the end of this month. Five simulatenous titles, two of which--Clay and The English--will be due ASAP, since they will both be late by the time they finally arrive. Thankfully Nana (v12) has been slowed down to 9 weeks a volume, and Skip (v8) and The New Title (v1, obviously) are on the ususal 8 weeks a volume schedule.

Spare time to do things like draw for fun, play my one PS2 game, and write my first little was nice while you lasted. I had a whole three weeks to revel in you. *eyes shimmer with emotion* Jiiiiiiiin....

I'd better go jog while I can still spare the time. Calories wait for no woman. And neither do deadlines. X_x


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