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Guys, my friend Rathany posted about this, and I am spreading the word. A for-profit site called has been harvesting fic off of AO3 and other sites and offering it in pdf and mobi form from their site.

I searched, and they have three of my fics and one of my fanart pics.

So far, the advice from AO3 and others in the know is:

-lock your AO3 fic to be private and viewable by logged-in users only. (I think you have to do this individually for each fic.)

-use the site's "contact" tab and tell them to take down your works. I used a combination of the form letters found on these two tumblrs:

They're also stealing original fiction from pro writers!!!

We must make a huge stink about this, guys!!! SPREAD THE WORD!!!!
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Yesterday I took the day off running to repot my lilies. I should have done it last year, but never found the time until it was too late. I'm glad I did this year, because wow. What started as a single bulb in 2010 turned into a root mass 6 inches in diameter, and I'm not exaggerating! O.O

In the end, I used the new tall pot I bought, all of both long troughs, and the half-sized trough. Lily bulbs everywhere! I don't know where the all-white or the pink-tinged ones ended up. It will be interesting to find out, come June. ^^ The crop will likely be still bigger next year, unless plant disaster strikes. Anyone want dibs on some lily bulbs??

In work news, script for Clay 23 has arrived!! This volume has more talking than fighting, something which I am always happy to see in Clay. :D I finished Natsume 14's first pass, and now only await corrections. The BL title will be done in about a week. Oho, and come to find out it isn't a oneshot like I thought, there's a sequel! I'm signed on to letter that one, too, again with my beloved Clay Editor #3. :3

Also it's been two days, and I'm holding true to my promise to draw something for myself every day. Yay! Last night in particular was incredibly fun. I want to finish it and post it sometime, for you all to see. It's my OTP from one of my fave webcomics, the fun and surprisingly epic DMFA. Safe for work, unless someone objects to scantily clad characters of both sexes. *laughs*

And don't forget: if you want to remain on my friend's list and haven't spoken to me in a few months, leave a comment here or on this post before March 1st!! Hope to hear from you soon. ^^V
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I tripped again on that same stretch of road two days ago. Not the exact same place, but close. I'm going to take [profile] lyschan's advice and change my route. I've already plotted one the same length that avoids that particular stretch of road. Bah! And for the record, that second time, I was not half-asleep nor jogging with my eyes closed. I just didn't pick up my feet enough, and down I went. At least I didn't fall as hard or do as much damage to my hands.

Speaking of which, last night my scrapes were itching so much, it woke me up. :B I'm glad I still have a tube of anti-itch cream laying around. Geez.

I won the lottery again at Publisher's Clearing House. Another Amazon gift card, for $5 this time. Wheeee! I can buy 3 or 4 mp3s! Or half a hard-copy book! Or a whole digital book! Or a sixth of a blu-ray movie! My oh my, so many options...

A couple weeks ago, I visited my friend A-chan in Salem, and she took me to an amazing used book store there called Escape Books. It's in a converted house, much like Powell's, only the books are cheaper and that's all they sell. ^^ I definitely want to go back! I picked up a couple manga vols I needed, and two fantasy books because they sounded interesting. That store is amazing and very cute. :3

I was feeling rather down this morning, until I told myself to knock it off and changed my mind from obsessing over things I can't change to what I planned to do today. To my delight, it worked! I felt much better, and spent half an hour on a promised gift pic for my fanfic sempai [personal profile] stariceling. Something in that pic has been bothering me for weeks, and is why I have yet to finish it. I wasn't good enough, damn it! >< I did some moving things around, shifted a character's position, and now it is indeed much better. Of course, now I have to redraw 3/4ths of one character, but it'll be worth it. Yay!

On a work-related note, script for Clay 23 should be arriving any day now. Skip 31 is 100% finished. Natsume 14 will be done in a week, and the BL in two. Things are chugging along nicely!
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This is my contribution for next year's Bros calendar, as before being modded by [personal profile] ensuing. As with my Het Big Bang '12 pic, I decided to draw popular characters in a huge fandom. Entirely for shameless self-promotion. :3

And so, I give you Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and Cartman from South Park.

Click for larger size, of course!

The original sketch was done in pencil on paper at the first of my bday celebrations on September 21st, but it was a thumbnail rough with no detail. I even didn't bother scanning or tracing, but simply re-drew it in Photoshop. After the basic idea sketch, everything was 100% digital. This is also the fastest I have ever turned out a digital pic, and that it has four characters, half a background, and is in full-color is really something! Not having any lettering work to occupy my time is part of it, yes, but I am definitely growing faster. Such joy! XD After learning my lesson with the HP pic, this image's full size is 600 dpi, 9.5" x 7". I like working at the higher resolution. It makes things easier!

The important thing about this pic is that I painted it in a new style, one that emulates a Copic Marker painting. I really like how it turned out, and that transparent style is intuitive for me. I think it's the 6 years of public education art classes--watercolor is the cheapest painting medium, after all. (Ha!) I only used a fancy textured brush once in this painting, on the sidewalk. Everything else is from brush strokes.

The shoes are another step in my quest to include more detail in my art. I spent two days just on those shoes! I can draw one hell of a set of shoelaces now, let me tell you. *laughs* I gave each boy a recognizable brand of shoe, except Kenny, who gets stuck with generic sneakers. (The poor kid.) Their clothes are my own take on their usual canon coats and hats.

The pic will be available in the calendar once Ensuing has everything ready to go, and I will link it here, and hopefully remember to mention it in a new post. ^^

My fave part of the pic are the shoes and Kyle's hair. :3 I rather like Cartman's expression, too.

I know with this pic, I am inviting wank because I didn't draw the boys in canon-style art or all-out realism. I wanted to draw them in my own sort-of-Disney-sort-of-manga style, so I did. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead! Haters gonna hate. *waves hand* If the image is used for wank, that's just more linkage to me then, isn't it. *slightly evil grin*

Everyone, I hope you like my first South Park pic. I am very pleased with it. ^^ And yes, Cartman really does always deserve it!
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It's clear I have a new fan-favorite of all my works at AO3: the HP fanart pic. 17 more hits and it will dethrone the current winner, which is my Yuletide fic from last Giftmas. The switch should happen by Tuesday. Heh!

My fandom sempai, Star-chan, and I have made a pact: we will work on our original stuff for a set time every day. Her an hour, and me 30 minutes--to start. You know, until I get in the habit. This means that, yes, I am plugging away once more at my original manga, starring Laurie and her demon.

The last time I worked on it, I was coloring the first page at an agonizingly slow pace. Like with a new manga title, the first few pages will be in color, then I'll switch to b&w. Now I'm back at it, with the HP fanart pic under my's like I'm a whole different person. Guys, I'm getting more done in half an hour than I did in three hours before the HP pic. My confidence as improved that much. WOW.

I am really amused at myself, because I left all these scrawled notes to myself on the pic about my uncertainty on what I was doing. And I never deleted or merged any layers, so Laurie's hair consists of 8 different layers. ^^;;; I want to go back in time when I was freaking out over the page, give myself a hug, and tell me to relax. I'll figure it out!

Fannish and IRL stuff behind the cut! )

In work news, I'm plugging away at Clay 22. Doing at least one Pink page a day, to get as many out of the way as I can before Natsume 14 hits. Still no fourth regular title, but I remain ever hopeful! And if I'm lucky, it'll be a good one, too. ^^


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