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I've been under an extreme amount of stress for the past two weeks, mostly due to work, frustration with my continuing weight gain, money, and home ownership problems. But if I type everything out here it will just make me feel worse, so let me instead tell you about something more positive and uplifting.

Since the stress kicked in, I've felt this urge to read fanfiction. I've punted aside my various published fiction to-read lists, and aside from one exception, it's been fanfic all the way.

I'm not sure how many fics I've read, but it's been a lot. I'd estimate the word count to be over 700k--so far. I'm actually finishing up a fantastic 100k original m/m romance and angst fest story today. For my own amusement and to share any fics you yourself might want to try, here is the list of what I've read in this binge so far. Reconstructed from memory in three sections: fics already on or to be added to my recs page, fics I decided not to rec after reading, and fics I'm in the middle of and/or have yet to decide to rec or not:

Surprisingly long list of varied fandoms and fic styles. I'll read almost anything. )

I think I know WHY I had this urge to binge on fanfic in a way I haven't in a couple of years. It's because fanfic, unlike prose, can give me exactly what I want, and it's relatively easy to track down.

Take all those Brienne/Jamie fics up there. That ship will NEVER happen in the show, and I'd be amazed if it does in the books. Hence, fanfic can give me what I want: a reverse beauty and the beast story, which almost never happens in professional media. (If you know of any, please LMK. M/M or F/F works, too!)

Now take a look at that Sherlock fic. That story emotionally wrung me out like a limp washrag and left me to dry. GUH. Can a pro author write something like that and have it published? Maybe. I've never found one like it. (If you know of any--any style ship--please LMK.)

And then, of course you have the most basic appeal of fanfiction: seeing my favorite characters doing things and being put in situations that could never happen in their actual canons. Yes, Sherlock canon certainly had fun with the gay misconceptions, and yes dark things happened in SoIaF/GoT--and gay and asexual people exist, though they aren't allowed to be too badass--and the great big yes: I couldn't love the characters and want to read fic about them if their canons didn't exist in the first place.

Maybe it's the short word count? Though the HP fic (~400k) disproves that.

In the end, I don't really know. I just wanted to read fic, like comfort food. So I did. C:

Feel free to share your own opinion on why you like to read fanfic, if you do. I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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Guys, my friend Rathany posted about this, and I am spreading the word. A for-profit site called has been harvesting fic off of AO3 and other sites and offering it in pdf and mobi form from their site.

I searched, and they have three of my fics and one of my fanart pics.

So far, the advice from AO3 and others in the know is:

-lock your AO3 fic to be private and viewable by logged-in users only. (I think you have to do this individually for each fic.)

-use the site's "contact" tab and tell them to take down your works. I used a combination of the form letters found on these two tumblrs:

They're also stealing original fiction from pro writers!!!

We must make a huge stink about this, guys!!! SPREAD THE WORD!!!!
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Greetings, my flist!

It is now January 3rd, and Yuletide fic authors have been visible since the 1st. C: I am now free to talk about my fics! (Though everyone who came to my write-ins already knows what I wrote anyway. XD) Both my fics have been well-received by their fandoms. Most importantly, my two recipients enjoyed them, and that's how I "win" Yuletide! :D

First up, my assignment!

fandom: Megamind
title: How to Free Oneself of Persistent Mellon-Kolly
genre; ship; rating: Comedy; none; G
summary: Megamind is caught by Roxanne and Bernard in the museum, and the resulting fallout ends up leading to an explosion, swarming brain-bots, confessions, witty banter, delighted evil plotting, and three cups of hot coffee.
length: complete at 9,746 words
setting: goes AU during the museum catwalk scene

And second, my treat!

fandom: Natsume Yuujinchou (Natsume's Book of Friends)
title: Repaired and Strengthened
genre; ship; rating: Drama; none; G
summary: The kitsune travels to see Natsume again, carrying a broken bowl and heavy heart. Natsume is happy to see him a third time, and even Nyanko-sensei is pleased. Ominously pleased.
length: complete at 7,433 words
setting: combination of anime and manga canon, anime: after third season, manga: after volume 6
disclaimer: Since I letter Natsume and want to keep things very clear, let me repeat my disclaimer here: This story is a work of fanfiction and has nothing to do with the original or licensed form of this manga in any way whatsoever. It's just for fun, folks!

Both fics were unique writing experiences. I've mentioned it before, but the Megamind story was extremely reliant on dialogue for the plot developments, which is something I've never done before. It was a challenge to make those three important conversations work--and to remember what I said where! ^^; The Natsume fic was contrastingly almost easy to write. The words just flowed from me, and not once was I stuck for plot. Turns out, Nyanko-sensei is his own version of "Suddenly, ninjas attack!" If I didn't know what to do, I just sicced Nyanko-sensei on the plot. And--JAN! Instant story! *laughs*

I'm thinking about my own year-in-review post, and New Years posts. I hope to do one tomorrow. We'll see. ^^
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Greetings, everyone!

Yuletide fics went live on Christmas Eve (which was midnight UST), and I was pleased with my own gift fic. Once again, my assigned writer wrote for a fic early in my fandom's alphabetical list. C: (There's definitely a pattern here. '11: DOGS, '12: Blacksad, '13: Basara, '14: Claymore.)

Yes, I received my Clay fic for Isley!! XD It is short and sweet, and I am happy with it:

fandom: Claymore
title: And I Am Undone
author: still anonymous until the 1st
genre: Adventure
ships and characters: no ships, a gen fic; Isley and Rigaldo
length: 2,306 words
rating: PG for canon-level violence
summary: Isley had never intended to rule over the North. He’d only wanted to do his duty.

Please swing by and give it a read! C: The title is the link.

And then, a day later, imagine my surprise when I received a treat for Yuletide Madness! (Madness is a companion collection to the main one. It remains open until the 26th, and is for optional fics (not assigned) less than 1k words, or longer fics not finished in time to go into the regular collection.)

My lovely treat fulfilled my perpetual House of Five Leaves request, at last!! \o/ I was delighted to see it, and even happier after I read it. It's very good.

fandom: Sarai-ya Goyou (House of Five Leaves)
title: Tonbo-giri
author: still anonymous until the 1st, but I'm pretty sure I figured out who it is. :3
genre: Drama
ships and characters: Masa/Yaichi
length: 3,666 words
rating: PG for canon-level violence
summary: After meeting with Monji in the woods, Yaichi comes back to Katsura-ya and hopes to be left alone. He's used to not getting what he wants.

Again, please give it a read! Both of my gift fics deserve more love. :3

I'll post with info and links to my own stories on the 1st, when authors are revealed and we can freely talk about our fics. C: Once again, I didn't write a Yuletide hit, but I am happy with how my fics are doing. The manga/anime fandom one in particular is being well-received. Yay!
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Nothing but fanfiction and Yuletide babblings in this post. C:

I am pleased to say that this year, I did meet my goal and finished my assignment AND a treat. My first treat ever! (For those who read this and might not know, a "treat"--in regards to the Yuletide fanfic exchange--is an extra gift fic you write for someone purely for fun. It's not required.) I've never managed to complete a treat before, and I've received two in my three previous Yuletides: my first Yuletide I had one for DOGS, and my 3rd Yuletide, I received a drabble (a real 100 word one!) for Finding Nemo. C:

More Yuletide babblings under the cut! Lots more, b/c ohhh man do I love to talk about fanfiction!! )

This year, the Yuletide exchange is being run on UTC time, which is 8 hours ahead of me, here in the Pacific Northwest. If everyone has a story turned in on time, the stories will go live midnight UTC on the 25th, which is 4 PM on Christmas Eve for me.

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OMG you guys, I think I just caught my Yuletide assignment fic bunny. :D

Yuletide assignments went out Thursday morning, my time. I was pleased by my assignment! It will be my first non-manga or -anime posted fanfic. ^^V I was VERY happy to avoid one tricky potential recipient who I couldn't avoid due to character tweaks unless I completely un-offered the fandom. I kept my offers this year very limited (for me), only offering the 10 that I really really wanted to write. I chose to risk that trick potential assignment and did NOT delete that fandom from my offers, and my gamble paid off! (If I had ended up assigned to that recipient, I would have done my best to give them the fic they wanted. I'm not out to intentionally ruin anyone's Yuletide.)

My actual recipient's letter is quite good and helpful, and I'm using one of their suggestions as the starting point for my fic. I might be able to work two more in, as well! Woohoo!

The fandom is easy for me to review. This is new, and feels kinda weird. I mean, my three previous Yuletides, I was scrambling to read and take notes for multiple manga volumes! DOGS was 7 at the time, Ghost Hunt was 11, and World Trigger was ~42 chapters, which makes it around 5 volumes, I think. To have it so easy this year, canon-review wise, feels strange! I mean, I did offer a 27 volume manga series. ^^;;; If that had been my assignment, I'd have needed to skim and read only the relevant chapters. I keep meaning to reread the entire series near the end of the year so I can offer it properly, and write extra fics to give as treats to any requesters.

I hope I can keep my assignment under control. My previous Yuletide fics have all had major wordcount-creep. ^^; DOGS: 9k. Ghost Hunt: 12k. World Trigger: 19k. *wince* I've been plotting out a potential treat to write this year, in addition to my assignment, and I want to make it happen! (Treat fandom is a manga. Not Yuletide w/o some manga reading!)

Work is chugging along. The worst pages in Clay 26 are done, unless I've misjudged one. I already have the next chapter for Seraph to do. Thankfully it's due on Tuesday, rather than in 2 days as it has been since we caught up. Whew! My only concern is Voice 10. I wish I were further along in Voice.

Back to work for me! I decided to watch a scary movie in celebration of Halloween, since I'm not doing anything else for the holiday. "The Awakening", on Netflix. Yep, pretty suspenseful! (Suspense is always more frightening than gore. Give me Hitchcock over Romero any day.)

And let that bunny munch on its lettuce and parsnips in the back of my mind, so it can grow into a lovely story!!
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Have you ever wanted to go back in time and give yourself a hug of thanks? I do. I surely do!

Clay vol 25 is due tomorrow, Monday, and I finished yesterday after a flail-filled work rush. 14 pages of Clay a day is NOT fun, I can tell you. The reason for the last-minute dash was the Seraph-chapter-every-week final rush while we caught up with Japan. Even without needing to worry about FX for the individual chapters, lettering 45 pages of text-only a week takes time. But I brought everything in under or before deadline, once again! *triumphant pose* Oh yeah, including Voice vol 7. ^^

Now it's time for me to start the Seraph vol 3 (chapters 8-11) graphic novel version, which means stringing the four chapters together, creating the English sound effects and doing all the related retouch, and the omake pages. The original deadline for Seraph vol3 was June 6th. As in 5 days from today. *sick laughter* But thankfully, way back when Seraph Editor sent me everything I needed to do the volume, I realized my schedule was going to be tight in May, thanks to the Seraph mad dash and my twice-yearly vol of Clay. And I asked for more time, which SeraphE kindly gave. Now I have a whole month to do the GN conversion, rather than 5 days. THANK YOU, PAST ME!!! *tearful, glompy hugs*

Today I've taken most of the day off to let myself recouperate from the work rush. I've been skating on the edge of being sick, and really needed some sleep. I've taken three naps, all with Spicer-kitty snuggled up! He does love napping with me. Then I updated my fanfiction recs page, and FINALLY finished the link and WIP-status update check. Speaking of, I might as well plug my site again. It's been a while.

I like fanfic! I like telling other people about the fics I've really enjoyed!! I have eclectic tastes, in all sorts of fandoms! Books, movies, tv shows, and of course--anime and manga! I enjoy every iteration of romantic love! I enjoy drama! Comedy! Suspense! Romance! Adventure! And I don't just rec fanfic, I have original online fiction AND webcomic recs!!! Do please stop by. I have just under 500 recs now! *flails with excitement*

Slr2moons' Fanfic and Online Reading Recs

Now that I've satisfied my need to share fun stuff, I shall get started on Seraph vol 3. My day isn't complete unless I've done at least SOME work, after all. Even holidays. ^^V

Oh yes, and I've taken on a 6th title. It's a shoujo title with Naruto Editor, with whom I've worked for years and really get along with. (note: he doesn't edit Naruto anymore, but he'll always be Naruto Editor to me. :3) The title won't be constant lettering, from what I understand, and I know NE will do his best to give me lots of lettering time. I can't say what it is or who the mangaka is, but I do like their stuff! Until the official announcement, everyone please welcome New Title 11. I should begin lettering it sometime in July or August. (I know, I'm already super-busy. But that was because of lingering effects from last summer and fall, and the Seraph catch-up. I'm confident I can handle this specific 6th title because of reasons, and remember I have home-buying in my near future. Extra $$$ is a good thing!)
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Oh wow, it's been almost a month since I last posted. ^^;; Argh. When I'm busy with work, posting kinda falls to the wayside.

As I've said before, I've been scrambling to keep up with work since the disaster of last summer and Spicer-kitty's illness. As of this past Wednesday, I finally finally FINALLY caught up. It only took me eight months. X| On Wednesday I turned in Voice vol 6, and sat back to realize I didn't have a deadline looming. Natsume 17 is due mid-May, Voice 7 a couple weeks later, and Seraph chapter 15 on Monday--which is normal for Seraph.

It feels WONDERFUL to be caught up. 4 to 5 pages a day for each volume (plus the 8-10 for a Seraph chapter) and I'll REMAIN caught up. Aye, there's the rub!

To celebrate my reclaimed status, I posted the second chapter of my crossover fic for Summer Wars and Skip: Unlikely Idol. You can read it in the usual places: AO3,, and Luna. (I can't post a link to Skyehawke because the site is down. :|) Reception has been very quiet, aside from my beta and the one talkative fan so far. Such is the joy of crossing over one small fandom and one obscure one. :P (About 10 people have clicked on chapter one at Luna, but not one of them have progressed to chapter two. Alas!)

On Friday I did my taxes in three hours, a personal new record. Taxes are not a simple 1040 for me, nope. :P But they're done and YAY that chore is over! :DDD

I have three goals: 1. remain caught up (yes please), 2. get back in shape (also yes please), and 3. make art for myself (oh please yes please). Wish me luck! All three will be difficult to manage. Speaking of, back to it for me!
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*points up* That's me, right now. For the most part, each deadline since the disaster during the past summer is slightly easier to meet.

The past three weeks, I haven't been able to do anything outside of work but run errands and go to Book Club, and I really should have skipped that. Or at least bailed out when the 35-minute argument started over what we would be reading in future months. (Some days I just don't have the time and/or patience to sit through that fiasco.) I've missed a birthday party for a dear friend (so sorry, Sno!), and I will be missing a chili cookoff for another dear friend this Saturday (so sorry, Phil!), and it comes down to no fun for me until I'm done. With Natsume, at least.

Info about specific titles, wistful desires for time to be creative. )

I should stop writing this blog post and get back to work. Natsume won't letter itself. Don't let me being busy stop you from commenting! I haven't heard from anyone in some time.
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Today I read the most recent (legally available) chapter for World Trigger, number 45, and I just had to laugh. Not at any specific event in the chapter, but that one of my predictions was right. I knew the SneeBas made sense!! *preens* I suppose there a slight chance the mangaka borrowed the idea from me. This chapter would have been actually drawn no later than the week of Christmas, and storyboarded at least a week before that. If he'd read the chapter Christmas Day and immediately pounced on the idea, maaaybe it could have happened. But it's highly unlikely. Besides, I prefer the idea that great creative minds think alike. :3 *preens*

Speaking of, here's my official announcement for my Yuletide fic this year!!!

title: Family Lost, Family Found (Plus One)
fandom: World Trigger
summary: Arashiyama Jun and his squad meet a new and nasty Neighbor on their first away mission to the Neighborhood. Jun's soul is broken, but a new friend helps piece him back together.
characters and ship: Arashiyama Jun, Jin Yuichi, Izumi Kouhei, Tachikawa Kei;
genre: action-adventure, suspense, bromance or pre-slash :3
rating: PG-13 for language
length: complete at 18,381 words because I can't write short fic to save my Yuletide sanity
setting: after chapter 42

You can read it at AO3 and at I'll post it to Skyehawke and Lunaescence eventually. I keep forgetting. :B

Do please leave a comment, review, and/or kudo if you enjoy the fic! :D

And now, my introspective on 2013, and hopes for 2014. )
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Went to my third Yuletide/Nano/scribing-for-any-reason write-in on Friday evening, where I saw the wonderful snottygirl, saladbats, and mab. There were only four of us, but it was still fun! We even ran into a past NaNo-er, and a small group of others who WERE NaNo-ing. ^^ As for me, I made some serious inroads on my own Yuletide fic, of which I am very proud. I wrote about 350 words, which is a lot for me in the space of 45 minutes of actual writing time. (The rest of the evening being spent chatting or researching stuff for my fic.)

Speaking of, I finally figured out how to work writing on my phone. I can't write to google docs since my phone isn't an iphone or an Android, I don't trust emails to not lose text half-way through me typing (it's happened), and Livejournal's posting page is ridiculously code-heavy nowadays...but Dreamwidth works great. :D I have my Yuletide WIP in a private post on my DW account, which I keep open in a tab on my phone's browser. I can be in the middle of writing something, pause long enough for my phone to go into power-saving mode, wake it up...and my words are all still there. Dreamwidth doesn't time out! OMGYAY! \O/ As long as I have a net connection, I can write on the go! And carry pen and paper with me, JIC I don't have the connection. Score!

The deadline is less than a month away. Today I worked on it during breakfast and dinner. I'm pleased with what I have so far, including catching two plotholes pertaining to aspects of canon I'd forgotten, annnnnd a really big realization that I needed to lighten the mood of the MC. Thankfully I caught all three problems before I was more than 500 words into the fic. :D

Speaking of wordcount, the Yuletide minimum is 1,000. This fic is going to end up much more than that. I'm about half-way through the first scene, and the fic's already 650 words long. It isn't just my inability to write shortfic, though. My recipient loves a particular trope, and for me to do it justice, first I have to establish certain facts before I go ripping them apart. (No, there's no non-con in this one, I swear! X|) My recipient did say in their letter that they loooove the sexy tiems, but with the plot I've chosen, that won't really work. Not without the trope of Healing Cock, which I refuse to write. I hope they'll be satisfied with manly snugglings. ^^

I had kind of intimidated myself about this year's fic. I mean, last year's Yuletide fic by me turned out GOOD. It's the most popular fic I have at AO3, and I genuinely like it. I even read it for fun every couple of months! I worry that this fic can't live up to the success of last year's. But my fanfic sempai Star-chan calmed me down. She told me to just do the best I can. I am a decent writer, after all, *I* wrote last year's fic! And all the other fics on my account, all of which are perfectly readable. I certainly have the potential to write another well-received fic! And besides, what's truly important is that my recipient likes it, and I'm doing my damnedest to do just that! (Even though there won't be any sexy tiems. Hopefully someone will give my recipient a sexy fic treat. Though maybe if I finish ahead of time (HAHAHAHAH!) I could write a 2nd fic for them and load it with the smut. I'd say there's a 5% chance...)

I've enjoyed typing on the fic today. Not only having a full-sized keyboard, but being in my home, where I can relax and not need to tune out the coffeeshop music and conversation all around me. I do love write-ins, but it's more for the creative companionship and ready opinions/help to be had, rather than actual words produced. Though writing sprints work well for me. Let's do more! C:

I keep forgetting that someone is writing a Yuletide fic for me, too. I suspect I know which one, based on a comment in the yuletide-coal community that fit one of my requests. It will be interesting to see if I'm right. ^^ Whether I am or not, best of luck and good wishes to my author, if they happen to see this post! I'm looking forward to reading your words on the 25th! :DDD

In work news, Clay 23 is in the can. Voice 4 awaiting corrections, Voice 5 lettering begun. Seraph chapter 6 in the can, GN 1 being FXed right now. Natsume 16 and Skip 33 are waiting for me to start. Wheeeee!!
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Do you have a favorite fic you’ve written? What makes it your favorite?

This is like asking a parent to chose between their children. :P Let me see...

I am fond of all my fics, though I suppose I am partial to some more than others. The challenging ones, or the milestones, or the ones I really like. Hmmm.

My first fic, "Distracting and a Great Bother", would have to be the all-time favorite. Not only is it my baby, but it's still my longest fic, it brought me and my BFF stariceling together, and it IS a very personal fic. You know, since it started as a dream of mine. ^^; I'm so incredibly happy when someone reads all seven chapters at, or it receives a hit at AO3 or Skyehawke. I was on a cloud of joy a couple days ago, when I noticed someone at AO3 finally bookmarked it--AND the meta fic star-chan wrote for it. Heeee!!! <3 I'm particularly happy when the fic is simply read, now that I know everything that is going against it. 1. Female original character, 2. first person POV, 3. first person POV is the OFC, 4. no sexy tiems, 5. no crack humor. 6. begins with worn-out trope. Everything about the fic screams "BACK BUTTON NOW!!1!1" to jaded fic readers. Oh, dear...

My Bleach fic, "Not as Nice as Me", also has a fond place in my heart. It turned out really well, especially since I wrote it as a personal challenge, to see if I could pull of a villain's skewed POV. And it stars one of my fave animated men, Grimmjow. I admit, I also like Orihime, and I was able to write her well, too. Fandom reception has been good, and that always makes me happy. :3

I like my Ghost Hunt fic, "Something in the Silence", because it combines two things that I enjoy and know a lot about: horses and ghost hunting. (I have never done the latter, but I have read and studied for hours.) Using two favored subjects, and having it turn out pretty damn good, is a lovely bonus. :3 This fic was actually quite easy for me to write, not only for the familiar subject matter, but because it was simple for me to get into Lin's POV. He's silent, stoic, enjoys being alone, doesn't like young children, and is happy to be shut in his office all day. Sound familiar?? *laughs*

Welp, that's it, everyone! The meme is done! :D It's been an interesting experience. I've thought about my fics more than ever before, and even realized a thing or two about them and myself. Who knew that could come about thanks to a silly tumblr meme?

Thanks to everyone who has read my posts, and special thanks to those who commented. I'm glad you're listening! :D
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29 – What is your current project or projects?

Oooh, I can talk about my WIPs! XD I've mentioned these before, but here they are again in a dedicated post! With more info than just titles. *wink* If anyone is interested in a particular story, feel free to say so!

In order of how quickly I estimate their first/next chapter will be posted...

My WIPs, let me show you them! X3 Fandoms: Bleach, Honey & Clover, Lion King, Naruto, Skip Beat!, Snatch, Summer Wars, Transformers. )

There you go! My current to-write list, all of which have actual words except the Bleach and Transformers ones. ^^ I've had several bunnies for other things--more Naruto, HP, etc--but these are fics that should definitely happen.

Hopefully before I'm 40. Heh.

I should bookmark this post, so I can easily find it and cross each fic off when it goes up. :3

BTW, the current project I've mentioned but not listed is a long guest comic. Heeeeeeee. <3
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28 – Have you ever collaborated with anyone else, whether writing together, or having an artist work on a piece about your fic?

Ficcy babblings, actually not that long. )
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27 – Where is your favorite place to write, and do you write by hand or on the computer?

My favorite place to write is at my desk, on Shetan--my PC tower. )

One of these days (most likely when Usagi dies), I'm going to buy myself a nice tablet and use that to write out in the wild. It will be bliss!! But I can't justify purchasing a tablet right now. Gotta be a good girl and spend less!
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26 – What is the oddest (or funnest) thing you’ve had to research for a fic?

Oddest would have to be hardness of wood. In my first Yuletide fic, "Doesn't Mean Anything", the poor main character is handcuffed to a heavy wooden sofa. It had to be strong enough to hold him for the length of the fic. The end result: teak. I found a pic of an antique teak sofa that fit the basic idea I wanted, and went with that.

Funniest: how a guy shaves his face, for my fic "It's All an Act, You Know". I asked my IRL male friend about it, and he answered my questions and directed me to a tutorial video (by Gillette) on Youtube.

Okay, I admit researching how a guy shaves his face isn't that funny, but my reaction to it was. X| For some reason, I find watching (or reading about) a guy shaving really hot. That tutorial video was...swoon worthy. (Ha!) And it didn't help that the actor was gorgeous. *headdesk* I kept having to pause and switch to something else for a break. The end result of the research and self-torment is my personal favorite UST-scene ever, so I'd say the embarrassment was worth it. Woot!
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I missed yesterday because I was focusing on work. But here I am again! :D

25 – Music – Do you listen to music while you write? Do you make playlists to get into a certain “mood” to write your fic? Do you need noise in general? Or do you need it completely quiet?

I need it quiet. Sometimes I'll play instrumental-only music, like a movie soundtrack. The original Kenshin oav soundtrack is good for writing, as it's both catchy and easy to ignore. The Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks, though, are TOO catchy and distract me.

I don't understand the whole playlist or fan mix thing. If a fic has a soundtrack suggestion for each chapter, I ignore it. More often then not, I won't know the song or musician, anyway. Music never inspires me to write. Oh, it can inspire me to silly daydreams (hence why PotC is terrible for me to write to, particularly the 2nd film's), but not for fic plotting.

Or for any type of real concentration, for that matter. If I'm laying out a pic or storyboard--no music. If I'm dealing with a tricky FX or retouch for work--no music. And if I'm writing fic? Almost always no music.

I know plenty of other find music helps them be creative, but it's a distraction for me. ^^
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24 – Betaing – How many betas do you like to use to make sure there aren’t any major flaws in your fic? Do you have a Beta horror story or dream story?

I normally only use one beta, my fanfic sempai [personal profile] stariceling because she does an amazing job and is a fine writer herself. :3 Occasionally I'll ask some IRL friends to look over a fic, like the Ghost Hunt Yuletide fic, but mostly it's just stariceling. ^^ I suppose one good thing about not writing much fanfic is that my beta is spared a heavy workload. Heh!

I don't really have any beta horror stories. I've only asked a complete stranger to beta a fic once, and she did an okay job on the first chapter of the fic, but didn't come through by the agreed-upon deadline for the 2nd. I swung by her LJ and saw she was doing NaNo, so I pretty much gave up. Half-way through November, I PMed her and said not to worry, it had been long enough I could beta the fic myself, and I did. Never heard from her again!

But I've never had a story stolen or a beta flip out on me for some reason. I'm lucky to have star-sempai at my back! She really comes through for Yuletide in particular. Betaing a ~10k fic in two weeks can be tough, at least at the level we beta each other's stuff. (We check EVERYTHING. Spag, word choice, plot, characterization, second-guessing, what are you trying to say here, word repetition, that thing you're describing doesn't work like that, etc etc etc. Pretty much as in-depth as a beta can get!)

I'm so lucky!!! *hearts*
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23 – When you post, where do you post to? Just your journal? Just an archive? Your own personal site?

I post in lots of places. In my early ficcing days, I posted to my LJ/DW, but with more interest given to my work and art here, these days I stick to ficcing in archives.

AO3,, Lunaescence, and Skyehawke. )

I'm glad I can post to multiple archives, as that means if one goes (or I'm deleted...), the others are up for people to find. ^^ I also find it fascinating how each site has a favored fic. FFaaFR is ignored pretty much everywhere, except Luna, where it's bizarrely popular! The difference between the other favorite fics isn't as extreme, but none of them are front-runners for being a fave on the other sites. Crazy!


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