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I'm back in OR. It was great visiting home and seeing a good chunk of the extended family. Usagi survived the trip, thankfully! I was worried last night when walking back to my apartment through half-melted snow slush and ice, as the footing was VERY bad and I almost fell splat on the ground three times. That would not have been good. But I made it through the nasty with no mishaps. Yay!

Now! The good stuff. How about an impromptu update in general? Shigoto is first, since that's what most of you are really interested in:

Shigoto, original manga, and fanfic updates! )
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I've said it once, I'll say it again...sometimes, I really hate tone. :P )

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrated!! I hope you didn't eat too much. ^^ I gave myself the day off from calorie counting and enjoyed a yummy meal or two. :9

I'm about half-way through Captive 4. Honey 10 is coming along. I'm very glad I have so much time on this final volume, since as previously mentioned the Umino Chika-sensei cut loose and went crazy in the 2nd half. *wince* I just started Nana 17. I'm printing Nana again! Yay! I'm about a fourth of the way into Skip 19. My Japanese tanko for Skip 20 came a few days ago, and my freebie copies of Eng vol 16. Heeeeeeee. I <3 Skip!!!!!! I'm behind on my Skip anime watching, though.

Non-work ramblings involving Dattebayo's Shippuuden sub, my original manga, artwork, and my fanfic story DaaGB. )

That's it for now, I guess. Back to work!

ETA: I'm jumping on the new icon bandwagon and plan on using all 40 of my alloted icons. Meet Hassan, from Vampirates. Heeeeee. DANCE!! DANCE FOR ME, HASSAN!!! <3 <3 <3

And I've been singing along with my ultimate fave mp3 list all day. So much so that I'm losing my voice!!! =D
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For some reason, I'm a zombie today. I did letter several extra pages yesterday, burned lots of adrenalin when I was swept up in a great new (for me) Potter fic, and ended up very very woozy when I was a couple hours late eating...I guess all those lttle straws added up to zombie!s2m. Okay....I'm staying awake long enough to type this post though. :P

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Due to events last week, things are rather interesting. We're all stressed out, the Giftmas tree is barely half-decorated, none of the other usual decorations are up, and I've barely bought any presents. I'm behind with work by 14 pages, assuming I can make today's quota. I used up one of my precious days off from all 4 titles yesterday, so at least I'm not 26 pages behind.

Naruto corrections for 32.1 are still waiting for me to finish. I've done all the easy text changes, what's left are FX tweaks (including one really bad page where they changed the actual FX words...O.o) and a ton of Tsunade wardrobe malfunction pre-emptive strikes. (Fear not, Tsunade's more-surface-area kimono top will be in the magazine only. The book version will be unchanged. ) The 2nd half of Naruto 32 corrections should arrive any day now. I have no idea when New Title 2's corrections will arrive. Perhaps after Giftmas. Honey 5.2 corrections are already here, but they aren't due till after New Years. Yay.

I've been rather out of sorts for the past week and a half, so it will be very good to get back on track. I'm exercising today, no matter how much I should work instead. I'm feeling rather tubby since I haven't exercised in a week. I don't care how cold or nasty it is outside, I'll risk getting sick tomorrow for some peace of mind today.

I've been editing DaaGB 5 on paper in my spare non-computer moments, and am almost finished. I've started the final round of computer polishing as well. With some serious luck, I'l lhave it ready to beta in a few days.

And on that positive note, I shall depart. Sorry I'm not full of holiday cheer for you all. I hope everyone is enjoying your own holiday. ^^

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As  Thanksgivings go, this one was towards the top of the list. A minimum of drama and fuss, and just enough time with my extended family to make me wish they maybe could have stayed longer. Even some snow outside. But the bad weather meant no one wanted to risk getting frozen in, so everyone left rather quickly. Ah well!

That's it for now, minna. Work calls!! Five titles at once is interesting, as you all know. But it's good to know that NT2 will be over and done when I finish the volume. Whew! Shigoto shigoto!! XD
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First up, thanks to everyone who voted in my previous post's poll. If any of you have not yet done so, please vote soon! I am honestly interested in your feedback. ^^

A few big things happened while I was staying away from LJ.

That's it for now, minna. It's good to be back!

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Osu, minna! 

This past weekend, Star-chan was able to give me her incredibly wonderful beta of chapter four of my Naruto fic, Distracting and a Great Bother. Last night I had the time and energy, so I polished the chapter with her notes, then posted it to both Luna and the Pit. Yes! It's up at last!! XD I then waited on pins and needles for someone to click on it, at either site. Both sides have pages for the newest fics, and both send out notices to those who've asked for them when a story they like has been updated. So I gnawed on my fingernails and waited, reloading my stats pages on both sites every few minutes. I was NOT going to sleep until someone clicked on my story! ><

I suppose that's enough fangirling for now, hmm? *wink*
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Instead of reading a chapter of manga or watching some anime on Utena while I worked on Tsukushi, tonight I decided to type on DaaGB part 4 instead. This was brought on by my previous post, and how much I want to write those other stories. I promised myself I wouldn't touch them until I finished DaaGB...but I don't know if I'm going to make it.

Tonight I did at least finish part 4. I'll read it over several more times before I ask Star-chan to beta it for me. But hopefully, part 4 will be up in two weeks or so. This chapter didn't bring me to tears like part 3 did, though I did hold my breath and snicker a few times. I included two scenes I'd envisioned back at the beginning, so yay. ^^ And I have a killer cliffhanger than can be interpreted several different ways. *evil villainess laugh* But...I'm surprised at how long it is. When I began, I figured DaaGB would be 4 or 5 chapters at the most. Now the rough version of part 4 is done, and I'm nowhere near the end. Even at 10,000 words/20 pages. Granted, I could stop relating every little moment of time to speed things up, but I hate it when writers or artists obviously hit the fast-forward button to reach the end/the fun stuff. But I guess this is a debate to save for later. Who knows, I could probably work things to keep my current play-by-play style and still end DaaGB with part 5. We'll see.

Anyway, like I said, I don't know if I'll be able to keep that promise to myself. I doubt I could achieve what Star-chan does, and write 50 different things at once, but I could probably manage two. Switch back and forth, depending on my mood. Hmmmm.

I bought the Harry movie 5 soundtrack yesterday. I love the opening song. The electric guitar is an awesome touch. XD

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I had planned to jog outside today, but the rain decided to pay another long visit, so I would have had to run up and down our concrete front porch. But with a third of it ripped up or covered with mud from the construction, it was only a few feet longer than running up and down the long central hallway inside the house. Hmmm....air conditioning vs humidity and mosquitoes??? Tough call....

So yeah, I ran inside. Anyway, whilst I ran, I decided to consider part four of my Naruto fic, DaaGB. I kept a sheet of paper and pen on the table for notes scribbling whenever I jogged past. Mostly I thought about what would happen in part 4, and the mindset of the characters. I also debated deep philosophical questions such as "How would Gaara open the bathroom door in character???" (And yes, I actually debated this, and even opened a door several times in different ways to experiment. I take my fiction seriously.) The end result of my musings and conversation with myself (yes, I also talk aloud to myself when debating) were several good points and realizations that will hopefully maintain the standards of my fic. For example, I needed to realize that the main character should probably wash up a bit and change clothes before she tries to cook anything. Yes, that would be a good thing to keep in mind. No one wants mud or twigs in their food! :B

But enough about my fanfic. The main point of today's post is...*drumroll* s2m in the flesh, with her candy-apple red hair!! Yes!! Hide your mirrors lest they crack from accidentaly reflecting my visage from your monitor! Conservatives, avert your eyes! I mean, unnaturally red hair is morally wrooooong!!! At least, according to the glare of the eldery man I smiled and walked past in the grocery store last weekend.

Hey, this is the first time most of you will have ever seen me! I kept the Photoshopping to a minimum, only tweaking my demonic eyes, oh and a little smoothing of skintone on two pics. Just a little bit. ^^V

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I find it rather amusing how emotional I can be, and how easily good fiction can affect my mood. Today, for example, I've been on an emotional rollercoaster thanks to a magnificent Draco/Harry friendship-->shounenai fic I heard about in ye olde fanficrants. It's fabulous, and I keep bouncing from elation to tears to joy to horror and back to elation. This is silly...and I'm only half-way through the fic!! (It's 25 chapters long.)
Fanfic news! I posted chapter 2 to Lunaescence two nights ago.
I must confess. I was bad and went to dinner with my parents Sat night. We had Chinese buffet. It was sooooo yummy....>< And it was soooo nice to escape the house. ><

And of course, the manga report. Pages completed since my last bit of blogging...Clay 9.57-59, 62, 68, 69, 74, 78. Nana 12.195 and 198. Only one page of Nana vol 12 left!! New 1.60, 65, 69, 71. Skip 9.49, 50, 61-63. Temp fanbook.229, 231, 232. Yellow: 10, Orange: 11, Pink/PfH: 2. Total: 23 pages over 2.25 days. It would probably be around 27 total if I hadn't gone to dinner. Now I have guilt. >< Especially since I will likely have more English pages Monday. Oog. But at least today I made my quota. Yay! ^^
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I seriously need to upgrade my journal. Of the six userpics allowed to free basic accounts, only two of mine are positive. >< Ii ja nai, sore wa...

Tonikaku, this is very very cool. Someone who regularly reviews manga wrote a magnificent bit about my own personal favorite, Skip Beat!!! Kyaaaa!! Which of course, I letter! Kyaaa kyaaa! She did a great job with the review, too. Complete with scans of some of my most difficult Skip pages. O_o Here's the link!! Be warned, mild spoilers through vol 5. Skip BANZAI!!!!!!

I promised to share another bit of artwork. Unfortunately, as stated previously, I so rarely have time to draw for myself. However, a few weeks ago, Senior Editor Who Loves Me (and who I letter the English for) asked if I could contribute a humorous pic of myself working on the book for her upcoming presentation on the series. Which is actually this weekend, BTW. So I thought for a bit, latched onto an idea, and drew me and the English's main character, Rei. After I sent it to her, Senior Editor emailed me that she loved it, and couldn't stop laughing for some time, thus earning her some rather strange looks from her coworkers. Heh. ^^ I do aim to please!!! Perhaps she'll even get a few chuckles from her audience. This is an accurate self-portraif of me, BTW.

I won't let myelf touch my Samurai Champloo plot bunnies aside from the odd scribbled note until I finish my Naruto fic. So yesterday and today while I was jogging, I let my mind wander around Konoha. I figured out some funny scenes, some sexy ones, and most importantly finally made it inside Gaara's head. 

Manga report! I'm temporarily out of English pages, so I'm focusing on finishing Clay v9 as much as possible. And I don't feel like placing them behind the cut today. :P Pages completed since the last report: Clay 9.43-47, 49, 50, 52, 54, and 56. Woohoo! Nana 12.193 and 196. New 60, 62, and 64. Temp (yay!! Temp at last!! It's incredibly cool to see this title on Tsukushi. I'll have to babble about it in a future post! ^^V) fanbook.227 and 228. Skip 9.48 and 59. Yellow 10, Orange 9, total: 19 pages. Whee!! Too bad those are spanned over two days...ah well. Must work!!! ><
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If I can't be a VK-style Vamp, then I chose an Anne Rice vamp. If that's out as well, I have to go with Hellsing vamp. Buffy vamp is last b/c I don't like what happens to their faces. >< So why am I going on about vampires??

It seems I've reverted to my summer schedule, where I wake up around 1:30 PM and go to sleep around 6 AM. I've always been a night owl, for as long as my parents stopped forcing bedtime on me way back when. I don't mind my schedule too much, except when it  clashes with those of others. "Hey, s2m! Want to go shopping with us? We plan to leave at 9 in the morning!" " long as I don't have to drive." I had been avoiding this reversion since I broke the habit back in August. But thanks to the Night of Fury, it's back. Perhaps this week I'll try to break it. :P

I posted the first chapter of my fanfic at a small fanfic site, Lunaescence

[personal profile] stariceling introduced me to the site. Lunaescence is a fraction of the size of the Pit of Voles, and it's moderated to keep out the "itz just 4 fun so spelng n grammir R stoopid!!11!" drivel. Amazing difference! In regards to my fic, I already have a review and have made the fave story lists of 2 people in only 3 days. *boogies* It's taken me 6 weeks to accomplish the same while my fic flounders in the depths of the Pit. If anyone would like to read my fic at Lunaescence, the link is: If that doesn't work, search for my username (the same as here) or the fic's title "Distracting and a Great Bother". In the Naruto section. I love the warning you have to click through. "Might contain mildly suggestive themes." Yeah, just slightly...  I'll post chapter 2 when I can. I have to convert my fic to HTML for this site, which can take a bit of time. At the Pit, I can send the Word file and be done with it. But the time-consuming submission process probably keeps more of the drivel and bad!fic out. So yay. 

My babblings on New title and the manga report are behind the cut!! Only general observations on the manga, so no need for spoiler-white text. ^^


I should post again later day, since this was meant to go up yesterday. Matta ne!

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Today I did something rather different. While I was cooking and eating my breakfast, I didn't read, or watch tv. No, today my mind was enraptured with the artistic equivalent of a fanfiction plot bunny. Today, I drew. For fun! I forget how much I enjoy drawing for my own amusement. *veeeeen* I only wish I could do it more often!! ^^ No, I did not finish the pic, but I did get some good ideas down. I plan to tweak it a bit more before I redraw it on work computer Tsukushi. The content shall remain a secret. *wink* Hopefully I'll finish before the summer! I'm being realistic, here. Tons of work, remember??

Oho, and I was irresponsible last night and typed a bit on chapter 3 of my fanfic on fun computer Utena while Tsukushi was printing/saving/processing. It actually perked me up a bit and let me work for an extra hour! Yay for the adrenaline rush of writing fanfic!!! This was the second pass through the beginning of chapter 3. First pass I write the quick version and block out events, 2nd pass I smooth things out and make them adding all that great tension and innuendo that I love to inflict upon my main character, Minami. *evil anime villainess laugh* Anyway, what I find amusing is that I expanded about 75 words to 300 in the space of an hour. Granted, I was working in 1 to 3 minute blocks, but still. Not much to show for the time involved. But as long as it reads well and keeps me perky enough to work! *more anime villainess laugh* Minami has no idea what is going on inside Gaara-sama Ai-kun's mind...and thanks to the joys of first person from her POV, neither does the reader. *anime villainess laugh #3*

I'm rather tired tonight, I suppose I should have posted earlier. Ah well. The daily manga quota is behind the cut!

*schnorrrrrrr, New-title-sempai style*
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I caught my mother's bug. >< No, it isn't the flu, it's some sort of stomach virus that makes you feel generally icky, weak, and not able to eat anything except the occasional yogurt. I hate being sick.

Still no English, so my borrowed time is continuing. I am amusing myself by trying to guess what Lesson we will learn with this last issue. #1 was hunger, #2 was AIDS, #3 (and the issue where I began lettering) was global warming, #4 children armies in 3rd world countries, and #5 equal education for girls. What's left? Drugs, alcohol, rape (ghaaa!), animal cruelty, pollution, hygiene...hmmmm. I'm half-way tempted to start a pool. Heh.

Ah, my aforementioned fanfic's chapter 2 is up on The Pit. Here's the link, if anyone wants to read: With chapter 2 I've topped 100 hits, and garnered a 2nd review AND my first favorites. Heeheehee!! ^^ Out of curiosity, I checked to see what other stories the girl who favorited mine had in her faves list. I was surprised...they all sound like giggly-teenager wish fulfillment concerning Gaara-sama. X_x Of course, the girl says in her profile that she's 14 and is crazy about Gaara-sama. I find it interesting that my drama-suspense Gaara-centric fic would perk her interest enough when she seems to enjoy Gaara-glomping silliness. Perhaps her tastes are maturing.

My Feb issue of Shojo Beat came yesterday. Yay!! *runs in happy--if slightly sick--circles* Baby & Me in particular is very good this time. I also had wide eyes at the ending of Crimson Hero and Vampire Knight. I haven't read anything non-manga in the issue yet except for the editor's letter. It seems this is the last issue for this particular senior editor. What's noticeable about this is that she only became senior editor with the October issue. X_x And when I reflect about the recent ranting on the magazine's content at the Shojo Beat lj community and that particularly nasty rant (not by me!!!) at, it makes me wonder if I had anything to do with this change. Whoa. I talk more about it on my relevant post at the SB lj com:

In regards to reading, I finished Tokyo Boys & Girls, and Mr. Pratchett's first Discworld novel, and am now reading Red River. I've collected 4 new volumes of this series since the last time I read it, so I have 800 new pages to enjoy. ^^V I intend to read it in 5-volume sets, and read a prose book in between to avoid burnout. I am fond of Red River, it's another one of those schoolgirl-sucked-into-alternate-world stories ala Fushigi Yuugi and Esca. As ususal, the average girl has gorgeous bishounen falling all over her, but that's a given. I like this series for a few specific reasons, namely everything isn't always peachy for the main char, Yuri (for example, she was pulled into the setting to be a sacrifice, rather than to save the world.) Speaking of the setting, it's unusual in that she's traveled back in time to the 14th century BCE in what is now Turkey. This is a period which we learn next to nothing about in school, where it's always Egypt, Greece, Troy, etc etc etc. Granted, this manga is hardly 100% historical fact, but it's still a neat time-period to explore. And the artwork is beautiful. This mangaka must be a bit older than her contemporaries, if I had to guess based purely on the artwork, I'd say she's in her 50s or 60s. The art is reminiscent of 70s works like Oniisama E and Ace o Nerae. What I love about the artist is her mastery of line and her composition. I especially love her title pages. This woman knows how to design!! Shinohara Chie-sama, I salute you! *salutes* And for the record, it takes a lot to impress me in regards to art. My only peeve about the series is how often Yuri is kidnapped, usually by men who at some point decide to Take Advantage of Her, but who never actually do so. I plan on keeping a list for my own amusement. As of volume 3, we have our first kidnapping incident: Zannanza, the main love interest's younger brother, who I actually rather like. Of course, he's been drugged by the villain, so he can't be blamed for kidnapping her. Heh. I remember from the last time I read this series (vols 1-11), there are at least 2 more kidnapping incidents coming. I wonder if there will be a 4th in the new volumes I've picked up. ^^

On Tokyo Boys & Girls, I must say I was impressed with the ending. Manga series so often have rushed endings, but this one worked. Not only that, but the playboy main character, while he is mostly reformed of his nampa and careless ways, his reformation is believable. It isn't one of those instant "Oh, you've inspired me to no longer chase women b/c of your purity and beauty!" life-changing moments. No, it didn't happen like that at all. It's good to see a realistic behavior change like this. Yay!

And I now have a 2nd entry in my list of Incredibly Stupid Things I Have Done. This list excludes honest mistakes, faux pass made of ignorance on my part, and other genuine errors. No, to be included in this list, I must have done something that I know was incredibly stupid, and if I had paused for a second to think about it first, I would never have gone ahead. So. Entry #1 on my list is...I almost used a metal butter knife to free my stuck toast from the toaster. I was impatient and in a hurry, so when the toast didn't pop up b/c it was jammed in the toaster, I yanked open the kitchen drawer right below the toaster and grabbed the first thing I saw, namely the metal butter knife. Luckily my onee-chan came into the kitchen that very moment and demanded to know what I thought I was doing. So she saved me from electrocuting myself. Thank you, onee-chan. And I was 19 or so, thus I wasn't a child who didn't know better.

The new entry on my Incredibly Stupid Things I Have Done list isn't quite so life-threatening, but IS extremely stupid. I had my candle burning 2 nights ago, and I decided to lean in for a sniff of its fragrance. So I did, then jerked back when I heard a loud popping noise. I was a bit confused, until I smelled the nasty scent of burned hair. Yes! I singed a hole in my bangs!!!! Bwa hahaha!! Thankfully you can't tell, I think I only burned about a quarter inch from one clump, but still. *cracks up* Thus, we officially have the 2nd note in my Incredibly Stupid Things I Have Done list.

And on that rather amusing anecdote, I shall sign off. Heh.
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Ahhh...nothing says stress relief like a trashy romance novel. Yes! Complete with the tacky title ("Tender Rebel"), the embarrassingly luscious oil painting cover where the woman's breasts are almost falling out of her dress and the man's shirt is gaping, and those contrived plot devices like having to get married to stave off the evil money-grubbing distant relations! Yes!!! Ahhhh, but it's still so much fun to read precisely because it IS cheesy and over-the-top and brainless entertainment. ^^ Besides, I wanted something light to perk me up in the face of Clay.  Clare, stop playing with the Awakened Beings and go find Raki!! (highlight the blank space if you don't care about Clay v6+ spoilers)

What's fun about this particular trashy romance novel is that it was part of a Christmas gift of books from my 'nee-chan. When I saw it in the box, amid the fantasy novels I had also asked for, I gave my sister an evil grin and asked her just how embarrassed she was to have ventured into the romance section to find it, AND to be witnessed paying for it at the counter. She blushed and replied "VERY embarrassed!" Mwa hahahaha!! *is most definitely evil* I'm impressed she had the guts to do it!! Even *I* am self-conscious when I wander into the romance section, but for my sister to brave it borders on miraculous. Yay, oneechan!! You're finally lightening up and not being quite such a prude!!!!! Maybe one day, I'll even convince her to read one. *evil anime villainess laugh, complete with posed hand at mouth* Actually, as romance novels go, this one isn't half-bad. I'll probably keep it. ^^

I've been fighting the urge to write on my fanfic for the past 4 hours. Unlike reading or watching fansubs, I can't write in short 30 second to 2 minute bursts while saving/printing/processing commands. I have to focus everything on what I'm writing. But I shouldn't spare the time that would be needed for the fanfic. !!! Oh my. A few days ago I changed the name of my fanfic to "Distracting and a Great Bother". How incredibly appropriate. *more insane laughter*

I reeeeeeeally want to write on it.....why don't I ever feel this way about animation? Probably b/c writing is almost always easy for me, and animation is almost always not. I realized a few months ago that's why I'm an artist and not a writer. Writing takes so little effort from me, but animating is a completely different story. I have WORK to be a good artist/animator, thus it's a challenge, thus I stubbornly want to succeed. Isn't that twisted?? Yet here I am, longing to write instead of being a good girl and working on Clay until it's time for sleep. Or even longing to work on my sad, neglected animation skills. Omoshiroi. Perhaps I'll make a deal with myself. If I'm still awake and coherent by 4, then I can switch to the fanfic. I wonder if I'll make it...I'd like to have a chunk of chapter 3 at least outlined before I post chapter 2. That way if I need to tweak parts of chapt 2 b/c of events in chapt 3, I don't have to go through the "replace chapter" process at, which is rather tedious. I want to use Gaara's shoes later in the storyline, after the current plot ends. You know, in a sequel. But I'm not sure if throwing them into chapt 3 alone is enough...*searches for word*...mentioning...for it to work. I might need to bring the shoes up in chapt 2 first. And yes, his shoes will be a point in a sequel. It'll work, and I'm quite sure it will be fabulous. ^^V (Oooooh, such hubris!!!)

The hard part on my forthcoming chapter 3 and subsequent chapters (however many I end up with) is that so much of the ending is already written, back when I first was outlining the entire story. I was outlining along when suddenly the scene became visualized in my head and I leaped into prose. Then JAN! The ending was written. Only now that so much comedy has appeared in chapters one and two, I'll need to do some massive tweaking to make the ending match. *drums fingers* Not to mention that in the original, Minami wasn't frightened by Gaara until he was actually in her house and out of the shower ZOMG! The shower! And since she wasn't afraid of him, she didn't feel attracted to him until then, either. (BTW, I've surprised myself at how much I've written in the woman's lust for him. When I was outlining events many moons ago, I was embarrassed simply summarizing the lust and never imagined I've have the nerve to really write it out. Heh. Now who's the prude??!) Who knows if I'll ever write/draw/animate a real sex scene. Not that this fic will become shota, since that makes me squirm a bit! I deal with the age difference (at least 10 years, though I'm deliberately not stating her age for the same reason I'm not describing her appearance) in Minami's head in chapter 2. It's actually another unexpected humorous moment. *giggles* I'm silly...

And I'm typing this instead of working on Clay. Bad slr2moons!! *checks clock* Oooh...only 15 minutes until 4....Mwa hahaha!!

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A friend inadvertently reminded me that my fanfic was available for anyone to read. Naked, flapping in the breeze. So I made it friends-only. (It was the rough draft anyway.) If by some miracle you want to read the final version--or even more miracuously CAME here to read it--then please visit it at The Pit:

If at first the link doesn't work, hit reload. has been being difficult lately. <:P Oh, and you don't have to know the series to understand what is happening. If you did, you'd be better able to appreciate events, but if not then it's still perfectly enjoyable. ^^V

In regards to is about to Descend Upon Me. I heard today from the senior edior who loves me, and she said the English will arive anytime between one and three weeks. (Direct quote.) And it's a long issue at 46 pages, 10 more than ususal. Oog. At least this is the last issue. >< And of course the timing is absolutely perfect, since it will hit when I will (hopefully) be cranking through Clay v9 ASAP (all 200 pages are due on the 10th. Yes, January 10th. And no, I don't have the script yet), and will be beginning The New Title at the end of this month. Five simulatenous titles, two of which--Clay and The English--will be due ASAP, since they will both be late by the time they finally arrive. Thankfully Nana (v12) has been slowed down to 9 weeks a volume, and Skip (v8) and The New Title (v1, obviously) are on the ususal 8 weeks a volume schedule.

Spare time to do things like draw for fun, play my one PS2 game, and write my first little was nice while you lasted. I had a whole three weeks to revel in you. *eyes shimmer with emotion* Jiiiiiiiin....

I'd better go jog while I can still spare the time. Calories wait for no woman. And neither do deadlines. X_x


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