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Hey, everyone!!

Good news item #1: my first interview is up! Click to read. For those who have been reading this blog for a while, it won't contain any new info. Though I have to admit, I'm proud that I was able to sum up the technical process of lettering in only a few sentences. I didn't know it was possible for me to be so brief! ^^V The interview also contains three pics: a new self-portrait, a page from Honey vol 6, and the bottom 2/3rds of my original manga's page 6--with a new hairdo on Laurie. :B Originally the interview had been planned to go up next week, so I'd intended to post the next five pages of my manga before then, but oh well. ^^ And for those who might be wondering why I chose a page from Honey, it's because Honey's art isn't so starkly manga to uninitiated (and we must be honest: possibly hostile) eyes. Though since new my self-portrait still shows me as a cute chibi elf, perhaps my reasoning behind the choice for a Honey sample is rather pointless? *laughs* Anyway, it's up! Please read! m(_)m And OMG I just checked my link and there are some really nice comments on it! *blushes hugely*

Good news item #2: I have a new title!!! Everyone, please welcome New Title 7 to my lineup. :D I should begin lettering in early April or so, manga no kami willing. As always I can't mention the title or mangaka until the license is officially announced, but trust me when I say my fellow fans should be pleased. This one is with Shoujo Editor #3, who I will also be working with on New Titles 5 and 6. Eventually. Those two are definitely on pause for the foreseeable future, which is why SE3 was able to offer me New Title 7.

I hope to post the next batch of my first original comic soon. Kyaaa! I'm going to go work on it right now! XD
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13 Naruto pages a day are taking their toll. Vol 45 is action-heavy too, which doesn't help. I'll survive, but I won't be very genki for a while. :P

Anyway, way back when I began lettering Honey, I decided to download the anime, as I suspected a license for that would soon follow the manga. I was right, but I snagged it all a good couple months ahead of time. I watched the first ep and a half soon after I finished the first couple volumes, but I stopped b/c ep1 has mild spoilers for events later in the series. I didn't know what those events were, but I knew they were NOT in the beginning of the manga thus must be future-flashes thus were SPOILERS! Which I avoid if at all possible, so I stopped watching.

Now that I'm finished with the Honey manga, I decided to watch the anime at last. And...I know it's hilarious and ridiculous, but...I'm jealous. Of the Honey anime. *facepalm* Why am I jealous of an anime?? Because the studio. JCStaff, went above and beyond the level of for-tv animation. Full animation, wonderful body language, even lip-synch! It's gorgeous to watch!!! And it's SO NOT FAIR!!!! *wails*

Skip deserves this level of animation. My wonderful, beloved, so fun and engaging Skip should have been drawn like this!! But it did not happen. Skip was stuck with the typical limited animation you find in your average tv anime. If Skip were all talk, like Nana, it wouldn't be that big a deal. But so much of Skip is action-based humor, and would have been magnificent if given high-quality animation!!! Even funnier and more gorgeous to watch than Ouran!!! But happen it did not. HONEY was given high-quality animation, and not Skip.

So yes, I am very jealous of Honey right now. *fumes* 98% of manga has one shot--one!--as an anime. Honey lucked out in its one shot. Skip did not. So unless the Powers that Be decide to give us a Skip movie or Skip oav release, both of which will have larger budgets and thus higher-quality animation, then Skip is resigned to the cheap anime bin.

*hugs Kyoko and Mr. Tsuruga* I'm sorry, guys. I wish it could have been different. *kicks Hagu, Ayu, and Morita* Jerks! *kicks Hagu again* Especially you!! *stomps off with much vexation*

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I just finished the last two pages of Honey vol 10, which means the series is officially over for me. Oh sure, I still have corrections, but the real task of lettering is done.

I'm trying to decide how I feel about that. )
Honey and Clover, by Umino Chica. Vols 1-10, licensed by Viz, lettered by yours truly. Currently serialized two chapters a time in the monthly mag Shojo Beat. Books and mag available only in the US and Canada. I hope that all of you at least flip through a volume if you ever have the chance. I worked very hard on Honey, and it would be wonderful if you would take a peek at my efforts. :3

Ja, mina! The rest of my daily quota awaits. *salutes*
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I'm back in OR. It was great visiting home and seeing a good chunk of the extended family. Usagi survived the trip, thankfully! I was worried last night when walking back to my apartment through half-melted snow slush and ice, as the footing was VERY bad and I almost fell splat on the ground three times. That would not have been good. But I made it through the nasty with no mishaps. Yay!

Now! The good stuff. How about an impromptu update in general? Shigoto is first, since that's what most of you are really interested in:

Shigoto, original manga, and fanfic updates! )
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I've said it once, I'll say it again...sometimes, I really hate tone. :P )

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrated!! I hope you didn't eat too much. ^^ I gave myself the day off from calorie counting and enjoyed a yummy meal or two. :9

I'm about half-way through Captive 4. Honey 10 is coming along. I'm very glad I have so much time on this final volume, since as previously mentioned the Umino Chika-sensei cut loose and went crazy in the 2nd half. *wince* I just started Nana 17. I'm printing Nana again! Yay! I'm about a fourth of the way into Skip 19. My Japanese tanko for Skip 20 came a few days ago, and my freebie copies of Eng vol 16. Heeeeeeee. I <3 Skip!!!!!! I'm behind on my Skip anime watching, though.

Non-work ramblings involving Dattebayo's Shippuuden sub, my original manga, artwork, and my fanfic story DaaGB. )

That's it for now, I guess. Back to work!

ETA: I'm jumping on the new icon bandwagon and plan on using all 40 of my alloted icons. Meet Hassan, from Vampirates. Heeeeee. DANCE!! DANCE FOR ME, HASSAN!!! <3 <3 <3

And I've been singing along with my ultimate fave mp3 list all day. So much so that I'm losing my voice!!! =D
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Today is definitely a blah day. Not with the weather--actually this is the 2nd day of clear lovely skies--but in regards to my energy level. Work today is grinding along slowly...perhaps I shouldn't have started with a pink page. :P Anyway, today I begin to revisit Honey 5.

Yes, Honey 5. Which I finished lettering in December of last year. Here's how it happened: I was going over my financial stuff when I happened to notice I never invoiced for Honey vol 5. *headdesk* In my defense, I know exactly how that came about. I don't invoice for a book until it's completely finished, all the way through corrections and uploading final tiffs back to Viz. Right? Well, last December technically I DIDN'T finish Honey 5 b/c we were missing four pages. I dunno if they were lost in Japan or cyberspace or whatever, but the pages never appeared and replacements were never sent, so I couldn't letter them, so the book was never completely finished. Thus, I didn't invoice for it. As the weeks passed, I forgot to ask if the missing pages had been sent at last, then finally forgot about it.

Until yesterday. With repeated *headdesking* I asked SE2 if I could invoice for Honey 5 almost a full year late and told her why this happened. Namely...the missing pages. Come to find out, she forgot about them too. (I'm not alone!) So she went on a quest, finally got her hands on the pages, and sent them to me.

The real fun thing is these are omake pages, and Honey omake are always nasty. Worse than Nana omake nasty, which are nasty in their own right. Wheeee! At least I'm finishing the first half of Honey 10 a few days early, which means I can tackle these four pink Honey 5 pages before I start Honey 10.2. *sickly laughter*

This is all my own fault. :P~~~~~~~~ I wonder if anyone at Viz would have noticed the missing pages. I checked and there aren't any page numbers in the pages that follow those that were missing, so maybe it really would have slipped beneath the radar. But now we'll never know, since HEY, S2M WOULD LIKE TO ASK FOR HER MONIES NOW. Hah! But the missing pages are listed  in the table of contents, so perhaps my asking was good in that it earned us some extra time to deal with them. You know, no last minute revelation as the GN was being finalized for printing. I might be whinging about the extra effort involved, but as always I'd rather letter them than let someone else do it, so :P on me again!

Conclusion: I think it's safe to say Morita-sempai is NOT my patron saint. *snicker* If you have no idea what I mean, then go read some Honey! *poke poke*

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I just caught up with my Captive backlog. I am officially no longer behind. *grateful tears*

SO! Now that I no longer have to do at least 5--and preferably more like 10--pages of Captive a day, WHAT am I going to do with that new-found spare time???

Start Honey 10, of course. *blows raspberries*

daily quota, Honey, Nana, and other work-related ramblings )

*pokes herself* Okay, you've cleared the backlog yet again. Now...KEEP IT THAT WAY!!
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(no reason for the icon, I just felt like looking at it) :3 

ETA: This post does NOT mean I don't want you to comment, email, or phone. I DO want to hear from you guys. If you catch yourself thinking "Maybe I should wait, since she's so busy..." DON'T. Wakatta??
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Urgh. If I had a designation for page difficulty higher than pink/Page from Hell, my current page of Captive 2 would definitely qualify. It's a review of volume 1, with tons of floating text, cute captions, chibi characters, sparklies, flowers, vines, and hand-written FX and asides. Which would be bad enough on their own. Except this page was printed in color, painted with markers or watercolor over EVERYTHING. No white space at all.  And as a black and white page of manga, all those pretty colors are turned into dots. *headdesk*

I've been working on it all day. I take breaks and letter pages from other titles, but I always come back to it. Urgh. If only I could let myself work half-assed....*headdesk* The arrival of  Captive 2 is why I've become silent again. --;;;

My first laptop computer arrived yesterday. An XP machine, b/c no way in hell am I touching Vista. Now I can leave the house to GET OUT and work away in a Starbucks or something. I'm pretty sure I'll name her "Usagi". I'd like to get a small 5 x 7 drawing tablet for her, which I plan to dub "Luna". Heeee. :3 Of course, this also means I now have three computers. ^^;;;; Let my geeky status be known!!!!! *flings out arms in acceptance*

I've finally broken Tsuwabuki. I slammed off the backspace key by typing too fast and furious, and it must take special tool or something to get it back on. I've reattached many a popped keyboard key, but Tsukwabuki isn't your normally constructed keyboard. Woe. It's only taken me two days to become accustomed to not using the backspace. I do a lot of highlighting and retyping. Heh. :P Tsuwabuki-kuuuuuuun....gomen.....T.T But at least I didn't drop him.
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Osu, minna! Meet my newest default icon. ^^V Me likey. Another self-portrait, of course.

It's been a while, so here's a shigoto update. ^^

That's it for now, minna. Time for me to get cracking on some extra Honey pages! Oh yes, and I decided my new keyboard is named Tsuwabuki. And I've already dropped him. But just once. ^^;;;

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It's been a long time since I've seen a lightning storm as magnificent as the one that regaled me last night. Even with our lightning rods, and the surge protectors, and with Utena and Tsukushi safely plugged into my lovely wonderful dependable old-fashioned weighs 30 pounds (yes, he does) uniterruptable power supply, Edward, I decided to turn everything off and crash 2 hours early. I'd rather sacrifice a couple pages of quota rather than have my two girls fried. >3<

My room is creepily silent without Utena and Tsukushi on. Yes, I normally never turn them off. The silence was so loud....and I ended up sleeping an extra hour and a half last night. No alarm clock, since I use a free little program on Utena that plays mp3s to wake me up. (Nothing like starting the day with the overture to Phantom of the Opera blaring at you.) Oh well. I do feel quite rested!! Yay for getting 9.5 hours of sleep!!! 

Work calls, I suppose. Back to 5 titles a day!!! If the pattern holds true, NT3 will be arriving at any moment....*hides* You might be seeing my insane laughter icon in the very near future...

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"Her" in the subject being me!! Sorry I haven't been posting or reading my flist for the past several days. Lots of stuff seems to have happened while I was out, and I owe a good dollop of comments. Please forgive my silence! It was for a legitimate reason, I promise. V.V

It's been a real struggle to make the page quota every day and finish my prelettering, as well. Thankfully last night I finished the first chapter of New Title 3, and since I have no more script for it and won't for at least week with some luck, this means I can hopefully clear my Nana and Naruto backlogs before more script arrives. I'm relieved to say at least I've been very diligent about keeping up with the two very-tight-deadlines on Honey and Skip.

Anthy has been doing her best to seduce me away from work, but I've been able to resist until pre-lettering was finished. (This is why my LJing dropped. When I would normally LJ, I've been drawing instead. *guilty--but not too much--smile*) I do have fruits of my labor to share, but not juuuust yet. I'm roughing out a comedy doujinshi to celebrate Anthy's arrival, and I'm going to wait until the whole story is sketched out before I post it as a WIP.

As a quick shigoto update, Claymore 12 is completely finished and over YAY, Honey vol 7 is just under half-way lettered, Nana 14 is a fourth-lettered and full of fangirls, including one who reminds me of myself. Really! Only I'm not that elegant. O.o Naruto 38 is a third-lettered, New Title 3 I already mentioned, and Skip 15 is almost half-way done.

On a Skip note, this volume develops a new character we met in vol 14 who I find very intriguing, even if he is a bit of a bastard. It's fascinating to see someone that isn't afraid of the Grudge Kyokos, which is why he makes my ears prick. My my my....even if he DOES look like Nakago, who I've completely reviled for over 10 years. *shudders*

And now, work calls, as always. Though it's time for me to go outside and run. Eh he heheh.... --;;;;

(Another one of my new icons cuz it's purty.)

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First up, there has been no repetition of unexplained knocks in my house, at least that I've heard. Though I haven't taken a nap on the floor since then, either. My grandmother always hated it when I was being "lazy". I would not put it above her to still be disapproving from beyond the grave. My parents and I will try to recreate the sounds, hopefully on Sunday. A large plastic empty detergent bucket IS on the roof, and apparently it WAS windy that day, though it would take one hell of a set of coincidences to make three repetitions of four evenly-spaced knocks caused by wind and a loose bucket. Not to mention how the bangs conveniently moved to the front window when I moved into the kitchen!!!  With the bucket remaining on the roof. Hmmmmmmmm. We'll see.

tl;dr version: Sweeney Todd is good, manga shopping is fun, food is yummy )
Just take me straight to the shiogoto update! :P~~~ )
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My my my, here's a first. It took 12 volumes, but I finally had to draw a Claymore warrior's cute butt. This particular woman doesn't have the middle back panel on her armor skirt. And with those skintight leggings they wear, it means...butt cheeks. Yes, I made them shapely butt cheeks. All Claymores are fit, after all! I'm sure the male Clay fans (and the women who are so inclined ^^V) will be pleased with my efforts. *giggle*

Since I'm here anyway and it's been a while, how about a shigoto update??

The good thing about returning to the core 4 is that maybe, just maybe, this holiday season I can take it a little easy. I still have one piece of artwork to finish, and I really really hope to finish chapter 5 of DaaGB and have it up before the end of 2007. I've barely had the time or energy to touch non-work-stuff the past few weeks, so maybe now that New Title 2 is done, I can spend some time with my personal interests. *hopeful smile*

That's it for now, minna. Work calls!! I've been fighting half a cold for the past several days, and now have a rather despressingly large backlog as consequence. Woe again...
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Yes, I changed my journal layout again. The ginko leaves were pretty, but for some reason the date and timestamp on my entries wouldn't remain displayed, so I found this pretty minty thing instead. Wheee!

As promised, a shigoto update.

Alas, my mini-break is over. The tiffs (meaning the individual page images in their original Japanese language) finally arrived for Honey volume 5, which means I'm back to four simultaneous titles again. T.T And I'm suddenly stressed about it, but only b/c I haven't really put it into the proper perspective. (Plus points for alliteration.)

That's it for now. Work more spare time for s2m. *sigh* It was so nice while it lasted...
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I've been rather silent lately, in comments, email, and blogging. Gomen. It isn't for any particular reason--I'm no busier than normal, not feeling any worse than normal. I guess I simply haven't felt like chatting much!!

To catch everyone up on work, here's what's going on. I rechecked my schedule math, and provided I don't fall behind, everything looks good and manageable. I'll be finishing Honey 4.1 and Naruto 29 both a week before they are due b/c of my trip to the west coast. I have an extra week for Skip 12.1 for my vacation, and I've been keeping up with my Clay schedule, which I calculated to allow me the extra time in the first place.

For a small fandom digression, I ended up visiting a Claymore comm, [profile] claymore_fans. They don't have the slightest idea that I'm here. Of course, the comm was made after the anime debuted, and they seem to focus on scanlations *grumble*, but still. And no, I'm not going to announce myself. I rarely tell anyone I don't know what I do for a living. 

And because of two bad!fic rants for Clay on [community profile] fanficrants, my next fic will not be Jin/Mugen slashy goodness. It's going to be that Clay fic I mentioned several posts ago. Heh! *hides from a very angry and sexually frustrated Mugen* I've begun rereading Clay from vol 1 and taking notes for fic purposes. It will be genfic and rated PG or PG-13 for violence. So hopefully those of you who don't Naruto or slash/yaoi will read some Clay instead. ^^V


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I have resigned myself to my current situation, which more or less means I'm in the work-work-nothing-but-work mindset now. :P Yet here I am, typing a blog entry.

To bring everyone up to date on work, here's what's going on. I have script for Clay 11.1, so I began that yesterday. With Honey, I'm nearing the end of volume 3, which means facing those horrid omake pages. >< This volume is ending in a sad note... Honey begins serialization in Shojo Beat with the September issue!!! Everyone, please check it out! XD Naruto vol 29 is progressing, I'm about a third of the way through. Now that Clay is here, I've lowered my Naruto daily quota to three pages a day, while everyone else is still at four. Since I was sent the script so early, and have already lettered so much, I can still finish Naruto before I leave for the West Coast at this slower pace. I'm 3/5ths of the way through Skip vol 11, and thankfully the 2nd half has a minimum of difficult pages. With Clay here, that's a good thing. Particularly since the first two Clay chapters are all fight scene. Joy. (And Clare...what is going on with you?!?? I'm scared!!! D= ) Nana's last chapter for the magazine is now out, at least for subscribers, in the August issue. I babbled all about it on my super-spoilery post to the Shojo Beat comm.

In the good-bye article for Nana, they printed my short little message about the series in a neat way: they made it look like a post-card. They even included the post-mark stamp with the correct city on it! My last name isn't very common, and I'm in the phone book, so it wouldn't take much effort for an obsessive stalker to track me down. I doubt anything will happen, but it will be interesting to wait.

And I can begin lettering Nana vol 13 any day now. It's a month sooner than I expected, and I admit I'd hoped to finish Naruto before beginning Nana. Now I have to decide. I foresee much numbers-crunching and work-pace calculating in my future. So for the moment, no more goo. Though I might revert to goo status for a while after I factor Nana back into the equation. Not to mention my one-shot title in September. Wheeeee! But for now, work calls. Haiiiiiiiiiii.
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Now that it's been announced in the July issue of Shojo Beat, I can finally admit New Title's shourai. Of course, it's only fair that I make as big a deal about it as I did Naruto, so....New Title is actually....


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