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Yesterday I was able to attend winnett's birthday party, and much fun was had. I had my first ever martini (strawberry, b/c I like the sweet fruity drinks), and then we went to box karaoke.

For those who don't know, box karaoke is karaoke in a private room, where only the people in your group can hear you sing. (None of that embarrassment by singing in front of a huge room of drunk strangers!) I haven't been to box karaoke since leaving Texas. My friends back home knew of a place in Korea Town in Dallas, and we went there three or four times. I had no idea box karaoke was in Portland, but I am muchly pleased.

And yes, I am going back! XD

The karaoke place has their song list online, and I made up a list of all the songs I wanted to sing. I was able to do most of them, too! I only ordered one drink there, for I am a lightweight. IDR the name, but it was some form of sake + plum or plum sake. Delicious. :9

I danced and sang without reservations, likely due to my two drinks. *laughs* It was so much fun!!! Winnett and her BF were the only two people there that I already knew. The other five seemed quite nice, though! I think I made a new friend, who sent me a friend request on FB. (Alas, she isn't on LJ, like so many people these days.) We sang for three hours, and they pretty much had to kick us out. XD The final song was one specifically requested by the birthday girl, Weird Al's "Yoda". I practiced it just for last night! ^^V

Getting home was interesting. I rode the train in so I wouldn't have to worry about being sober enough to drive--and wouldn't have to bother with parking. Which was a VERY good idea last night, as Portland was hosting THREE different professional sports games. Hockey, basketball, and soccer. ^^;;; The train we saw pass by at my train stop to go home was already full from the hockey and basketball games, which happened on the other side of the river. The soccer game (right next door to the train station) was winding down, and ended as we were waiting for the train. And waiting for the train. And waiting and waiting, as more and more people piled out of the stadium and were waiting with us. (Winnett and her BF kindly walked me to the train stop and waited with me.)

At this point, with the train not coming and the masses of people who wanted to board said missing train growing and growing, I began to have memories of 4th of July '13, when I watched the fireworks with book club friends in downtown Portland. The masses of people all leaving the fireworks show at the same time, the super-crowded trains, all meant I didn't get home un 4 AM. yes, it took me FIVE HOURS to get home by train. D:

I asked if Winnett would drive me home, b/c GAH. Thankfully she agreed! Whew! So the three of us tromped the mile and a half or so to their place, and after a short food and water break, they kindly drove me home. OMGYAY. They also met Kakashi. :3 (Alas, Spicer was not in the mood to say hi to strangers.)

Today, I am sore from all the dancing, my voice is rough, and I am very very tired. But it was worth it!! Like I said above, I definitely want to go back. YEAH!
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I missed yesterday because I was focusing on work. But here I am again! :D

25 – Music – Do you listen to music while you write? Do you make playlists to get into a certain “mood” to write your fic? Do you need noise in general? Or do you need it completely quiet?

I need it quiet. Sometimes I'll play instrumental-only music, like a movie soundtrack. The original Kenshin oav soundtrack is good for writing, as it's both catchy and easy to ignore. The Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks, though, are TOO catchy and distract me.

I don't understand the whole playlist or fan mix thing. If a fic has a soundtrack suggestion for each chapter, I ignore it. More often then not, I won't know the song or musician, anyway. Music never inspires me to write. Oh, it can inspire me to silly daydreams (hence why PotC is terrible for me to write to, particularly the 2nd film's), but not for fic plotting.

Or for any type of real concentration, for that matter. If I'm laying out a pic or storyboard--no music. If I'm dealing with a tricky FX or retouch for work--no music. And if I'm writing fic? Almost always no music.

I know plenty of other find music helps them be creative, but it's a distraction for me. ^^
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Today is my birthday, as a delightfully large number of people here already knew. :3 Thank you, everyone, for the well-wishes, LJ gifts, and special posts just for me. *blushes*

All my celebrating is being saved for my three evenings out with friends! First up are my writer friends tomorrow night. Then my geeky friends Saturday night! And finally my comicking friends next Saturday night. Eeeeee! I feel so lucky to have found so many IRL friends here. Thank you so much, everyone, for wanting to help me celebrate my bday!!!

Today, the actual day, I've been taking it easy. I slept in, read some fanfic, had a lovely chat on the phone with my mom, and walked to the store to pick up some random things--including a piece of lovely red velvet cake. I finished the beta I promised my fanfic sempai, and am now working on that same sempai's rather late bday present: a piccy from the same fic. ^^

I also could finally open my birthday present to myself, bought back in August and imported via CD Japan. The Naruto anime themes CDs numbers 4 and 5!!! I've said it before, but I dearly love Naruto music, and of course these discs aren't letting me down at all. Even that ridiculously irritating "Bacchikoi" ed from a couple years ago (that only lasted about 5 eps, thank you, anime no kami) is actually enjoyable in full form. The 5th disc is a special edition, with lovely illustration booklet, slip sleeve, and three sheets of cel-like stickers of Naruto-kun. It also has a DVD of the opening and ending animation sequences without credits...but I can't watch them until I get a TV and hook up my region-disabled DVD player. :B Gotta do that! (The 2nd Naruto themes CD I bought was a similar special edition, complete with the same type of DVD.)

This means I am finally FINALLY caught up on my Naruto themes music CDs!! Truly a wonderful present to myself. Yay!

Back to working on the bday present for Star-chan! I hope you all are having enjoyable days, too!!!
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Barnes & Noble has a juicy coupon this week for 40% of Michael Bublé's new Christmas CD, and since I do love his voice, I decided to take advantage of it. It's cheaper with the coupon for me to walk to the actual B&N store and buy the CD in person rather than online, which means I had to print the coupon.

I run my work pages through the printer twice, once on each side. After a book is out and on my shelf, its printouts from when I lettered it go back into the printer for that second printing. I do keep blank paper on hand for the odd printout where I don't want manga on the back, but I didn't bother with a blank page for this one. I printed it last night, before turning Seth (the printer) off.

This morning, as I was gathering myself to head out in the 40 degree weather for that 3.5 mile walk, I decided I'd better check my coupon to see which manga pace exactly was on the back. Flipped it over and TA-DAH!!!! Clay vol 16 page 182: complete with NAKED FEMALE YOUMA!!!! XD

Can you see it?

SLR2MOONS: Hello! I have a CD on hold. Here is my coupon. *hands it to the teller, not realizing the manga page is on top*
TELLER: Thank you. *glances at the paper*
SLR2MOONS: *smiles, oblivious to the impact that a naked toothy youma woman with her eyes sewn shut might have on a normal person*
TELLER: .....
SLR2MOONS: *ends up banned from the store* What?! What did I do?! *wails in despair*

To prevent this, I grabbed a black pen and quickly gave the toothy youma woman a sports bra and panties. I shaded them with hatches and everything. I think it looks pretty good! And most importantly, should keep me from being banned from the store. :D

Now, if you will excuse me, there's a certain CD with my name on it. A copy of Psyren v1, too! X3

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For many months, I've been clicking away just about every day on Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes emails. It finally paid off, because today in one of the scratch-off games, I won. Granted, a $20 Amazon gift card isn't exactly millions, but I'll take it. :D

I just ordered three lovely items!

1. music CD of the Pirates of the Caribbean 4 soundtrack!! (MP3s would have been cheaper, but I always buy the actual CD of PotC soundtracks. Tradition! Also pretty pics in the booklet, I'm hoping.)

2. music CD by my favorite obscure rock band, 10 Years, titled "Feeding the Wolves". I had no idea they'd released a 4th album. *is a bad fan* I'll bet when I finally listen to it, I'll recognize at least a couple songs from the radio...before my rock station withered into talk radio and I was left with a shallow sort-of-rock station that completely lacks teeth, of course. :P~~~ Yes, I'm still irritated about that. Grmph.

3. a book! Enthralled: Paranormal Diversions, edited by Kelley Armstrong and Melissa Marr! This one has a double reason for me to pounce: a short story of Chloe and Derek from Ms. Armstrong's Darkest Powers series, and then a 2nd short story by my fave new-ish author Sarah Rees Brennan about Christian the reluctant vampire, who is stuck in a boy band as an advertising gimmick!!! *flails* I've wanted a sequel to the first installment in Eternal Kiss for two years!!!1!1one!!

I'm paying for standard shipping, because I have learned one thing very well, about buying from Amazon: NEVER USE THEIR FREE SHIPPING. You get what you pay for with that one. *snort* (I'd like to point out that B& free shipping is fast and awesome. It's just Amazon that can't manage it.)

Kitty pics coming soooon!!!
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If you've ever had any doubts about my level of geekdom, let me put them to rest.

Last night, I fired up the first Bakuman anime ep. I quickly realized the opening song wasn't for the actual Bakuman anime, but was meant to be the opening song of the anime within the story. This anime within the story is based on the manga created by the uncle one of the main characters in Bakuman. This anime would have shown in Japan during the 80s, according to the canon timeline.

With amusement, I watched the simple art of the anime-within-the-story, and I couldn't help but notice how fitting the theme song was. The  source manga was a cheesy superhero comedy, and the song sounded just like all those superhero anime themes from the 80s and early 90s. Now, if you're wondering how I know what those themes sound like, no, I haven't watched them. I did, however, run an anime mp3 website years ago, and I collected any and all anime theme songs I could find. Including those old cheesy anime classics.

I couldn't help but notice how much the singer sounded like that one guy who sang so many of those old Dragonball Z themes. Really, the anime production staff did a great job finding this singer, because he really did sound like him. Then the song credits came up.

And it WAS him. Kageyama Hironobu himself. OMG!!!

I squeed, I flailed, I had a complete otaku fangasm. I did and still do dislike Dragonball Z, but the music??? That was something else entirely. ^^

So yes, I went into ecstatic spasms of joy about the singer for an anime theme song, whose voice I recognized even after several years of not listening to him once. A quick wiki of his name reveals he's been singing all this time, I just never watched the right anime or played the right games to come across his work again. While it would have been awesome if they'd managed to pull him out of retirement to sing this one anime-within-an-anime theme song, it's still pretty damn awesome he's continued to work for 20 years.

Kageyama Hironobu. Kyaaa! XD

This fangirl geekout post has been brought to you by the Bakuman anime, which as of this post's date is still unlicensed. The manga is being released by Viz, much to my delight. (Just try to ignore the misogynistic stupidity in chapter two/ep2.)

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Shoujo Editor #3 really tweaked the dialogue for Wanted, changing words on almost every page...of the entire volume. O.o Thankfully 95% of the corrections are just that, text changes, which are easy. Open page, make changes, save, bitmap, save again. Easy, if tedious. I'm about half-way through the book now. Five days of effort so far. Wheee!!!! The not so great thing about tons of corrections is I have to balance them with prelettering, and that can be fun. Meh. The definitely not so great thing about them is they come as a pdf file, which means I have to open Acrobat Reader. And that program eats RAM like Naruto on ramen. --;;; I can't listen to my mp3s, I have to be careful about watching avis, pages take forever to load, etc etc etc. Oh well, I'll live. I don't really mind corrections since they improve the book, so onward to the horizon! Though since I'm stuck in the doldrums, I'm gonna have to row. Oog.

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I don't pay too much attention to the lyrics in music because I've been listening to mostly jrock for so long. It's a bit of a shock for me to listen to music in English, b/c I realize I can understand what they're saying, rather than just catching the odd word and occasional sentence. Last night I was finally burned out of my PotC 3 CD (been listening to it straight for over a week) and I felt like some rock. So I grabbed the lovely compiliation CD Kiokonai made me of her personal AFI (that's the band's name) song favorites. I adore every song on this CD, even the ones where the singer screams his lungs out (literally). My favorite has always been 35 mm.

 *desperately clutching her vampire bishounen-decorated livesaver adrift in the turbulent seas of work*

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I enjoy music, and my tastes are wide and varied. I especially love soundtracks, both anime and conventional. Two or three times in my blog I've mentioned my love for the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks, and that's what I feel like discussing today.

But first, please note that aside from 4 years or so of piano lessons when I was in elementary school, I know nothing about music except what I like and don't like. I took the art track in school, I've never been in a band, and thus far my karaoke voice isn't very good. I do, however, listen to music all day every day as I work. If I love a song, I can listen to it on infinite loop and be perfectly happy, and I've made myself hoarse just from humming along with my instrumental CDs. Believe me when I say that takes some serious effort!

So!! Allow me to give my observations on my beloved PotC CDs.

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As the subject says, I don't get it. For several years, I've heard how wonderful and awesome Evanescense is. I did like the one song Kiokonai always sings at the karaoke joint, so I asked her if she'd make me a sample CD of the best of their stuff. She kindly did, from three of their albums. With great delight I listened, and....

*points to the subject*

Sure, the music has its moments, and I wish I had the singer's voice, but...with all the hype and ultimate praise I've heard from this group, I was expecting something like a religious experience. *blink blink* I only really liked one song, the same one Kiokonai sings at karaoke, Going Under. The rest are okay. And to think this CD has the best songs from three albums! D=

EDIT: Upon relistening, Everybody's Fool is pretty good, too. :P

But still. Am I missing something????

Now, the band AFI. That is a group I really enjoy. Kiokonai also burned me a CD of her fave tracks from several of their albums, and I'm zonkers over almost every single song on it. Especially 37mm. *shivers of delight*

Comment notifications worked for a day and a half, but they're being eaten by teh intrawebs again...*sighs* 

EDIT: I've changed my lj settings so the notifications go to my yahoo addy rather than the usual hotmail one. Yay! And hopefully they'll fix things soon so I don't have to keep checking two email accounts. O.o
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I've been trying to post this for 24 hours. If you're finally reading this, then I've been granted amnesty by the "random" DDOS errors. Let's hope it isn't only temporary.

Onto the oddity!

Since Mac died, I keep having slight variations on the same dream. 
Moving on to less disturbing images, I went to the bookstore this past weekend. ^^ So not only did I pre-order Harry 7, I also bought Bleach 15 and 16, Ghost Hunt 4, Loveless vol 5, PhD 5, the first Twelve Kingdoms novel (which is actually the first two in the original Japanese version. Tokyopop published them as one English volume), and Death Note 7 and 8. I list Death Note last b/c I can't read these two books yet. I only have DN up to vol 4, but I can never find volumes 5 and 6 anywhere. I've searched twice at both my book stores several weeks apart, and no luck. Are these volumes cursed or something??? Anyway, I'll probably just order them online. And in the meantime, I'll pick up later volumes so I can have a lovely Death Note marathon. Eeeeee! I forsee some enjoyable Death Note yaoi fics in my future. *drools* As soon as I don't have to fear spoilers, of course. Nastybad spoilers must be avoided!!

Oh yes, and I bought the new Michael Bublé CD. I LOVE Mr. Bublé!! Some of my friends find this affection extremely odd, since he isn't jpop, jrock, metal, or a movie soundtrack. They tease me about it mercilessly. And I don't even like swing or jazz! I love Mr. Bublé for one reason: his voice. *shivers with delight* I haven't listened yet, I'm waiting for the perfect moment. :3

So. Zombie horses, manga, and music. A nice, well-rounded post this time. Ne??
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Kiokonai's bday party was last Saturday. I meant to write about it earlier, but I was busy with work, then I had the Sekishi crisis, so it's coming to you a bit late. ^^ Yes, I have officially eaten sushi. I only tried two, white salmon and regular salmon. The white salmon was very good! And yes, it was raw. The regular salmon was too fishy for me, so Kiokonai finished that bite. (Wasabi packs a good punch!! Me like!) If I had known the tuna was tuna, I would have eaten that one as well. But we didn't figure it out until Kiokonai was munching. (Kiokonai and I shared a sushi variety plate.) I passed on the shrimp since I've had shrimp before, and I can't eat octopus b/c I halfway suspect it might be my animal totem. X_x

But the white salmon was yummy. ^^V Rei-chan and Moriko-chan ordered plum wine, which I sampled. That stuff is goooooood. *drools* Next time--if I'm not driving--I'll order some for myself. *rubs hands together with much anticipation*

After dinner, we piled back into Kiokonai's little car (5 of us) and drove to a back neighborhood of Dallas for karaoke--Japanese style. You know, with your own private room instead of in the middle of a crowded bar. ^^ The place was actually a Korean joint, liberally decorated with posters of gorgeous Korean rockers. Yes, apparently they grow bishounen in Korea, too...*drools* We ended up in what I dubbed "The Rain Room", as all the posters inside were of one Korean rocker, named "Rain". I had actually read an interview and article about him several months ago in the NYTimes. What a babe. *eyes glaze from bishounen overload*

I had been worried that they wouldn't have many songs I know, but I found more than enough to sing in the Japanese song section alone. X_x We had the room from 8-10 (the times I said before were wrong), and we were having so much fun we asked for another hour. ^^ Three of Kiokonai's college friends met us there. One of them was an excellent singer, so I felt rather embarrassed and thus sang worse than usual. I'm actually not half-bad... when I'm not self-conscious. :P When we left, the lobby was filled with teenagers waiting for a room. Every single one of them was Asian! I wonder what they thought of the group of 8 white girls. *laughs*

I think the highlights of the night were ogling Rain *drool drool drool*, Kiokonai's pleasure at my bday gifts to her, and when she and I sang the Card Captor Sakura tv op1 together. "Catch You Catch Me." Of course, no one else in the room knew the song--and half the people there were not anime fans at all--but everyone was grooving along with CCS. No one can resist that song, it's so fun!!!

Kiokonai and I apparently shocked the anime civilians. They were amazed she and I were reading the lyrics on the screen--which were written in Japanese. Sometimes I forget that not everyone can read Japanese, and that not everyone knows I can. I'm so used to it myself that it seems perfectly normal. :P

Anyway, it was much much fun singing karaoke, and we all agreed to go back. ^^ I need to work on singing my favorites--I can't read all the kanji, and they didn't always have handy furigana onscreen for the kanji impaired. X_x Renshu renshu!!

Weeee! Another long post! At least it's all about one topic. ^^

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The New Title arrived Wednesday, right on schedule. ^^ When Shoujo Editor offered it to me, I actually had a choice between two mangas. I chose this one b/c it was a drama, rather than the action-fantasy of the other title. Drama = lots of dialogue instead of action = much easier. And yes, New Title is indeed a "talkie" drama...a very busy talkie drama! Starring college-aged boys! (Kyaaa!) With lots of little FX. X_x But the background patching is very easy thus far (white backgrounds are our friends, yes....) and it's the background that makes Clay such hell to complete. So. New title banzai!!!! *throws arms in the air in proper banzai style*

I've realized I have a very accurate barometer for my energy level and state of mind. If I sing or hum along with my music, then I am in a very good mood and will accomplish many pages. If I am not singing, then it's a day when work feels like pulling teeth. X_x I've been singing for three days in a row now--though yesterday and the night before that was rather quiet, thanks to the Happiness Vampire. But I'm singing tonight!!! *belts out the lyrics to the LotR: RotK theme song* Singing is good!!

I want to try writing shorter posts every day, rather than huuuuuge posts every few days, so I shall sign off for now. *gasp* Try not to land on your keyboard when you pass out from shock. *raspberries at the lot of you!*


6/1/07 22:33
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I heard from Clay Editor. Apparently he's been away on a trip, so he's been away from his workstation for quite some time, and thus the script for Clay v9 is still not complete. So...yeah. I do believe v9 is shaping up to be like v8, when I received the script on the very the day the entire book was due. Heh. --;; I can only imagine what is going on in Clay Editor's life to delay things on this end so very much. Ouch.

For some reason, let me have free access to my complete Rorschach Inkblot test results. Here's the summary: "Your subconscious mind is driven most by Love. Your instinct to love and be loved is rooted very deeply in your subconscious and affects most of the decisions you make in life — whether you are aware of it or not. You inspire people to experience their true feelings of love and act kindly towards others. You also value your personal relationships more than most people. -->Your unique capacity to love may be greater than those around you, which means you may have more to give in relationships than your friends or romantic partners do.<-- Your psyche is very rich; the more you learn about it, the more you will understand who you really are."

Interestingly, this confirms up what I had already figured out about myself, which I marked with the -->arrows<--. The people I respect and admire most usually have the least amount of time for me. And when I am lucky enough to talk with them, I'm always wondering if I'm being a bother and imposing upon them, and get frantic thinking maybe I should let them have their space instead of calling or suggesting we go out and do something. I've noticed this often enough that it's made me wonder if being half-way ignored/forgotten is actually a requirement for me to admire someone. X_x Is this the after-effects of my hellish life outside of home? It's like I'm an emotional masochist: "I can only love you if you ignore me, because the only people good enough for my affections are themselves too good to have them for me!!" All right all right, I'm exaggerating. But I have noticed this strange tendency in me, and I have seriously wondered about it. Yet another obstacle in life for me to ( day...) overcome.

With Clay 9 and the English approaching, it's time to prepare for intense mode. I've stopped working on Skip consecutively and am now doing Pink (page from hell = 3+ hours to complete) and Orange (moderate page = 1-3 hours) pages only. This means I'm jumping from place to place in the story. But it's best to get the hard pages out of the way now, before Clay and The English hit and suck out my energy. Bleague. Unfortunately I can't concentrate on Orange and Pink pages with Nana since I don't have the Japanese tanko for easy reference. One of these days I'll import them all. Wheee! There goes $150...

I'm being a weenie. Last night, one of my long-time email friends forced me to answer a question he asked me back in April. Obviously I did not want to answer it then, and I still didn't yesterday. But I knew he would never let it rest, so I finally laid everything out for him. Last spring he responded to one of those email survey things I sent him, and some of his answers were extremely suggestive and sex-issues-heavy. As long as I've known him he has never hidden his (to be blunt) "hard-ons" and his love for overly sexy women. After I read his survey answers last April, I replied that some of them scared me and that I'd never let myself be left alone in a room with him. He responded and demanded to know the reasons why, so he could defend himself. THAT was the question I didn't answer until last night b/c I hate lying and knew he wouldn't react well to the truth. 9 months later and he still demands to know. (Wha?) So I told him. His reply is sitting in my inbox. I keep eyeing it with much trepidation.

I'm already getting burned out on my Ranma tv season 3 box. I'm in the middle of the 3rd DVD. I'll probably finish it and switch to something else for a while. I hear my Donnie Darko and Citizen Kane Special Editions calling me....

I outed myself in regards to my job last night to a new friend. While I was at it, I officially outed myself on my fave anime mailing list as well. Thankfully, I have not yet been accused of "working for the enemy" like one person told me last year before I learned to keep my mouth shut. So yay for this time. ^^ In the end, no one really cares about the English artist anyway. Except those who apparently consider that being a professional means being a traitor to my fan roots. *rolls eyes*

I'm in love with my Pirates movie2 soundtrack CD. Words can't describe how magnificent it is. I'm getting chills thinking about it. Hans Zimmer is a GOD.  XD


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