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Today is my birthday, as a delightfully large number of people here already knew. :3 Thank you, everyone, for the well-wishes, LJ gifts, and special posts just for me. *blushes*

All my celebrating is being saved for my three evenings out with friends! First up are my writer friends tomorrow night. Then my geeky friends Saturday night! And finally my comicking friends next Saturday night. Eeeeee! I feel so lucky to have found so many IRL friends here. Thank you so much, everyone, for wanting to help me celebrate my bday!!!

Today, the actual day, I've been taking it easy. I slept in, read some fanfic, had a lovely chat on the phone with my mom, and walked to the store to pick up some random things--including a piece of lovely red velvet cake. I finished the beta I promised my fanfic sempai, and am now working on that same sempai's rather late bday present: a piccy from the same fic. ^^

I also could finally open my birthday present to myself, bought back in August and imported via CD Japan. The Naruto anime themes CDs numbers 4 and 5!!! I've said it before, but I dearly love Naruto music, and of course these discs aren't letting me down at all. Even that ridiculously irritating "Bacchikoi" ed from a couple years ago (that only lasted about 5 eps, thank you, anime no kami) is actually enjoyable in full form. The 5th disc is a special edition, with lovely illustration booklet, slip sleeve, and three sheets of cel-like stickers of Naruto-kun. It also has a DVD of the opening and ending animation sequences without credits...but I can't watch them until I get a TV and hook up my region-disabled DVD player. :B Gotta do that! (The 2nd Naruto themes CD I bought was a similar special edition, complete with the same type of DVD.)

This means I am finally FINALLY caught up on my Naruto themes music CDs!! Truly a wonderful present to myself. Yay!

Back to working on the bday present for Star-chan! I hope you all are having enjoyable days, too!!!
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I've been quite sociable the past two weeks! (Shocking, right?) Saturday the 19th I helped [ profile] knastymike with the heavy lifting part of his move into a new apartment. It wasn't that bad...except the leather recliner. That thing was SO HEAVY OMG. >< I was sore for two days! Small price to pay for good company, though. And Mike bought[ profile] inkytwist (who tackled packing and unpacking the kitchen...YEEK!) and me food at Old Chicago Pizza (OM NOM NOM), and frozen yogurt after we saw the Avengers.

Speaking of which, fun film! Even with me not knowing much Avengers canon at all. :B I do know enough to want a Loki movie, where he can be badass and awesome and crack that smile and wear more tuxedos. :3

The next day, I drove down to Salem to meet up with one of my Sci-Fi book club buds, Acacia, and we went to see Battleship. It was fun! I liked it more than Avengers, too. *dodges tomatoes* It's true! Even if they killed off the actor we went to see the film for. :P~~~ At least he took his shirt off at one point. ^///^ And yes, he also appeared on-screen in uniform, which is what we bought our tickets for in the first place. This was Alexander Skaarsgard, BTW. Best-known as Eric Northman, sexy Viking vampire in True Blood. Rowr! We ate at an El Salvadorian place. It was very tasty. :9

After that, I scrambled like mad to finish Naruto 59 and Skip 29 on time, which I did manage. ^^ Skip is now completely in the can, still awaiting corrections on Naruto. Clay 21 is almost done, I'm waiting for either more corrections or the go-ahead to upload. Now I'm powering along with Natsume 13! And this volume is making my BL-loving heart just pitter-pat. *giggles like she's 14*

Then this weekend, I lost my beloved pocketknife on Friday morning, during my usual run. I didn't notice it was gone until I was emptying my pockets after finishing, and the knife wasn't there. I immediately retraced my entire 3.5 mile loop, and no knife. T.T As much foot traffic as this area has, it could have been on the ground as short as 20 seconds before someone scooped it up.

I've had that knife since 1998, when my Dad gave it to me before I headed off to art school. *cries* I keep telling myself it's just an object, and if someone decides to commit murder with it, that they'll wipe my fingerprints off it, too. >< My mom says Dad will have fun shopping for a replacement for me. This gives me something to anticipate, at least. I feel naked when I go outside without my knife. I alllways carried that knife with me everywhere. *sniffle*

On Friday evening, knastymike and inkytwist sent me an impromptu invite to Mongolian grill, after they finished cleaning up knastymike's old apartment. I'd just eaten dinner, so I had ice cream while they had real food. Good company and conversation!

And on Monday, it was [ profile] saladbats' birthday! I headed out to a Doctor Who-themed room inside a fish-and-chips place in the NE of Portland. Only took me 15 minutes to drive! I could have ridden the Max, but by the time I realized how simple it would have been, it was already too late to make it that way. :P No matter, driving was fun! I made a new friend,[ profile] winnett, saw[ profile] snottygirl again, and hope to hang out with all of them more, soon! We are all writers or appreciators of same, and the whole lot of us are complete geeks. FUN! XD Even if all the Doctor Who themed stuff was wasted on me. *makes flyby noise*

Oho, and I ordered a Scottish soda. "Irn Bru". Tastes like bubblegum. I liked it, though I couldn't drink it every day. Far too sweet!

One of the webcomics I enjoy every week, Candi, is asking for guest strips. I'm going for it! OMG SO EXCITING!! XD I'm going to try to finish it before the 1st. KYAAA!! It will be my first guest webcomic strip, the first of many I hope! :D

And finally, I have a [ profile] dreamwidth account. Not sure how much I'll use it, but it's there if I need it! I'm slr2moons there too, of course. ^^ 
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Wednesday night, winter said goodbye with a beautiful snowfall. My area had about an inch of snow, I think. I walked in it twice, once Wednesday evening when it had been falling for about half an hour, and then the next day when it was already melting. It lasted until 3 PM, I was impressed. Today on my walk, I saw the sad remains of a couple of snowmen, fighting to live on lawns in my neighborhood.

Good-bye, snow! See you again in 9 months or so. *wistful sigh*

For the record, having grown up in north-central Texas, where snow falls maybe 3 times a year and actually sticks once every other year, it will always hold a magical place in my heart. I'm sure I'd have already changed my mind if I'd moved to, say, Minnesota...but here in my part of Oregon, it snows maybe 7 times a year and sticks for 2, so it's still magical to me. :3

I am also happy to say that I am as caught up with Bleach manga as it is possible to (legally) be in North America! Thanks to my subscription to SJ Alpha, I can read the new chapter only 2 weeks after it appears in Japan. The chances of me happening across spoilers in fic or art are negligible!!! I can now read almost any fic without fear!!! Yes, this pleases me greatly. ^^

Next on my manga catch-up list...Bakuman. XD I have...*checks* 100 chapters to read. Not as bad as Bleach, for which I had about 170! ^^V

I'm hard at work on Clay 21 and Naruto 59. Trying to finish as many difficult pages as I can before Skip 29 and Natsume 13 hit. I have scripts for both, but no raw pages from Japan. Oh yes, and I finished the 2nd one-shot book I did for the new genre sort-of being released by Viz.

A little health stuff, under the cut to save those who'd rather not. )

Back to work for me! I have no idea what is going on in Clay 21, bouncing around from difficult page to difficult page as I am. Everyone is fighting everyone else, I swear. :P

ETA: Fish skin is sticky!! (Apologies to any vegetarians or vegans or see this.)
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I finally finished a nasty two-page spread in Skip 27. The left page was a pink, the right was a purple. Ooog. The purple page was conventionally difficult for the most part, so lots of FX over gradient backgrounds, except for one huge vertical word bubble that I'll talk about in a bit. The pink page wasn't too bad as pink pages go, but only because I had the perfect lightning screen tone to go in the background of the word bubble on the left. I also had to do massive wardrobe reconstruction for one panel. That was interesting. But the main reason that pink page was indeed pink was the same word bubble I mentioned on the purple page.

Yes, the same huge vertical word balloon was on both pages. Nakamura Yoshiki, Skip's mangaka, has decided she rather likes a dramatic two-page spread with a word balloon right smack dab in the middle. (IIRC, this is the third one in the past ~3 volumes. At least she doesn't indulge in them very often. *knocks on wood*) This works just great in Japanese, since one column of text can go on the right page, the 2nd column of text can go on the left, and everything's dandy. doesn't work like that in English. Thanks to the horizontal type I almost always have to use, I have three choices: squish the entire sentence onto only one of the pages and leave the other half of the bubble blank, figure out where to put extra space between the words of each line so said empty space will cross the gutter/book spine, or run the type vertically and make the letters big enough that you can still read them, even with the letters split in half.

In the case of this particular two-page spread, I did the latter. The sentence was only one simple word: "No!!", screamed out with lots of Os. Perfect for running vertically. Unfortunately, there was no way to easily align the art of each page, as the word bubble's type was the only thing that crossed the gutter, and any screen tone in the background ended at its page's edge. The bubble pretty much ran the entire vertical length of the pages, and while it was transparent (Nakamura-sensei really loves those, too...) as already mentioned, the background art never crossed the gutter. I finally made a third photoshop file, pasted in both halves of the bubble, and aligned them as best I could. I arranged the type there, and then transferred it to both pages. Each page has the full type on it. I stuck a big white bar down the appropirate edge to cover the type that would be printed on the other page. Blargh.

I started these pages yesterday morning, and tonight I have finally finished them. I am SO VERY GLAD they are done, and before Saiun 5 script arrives. (Yes, still waiting. Perhaps Monday.) It would have been hell dealing with this spread while banging out 8 Saiun pages a day. I finished my last recent Naruto magazine chapter today, too.

If you will excuse me, I think I earned a break! *staggers off*

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The month of Work Hell has yet to start. I'm waiting for three scripts: Naruto chapter 525, Natsume 11, and Saikun 5. Naruto I'm not too worried about, as this chapter is a talkie with limited sound effects. Nothing more difficult than a yellow page. Whew! The two previous chapters are done and waiting for corrections. Natsume 11 I'm not worried about either. Shoujo Editor 2 has said the deadline can be adjusted when I can finally begin lettering. I also know we're in a good place pipeline-wise with Natsume. I might have to rush the vol a little bit, but not enough to make me fret over it. *knocks on wood*. Natsume 10 is also done. Saiun 5 is a big question mark. I don't know if the deadline will be adjusted to give me 4 weeks to letter it or not. I guess I'll found out before too much longer!

All of which means at the moment, I only have script for Skip 27, as Skip 26 is--yes--done. I've been lettering difficult pages only, to get them out of the way. I'll probably start lettering the chapter title pages in Natsume 11 today. I don't need script for those, there's nothing to translate on Natsume title pages but the logo and "chapter N", which I can do easily. :B

My thoughts on Darker Than Black, 1st manga edition! )

I suggest anyone interested in comicking art check out the Darker Than Black omnibus next time you're at the bookstore! I'd love to hear what you think about the layouts. Me, I'm going to study Nokiya-sensei's style and try to improve my own skills! X3

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How about a work update? Though if anyone is interested, that suited guy from my previous post did find his Ace of Spades, but when a cute woman showed up, made eye contact with him and blushed with excited delight for seeing such a hottie, he declared himself defeated and vanished with a poof of smoke. (Don't look at me, I have no idea why.) ^^;; All the captured-into-cards people were freed, at least. I feel sorry for the woman, not getting to flirt with the babe. :/ She seemed so happy to meet him!

Naruto, Natsume, Saiun, Skip, and summer heat. )

Back to work for me! As a reminder to myself, next time I need to talk about that manga I just read with the great panel design and layout. It was inspiring! ^^V

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I went and pulled a vanishing act again, didn't I? Sorry, everyone. Especially the two new people on my flist. *apologetic bow*

I'm fine, just tired. For a good reason, though! I'll spare you the details and just say I'm reversing my steady Portland weight gain. Down 5 pounds already. Yay, me! This means I'm usually tired these days. Thankfully work is letting be be tired without having to suffer much.

Claymore 19 is in the can! I should have a couple months before we start 20.

I did two short lettering jobs for Naruto, the second of which was a real challenge. I don't know if this particular book has been announced as licensed and I keep forgetting to ask Naruto Editor. Mum's the word until I find it officially listed or NE says I can talk about it. :B

Natsume 10 is temporarily on hiatus. Shoujo Editor 2 sent me script for the first 80 pages, and I finished them over a week ago. Now I'm waiting for the rest of the book's translation, which SE2 can't give me until the translator gives it to her.
Saiunkoku 5 script hasn't arrived yet. Pattern indicates it will hit at the end of May. There's really no telling with this title, though. *shrug*
Skip 26 is chugging along nicely. I'm about halfway through. This volume starts an amusing story arc that has been hinted at in the teen volumes. I already have my copy of Japanese 27, and I must say: oh my! I do hope we can see what happens to two supporting characters, who are dealing with their own unusual tasks, separate from Kyoko. Particularly Moko's situation. XD Please, Nakamura-sensei??
I decided to sign up for my first fandom Big Bang. )
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I'll have to keep this brief, since I should be working instead of typing. Eh heh. ^^;;;

Mistress Fortune, the Tanemura Arina-sensei oneshot volume, is due on September 28th. This is set in stone due to the book's printing window. I have script and am lettering as fast as I can, which isn't very b/c it's a Tanemura-sensei title. 6 pages a day will bring me under the deadline with some buffer.

I don't have a due date for Naruto vol 51's conversion, but it's safe to assume ASAP. I'm going to try for 4 pages a day. Thankfully I've finished about a fourth of the book, with emphasis on orange and pink pages.

Naruto chapter 500 is due in a little over a week. 2 pages a day will easily finish in time.

Natsume 6 is due September 29th. I've already lettered about a fourth of the book, and that fourth is mostly yellow through pink pages. 5 pages a day will let me make deadline with a week of buffer.

Saiunkoku vol 2 is due on September 28th, like Mistress, though it's okay for this title to be late-ish. I do not have script, so this one is on pause until I do. Shoujo Editor #3 is focused on sending me Mistress script first, then she'll switch to Saiun.

17 pages a day. At least only Mistress is a hellish title. If Clay 18 were in the mix, I'd be going crazy. Um...yay?

Yes, I will be insanely busy, but this does NOT mean I want you to leave me alone. I will need the odd break from work. It must be kept in moderation, though. Please do comment, or chat with me via our msging program if I am on, or send me txts or emails. (I know this request isn't worded very well, but my brain is rather fried at the moment. Forgive me.)

I need to get back to work. Everyone, be well! FAITO!!!

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I heard from Naruto Editor this morning, and starting in the next few days, I'll be lettering 7 or 8 chapters of Naruto, while the normal letter takes a vacation. My first chapter will be #500. Kyaa! XD

This pleases me greatly, for I do miss lettering Naruto from scratch. This will let me sink my teeth into Naruto lettering proper again, instead of just the odd FX they want changed or added in for the GN!

Also: spoilers liek whoa! *blink blink* Oh well! Naruto is the one series I love that I don't mind spoilers for. Kind of pointless to get upset since I letter random volumes (and now chapters!) Eeee! *hugs for Foxy Boy and Angst Muffin*
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I felt like posting, and since I post so infrequently these days, I decided to seize the moment. Heh. ^^

Natsume, Naruto, and a little Mistress Fortune )

My beloved 2nd external hard drive, Isley, has started throwing me CRC errors. For those who don't know--like me until I googled it--that means the hard drive is physically failing. It seems all my file transfers and downloading has worn poor Isley out. T.T I've been transferring files from him to Utena2's second hard drive for the past 5 days. So far, I've only lost two folders of anime. One series I have no desire to archive or watch again, but the other I need to redownload. All of it. *pained expression* At least it's a new show, so the torrents are still up and active. If it were something 3 or 4 years old (and still unlicensed), I'd be anxious about finding it again. Utena2's 2nd hard drive is "only" 400 gigs, which isn't enough to hold all of Isley's contents. I'll be burning things to DVD to make room. Oh well, I needed to do it anyway. :P I'm just lucky I've only lost two folders to the CRC errors. *knocks on wood* The transfer is 90% complete. Whew!

And yes, I transferred all the important non-anime files first. *raspberries*

My new downstairs neighbors are a young couple who smoke. Smoke rises + we like all to keep our windows open + my window fan  = me leaping up to remove said fan and shut said window at the first whiff. *gags* Yesterday it wasn't hot enough for me to turn on Hoth, my AC, and the couple and I were home all day long. I had to do the Window Dash five times. Yes, I counted. Unfortunately since both husband and wife smoke, I don't get a break during the weekday while he's at work. When autumn arrives and I no longer need Hoth, I'm doing to be doing the Window Dash 7 days a week. Oh, joy!

On August 9th, I will be driving to the beach, taking local friends [ profile] knastymike, [ profile] neekaneeks, and [ profile] mcruthless with me. This will be my one day of appropriate summer vacation this year, and I'm going to do my best to enjoy it. Even if it's too cold next Monday to actually swim, I'll at least build a sand sculpture of some sort! X3 Heee!!! I'm going to be a zombie the next day, but it'll be worth it. :D

Okay, back to work for me. Wheee!

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I finally feel like I have a short moment to spare, so here's a quick shigoto update. )
I've been reading one of my fave shoujo manga, LoveCom. I plan to blog more about this later as well, but for now I will admit it's making me really want to work on my own original manga. I have the script and the pages I've already drawn open right now. I'm going to spend at least half an hour (in short snippets while I do my pro work) on it! I want to tell my own stories very very badly right now. This is something else to be saved for another post. Nrrrgh!

TIme for me to get to it. Everyone, please be well!
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The first half of the list of changes for Naruto vol 50 are here. I don't have a deadine yet, but i know it will be a month at most. This means...8 pages a day. I can reduce Saiun's daily page quota to 7 and still make that deadline, but still. Eh heh heh heh. 15 pages a day. ^^;; And just wait until Clay 17 hits!!!!! FUN TIMES!!!!!

I wanted more work, and here I am. Wheeee! *jumps up and down on her bed*

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I said I wanted to post shorter entries more often, but I'm not following through, am I? Nrgh.

After continuously hearing good things, on Thursday I went to the theater and saw Kick-Ass. I liked it. :D I attended the matinee showing with my fellow geek [ profile] knastymike, and as we were the only people in the audience, we could yell and laugh and be as obnoxious as we wanted. It was great! XD I do love a private showing. ^^V My personal favorite part of the film (aside from seeing gloriously fit young men running around in skin-tight clothing--AHEM--) was when the female love interest said she was reading Shojo Beat. OMG! *squees* I was indirectly in a movie!!! Oh yes, and I agree with pretty much everyone else: Hit Girl completely steals the show. XD

And now, how about a shigoto update?? )

Omake: my fave grocery store now stocks Chai Tea-scented candles. Oh dear, this could be a problem. Sandalwood is now facing some extreme competition.
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First, the big news! Thanks to an observant fan noticing a book listing and sharing the news, (note: it wasn't me, I swear) I can now reveal the true identity of New Title 7!! The bishounen level in my apartment is going to explode, because it is:

...behind the cut to spare flists my large text!! )

And now, the usual lineup:

Naruto - I'll be finishing vol 49's conversion today, then I should have a couple weeks off at least before starting vol 50. Not much to say here, but I hope vol 50 will have less action. Two page spreads are hell to convert. Nrgh.

Natsume - I'm just under a fourth of the way through volume 4. This vol is shaping up to be a really emotional one. I caught myself sniffling yesterday. T.T I wanted to comfort Natsume so badly. *sniffles more* Vol 1 was released back in January. I would be delighted if you would give it a try! This is a very strong title and deserves to be read.

Skip - Script for vol 22 is here at last! KYAA!! The first chapter is chock-full of big FX and shenanigans like early Skip vols. I'm actually waiting to start it until Naruto is out of the way. I can only handle so many pink and orange pages a day, particularly now that I'm not as young as I used to be. :B Damn kids, get off my lawn! *shakes cane* Vol 20 just came out. That particular vol is tooth-achingly sweet, but it's balanced by later events. Endure the cute, it's worth it!

That's it for now. I'll be posting a third set of first chapter reviews soon, so please watch for it. ^^
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Hey, everyone! Here's what's going on with work. ^^

First up, Natsume volume 1 is out!! Kyaaa! It's always exciting when a volume 1 is released. XD New series debut, yay! Minna, I would be delighted if you would do me the honor of reading this volume. I've grown to really like Natsume, and want everyone to give it a try. ^^ I think it is worth it!

The usual suspects behind the cut. )

Oh yes, and I'm being interviewed about my job!! It's terribly fun answering the questions. I even managed to summarize my lettering method in two short paragraphs! I didn't know that was possible. Of course I will post the link to the site when it is up. :3

ETA: Yay, the rest of the Nana 21 script is here! *pounces on it*
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I'm back in Oregon. ^^ My trip to the hometown was very enjoyable, it even snowed there for me! Heh! Every day was awesome. Thanks to my mom and some lovely restaurants I was able to eat almost all of my favorite foods that are only available there, and I received some great presents. XD

Presents, the movies I watched, snow, IRL friends, and cats! )
Yesterday I turned on Tsukushii (work computer) and everything was fine. I started Photoshop--and it froze. :\ I closed it, restarted Photoshop--froze again in the same place. Restarted entire computer, started Photoshop--yep. Reinstalled Photoshop from CD--also didn't work. asdfghjkl;!! I googled the phrase on the startup screen where it kept freezing plus the proggie name "Photoshop reading text global resources" and ended up with a ton of actual search results. Apparently freezing at that point is a common thing! First suggestion to fix it didn't work, the 2nd one did. Whew! Now I live in fear of having to restart Photoshop and encountering this problem again. What if none of the fixes work that 2nd time? *has wide eyes*

And now, the work front! I did  manage to finish two whole pages of Naruto 48 while in my parents' house. *laughs* Now that I'm back, I have to letter 6 pages a day to make my deadline of the 10th. Yesterday I did 12, so I'm not worried. Can't slack off, but not worried! Natsume 3 is in good shape, though I also have to stay on it. I fully expect to have script for Skip 22 or Nana 21.2 today or tomorrow. No news on New Title 5 yet, but it's coming. At least I know I have about four months before Clay 17 hits! Heh!

So ends my Giftmas and New Years holidaze. I am pleased with how they turned out! And now, back to our regularly scheduled work days.
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I haven't posted in quite some time, but we're all running around like crazy due to the Holidaze, so oh well. :B

Very early tomorrow (Monday) morning I fly to visit my parents and sister in Texas. Wheee! Back in the land of football worship and cowboys. Joy? It will be nice to see friends and family IRL, so it won't be bad or anything. Just some culture shock!! Heh.

trip info, a very brief mention of work, Utena2, and my Giftmas Day summary )

I guess that's it for this post. I plan to post at least once from TX. I'll be keeping an eye on email and the flist.

Everyone have a Happy New Year!!! Kyaaa! XD
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Here's what's going on in regards to work:

Cut because it ended up longer than I thought it would. )
For those who read everything and paid attention, yes, at the moment I only have Nana to letter. O.o I'm trying to finish as much now as I can, since a rushed Clay 16 is about to land, and New Title 5 in a couple of months. All Pink, Orange, Yellow with Orange Dot, and straight Yellow pages are finished in the first half, which is all I have script for. I'm working on the Yellow with Green Dots now. Without more script, I can't fully preletter the 2nd half, but I'm doing what I can: straightening pages, whiting out Japanese, numbering pages, etc. I'm also doing this with Clay 16. It's all about planning ahead! Particularly since L-chan is going to try to visit in a couple weekends. :3

Back to work for me, then. Shigoto shigoto!
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I just sent SE2 a new list of test lettering pages for wannabes to show their stuff on, ranging in difficulty from yellow-with-orange-dot (not that bad, all in all) to purple (try it and DIE, n00b!). Mwa ha ha ha ha!! XD

It's so much fun to help cull the weak from the herd of applicants. *rubs hands together* As usual, I won't say what title or volume the pages are from, to make sure all wannabes are on equal starting ground. Fair is fair. And no, I'm no being too mean. For those who began reading my blog only recently, when I applied way back when, I test lettered pages from Angel Sanctuary and Naruto. All trial letterers must run the gauntlet!! MWA HA HA HA HA!!! XD

On less schadenfreude-ish news, I have yet to start the Naruto 47 conversion, as it's rather difficult to convert mag pages to GN pages when I don't have the GN pages in the first place. :P I don't think anyone noticed they were missing, either, until I mentioned I kind of needed them. They'll likely arrive next week. Let us hope I'll be able to Bambi-eyes my way into a 3 week minimum deadline when they do arrive! *crosses fingers for good luck*

ETA: And the pages just arrived. Goodbye, end of mini-vacation. You were fun while you lasted... *takes off her had in mourning, then ties on her hachimaki. BANZAIIIII!!! FAITO!!! GRAAAAAH!!!! *dives in*

Meeting Terry Brooks was awesome. What a genki, relaxed guy! He wasn't snobbish or withdrawn at all. I have pics, though I need to remember how to get them from my camera onto my computer, so it might be a while before I can share them. :B

I figured out how to convert the Deleter screen tone library into a format I can use with Photoshop for my lettering. It's tedious busy-work, but I can't help but think how much time this will save me when new titles 5 and 6 arrive. ^^;;; I wish Deleter ComicWorks came with a better selection of tones, but oh well. I need to buy the extra disc of tones. As well as a new scanner. Haven't done that yet.

Oh, on manga news, for those who didn't know, Tokyopop has lost the licenses to all their Kodansha titles. I don't know anything more than the next fan, but you can see info and a handy chart of which titles will be left in half-released limbo, which ones have been rescued by other publishers, and which ones are permanently out of print until the unlikely event of a new license. Thankfully I'm in the middle of buying only one affected series, Remote, and I just ordered the last two volumes through B& After which they promptly sent me a coupon for my next purchase. *snort*

Now I'm entertaining day dreams of Viz landing the new rights to English Sailor Moon and me being able to letter it. *goes all starry-eyed* Ii na.... Exceedingly unlikely to happen, though, as I heard through the fan rumor mill that Kodansha is planning on releasing the books in English themselves, rather than licensing them to a NA publisher.'s fun to imagine...*starry-eyed*


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