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I thought I'd do a shigoto update, since it's been a while. C:

Behind the Scenes (the college club comedy) - Volume 1 was finished a couple of weeks ago. I don't have the tanko (Japanese graphic novel) for vol 2 yet, but the raws are up and ready for me. No script, either, so not currently lettering this one.

Bloody Mary (the vampire comedy) - Volume 2 has corrections left. I do have the tanko for vol 3 already, but no script. My editor said I should have script pretty soon. C:

Natsume's Book of Friends (quiet teen boy who sees spirits) - Volume 19 was also finished a couple of weeks ago. They print Natsume quickly, so hopefully it will be out on shelves soon! No word yet on volume 20, but I'm sure it's coming, probably in early spring next year.

Requiem of the Rose King (retelling of War of the Roses, shoujo manga style) - Volume 3 should be out soon, if not already. I've just started lettering volume 4!

Seraph of the End (vampire action) - Volume 8 was finished a couple months back. I have everything I need to start volume 9. Chapter 39 (which will be the first chapter in volume 11) came out this month in the magazine. Things are getting verrry interesting.

Skip Beat (showbiz comedy) - Volume 36 was completed last week. It ends on a killer cliffhanger. :D

And those are my six ongoing titles! ATM, I'm only working on Requiem and Seraph. But Behind will start up again sometime this month, most likely. Possibly Bloody, too. No random BL books right now, either. If the pattern holds, this time next year I'll have Lost Letters vol 3 (overall vol 4 for the series, since volume 1 was called "The Match Seller".)

Requiem is due in mid December, but this will be an easy volume (mostly dialogue, spare FX), which means it will be quick to letter. Seraph is due after the New Year. I am cautiously optimistic about my current work load! :DDD
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I stopped posting here and on FB both, when Spicer-kitty was gone. IDK. I just didn't feel like talking much. Life has been okay since then. This summer has yet to be a disaster like the previous three, though the ending is going to be a bit dicey thanks to work.

Temporary kitty, flying back to TX for a wedding this weekend, work update for all my titles, and a developed tweak to my manga method. )

One page at a time. *deep breath in and out* And on that note, back to work for me.
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Greetings, my flist! All ~5 or of you or so who, like me, are still on DW and LJ and check it regularly. ^^

I haven't said much here lately, and I admit, it's b/c everyone else is on FB and it's nice to say something and start a dialogue. *sigh* I so miss this platform's glory days. But I should stop contributing to the problem by not posting here, and post more! Ha!

Okay,'s an update on what's happening in my life.

Tl;dr: Not much, as usual.

Longer version within! Work, Yuletide, car, health, living arrangements, misc, and entertainment. )

I guess that's it for this long update. It feels good to talk to you guys again! Please leave a comment, if you have anything to say or ask. C:
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I've really flaked on the posting more often, huh? Sorry to say I lost an LJ friend recently, but I gained a new one. C: Can't really complain! Thank you to everyone who has kept me on their reading/friends list, even though I don't talk much here these days. :P

Work-wise, things are...interesting. I finished Natsume 17's first draft a few days early. Now I'm waiting on corrections. Voice 7 is almost done, nicely on time. For Seraph, the mad dash of all those chapters in a row is finally over this Monday with chapter 21--OMGYAY--and now I have a week off before it's time to letter the first of the now-monthly chapters, with #22. (Seraph is monthly in Japan, so it's monthly here now that we've caught up on all the previously published-in-Japan chapters.)

Sounds like things are in pretty good shape, right? Welp, now let me tell you about Clay. Clay 25 is running behind. The constant Seraph chapters were a real drain on my time, and now I'm paying for it. This volume of Clay is due on June 2nd, and it's going to be interesting meeting that. Particularly since I'm trying to have a life and see IRL friends more than twice a month. ^^;;

I have made one big change with Clay: in all the previous volumes, hand-drawn "organic" sound effects were original to every page. With all my other titles--all the way back to Nana--I save FX and reuse them where I can. It's a big time-saver. I figured Clay was too varied to try that, but the opposite is true. I've always said Clay is like busywork. When it comes to creating the English FX and retouching the artwork, Clay rarely makes me stop and think. It's straight-forward, and I have it down to a science. (Granted, a slow science, but yeah.) And thus, I've begun saving my organic Clay FX for use on more than one page. It's already saved me some good time, even in the ~20 pages I've done so far.

The vast majority of readers won't notice the reusing. For one thing, I don't reuse an FX within 50 pages of a previous use. In fact, I doubt anyone but me would ever know I started this, if I hadn't said it here! Heh. When 25 is released, feel free to play "spot the duplicate FX" and ask me if you're right. ^^V

But when Clay 25 is done, I have to scramble to finish Seraph volume 3, which is when I add FX for the GN version. Fun times.

I'm still hoping this summer will be good for me, since the previous three sucked.

This weekend, I saw two IRL friends! On Saturday, knastymike and I went to a German restaurant. It was DELICIOUS! I must go back, even though it's a little pricey, and a drive! YUM. Then today, I drove to mab's house and we walked around her neighborhood and talked fandom, and house buying, and all sorts of fun stuff. ^^

A satisfying weekend, all around! And now, back to Clay 25. Wheeee!
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Oh wow, it's been almost a month since I last posted. ^^;; Argh. When I'm busy with work, posting kinda falls to the wayside.

As I've said before, I've been scrambling to keep up with work since the disaster of last summer and Spicer-kitty's illness. As of this past Wednesday, I finally finally FINALLY caught up. It only took me eight months. X| On Wednesday I turned in Voice vol 6, and sat back to realize I didn't have a deadline looming. Natsume 17 is due mid-May, Voice 7 a couple weeks later, and Seraph chapter 15 on Monday--which is normal for Seraph.

It feels WONDERFUL to be caught up. 4 to 5 pages a day for each volume (plus the 8-10 for a Seraph chapter) and I'll REMAIN caught up. Aye, there's the rub!

To celebrate my reclaimed status, I posted the second chapter of my crossover fic for Summer Wars and Skip: Unlikely Idol. You can read it in the usual places: AO3,, and Luna. (I can't post a link to Skyehawke because the site is down. :|) Reception has been very quiet, aside from my beta and the one talkative fan so far. Such is the joy of crossing over one small fandom and one obscure one. :P (About 10 people have clicked on chapter one at Luna, but not one of them have progressed to chapter two. Alas!)

On Friday I did my taxes in three hours, a personal new record. Taxes are not a simple 1040 for me, nope. :P But they're done and YAY that chore is over! :DDD

I have three goals: 1. remain caught up (yes please), 2. get back in shape (also yes please), and 3. make art for myself (oh please yes please). Wish me luck! All three will be difficult to manage. Speaking of, back to it for me!
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*points up* That's me, right now. For the most part, each deadline since the disaster during the past summer is slightly easier to meet.

The past three weeks, I haven't been able to do anything outside of work but run errands and go to Book Club, and I really should have skipped that. Or at least bailed out when the 35-minute argument started over what we would be reading in future months. (Some days I just don't have the time and/or patience to sit through that fiasco.) I've missed a birthday party for a dear friend (so sorry, Sno!), and I will be missing a chili cookoff for another dear friend this Saturday (so sorry, Phil!), and it comes down to no fun for me until I'm done. With Natsume, at least.

Info about specific titles, wistful desires for time to be creative. )

I should stop writing this blog post and get back to work. Natsume won't letter itself. Don't let me being busy stop you from commenting! I haven't heard from anyone in some time.
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Hey, everyone!

I kinda vanished again, didn't I? ^^; Sorry about that. I was busy with work, and finishing my Yuletide fic, and life in general. But here I am! *waves* Hi there. C:

Updates for Seraph, Voice, Natsume, and Skip. )

I should be busy lettering Natsume 16 and Skip 33, but they're on the back burner. And Seraph GN vol 2. *weak laughter* Yes, I am still behind, though I'm still holding my new record of only one late title from this summer. (Voice vol 3.) I'm not worried about catching up yet, but I have to work every day.

I poured myself into my Yuletide fic this year. The collection went live very early on Christmas Day. As of this post, my story has a whopping 4 hits, and that's it. No kudos/likes, no comments, no bookmarks. *crickets chirp* This means my recip simply hasn't had time to read it (it IS rather long), they did read and and are overwhelmed and don't know what to say, or they hated it and are overwhelmed and don't know how to be nice about it. Obviously I'm hoping for the first or second option. Even if it turns out they didn't care for it, I'm okay with that. I know it's a good, solid story. My betas have told me so, and they'd be brutally honest if it were not. I'm still proud of it. I did my best, and it turned out pretty good! ^^V (I can't link it yet until after New Year's, when authors are revealed. But I know one of you will be VERY interested. *grins*)

The story given to me was for Basara, and is cute. I particularly liked the ending, and I just love that the author worked two of my stated favorite things into the story. :3 It's less than 2k, if you want to read. Mild spoilers for Basara through volume 8 or so. (I forget when Asagi enters the story.) Here's the link: Asagi's New Brother by anonymous until New Year's.

I also received a treat fic, which is an extra fic written by someone because they wanted to write, not because I was assigned to them. It's a lovely short little fic for Gill from my favorite Pixar and comfort film, Finding Nemo. Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, author also not known until New Year's!

Two bits of interest: Adobe is now charging me sales tax on my InDesign subscription, which is illegal. No one in Oregon pays sales tax. I found someone else also affected, but my plea on the DamnPortlander's facebook and my Adobe forum post have been ignored. (Colorado peeps with this problem back in October replied immediately.) Here, have a look: my post about it; and here's the related Colorado post, which was answered. I don't think there's anything I can do about it. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Adobe is only doing this to individuals, and not businesses. I bet Oni Press or Dark Horse could sic the law on them. Grrrr.

And the second bit of interest: the private server that has hosted my recs site, pics, and other assorted stuff over the years is down, and has been since December 7th. I'm doing research on renting space on a pro server. I found out who hosts each of my fave webcomics, as I'll be using the space for my own soon! (Think positive!) So far DreamHost is looking like my best bet. Less than $10 a month, unlimited bandwidth and storage, FTP access. Gunnerkigg, Johnny Wander, Manly Guys, and The Meek are all hosted there. Along with Oglaf. If DreamHost is okay with Oglaf, then nothing I could draw or link to fanfic-wise could possibly phase them. Ha! If anyone has any feedback on web hosts, LMK. I could really use my former webcomicking contacts right now, but oh well.

Christmas so far has been quiet. I opened my presents while on the phone with my parents and sister. It was fun! I am pleased with my presents, and not letting myself gorge on all the chocolate today. :3 After that, I made breakfast, played some online games, and then go to work. And it is back to work I go! Voice vol 5 is due on January 22nd. Wheeeee!
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Went to my third Yuletide/Nano/scribing-for-any-reason write-in on Friday evening, where I saw the wonderful snottygirl, saladbats, and mab. There were only four of us, but it was still fun! We even ran into a past NaNo-er, and a small group of others who WERE NaNo-ing. ^^ As for me, I made some serious inroads on my own Yuletide fic, of which I am very proud. I wrote about 350 words, which is a lot for me in the space of 45 minutes of actual writing time. (The rest of the evening being spent chatting or researching stuff for my fic.)

Speaking of, I finally figured out how to work writing on my phone. I can't write to google docs since my phone isn't an iphone or an Android, I don't trust emails to not lose text half-way through me typing (it's happened), and Livejournal's posting page is ridiculously code-heavy nowadays...but Dreamwidth works great. :D I have my Yuletide WIP in a private post on my DW account, which I keep open in a tab on my phone's browser. I can be in the middle of writing something, pause long enough for my phone to go into power-saving mode, wake it up...and my words are all still there. Dreamwidth doesn't time out! OMGYAY! \O/ As long as I have a net connection, I can write on the go! And carry pen and paper with me, JIC I don't have the connection. Score!

The deadline is less than a month away. Today I worked on it during breakfast and dinner. I'm pleased with what I have so far, including catching two plotholes pertaining to aspects of canon I'd forgotten, annnnnd a really big realization that I needed to lighten the mood of the MC. Thankfully I caught all three problems before I was more than 500 words into the fic. :D

Speaking of wordcount, the Yuletide minimum is 1,000. This fic is going to end up much more than that. I'm about half-way through the first scene, and the fic's already 650 words long. It isn't just my inability to write shortfic, though. My recipient loves a particular trope, and for me to do it justice, first I have to establish certain facts before I go ripping them apart. (No, there's no non-con in this one, I swear! X|) My recipient did say in their letter that they loooove the sexy tiems, but with the plot I've chosen, that won't really work. Not without the trope of Healing Cock, which I refuse to write. I hope they'll be satisfied with manly snugglings. ^^

I had kind of intimidated myself about this year's fic. I mean, last year's Yuletide fic by me turned out GOOD. It's the most popular fic I have at AO3, and I genuinely like it. I even read it for fun every couple of months! I worry that this fic can't live up to the success of last year's. But my fanfic sempai Star-chan calmed me down. She told me to just do the best I can. I am a decent writer, after all, *I* wrote last year's fic! And all the other fics on my account, all of which are perfectly readable. I certainly have the potential to write another well-received fic! And besides, what's truly important is that my recipient likes it, and I'm doing my damnedest to do just that! (Even though there won't be any sexy tiems. Hopefully someone will give my recipient a sexy fic treat. Though maybe if I finish ahead of time (HAHAHAHAH!) I could write a 2nd fic for them and load it with the smut. I'd say there's a 5% chance...)

I've enjoyed typing on the fic today. Not only having a full-sized keyboard, but being in my home, where I can relax and not need to tune out the coffeeshop music and conversation all around me. I do love write-ins, but it's more for the creative companionship and ready opinions/help to be had, rather than actual words produced. Though writing sprints work well for me. Let's do more! C:

I keep forgetting that someone is writing a Yuletide fic for me, too. I suspect I know which one, based on a comment in the yuletide-coal community that fit one of my requests. It will be interesting to see if I'm right. ^^ Whether I am or not, best of luck and good wishes to my author, if they happen to see this post! I'm looking forward to reading your words on the 25th! :DDD

In work news, Clay 23 is in the can. Voice 4 awaiting corrections, Voice 5 lettering begun. Seraph chapter 6 in the can, GN 1 being FXed right now. Natsume 16 and Skip 33 are waiting for me to start. Wheeeee!!
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It's been a while, huh?

updates for three BLs, Natsume 15, Skip 32, Voice 2 )

Annnd there you go! As for me personally, I'm doing okay. Frustrated with my weight, but that's par for the course. Emotionally I'm fine. I'm over the ex-friends trauma of earlier this year. I keep having these dreams of witnessing 747s crash in front of me, though. I'm not sure what my subconscious is trying to tell me. Any ideas?
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Yesterday I took the day off running to repot my lilies. I should have done it last year, but never found the time until it was too late. I'm glad I did this year, because wow. What started as a single bulb in 2010 turned into a root mass 6 inches in diameter, and I'm not exaggerating! O.O

In the end, I used the new tall pot I bought, all of both long troughs, and the half-sized trough. Lily bulbs everywhere! I don't know where the all-white or the pink-tinged ones ended up. It will be interesting to find out, come June. ^^ The crop will likely be still bigger next year, unless plant disaster strikes. Anyone want dibs on some lily bulbs??

In work news, script for Clay 23 has arrived!! This volume has more talking than fighting, something which I am always happy to see in Clay. :D I finished Natsume 14's first pass, and now only await corrections. The BL title will be done in about a week. Oho, and come to find out it isn't a oneshot like I thought, there's a sequel! I'm signed on to letter that one, too, again with my beloved Clay Editor #3. :3

Also it's been two days, and I'm holding true to my promise to draw something for myself every day. Yay! Last night in particular was incredibly fun. I want to finish it and post it sometime, for you all to see. It's my OTP from one of my fave webcomics, the fun and surprisingly epic DMFA. Safe for work, unless someone objects to scantily clad characters of both sexes. *laughs*

And don't forget: if you want to remain on my friend's list and haven't spoken to me in a few months, leave a comment here or on this post before March 1st!! Hope to hear from you soon. ^^V
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I tripped again on that same stretch of road two days ago. Not the exact same place, but close. I'm going to take [profile] lyschan's advice and change my route. I've already plotted one the same length that avoids that particular stretch of road. Bah! And for the record, that second time, I was not half-asleep nor jogging with my eyes closed. I just didn't pick up my feet enough, and down I went. At least I didn't fall as hard or do as much damage to my hands.

Speaking of which, last night my scrapes were itching so much, it woke me up. :B I'm glad I still have a tube of anti-itch cream laying around. Geez.

I won the lottery again at Publisher's Clearing House. Another Amazon gift card, for $5 this time. Wheeee! I can buy 3 or 4 mp3s! Or half a hard-copy book! Or a whole digital book! Or a sixth of a blu-ray movie! My oh my, so many options...

A couple weeks ago, I visited my friend A-chan in Salem, and she took me to an amazing used book store there called Escape Books. It's in a converted house, much like Powell's, only the books are cheaper and that's all they sell. ^^ I definitely want to go back! I picked up a couple manga vols I needed, and two fantasy books because they sounded interesting. That store is amazing and very cute. :3

I was feeling rather down this morning, until I told myself to knock it off and changed my mind from obsessing over things I can't change to what I planned to do today. To my delight, it worked! I felt much better, and spent half an hour on a promised gift pic for my fanfic sempai [personal profile] stariceling. Something in that pic has been bothering me for weeks, and is why I have yet to finish it. I wasn't good enough, damn it! >< I did some moving things around, shifted a character's position, and now it is indeed much better. Of course, now I have to redraw 3/4ths of one character, but it'll be worth it. Yay!

On a work-related note, script for Clay 23 should be arriving any day now. Skip 31 is 100% finished. Natsume 14 will be done in a week, and the BL in two. Things are chugging along nicely!
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I finally have script for the rest of the BL book and Natsume 14, and after doing math, 13 pages total a day will let me finish both on time with a little buffer for safety. I finished a little early last night, and was on an adrenalin high. I couldn't fall asleep. In fact, the last time I remember looking at the clock before I did finally pass out for good, it was 4:30 AM.

Enter today. I am very tired. And because I didn't run the day before, I had to run today. I took it easy, and things would have been fine, only apparently I wasn't picking my feet up high enough. My left toe caught on a crack in the sidewalk, and down I went. BLAM! At a jog. It took a couple inches of grating on concrete for me to stop. *wince* This happened on the farthest reach of my run, without a shortcut back to my apartment. I had to hoof it, bleeding all the way. Ugh.

Nothing is broken, but I hurt. I lost skin on both my hands, particularly my right knuckles. It looks like I got into a fist fight and bloodied myself. :B I just took my second painkiller of the day.

The kicker? I've almost tripped on that same crack in the sidewalk several times in previous runs, only I've always managed to catch myself before hitting pavement. But being tired today (and jogging with my eyes closed... I was tired and the sun was bright, damn it) slowed my reflexes.

Ow. I bent up my sunglasses, too. I'm amazed I didn't break them, since they were the part of my head that hit the ground first. After that, was my right cheekbone. I'll have a bruise tomorrow. Ow.

I've been chipping away at work, because if I don't keep up I'll pay for it later. I'm over half-way, at least. Back to it!

Hope you all are doing fine. Feel free to drop me a comment/email/text to let me know how you're doing. ^^
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I finished the first draft of Skip 31 three weeks early. ^^V I can't remember the last time I did that! I wanted to complete it before it was time to letter Natsume 14, which will have to be rushed to make deadline, and the new BL oneshot with Clay Editor 3. Still waiting for script for both.

Pretty much all new series and oneshots for Viz are lettered in InDesign now. *pained expression* The raw pages for the BL came from Japan with text, and so the text on each one has to be whited-out and patched over in Photoshop, in addition to lettering the FX like usual. I can do that and the page placement without a script. For the latter, I launched InDesign and started a new file.

*eyes the program with distrust* I haven't used it since March or April, when I had to do a quick edit for the 2nd BL oneshot I lettered, Honey Darling. I haven't REALLY used it since February, for same. I'm sure it will all come back to me, but it's gonna be rocky.

It's the page placement that drives me nuts. It takes forever to get right, and I always second-guess myself. Am I scaling the pages too big, or too small? Is it okay for this page to be so high compared to the others, even for the sake of saving important artwork? What if I do it wrong and have to fix the ENTIRE book in a single day during corrections?!?!?! My two previous InDesign books, I ended up changing my mind how to place the pages about a third of the way into lettering, and had to go back and nudge each one individually. *headesk*

The new series with Shoujo Editor 2, New Title 10, is also an InDesign book. The wave of the future is crashing upon me, while I cling in desperation to my Photoshop life-preserver. T.T Oho, the series has an official English title. SE2 didn't say the license was announced. Mum's still the word. *zips lips*

9 pages of Natsume 14 were missing from the textless batch, so today I prepped those for lettering like usual.

And now, back to flailing about in InDesign. I hope it all comes back soon. I suppose it IS good to be using the program again, since I pay a monthly sub fee to Adobe for it, regardless of my use level. Meh.

Oh, and I had to pass on another series. One I love and have been reading for over a year. But the timing is all wrong. The first volume would be super-rushed, and with Natsume 14 already going to be rushed, and me flailing about in InDesign, it just wouldn't work out. Damn it. *sulks* If the series had been offered and ready to go a month ago, or if I didn't have to rush Natsume 14, or had only the BL or even rushed Natsume, I'd have taken it.

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...happiness is slr2moons in a bookstore. But today, happiness is a single serving of rice with my beef and zucchini stew, and two swallows of almond milk.

JOY. COMPLETE AND UTTER JOY. *blissful sigh*

Yes, my two weeks of no sugar-carbohydrates-lactose-caffeine is finally over. I have coffee brewing on the counter, and a delicious breakfast sitting pretty in my stomach. MMM. :9

Skip and Natsume are here. Skip has a strict but doable deadline, Natsume is due a few weeks later. With the fight-heavy volumes of Clay and Naruto already on my plate, life is interesting once again!

Now, to work. I want to channel this food-given high into some pink and orange level difficulty pages.

Ahhh...such rapture! *wanders off with stars in eyes*
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Yes, it's really me. I've had that same journal layout for several years, and decided I wanted some color again. One of these days I'll get around to drawing my own image for a custom all-me layout. Probably when I start posting pages of my webcomic. I can use character design shots or a great panel layout or two for the art. :D

Work-wise, I'm wrapping up New Title 9, and Naruto 59 should be arriving any day now.

ETA: Naruto is here! And it's not rushed! OMGYAY! XD

Shoujo Editor 2 asked me what I thought about lettering Skip and Natsume in InDesign. I was honest and said I'd rather not, if at all possible. She was amendable to that, so here's hoping the Viz bigwigs don't force us to make the switch. InDesign does NOT like creative type usage, and positioning parts of artwork around dialogue like hearts, stars, and vein marks can be very irritating. And the most important of all: reoutch. Both series make rampant use of transparent word bubbles. In Photoshop, I can retouch only what is visible around the English type. With type done in InDesign, I have to retouch EVERYTHING because there is no way to know what artwork will be visible and what will remain covered. (This would be negated by type-free pages from Japan, but IDT that's going to happen with Skip and Natsume any time soon.)

Oh yeah, Skip 3-in-1 volumes are starting up. I was hoping for VizBig Skip, but I'll take this version. ^^ I'm glad Skip has sold enough to justify a series reprint! My guess is the next best chance for a VizBig reprint of one of my series is Honey and Clover. Hmmm. *crosses fingers for good luck*

Yesterday, my fave bookstore held a massive 30% off everything in the store sale, and I took advantage of it liek whoa. ^^ Highlights of my purchases are xxxHolic vol 19 (the final one! T.T), Bakuman 8 and 9 (I'm caught up! On hard copy...), and three volumes of Library Wars. I wanted to catch up with Tegami Bachi, but they didn't have the two most recent volumes. :P

I have my 4th loaf of gluten-free bread in the bread machine. I increased the flour by another 1/4th cup, and I think that's enough. I also added a half-teaspoon of sugar to see if that will help the bread rise more. And I'm cooking it at the 2 pound loaf setting rather than the 1.5 pound one. (The previous 3 loaves all needed to be finished in my regular oven for 10 minutes, as they weren't quite done in the bread machine alone.)

-->Thanks to the one section of the Portland newspaper I get for free in the mail every week, I've learned of several interesting places where I'd like to go play tourist. I don't suppose any of my fellow locals would care to join me...?
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I post so little these days. It's not that I've abandoned LJ for Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr like so many have--because I don't post at any of those places, either. I just don't feel the need to talk as much as I once did. I guess.

Kakashi-the-kitten is at the vet, being removed from the gene pool and tagged for tracking by Big Brother. I'm grateful for both, as he's been really rambunctious the past few weeks, and keeps attempting to escape through the front door whenever I come home. With no more testosterone in his system, he should calm done somewhat and stop running me and Spicer-kitty ragged. And if he ever DOES escape, then I'll have a much better chance of recovering him with that microchip under his skin.

Anyway, Natsume 12 and Skip 28 are both done, except for corrections. At the moment, I'm wrapping up Clay 20, then I'll be officially without work until Naruto 59 or Skip 29 arrives, whichever happens first. With all four titles caught up to the Japanese release, and me being backup for Naruto anyway, it's probably going to be feast or famine in regards to my workload. Famine like now, with only one title, feast like a few weeks ago, with all four at once. The upcoming months will be most interesting.

I find it ironic that the one holiday season I won't be visiting the hometown in TX is the one where I will barely have any work to interfere. Of course. Also just watch: since I won't have to worry about weather interfering with my flights, it WON'T freeze or snow or otherwise grow nasty this holiday season. Never fails!

Fannish concerns, ala Big Bang art, Yuletide fic, and meeting fellow writers IRL OMG! Also shopping and reading. )

Look, I actually managed to write an update. Yay!
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On Friday night, I uploaded the final pages of Saiunkoku vol 5. This is actually the last volume I will be lettering. The new letterer has the font list and the Photoshop file I made of ganked royal palace screen tones that the mangaka loves to use in her backgrounds. He's ready to go whenever it's time for vol 6! If you've been reading Saiun up to now, I do hope you'll continue to do so. I know I'll be picking up vol 6+ myself, for both the story and lovely art. :3

Skip 27 and Natsume 11 are proceeding nicely, if a bit behind schedule. 5 pages a day of each will bring me in under deadline with some comfortable padding. ^^

I should be receiving three more Naruto chapters in the next couple weeks! I wonder if Naruto will actually be in the pages this time, as in the last set of 3 he was only in a couple of flashback panels. I didn't even have any Sakura or Sasuke, it was all supporting cast! *finds that amusing* There was this one really pretty pic of Gaara-sama that made me happy, though. Heeeee! <3

I've allllmost bought my tickets for my trip to visit the hometown this summer. I'm waiting for some frequent flier miles I purchased to go through, then I can officially buy my tickets. (They're currently on hold.) And it worked out thanks to limited options and the quirks of my airline's frequent fliers program that I'll be flying first-class when I return to Oregon. I've...never done that before. O.o I feel like I need to dress up. =O Heels and a nice blouse and slacks. Makeup, too. *gulp*

I always manage to forget SOMETHING when I'm booking a flight because there are so many variables, and I managed it this time. My return flight is on the 2nd Tuesday of September...which is Book Club Night. Oops. T.T I will be literally flying in the air for the hour of Book Club. T.T How could I have forgotten??! There goes my perfect attendance record. It had to end eventually, I suppose. I'm glad it's for something fun like a trip to the hometown, rather than me being sick. And September is a fantasy book month...I already have the book, too. *wilts* Damn it...

For anyone interested, I figured out why Hoth was leaking. )

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How about a work update? Though if anyone is interested, that suited guy from my previous post did find his Ace of Spades, but when a cute woman showed up, made eye contact with him and blushed with excited delight for seeing such a hottie, he declared himself defeated and vanished with a poof of smoke. (Don't look at me, I have no idea why.) ^^;; All the captured-into-cards people were freed, at least. I feel sorry for the woman, not getting to flirt with the babe. :/ She seemed so happy to meet him!

Naruto, Natsume, Saiun, Skip, and summer heat. )

Back to work for me! As a reminder to myself, next time I need to talk about that manga I just read with the great panel design and layout. It was inspiring! ^^V

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I went and pulled a vanishing act again, didn't I? Sorry, everyone. Especially the two new people on my flist. *apologetic bow*

I'm fine, just tired. For a good reason, though! I'll spare you the details and just say I'm reversing my steady Portland weight gain. Down 5 pounds already. Yay, me! This means I'm usually tired these days. Thankfully work is letting be be tired without having to suffer much.

Claymore 19 is in the can! I should have a couple months before we start 20.

I did two short lettering jobs for Naruto, the second of which was a real challenge. I don't know if this particular book has been announced as licensed and I keep forgetting to ask Naruto Editor. Mum's the word until I find it officially listed or NE says I can talk about it. :B

Natsume 10 is temporarily on hiatus. Shoujo Editor 2 sent me script for the first 80 pages, and I finished them over a week ago. Now I'm waiting for the rest of the book's translation, which SE2 can't give me until the translator gives it to her.
Saiunkoku 5 script hasn't arrived yet. Pattern indicates it will hit at the end of May. There's really no telling with this title, though. *shrug*
Skip 26 is chugging along nicely. I'm about halfway through. This volume starts an amusing story arc that has been hinted at in the teen volumes. I already have my copy of Japanese 27, and I must say: oh my! I do hope we can see what happens to two supporting characters, who are dealing with their own unusual tasks, separate from Kyoko. Particularly Moko's situation. XD Please, Nakamura-sensei??
I decided to sign up for my first fandom Big Bang. )


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