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Today I intended to spend a good 4 or 5 hours writing, but it just didn't happen. On Wednesday, I bumped up my running intensity again. Now I'm at 3 minutes run, 1 walk, for the entire 3.25 mile route. This being the third day, I am wiped out. Blargh.

I also lettered a Skip Page from Hell today, a pink one. With flashbacks.

Behold the Page from Hell, and cower before it in terror! )

(Wow, I AM tired. It took me four tries to type the end lj-cut code.)

Write-in #3 is tomorrow, in a new place. I am excited! Even though I can't figure out why Google Maps driving directions wants me to make a turn around the block to reach the place, when by all appearances and the Google Maps camera, I can just do a left turn right into the place. WTHIDGI. There's a left turn lane, and no no-left-turn sign on the stoplight, and the street isn't one-way. Whatever. I'll figure it out tomorrow.

Everyone, I hope you have more energy than me! And that my Page from Hell write-up wasn't too confusing. ^^
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I finally finished a nasty two-page spread in Skip 27. The left page was a pink, the right was a purple. Ooog. The purple page was conventionally difficult for the most part, so lots of FX over gradient backgrounds, except for one huge vertical word bubble that I'll talk about in a bit. The pink page wasn't too bad as pink pages go, but only because I had the perfect lightning screen tone to go in the background of the word bubble on the left. I also had to do massive wardrobe reconstruction for one panel. That was interesting. But the main reason that pink page was indeed pink was the same word bubble I mentioned on the purple page.

Yes, the same huge vertical word balloon was on both pages. Nakamura Yoshiki, Skip's mangaka, has decided she rather likes a dramatic two-page spread with a word balloon right smack dab in the middle. (IIRC, this is the third one in the past ~3 volumes. At least she doesn't indulge in them very often. *knocks on wood*) This works just great in Japanese, since one column of text can go on the right page, the 2nd column of text can go on the left, and everything's dandy. doesn't work like that in English. Thanks to the horizontal type I almost always have to use, I have three choices: squish the entire sentence onto only one of the pages and leave the other half of the bubble blank, figure out where to put extra space between the words of each line so said empty space will cross the gutter/book spine, or run the type vertically and make the letters big enough that you can still read them, even with the letters split in half.

In the case of this particular two-page spread, I did the latter. The sentence was only one simple word: "No!!", screamed out with lots of Os. Perfect for running vertically. Unfortunately, there was no way to easily align the art of each page, as the word bubble's type was the only thing that crossed the gutter, and any screen tone in the background ended at its page's edge. The bubble pretty much ran the entire vertical length of the pages, and while it was transparent (Nakamura-sensei really loves those, too...) as already mentioned, the background art never crossed the gutter. I finally made a third photoshop file, pasted in both halves of the bubble, and aligned them as best I could. I arranged the type there, and then transferred it to both pages. Each page has the full type on it. I stuck a big white bar down the appropirate edge to cover the type that would be printed on the other page. Blargh.

I started these pages yesterday morning, and tonight I have finally finished them. I am SO VERY GLAD they are done, and before Saiun 5 script arrives. (Yes, still waiting. Perhaps Monday.) It would have been hell dealing with this spread while banging out 8 Saiun pages a day. I finished my last recent Naruto magazine chapter today, too.

If you will excuse me, I think I earned a break! *staggers off*

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Vol 21 of Skip has dropped quite a lettering problem into my lap.

No plot spoilers, but cut for the truly paranoid...I wouldn't mind reading this myself, and I HATE spoilers. )
ETA2 continued: Page is done! ^^V
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About once a week, I end up asking myself one very crucial question:

Will my editor let me get away with this?

ETA: Captive 2 is DONE. T.T Now I can start Skip heheheheheh *faint* 

ETA2: SE4 did not object. Woot!! XD
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I'm usually pretty good at glancing over a page of manga and determining how difficult it will be for me to letter. Occasionally I'll waffle between two levels, but a final decision is fairly easy and accurate 95% of the time. That 5% where my initial estimation is wrong, though...sometimes, it can be downright nasty.

Ahhh...detailing my little lettering adventures here is wonderful stress relief. And I've decided to add this entry to My Manga Method. It's called "work" for a reason, though I still love it. And Clay, too. *hearts for all her Clay characters* And yes. They are mine.
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It has occurred to me that if I wrote shorter posts, they wouldn't take so long to write. Heh. Oh well. Writing these long entries spares my various friends from finding novels in their inboxes. You guys know I will talk/write non-stop if you let I'm getting it all out here. And this way I don't have to write everything over and over for each individual person and thus forget who I've told what. 

Interesting Skip note today. No, no spoilers, so read on with impunity. Skip v8p162 posed an interesting FX problem. I can't actually SHOW it to you for obvious reasons, but I think I can describe this particular curiosity. Kyoko is overreacting, as usual. In large white-outlined-in-black kana, she agonizes "Dou shite yooooo noooo!!" with the O's trailing down the page, across, and off the far right side of the paper. No big deal there, but what makes it tricky is that "no" in the middle of the "ooooooo"s is in English. So it actually reads "dou shite yoooo NO ooooooo". (lowercase = Japanese, CAPS = English) Now, the English "NO" is in all-black letters, and also has a long trail of black (Japanese) Os, this time written veritcally. So the English NO is in the original line of Japanese "oooo"s, and the NO's line of Japanese "oooo"s is vertically down the page. So it kinda looks like this: 

dou shite yoooNOooooooo!!!

I have no idea if that will work when posted, but imagine the vertical "ooo"s lined up underneath the horizontal sentence, forming a big T at the English "NO". The official English translation to replace it was "I dooooooon’t geeeeeeeet iiiiiiiiiiiiit!" and, of course, "Nooooo!" This was the FX problem I faced. You all know I work very hard to match the original FX style with my English version. So. What to do here?? Alas, "I don't get it" did not have a convenient "no" inside. However, it DID have an N. So I decided to letter "I don't get it" in white, make the bottom half of its "N" black, and letter the vertical "ooo"s in black, thus matching the Japanese fairly closely. So I did. When finished, as I usually do with unconventional FX, I zoomed out, sat back from my computer, and took a long look at the FX. I then asked myself the normal questions: 

1. Can I understand what's happening? Actually, yes, I do understand quite clearly. Okay then... 
2. Can a person who hasn't seen the original version understand what's happening? Hmmmm....yes. But they might have to study it a second to figure it out. Uh-oh. 
3. (the most important question) Will Shoujo Editor let me get away with it??? (Aye, there's the rub!) *study study gnaw on pen zoom out some more study study study* Nope. She won't. Ttaku mo.

So...I went with plan B, which was "I don't get it" all in white, including the N. And the vertical "Noooo" in black, with its very own dedicated black N underneath the white N. Typing this out has made me want to take a 2nd look at my final printout to see if perhaps my original plan could be saved...*takes that 2nd look*...but I don't think so. Having only the one letter be two-toned with the black bottom half draws all the attention to IT, rather than to the beginning of the "I don't get it" sentence. And if I had really been loyal to the original version and made the N all-black, it stands out even more. X_x 

I do admit it's a bit sad to be consciously chosing to depart from the original version. But I haven't had to correct one of my shoujo manga FX in many months, so I think my judgement here is sound. Of course, by saying this I have now cursed myself in this regard. Oops.

I actually have another difficult lettering problem I faced today with Skip, but I'll spare you the details. The problem was long, narrow, vertical text boxes. Which brings up the ever-present question: vertical type, or not to vertical type?? I could write paragraphs about this as well, but suffice it to say that this time, I went with the less-safe option. My fingers are crossed that Shoujo Editor will not veto my daring venture. ^^ 

And since the Japanese and strange spacing wreak havok with lj's spellcheck feature, this one came to you raw. I hope it wasn't too painful. m(_)m

Oh yeah. And still no English. T plus 3 days and counting...


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