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Everyone, meet Seth. Seth, this is everyone. *pats him* My new printer arrived today, and he's all hooked up, installed, and printing like a dream. Let us hope he outdoes his cousin and lasts for over 110,000 pages!! XD (About five minutes after I decided to call him Seth, the name Alphonse occurred to me. I chose to stick with Seth, though, since Edward, my UPS, won't be lasting much longer and it will be easier for me to replace sparkly!Edward than Fullmetal!Edward.) :B

Now, because I feel like it, two spontaneous lists.

Ten things S2M does NOT find impressive, ranging from "meh" to "Do you have ANY idea how incredibly dumb that is?"

1. Tattoos and body piercings.
2. Gunning car engines and peeling out in a sad attempt to prove manhood.
3. Bragging about breaking any sort of law, including stealing, cheating on taxes, beating someone up, etc.
4. Refusing to shop for clothing at national chains because "I am not a fashion sheep".
5. Cars that are basically huge stereos on wheels.
6. Jail time.
7. Sexual prowess or promiscuity.
8. The number of children either birthed or fathered.
9. Popularity in high school or college.
10. "It takes 10 *insert unit of measurement and alcoholic beverage* before I get drunk!!"

Ten things S2M DOES find impressive, ranging from "Oooh, really?" to "OMG may I fangirl you??!?!"

1. Writing or drawing a best-seller or internet popularity equivalent.
2. Having a Masters or even better, a Doctorate.
3. Fluency in both speaking and reading for a language not of your birth.
4. Successfully backpacking across Europe, especially if you're female.
5. High skills in music or art.
6. Regularly dressing outside of accepted fashion out in public, such as cosplay or period costume.
7. Being a self-made millionaire--by legal means.
8. Abilty to build from scratch or successfully repair complicated electronics, machinery, or working objects like computers, cars, and sailing boats.
9. Overcoming any form of addiction or disorder, from smoking to fear of flying to over-eating.
10. Enjoying literary, political, or other genres of intellectual debate.

There. Thoughts??

ETA: this post has earned comments from every man on my flist but one, and he doesn't count b/c he only visited LJ once. Heh. *is amused*
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13 Naruto pages a day are taking their toll. Vol 45 is action-heavy too, which doesn't help. I'll survive, but I won't be very genki for a while. :P

Anyway, way back when I began lettering Honey, I decided to download the anime, as I suspected a license for that would soon follow the manga. I was right, but I snagged it all a good couple months ahead of time. I watched the first ep and a half soon after I finished the first couple volumes, but I stopped b/c ep1 has mild spoilers for events later in the series. I didn't know what those events were, but I knew they were NOT in the beginning of the manga thus must be future-flashes thus were SPOILERS! Which I avoid if at all possible, so I stopped watching.

Now that I'm finished with the Honey manga, I decided to watch the anime at last. And...I know it's hilarious and ridiculous, but...I'm jealous. Of the Honey anime. *facepalm* Why am I jealous of an anime?? Because the studio. JCStaff, went above and beyond the level of for-tv animation. Full animation, wonderful body language, even lip-synch! It's gorgeous to watch!!! And it's SO NOT FAIR!!!! *wails*

Skip deserves this level of animation. My wonderful, beloved, so fun and engaging Skip should have been drawn like this!! But it did not happen. Skip was stuck with the typical limited animation you find in your average tv anime. If Skip were all talk, like Nana, it wouldn't be that big a deal. But so much of Skip is action-based humor, and would have been magnificent if given high-quality animation!!! Even funnier and more gorgeous to watch than Ouran!!! But happen it did not. HONEY was given high-quality animation, and not Skip.

So yes, I am very jealous of Honey right now. *fumes* 98% of manga has one shot--one!--as an anime. Honey lucked out in its one shot. Skip did not. So unless the Powers that Be decide to give us a Skip movie or Skip oav release, both of which will have larger budgets and thus higher-quality animation, then Skip is resigned to the cheap anime bin.

*hugs Kyoko and Mr. Tsuruga* I'm sorry, guys. I wish it could have been different. *kicks Hagu, Ayu, and Morita* Jerks! *kicks Hagu again* Especially you!! *stomps off with much vexation*

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A portion of my daily run involves a boardwalk that winds through forested wetlands. Interestingly, all the rain plus tree detritus and dirt from foot traffic makes those boardwalks rather slippery when wet. And when fallen leaves land on the wood, are soaked, and begin to disintrigrate? Whooo! It's like trying to walk on soap. O.o But I'd noticed something strange: I would only slip when I walked. If I were jogging? No slipping. Not once. Now, I've never slipped bad enough to actually hit the ground (or boards), but I've done some frantic windmilling on occasion. Interesting, no? Walking = slipping, jogging = no slipping. You'd think it'd be the other way around.

I noticed that same phenomenon today, when I went outside thinking the snow was only on the grass and discovered that yes, the snow WAS on the grass....and black ice was on the sidewalks! Fun!! Sliding a bit with every step, I carefully made my way down the parking lot.  Then I remembered my slimy board walk observation. So I threw caution to the wind and kicked myself into a jog.

It worked. No slipping. O.o I proceeded to spend my entire 45 minutes of daily exercise time walking on the thawed or never-frozen stretches and jogging on all the icy ones, especially when I had to cross streets. I didn't hit the ground or lose my footing once while jogging. But when I would walk on the ice, I had to be reeeeealy careful. Isn't that bizarre?

It must have to do with how my foot lands on the ground. I've noticed I run rather flatly, meaning neither my toe nor my heel hit the ground first. Instead, it's pretty much the whole foot at the same time. (I think my heel does hit first, but it's by such a narrow margin it doesn't really matter.) Yet when I walk? Heel first most definitely. And when I would slip while walking, it was always when I was setting my foot down, not pushing to step off. My foot would shoot forward out from underneath me, and cue frantic windmilling to keep from kissing the ground.

Anyway, I just think it's strange. Instead of slowing down and walking more carefully over treacherous stretches of ice like everyone else who was out this morning, I jogged and felt perfectly safe and confident. Huh. *scritches back of head in puzzlement*
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Personality quiz results, BL style!! )


Every time I take a personality/relationship test, I come up distant and manipulative. Wow. =O In Harry Potter terms, I can never decide if I'd be sorted into Ravenclaw or Slytherin...but I suppose if I were truly feeling myself when I wore the Sorting Hat, it would be Slytherin. Is it strange that the idea makes me grin?? *snicker* Now I wish I hadn't just used my Draco icon!

I guess I'll have to buy a leash and collar and find myself a...*checks the meme results*...Flaming or Badass Uke. LOL!  I think I'd prefer the Badass version, myself. X3

If any of you are brave enough to take the quiz, lemme know the results. :D

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I'm back in Texas, visiting my parents. Wheee! I brought Usagi with me. My father needs to do something to her BIOs so she can read my digital camera's data card. Or something.

I also didn't want to be without the net. T.T See how much I need you all?!?

A mini-rant about s2m and men. Nrgh. )
Back in Texas. Felt like I never left. My old room is redecorated and looks weird. Braveheart remembers me, yay! It's cold here too, but no snow. I fly back to OR late Fri night.

Spicer-kitty watched me leave from the window. I waved at him. T.T I hope he'll be okay alone for three days...I left four bowls of cat food and three big bowls of water for him. *misses her kitty, so hugs Braveheart instead*

Hassan Dance icon in protest to the ojisans who invariably find me attractive.

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Alas, I am still a zombie and thus pretty much useless. >< I was hoping I'd be over it today, but I didn't sleep well last night so my zombie status was intensified. I didn't sleep well b/c the temperature took a dive and I saw Oregon frost for the first time when I awoke. OMG, I was coooooooold last night!! It was enough to push me to start pricing futons online, which is something I've been meaning to do for months. Surprisingly only one result of my google for "Japanese futon" was for the Americanized futon of rickety sofa that folds into bed. I want the real thing, the foldable mattress. My desk and shelf set takes up half my bedroom as it is, and I like having space. A real bed, even a twin, would make things quite cramped.

I'm shopping and comparing prices now, but it doesn't look like I'll have too many options. Of course I'm broke right now anyway what with my $700 plane ticket (coach!) to TX for Giftmas and then the $1650 price tag on fixing my car. *wince* So I have plenty of time to shop around and peruse the net until Feburary or so when maybe hopefully sure would be nice I'll have a couple hundred available for futuon purchasing.

Today I opened a page Good Grandmother sent me. She likes to make quilts, you see, and thanks to last night I know I need more layers!!  So I opened it up, expecting her newest creation, to find instead the two-quilt set my grandfather used before he died. His name is on both of them. Awww, hell. T.T I was not expecting that at all, and whenever I remeber it, I get teary. X| Nnnrrrrgh. *zombie s2m is emotional s2m*

*sigh* I like this futon and cover set. It's shiny: $330, not counting shipping. *looks at it with longing* Ah well. Bookmark the store for later, right?? :P

And now back to your regularly scheduled flist....
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An amusing self-observation, allowing me a nice introspective break from work. )
BTW, that word in the subject line is indeed intentional. Heeeeee.
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It seems I made the right choice in my chibi-self species. Heeee. :3 I make a rather dashing non-chibi elf, if I do say so myself. Postively bishounen! XD

What type of Fae are you?

Many thanks to anukat for posting this bit of amusement to her blog so that I may try it too. ^^

/frivolous post
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Yes, I am still alive, though still suffering the vestiges of zombiedom. I'm actually typing this on a wireless keyboard. Four years ago, my dad brought home one of these things for a test run. I used it with his old laptop and fell in love. He had to take it back to his workplace, but when he told the guys how much I loved it, they gave him a freebie for me. With much delight, I tried to use it just like the other one, but it didn't work. So I tucked it into a corner of my room with much disappointment and forgot about it.

Utena's keyboard has always been temperamental. I suspect it's b/c I drop it fairly regularly. I don't have desk space for the keyboard, so I hold it in my lap when I type, and lay it on top of Utena's tower when not in use. The keyboard was light and smooth, so it would slide off my lap or the top of the tower if I wasn't careful. Many a time it crashed to the floor. It didn't seem affected at first, but its behavior has been growing more erratic, until in past few days it's been freezing every couple of hours and driving me crazy.

I remembered my freebie wireless, dug it out from the depths of my room, installed the disc, plugged in the mouse holster/receiver thingie, rebooted, and--nothing. >< The batteres were fine, the keyboard has no power switch for itself, and no little light to indicate it was on. I asked my dad for help, but he was clueless too. After some random button pushing, all of a sudden it began to work. Hell if I know what we did. *is flummoxed* Maybe it had to warm up? Maybe it took a few minutes for the driver to kick in??? *has no idea*

So yay, it's working, right? Now I'm having to adjust to all the cntrl/alt/delete/arrow/etc keys being out-of-place and the general weirdness of retraining my muscle memory. I just hope the keyboard keeps deciding to work for me, since I don't know how to convince it to come back if it decides to go MIA. O.o I do feel kinda bad about having to retire Utena's original keyboard. It's typed up so many emails, entries, comments, and all my fanfics....but I suppose this change is for the better. I'd worn off a large portion of the letters thanks to my photoshop shortcuts anyway. :P

I'll have to name the newbie here. I'll give him a few days for me to figure out his personality. I'm thinking it's a guy. To stick with my theme, we have Akio, Miki, Saionji, Touga, and Tsuwabuki. I wonder which he'll end up being. And how long it will take me to drop him.
slr2moons: a self-portrait, of me in my usual habitat: in front of my computer monitors! (cruel) event always stands out as the true testament that Spring is upon us. *has starry eyes* No, it is not new soft leaves on the trees, it is not rampant birdsong, it is not Vs of Canadian Geese flying north once more...oh no.

For me, the true sign of Spring is the moment I kill my first scorpion of the year. What wham flush!!! Mwahahaha! Evil little bastards. I hate them inside my house. Especially the one that crawled up my bedsheets four years ago and stung me awake. *snarls* DIE BASTARDS DIE!!!!!! Scorpion stings don't completely heal for a month, and they huuuuuuurt. Grrrrr.

This one tonight was a prime specimen. A full-grown adult, 3 inches long, in the prime of its life. Which I abrupty ended, thanks to Spicer-kitty who kept him cornered for me until I could attack with the fly swatter. I love it when my cats work with me. Though now I cannot walk through the house at night without wearing my scorpion shoes (keds I only wear indoors) and I dare not nap on the floor without first thoroughly checking any blankets and pillows for scorpiads. During the day. And no way will I snooze on the floor at night again until October. Or until I'm in Portland. Whichever comes first. (Hopefully Portland) *absently wonders how thick the Oregon scorpiad population is*

This icon is dedicated to all the lovely venomous scorpiads I have consigned to the septic deep over the years. Bwahahahaha!!!!!!!! >:D

/glimpse into s2m's daily life
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I don't pay too much attention to the lyrics in music because I've been listening to mostly jrock for so long. It's a bit of a shock for me to listen to music in English, b/c I realize I can understand what they're saying, rather than just catching the odd word and occasional sentence. Last night I was finally burned out of my PotC 3 CD (been listening to it straight for over a week) and I felt like some rock. So I grabbed the lovely compiliation CD Kiokonai made me of her personal AFI (that's the band's name) song favorites. I adore every song on this CD, even the ones where the singer screams his lungs out (literally). My favorite has always been 35 mm.

 *desperately clutching her vampire bishounen-decorated livesaver adrift in the turbulent seas of work*

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Today I really exercised for the first time in about two weeks. I tried to run outside, but the below-freezing wind chill (I'm not exaggerating) drove be back indoors after half a lap. O.o So I began to run up and down the long central hallway of the house, turning around at a walk in my parents' bedroom and the guest room. The hallway is long enough for 12 of my running steps each way, but only walking while I turn and for the odd break at least insures a steady amount of effort.

Since I wouldn't be walking enough to justify carrying a book to read,  I let my mind wander, finally setting on one of my silly fantasies that I have to keep myself amused. In this particular fantasy, I move to Japan to become an assistant on one of my favorite manga titles, and eventually inherit the manga. No, the original mangaka never dies or becomes sick or anything, they just decide they've had enough of the horrible hours and chose me to take over for them. It's my fantasy, I'll do what I want.

So then I had all sorts of fun imagining myself in utter shock at the sudden declaration of "You're *bleep*'s new mom! Here's my plot outline for the next year, have fun! Feel free to improvise!" Dealing with the other upset and resentful assistants, a press conference to announce the new mangaka, my perfect Japanese it's my fantasy, I'll do what I want, and other such delightful things. Writing my own author's notes bits that you find on the bookcover flaps in the tankos, traveling back to the US for Anime Expo as a lauded guest, having adoring fans, secretly buying yaoi doujinshi so I can giggle and blush over the stories I could never publish as canon, lurking on communities and message boards to laugh at fans who take things much too seriously, you get the idea.

About 20 minutes in, the endorphins really kicked in from my exercising, and I was having so much fun with my silly fantasy that I lost track of time. I suddenly realized my legs were seizing up, and saw I had only 5 minutes left. I did some stretches and walked for a bit, did some more stretches, and continuously played my fantasy all the while.

So. Even though I'm still behind on Clay and Nana, I feel really good at the moment. The natural high made by the combination of my first solid exercise session in ages and my silly little fantasy have made me feel really relaxed and happy. I know I'm gong to be very sore tomorrow and still behind with work, but it was worth it.


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Something I'll probably never outgrow is my love for presents. To me, they are physical reminders that someone was thinking of you, and hopefully likes you enough to buy or make you something special. I just love love love presents, though now that I'm older, it's the thought and affection behind them that I love more than the actual object itself. 
Usually. *wink*

Tonight I'm finally updating my wishlist, which I do once or twice a year as by bday or Christmas nears. I'm actually really easy to buy presents for, the only problem is finding something I don't already have. This is why I started my wishlist ages ago, to help my family track down the books and DVDs I needed.

At first, my wishlist was almost entirely anime. But over the past several years, the book section has become dominant. Omoshiroi, ne?

I'm going to sit on the list for 24 hours, in case I think of anything else to add. Wheee! EDIT: Oh yeah, a new printer toner cartridge...those are $70 a pop. *adds*

And if I don't get the Loveless art books for Christmas, I'm buying those myself. MOST DEFINITELY WANT. And the scanner, screen tone discs, and tablet sheet. MOST DEFINITELY NEED. 

Oops. While making my wishlist, I noticed that I somehow deleted the Japanese-language section on my massive Manga I Own list, and saved it that way. Mmph. Now I have to re-make that part, which will take several hours. But at the moment, no time. Oog. T.T
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Thanks to my mother's love of houseplants, I've lived with fruit flies for a very long time. As house pests go, they are rather benign. They're not blood-sucking fiends like fleas or ticks, they're not generally gross like cockroaches, they aren't deadly like brown recluse spiders. But unfortunately for the fruit flies, they are annoying. Especially when they try to spelunk up my nose or practice their skating routines over my computer screens.

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Tonight I went outside at 3 AM in the hopes of seeing a little of the meteor shower that actually happened last night, when I completely forgot about watching. It's been a long time since I've stood outside and looked at the stars.

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This morning, I decided it was time to reboot my computers. I leave them on 24-7, mostly b/c they'd only be turned off when I'm asleep, and I always have torrents running on Utena anyway. But today, I thought a reboot was in order. So I did. Tsukushi breathed a sigh of relief and was immediately ready to get back to work. But Utena...

And yes, I named my computers. :P~~~~~~~~


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