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The bank appraisal on my potential future condo happens tomorrow, Wednesday. *gulp* This will be the deciding moment, guys! If the bank says the place is worth less than my offer, and the seller won't take the reduced amount, then my search resumes. Ohhh boy.

In work news, I was able to scramble enough to finish Seraph with the extended deadline Seraph Editor 2 gave me. Yay! Mab came over and did some work of her own, and having her here in person helped keep my energy up! Especially when she read aloud two of her racier fics! *laughs* Oh my!! Corrections were sent to me the next day, and I completed them this past weekend.

I'm a few pages into Bloody v3. Thankfully no horrid omake spreads to deal with this time! (Check out v2 when it's out and you'll understand immediately. GAH.) I'm finally getting the hang of the interspatial pages for this series, too! ^^V Unfortunately, this volume will be rushed. But I've already done the two worst pages! Most of Bloody's pages have only one or two minor FX, which means it usually goes quickly.

Have script for Behind v1 and Skip v37. Have yet to start either, though I've made my key sheet for Behind. This one is a little easier than v1, as is usual for manga. Gotta put a lot of effort into vol 1s, to catch those readers and earn those votes!

As usual, I'm in the middle of several different audiobook series. I very rarely read (meaning listen to) more than one book in the same series in a row, to avoid burnout. Well, unless one volume ends on a terrible cliffhanger and I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS. *laughs*

But I think I'll save my current reading ramblings for my next post. ^^ I am trying to post more often, and gotta pace myself!! Also if I delay posting this right now, I might not post at all. I know myself well. ^^;;;;

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I've been under an extreme amount of stress for the past two weeks, mostly due to work, frustration with my continuing weight gain, money, and home ownership problems. But if I type everything out here it will just make me feel worse, so let me instead tell you about something more positive and uplifting.

Since the stress kicked in, I've felt this urge to read fanfiction. I've punted aside my various published fiction to-read lists, and aside from one exception, it's been fanfic all the way.

I'm not sure how many fics I've read, but it's been a lot. I'd estimate the word count to be over 700k--so far. I'm actually finishing up a fantastic 100k original m/m romance and angst fest story today. For my own amusement and to share any fics you yourself might want to try, here is the list of what I've read in this binge so far. Reconstructed from memory in three sections: fics already on or to be added to my recs page, fics I decided not to rec after reading, and fics I'm in the middle of and/or have yet to decide to rec or not:

Surprisingly long list of varied fandoms and fic styles. I'll read almost anything. )

I think I know WHY I had this urge to binge on fanfic in a way I haven't in a couple of years. It's because fanfic, unlike prose, can give me exactly what I want, and it's relatively easy to track down.

Take all those Brienne/Jamie fics up there. That ship will NEVER happen in the show, and I'd be amazed if it does in the books. Hence, fanfic can give me what I want: a reverse beauty and the beast story, which almost never happens in professional media. (If you know of any, please LMK. M/M or F/F works, too!)

Now take a look at that Sherlock fic. That story emotionally wrung me out like a limp washrag and left me to dry. GUH. Can a pro author write something like that and have it published? Maybe. I've never found one like it. (If you know of any--any style ship--please LMK.)

And then, of course you have the most basic appeal of fanfiction: seeing my favorite characters doing things and being put in situations that could never happen in their actual canons. Yes, Sherlock canon certainly had fun with the gay misconceptions, and yes dark things happened in SoIaF/GoT--and gay and asexual people exist, though they aren't allowed to be too badass--and the great big yes: I couldn't love the characters and want to read fic about them if their canons didn't exist in the first place.

Maybe it's the short word count? Though the HP fic (~400k) disproves that.

In the end, I don't really know. I just wanted to read fic, like comfort food. So I did. C:

Feel free to share your own opinion on why you like to read fanfic, if you do. I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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Hey. ^^ Long time no talk yet again, right? But here I am, finally. Unfortunately, when it's been a while since I've posted, I feel I should write a Post of Substance, and that takes time and effort, and thus I decided to do it tomorrow. Repeat for about a month. :P But today, I had something on my mind, and even though it's frivolous, I want to share it. C:

My IRL and fandom friend knatsymike asked me via text how much of my massive manga collection I've actually read. Those of you who have witnessed my collection in person know it's huge, and it seems half the time when I'm asked if I've read a particular series, I'll answer "No, but I own it! :D"

I'm curious to see exactly what the ratio is to the read and unread manga in my collection. I started yesterday. So far, I've made it through Basara by Tamara Yuki. (Sarasa/Ageha/Asagi OT3 4EVA!!1!! /shipping)

A manga vol is read if I've read the entire thing once, no matter how long ago. This includes reading series in a magazine first, like Shojo Beat (How I miss thee... T.T), and then bought the GN when it was released. Also it includes everything I've lettered, because I've read those IN DETAIL. SO!!

Tally so far:

68 read
42 unread
total volumes: 110

Anyone want to make any predictions?? Here, I'll start: I guesstimate I own 1200 manga volumes, and I've read two thirds of them. :3

(Note: These 110 volumes counted so far are 1/4th of one shelf. Have I mentioned I have a massive collection? Because I do.)

To be clear, I didn't buy all of my manga. A good third of my collection were freebies from Viz. I've also stalked several library sales, b/c I can't resist a $1 manga vol I don't have, even if it's covered with library stamps and stickers. I've also obtained a nice chunk from (If you join, list me as the person who referred you!!! Use my hotmail addy. ^^V) My manga buying binge slowed down the past couple years, as my rent increased, and Spicer-kitty ended up so sick. (He's doing good! *knock on wood*)

And yes, in case you haven't noticed, I like physical books. C:
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I know, it's been 3 weeks since my last post, and I'm doing a short book review instead of something personal. The IRL post is coming, I just want to get this book one done while it's on my mind, otherwise it won't happen.

Little Known Facts, by Christine Sneed.

I found out about this book through the Daily Dose email, which is a daily email (heh) that features a customer's blurb about why they like a particular book they've read, and the official publisher's info beneath it. I always read these, and have amassed quite a list of books to try.

This book is set in modern Hollywood, and that is what grabbed my interest. I am fascinated by the movie-making process, likely due to my own interest in making animation films back in my teens and 20s. While I've lost that ambition, I'm still fascinated by what goes on backstage. (I love real movie commentaries, ones about creating the film, not just the actors cracking jokes about the surface and trading insults.)

This book is about the family and friends of a fictional huge Hollywood actor named Renn Ivins, an equivalent of Robert Redford or Harrison Ford. The first ex-wife pediatrician Lucy, the aimless trust fund son Will/Billy, the daughter Anna in her residency for family practice, Renn's current 30 years younger girlfriend Elise, Will's current girlfriend Danielle, Renn's second ex-wife Melinda, and a propmaster/wannabe filmmaker named Jim.

Every chapter is written from a different point of view, sometimes even switching to first person for a certain character, then back to third. I wonder about that, but if the character was demanding first person, it's understandable.

The book was indeed interesting, and I did not have to force myself to read it, but one thing really stands out to me:

Every story is about romantic relationships, except one. Characters fall in love--or at least have sex--while being with someone else. Breakups happen, new SOs are found, marriage is talked about and proposed, casual sex happens, not so casual sex happens, worried phone calls to snoop on lovers or discuss relationship problems, etc etc etc. By the end of the book, even the level-headed mom is caught up with endorphins about college friend turned wonderful boyfriend.

The single exception to the entire book being about romantic relationships is the propmaster/wannabe filmmaker. He gets one short chapter, and then a brief scene later in a Renn chapter.

Also of note is that Will does figure out what to do with his life, at least for the foreseeable future, and it has nothing to do with his new girlfriend. He arrived at the idea on his own.

This almost universal focus on love (or at least sex) for almost every character strikes me as odd. Why limit the story in such a way? Many interesting plot twists could be weaved around jobs, or bad luck, or even a character finding a book that changed their life, but instead it's all love affairs. Why, Ms. Sneed?

Or am I the odd one for not recognizing that love affairs are the most important, all-encompassing thing in everyone's life? *sigh* I just hope Jim the propmaster/wannabe filmmaker and Will the no-longer-aimless son are successful in their career pursuits. Good for them!
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My current audio book, Off Armageddon Reef by David Weber, reminds me of why I added #18 to my list of Things I Will Never Include in My Original Stories:

18: Exposition about my setting's history and politics and the wars that shaped it, all delivered within sight of the first page.

Although in Mr. Weber's case, it wasn't within sight of the first page. More like around page 75, if I had to estimate. (Audio book, remember.) But throwing a huge ensemble cast at the reader, with convoluted politics and double-talk and name-dropping and characters who appear only for a few paragraphs to do all this exposition is NOT going to help your reader keep everything straight.

I love thrillers with lots of politicking going on, but when it comes to novels...there MUST be a better way. GAH. I felt like I was reading to a history textbook!
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In light of what I observed about hometown friends from my 2012 retrospective post, and because I was feeling worse about life by the minute, I decided to be pro-active and called up a friend I haven't spoken to in months.

It was wonderful! X3 I love my friends, particularly the ones who have seen my at my worst and like me anyway. *hugs for everyone*

On a manga-esque note, I realized 2012 was The Year of Shounen Manga. Thanks to needing to catch up to the digital version of English Shonen Jump magazine, I had to marathon a LOT of shounen manga. I don't recall the exact numbers for all of the series, but here's a guesstimate: (OMG Chrome recognizes "guesstimate" as a word!)

Bakuman - 150 chapters
Bleach - 150 chapters
Naruto - 80 chapters
Nura - 180 chapters (the whole thing up to January '12...)
One Piece - 55 chapters
Toriko - 170 chapters (the whole thing up to January '12...)

And the above is why I haven't really tried any new webcomics this year. (Note: Chrome does NOT recognize "webcomic" as a word.) I've been so busy doing manga homework! Next on my list of webcomics to start is Gunnerkreigg Court. I read the hard copy of vol 1 last year (in the middle of all that shounen) and want to catch up. I'm still making my way through all those digital Jumps from last year, mostly because I DIDN'T keep up with reading every week, and am still in June '12 for Bleach, Nura, and One Piece. At least I've stayed caught up with Naruto and Toriko.

Though now I have to catch up to Nisekoi and Blue Exorcist, both of which started in digital Jump a few months chapter 50. *headdesk*

So far for 2012, I am doing better with reading less fic, more manga and comics, and working on my original manga, too. HEY YOU GUYS! I FIXED A PLOT HOLE AND FOUND MY FOCUS!! PLOTTING IS SO MUCH EASIER NOW!!! XD
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I'm pleased to say that my bromance pic is coming along nicely. I'm almost done with the roughs. All I have left are shoes and two hands. I'm quite proud of this pic so far--I've never drawn such a complicated pic so quickly! It's fun! Practice does make things easier. :3

I've been slowly watching the creep-tastic anime from last season, Shiki. GAAAH. I try NOT to watch it just before going to bed, because it's already given me equally creep-tastic dreams once, and that was enough! I'm only through ep 8, and it's 22 eps long. That leaves quite a bit for me to get through.

I like the character designs, though the hair styles are...bizarre. Even for anime. O.o

Speaking of creepy shows, I've started rewatching Supernatural. I'm playing my DVDs on one of Shetan's screens and working on the other while I listen and glance over from time to time. I forgot how scary the first season was. I like these monster of the day eps, even if the new hot woman the guys help in just about every single ep becomes rather annoying. (It's MacGuyver all over again! Hahaha!)

Also...I just don't ship Dean/Sam. I don't see it! Normally I'm all about the slash, but all I get is a brotherly vibe from these two. IDK. I've read a handful of highly recced Dean/Sam fics, and they were okay, but none grabbed me. Since I've only watched through the 5th season so far, I'm really careful about SPN fic for fear of spoilers, but still. I don't really ship anyone in this series. Not even Dean/Castiel. Though to be honest, I have yet to read any Dean/Castiel for fear of spoilers, so maybe that ship WILL grab me when I do. But I have to wonder if my slash goggles are broken--for SPN, because they're going strong for just about everything else. Ha!

My fave SPN ep is still #12, Faith. It's the first Dean-focused ep, Mr. Ackles does some great acting in it, and I really like the story. I also enjoy the twist that the faith healer saves people's lives without realizing it's because his wife has gained control over a Grim Reaper, and she is selecting people who "deserve to die" in the healed ones' places. Nice lady, huh? Anyway, I really love that ep, even having watched five season's worth of the show. I wish it had commentary on the DVD. I guess I should be grateful there's a cut scene bonus content. (And for once I agree about cutting that scene, it really ruins the effect of my beloved Deanikkins being healed all miraculously.)

My fave YA author, Sarah Rees Brennan, will be in Portland again tomorrow. It will be her first visit since 09!! I have eight books for her to sign: four short story collections and four novels. All of her fiction so far except for her first book, which she signed for me last time. There's a brand-new story collection with one of her works in it that I need to get. The Powell's site says they only have two at the store. I plan to arrive there early enough that I can grab one.

Now I think I'll watch some Naruto, to balance out the creepy. Yay!
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*is goo*
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I've adored CLAMP's manga series xxxHolic for about 7 years, since I marathoned the first 5 volumes, loaned to me by my beloved IRL friend Kiokonai. I loved the art, I loved the individual stories, I loved the mysterious overall plot arcs, and I loved the three main characters.

For the past couple weeks, I've been rereading the series from vol 1, and loving every minute. Tonight I took 2 hours and read the final two volumes, fully expecting to bawl my eyes out and sob myself to sleep. Holic would be over! The ending would be amazing! No more Holic ever but the journey was FANTASTIC and now I can finally read fic without fear of spoilers and *bawwwwwwl* I am on LJ, typing out my reaction.

Okay, so I am a LITTLE teary, but that was about one specific aspect of the ending. And now, massive spoilers, HO!

Click here to learn how the series ended, the questions resolved--or not--and what I think about it all. )


5/5/12 20:38
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I just finished yet another audiobook in the massive string I burn through while I work. I listened to the Great Reveal at the End twice, and hell if I know why the female lead hated the male lead so. *scratches head*

Maybe I'm just not old and world-wise enough to get it yet.

Also, it's rather odd to read a book where there's no mystery to solve, no dashing adventure or agonizing romance, no quest, no fighting, no point at all., in all its boring progression.

I kept waiting for something to happen. I suppose it did, what with the Great Reveal at the End, but all I get out of it is my icon and subject up there.

No wonder I prefer speculative fiction.

So. Guess who is coming down with Con Crud after all? This sucks. Claymore is due on Monday, so that's all I'm lettering until it's done. 5 pages left, including the current one. At least the end is in sight, and nothing harder than yellow left. Wheeee.

I think I'm going to listen to some straight-up fantasy next. Give me a good quest any day, with some lovely UST to spice things up. Yay!
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Happy Valentines Day to everyone! And to those on my flist: I am glad you are all my friends. ^^ *virtual hugs for one and all!*

I have a new title! Welcome New Title 9, another one-shot, this time with a brand-new editor! I shall dub her "BE", for reasons you'll find out soon enough. I just did several searches at Amazon, B&, and the official Viz site and can find no reference to relevant titles, so...I will remain vague for now. :B Sorry, guys!

This title is rather rushed. I'll be cranking out pages as fast as I can! I really like this one. I lucked out yet again--it could have been tiresome. Yay, it's not! The story is solid, the art is clean, the char designs very beautiful. It looks a lot like Saiun, only slightly less shoujo. Eyes are smaller, and no fantastic costumes. It's still very easy on the eyes! And it's also to be lettered in InDesign, like New Title 8. It looks like I still remember how to use the program. This is good! I'm glad my monthly subscription to the proggie isn't going to waste.

Amusingly enough, the book does not have one single page number. Not one, not even in the original Japanese version. That has never happened to me before, not in ~120 lettered books! One volume of Skip came close, but it still managed to have 3 or 4 page numbers. A milestone has been reached!

Sherlock by BBC, Bleach manga homework so I can use my SJA sub, and book club tonight! )

Enough from me! I have time for at least one more page of New Title 9 before I wander off to Book Club. ^^
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I post so little these days. It's not that I've abandoned LJ for Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr like so many have--because I don't post at any of those places, either. I just don't feel the need to talk as much as I once did. I guess.

Kakashi-the-kitten is at the vet, being removed from the gene pool and tagged for tracking by Big Brother. I'm grateful for both, as he's been really rambunctious the past few weeks, and keeps attempting to escape through the front door whenever I come home. With no more testosterone in his system, he should calm done somewhat and stop running me and Spicer-kitty ragged. And if he ever DOES escape, then I'll have a much better chance of recovering him with that microchip under his skin.

Anyway, Natsume 12 and Skip 28 are both done, except for corrections. At the moment, I'm wrapping up Clay 20, then I'll be officially without work until Naruto 59 or Skip 29 arrives, whichever happens first. With all four titles caught up to the Japanese release, and me being backup for Naruto anyway, it's probably going to be feast or famine in regards to my workload. Famine like now, with only one title, feast like a few weeks ago, with all four at once. The upcoming months will be most interesting.

I find it ironic that the one holiday season I won't be visiting the hometown in TX is the one where I will barely have any work to interfere. Of course. Also just watch: since I won't have to worry about weather interfering with my flights, it WON'T freeze or snow or otherwise grow nasty this holiday season. Never fails!

Fannish concerns, ala Big Bang art, Yuletide fic, and meeting fellow writers IRL OMG! Also shopping and reading. )

Look, I actually managed to write an update. Yay!
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Anyone else remember when that song was all over the radio? XD

Today I finished a prose novel, Dog Day by Alicia Gimenez-Bartlet, translated from Spanish by Nicholas Caistor.

I can tell the book was written by a European. I can't pin it down to specific examples--aside from the obvious cracks about uber-violent gun-toting crazy cowboy Americans--but the feel and pacing of the novel make it obvious to me.

The short review continues, along with more grumbling and spoilers, behind the cut. )
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For many months, I've been clicking away just about every day on Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes emails. It finally paid off, because today in one of the scratch-off games, I won. Granted, a $20 Amazon gift card isn't exactly millions, but I'll take it. :D

I just ordered three lovely items!

1. music CD of the Pirates of the Caribbean 4 soundtrack!! (MP3s would have been cheaper, but I always buy the actual CD of PotC soundtracks. Tradition! Also pretty pics in the booklet, I'm hoping.)

2. music CD by my favorite obscure rock band, 10 Years, titled "Feeding the Wolves". I had no idea they'd released a 4th album. *is a bad fan* I'll bet when I finally listen to it, I'll recognize at least a couple songs from the radio...before my rock station withered into talk radio and I was left with a shallow sort-of-rock station that completely lacks teeth, of course. :P~~~ Yes, I'm still irritated about that. Grmph.

3. a book! Enthralled: Paranormal Diversions, edited by Kelley Armstrong and Melissa Marr! This one has a double reason for me to pounce: a short story of Chloe and Derek from Ms. Armstrong's Darkest Powers series, and then a 2nd short story by my fave new-ish author Sarah Rees Brennan about Christian the reluctant vampire, who is stuck in a boy band as an advertising gimmick!!! *flails* I've wanted a sequel to the first installment in Eternal Kiss for two years!!!1!1one!!

I'm paying for standard shipping, because I have learned one thing very well, about buying from Amazon: NEVER USE THEIR FREE SHIPPING. You get what you pay for with that one. *snort* (I'd like to point out that B& free shipping is fast and awesome. It's just Amazon that can't manage it.)

Kitty pics coming soooon!!!
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 On the evening of July 21st, 2007, I was inside my then-local Barnes & Noble bookstore, excitedly waiting for the final Harry Potter book, along with about 300 other people. To help pass the time, I I decided to try a manga I'd been hearing about for several years. I plucked One Piece vol 1 off the shelf, found a chair, and gave it a try. You can read about my Potterocalypse day in its dedicated post, but I'll quote the most important snippet here:

"And I have a guilty secret: I wanted to finish One Piece, rather than start Harry."

That day, OP sank its claws into me and made me want MOAR. Very early this morning, almost four years after I tried volume 1 in that packed bookstore, I finished chapter 590. I am as caught up with the series as it is possible to legally be in English. I closed the back cover on 56 collected volumes and the 12 latest issues of English Shonen Jump magazine to do it.

I can't really believe that I've finally caught up at last. I've been running after Luffy for so long, I'm kind of at a loss. *baffled expression* I do know it will be fun being able to read four of the five regular titles in SJ: Bleach, Naruto, Psyren, and now One Piece.

As for the events of the massive epic that is OP, I can only marvel at Oda-sensei's talent. He is a genius, that's the best wa to describe it. It takes such talent to write a story for kids that keeps a book-critical adult like me reading for over 10,500 pages. His art is so unique, the story so unpredictable. It's clear Oda-sensei loves drawing manga, and it shows. I feel honored that I can read it.

And chapter 574...Oda-sensei, you ripped my heart out along with Luffy's. *cries*
If anyone comments, please be careful of spoilers. At least one person on my flist is far far behind me in OP reading, and you know I don't want to know ANYTHING until I read it for myself.
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 Of all the manga I letter, Natsume is the one that inspires me to create my own the most. Yesterday I lettered a flashback scene in vol 8 that brought tears to my eyes, it was so amazing. *sniffles*

Speaking of sniffles, the cold I picked up on my flight back to Oregon really kicked in. It's still hanging around, but at a reduced level. Yay! I hate being sick, especially when I have a great deal of work.

Natsume 8 and Skip 24 are both due at the end of the month, which means I'm lettering like mad. Wheee! Fun times, especially since I couldn't even mange a half amount of quota each day while I was sick. I'm back on track though, and making up for the lost pages. 2011 is off to a fun start, eh?? ^^

Liadens and Loveless! XD )

And now, it's time for me to return to work, for I am not Kouga Yun, alas. *sigh* <:) Heywow, the perfect chance to use my one Loveless icon! :3
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I lost track of modern fantasy and sci-fi novels in high school, through college, and almost up to the present day. Now I think about, it started when I discovered Elfquest, and through that comic, anime and manga. My local book club is what has changed this. Book Club has thrown me back into the deep end of prose speculative fiction.

I've noticed an interesting change between the books I read in the late 80s and early 90s and the ones I'm reading now. Not counting the obvious dramatic increase in Urban has more to do with the characters. Again not counting the increase in strong female heroic leads. I like this specific change very much, especially since I've encountered it in almost every fantasy and sci-fi book I"ve read that's been published in 1995 or later. You ready?? Here it is:

Heroes can be homosexual. Or not white. Or even--dare I say it--not interested in sex at all!!!  *hugs each and every one*

Heeeee! *goes back to happily reading her current book, which stars a bi man and an asexual teenaged guy. Kyaa! *happy dance*

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A few days back I finished reading Liar, by Justine Larbalestier. This book goes in the very small category of "recently written YA novels that I enjoyed without any eyerolling, sweatdrop appearances, or the desire to throw the book across the room". To be up front, I'm not writing a regular review of the book. No, this book made me THINK, and that is what has sparked me to blog about it.

--->A large portion of my flist consists of fellow writers, and I would be very interested to hear their thoughts on this book.

The author, Ms. Larbalestier, chose to tell the story in a fascinating way. Like most recent YA novels, this one is written in first person. Hardly unusual, I know, but to show you what she did that impressed me from the start, let me quote the book from the very first page, starting at the third paragraph:

My father is a liar and so am I. But I'm going to stop. I have to stop. I will tell you my story and I will tell it straight. No lies, no omissions. That's my promise. This time I truly mean it.
Unfortunately there's no way for me to discuss this without revealing massive spoilers. )
I do plan on buying this book. I will, though I think I'll wait for a used copy or a paperback. The lying MC angle is just too brilliant to forget about. It really did blow me away.

So, my fellow authors and writers. What do YOU think about this?
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I just did something I haven't done in a very long time: I read a 400 page book in about 6 hours. I didn't even rush it! :D The book that held me so captivated was the third and final novel in Kelly Armstrong's "Darkest Powers" series, The Reckoning.

I've been reading a great deal of Young Adult fiction these days, meaning books whose target audience are teenagers. Specifically girls, it seems. Anyway, I plan to discuss YA books and what I think of them in a different post (it's mostly unimpressed), but Ms. Armstrong's series here is one of the very few recently-written YA series that I enjoyed. I learned of it through ye olde [ profile] fandom_secrets, amusingly enough. Someone's post sparked my interest in the first volume, my local library had it, so I checked it out. I ended up really enjoying the book and obtained my own copy, along with the 2nd volume in hardcover. Then I had to wait through 7 months of frustration for the third and final volume to be published. Such exquisite agony! =D

Of course, I pounced on the third volume at the first opportunity. Yay to online preordering!! XD

Since this is the last volume and I don't want to give away too many spoilers, I talked about what I liked in the series. This post did end up with spoilers for the romance angle, but anyone who has read a goodly amount of fiction will be able to pick up on the same clues I did while reading and see the outcome of that sub-plot without any great revelations from me. ^^ 

Why I liked the book, including nameless spoilers about who ends up with who. )


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