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I've been under an extreme amount of stress for the past two weeks, mostly due to work, frustration with my continuing weight gain, money, and home ownership problems. But if I type everything out here it will just make me feel worse, so let me instead tell you about something more positive and uplifting.

Since the stress kicked in, I've felt this urge to read fanfiction. I've punted aside my various published fiction to-read lists, and aside from one exception, it's been fanfic all the way.

I'm not sure how many fics I've read, but it's been a lot. I'd estimate the word count to be over 700k--so far. I'm actually finishing up a fantastic 100k original m/m romance and angst fest story today. For my own amusement and to share any fics you yourself might want to try, here is the list of what I've read in this binge so far. Reconstructed from memory in three sections: fics already on or to be added to my recs page, fics I decided not to rec after reading, and fics I'm in the middle of and/or have yet to decide to rec or not:

Surprisingly long list of varied fandoms and fic styles. I'll read almost anything. )

I think I know WHY I had this urge to binge on fanfic in a way I haven't in a couple of years. It's because fanfic, unlike prose, can give me exactly what I want, and it's relatively easy to track down.

Take all those Brienne/Jamie fics up there. That ship will NEVER happen in the show, and I'd be amazed if it does in the books. Hence, fanfic can give me what I want: a reverse beauty and the beast story, which almost never happens in professional media. (If you know of any, please LMK. M/M or F/F works, too!)

Now take a look at that Sherlock fic. That story emotionally wrung me out like a limp washrag and left me to dry. GUH. Can a pro author write something like that and have it published? Maybe. I've never found one like it. (If you know of any--any style ship--please LMK.)

And then, of course you have the most basic appeal of fanfiction: seeing my favorite characters doing things and being put in situations that could never happen in their actual canons. Yes, Sherlock canon certainly had fun with the gay misconceptions, and yes dark things happened in SoIaF/GoT--and gay and asexual people exist, though they aren't allowed to be too badass--and the great big yes: I couldn't love the characters and want to read fic about them if their canons didn't exist in the first place.

Maybe it's the short word count? Though the HP fic (~400k) disproves that.

In the end, I don't really know. I just wanted to read fic, like comfort food. So I did. C:

Feel free to share your own opinion on why you like to read fanfic, if you do. I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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I know, it's been 3 weeks since my last post, and I'm doing a short book review instead of something personal. The IRL post is coming, I just want to get this book one done while it's on my mind, otherwise it won't happen.

Little Known Facts, by Christine Sneed.

I found out about this book through the Daily Dose email, which is a daily email (heh) that features a customer's blurb about why they like a particular book they've read, and the official publisher's info beneath it. I always read these, and have amassed quite a list of books to try.

This book is set in modern Hollywood, and that is what grabbed my interest. I am fascinated by the movie-making process, likely due to my own interest in making animation films back in my teens and 20s. While I've lost that ambition, I'm still fascinated by what goes on backstage. (I love real movie commentaries, ones about creating the film, not just the actors cracking jokes about the surface and trading insults.)

This book is about the family and friends of a fictional huge Hollywood actor named Renn Ivins, an equivalent of Robert Redford or Harrison Ford. The first ex-wife pediatrician Lucy, the aimless trust fund son Will/Billy, the daughter Anna in her residency for family practice, Renn's current 30 years younger girlfriend Elise, Will's current girlfriend Danielle, Renn's second ex-wife Melinda, and a propmaster/wannabe filmmaker named Jim.

Every chapter is written from a different point of view, sometimes even switching to first person for a certain character, then back to third. I wonder about that, but if the character was demanding first person, it's understandable.

The book was indeed interesting, and I did not have to force myself to read it, but one thing really stands out to me:

Every story is about romantic relationships, except one. Characters fall in love--or at least have sex--while being with someone else. Breakups happen, new SOs are found, marriage is talked about and proposed, casual sex happens, not so casual sex happens, worried phone calls to snoop on lovers or discuss relationship problems, etc etc etc. By the end of the book, even the level-headed mom is caught up with endorphins about college friend turned wonderful boyfriend.

The single exception to the entire book being about romantic relationships is the propmaster/wannabe filmmaker. He gets one short chapter, and then a brief scene later in a Renn chapter.

Also of note is that Will does figure out what to do with his life, at least for the foreseeable future, and it has nothing to do with his new girlfriend. He arrived at the idea on his own.

This almost universal focus on love (or at least sex) for almost every character strikes me as odd. Why limit the story in such a way? Many interesting plot twists could be weaved around jobs, or bad luck, or even a character finding a book that changed their life, but instead it's all love affairs. Why, Ms. Sneed?

Or am I the odd one for not recognizing that love affairs are the most important, all-encompassing thing in everyone's life? *sigh* I just hope Jim the propmaster/wannabe filmmaker and Will the no-longer-aimless son are successful in their career pursuits. Good for them!
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I'd estimate that when it comes to hard copy graphic novels, 95% of what I read is manga. That remaining 5% is everything else--henceforth referred to as "comics". With that percentage in mind, it's not surprising how very...alien...I can find comics. For example, take the graphic novel I'm reviewing for this post: King City, by Brandon Graham. Rather than try to write a book-column-worthy compare and contrast proper review, I'm just gonna make three lists:

What I liked, What I noticed and don't have much opinion on, and What I disliked )

Overall, I did like the book and don't regret reading it. I enjoyed the backgrounds and the creative elements to the story. Oh, and one thing I will give a definite star: the MC's BFF wonders to himself if he'd be so fond about the damsel in distress (and I quote) "if you looked like a plant with teeth?". It's nice to see some non-comedic acknowledgement that attraction is a driving force behind a lot of guy's actions. So. King City, by Brandon Graham. Go ahead and read it. The art is fun, and the story has its moments. Be prepared for prodigious amounts of womanly T&A. *snort*

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I just finished all 23 volumes of Hikaru no Go, and as I predicted, I'm crying. *sniffles* I'm not ripped apart by the ending, nor filled with frustration...they're tears of joy and satisfaction, actually.

Though I am very grateful the story ended on a light note, on a chapter fulled with fun and promise.

Now I think about it, HikaGo almost has two endings. Vol 17, and then the big ending at Vol 23. I'm content with both endings, particularly the final one. And...that doesn't happen very often with manga. (See my reaction to the ending of xxxHolic.)

Of course, after reading Bakuman I understand why it's so rare for me to be satisfied with a manga's end. Almost every time, a manga doesn't end because it's the right time, but because the bosses decide to kill it for some reason--usually lack of sales. When that happens, the mangaka is given around 4 to 8 chapters to wrap it up. It would be difficult to create a solid and believable ending in that situation. But back to HikaGo...

I want to watch the anime, but I am reluctant. The manga is pretty much perfect, and it would be odd to have the pacing and character voices changed into a concrete this is how it is from the anime. I know that sounds strange, but I can't think of how to word it. The exquisite suspense of watching a game play out paper, the panels that emphasize placing down a stone, the eye closeups, my needing to pause for a deep breath before turning the's an amazing feeling. The anime would be very different in that respect.

Like my previous emotional post the first time I read through what I had of HikaGo (through the 1st ending at vol 17), I am once again filled with admiration for Hotta-sensei, the writer, and Obata-sensei, the artist. They are masters of their craft, and it is proven by their ability to center a manga around an ancient board game and make it completely gripping.

Hotta-sensei, Obata-sensei, I bow before you. m(_)m

...I want the character guide and art book mentioned in the bonus author/artist talk columns and pages. Neither were released in English. I'll have to import them, if I can even find them still for sale. I'll have to find the ISBNs first, then maybe I'll get lucky in's used book marketplace, or perhaps auctions...

Time for me to get to work, if I can! Ahhh, HikaGo...I love you so much... *floats away*
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I've adored CLAMP's manga series xxxHolic for about 7 years, since I marathoned the first 5 volumes, loaned to me by my beloved IRL friend Kiokonai. I loved the art, I loved the individual stories, I loved the mysterious overall plot arcs, and I loved the three main characters.

For the past couple weeks, I've been rereading the series from vol 1, and loving every minute. Tonight I took 2 hours and read the final two volumes, fully expecting to bawl my eyes out and sob myself to sleep. Holic would be over! The ending would be amazing! No more Holic ever but the journey was FANTASTIC and now I can finally read fic without fear of spoilers and *bawwwwwwl* I am on LJ, typing out my reaction.

Okay, so I am a LITTLE teary, but that was about one specific aspect of the ending. And now, massive spoilers, HO!

Click here to learn how the series ended, the questions resolved--or not--and what I think about it all. )
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Anyone else remember when that song was all over the radio? XD

Today I finished a prose novel, Dog Day by Alicia Gimenez-Bartlet, translated from Spanish by Nicholas Caistor.

I can tell the book was written by a European. I can't pin it down to specific examples--aside from the obvious cracks about uber-violent gun-toting crazy cowboy Americans--but the feel and pacing of the novel make it obvious to me.

The short review continues, along with more grumbling and spoilers, behind the cut. )
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The month of Work Hell has yet to start. I'm waiting for three scripts: Naruto chapter 525, Natsume 11, and Saikun 5. Naruto I'm not too worried about, as this chapter is a talkie with limited sound effects. Nothing more difficult than a yellow page. Whew! The two previous chapters are done and waiting for corrections. Natsume 11 I'm not worried about either. Shoujo Editor 2 has said the deadline can be adjusted when I can finally begin lettering. I also know we're in a good place pipeline-wise with Natsume. I might have to rush the vol a little bit, but not enough to make me fret over it. *knocks on wood*. Natsume 10 is also done. Saiun 5 is a big question mark. I don't know if the deadline will be adjusted to give me 4 weeks to letter it or not. I guess I'll found out before too much longer!

All of which means at the moment, I only have script for Skip 27, as Skip 26 is--yes--done. I've been lettering difficult pages only, to get them out of the way. I'll probably start lettering the chapter title pages in Natsume 11 today. I don't need script for those, there's nothing to translate on Natsume title pages but the logo and "chapter N", which I can do easily. :B

My thoughts on Darker Than Black, 1st manga edition! )

I suggest anyone interested in comicking art check out the Darker Than Black omnibus next time you're at the bookstore! I'd love to hear what you think about the layouts. Me, I'm going to study Nokiya-sensei's style and try to improve my own skills! X3

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Script for Saiun 4 arrived last Monday, a week ago. The deadline is in a month, which means 8 pages a day. Wheee! I'm perfectly on schedule so far! *knocks on wood*

Thankfully I finished Skip 25 on Saturday, which reduced my daily page quota from 20 (8 Saiun plus 4 each for Clay, Natsume, and Skip) to 16, which is definitely more manageable. I'm hoping I can start running again, as I haven't had the time to leave my apartment for more than snail mail checks and one grocery trip for the past week. It hasn't been too long since my last run, though. I shouldn't have lost too much of my stamina. --;

Things I watched and a manga review that makes me face a formerly unknown side of myself. Oh my! ).

Back to work for me. 14 more pages today to go!
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A few days back I finished reading Liar, by Justine Larbalestier. This book goes in the very small category of "recently written YA novels that I enjoyed without any eyerolling, sweatdrop appearances, or the desire to throw the book across the room". To be up front, I'm not writing a regular review of the book. No, this book made me THINK, and that is what has sparked me to blog about it.

--->A large portion of my flist consists of fellow writers, and I would be very interested to hear their thoughts on this book.

The author, Ms. Larbalestier, chose to tell the story in a fascinating way. Like most recent YA novels, this one is written in first person. Hardly unusual, I know, but to show you what she did that impressed me from the start, let me quote the book from the very first page, starting at the third paragraph:

My father is a liar and so am I. But I'm going to stop. I have to stop. I will tell you my story and I will tell it straight. No lies, no omissions. That's my promise. This time I truly mean it.
Unfortunately there's no way for me to discuss this without revealing massive spoilers. )
I do plan on buying this book. I will, though I think I'll wait for a used copy or a paperback. The lying MC angle is just too brilliant to forget about. It really did blow me away.

So, my fellow authors and writers. What do YOU think about this?
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I just did something I haven't done in a very long time: I read a 400 page book in about 6 hours. I didn't even rush it! :D The book that held me so captivated was the third and final novel in Kelly Armstrong's "Darkest Powers" series, The Reckoning.

I've been reading a great deal of Young Adult fiction these days, meaning books whose target audience are teenagers. Specifically girls, it seems. Anyway, I plan to discuss YA books and what I think of them in a different post (it's mostly unimpressed), but Ms. Armstrong's series here is one of the very few recently-written YA series that I enjoyed. I learned of it through ye olde [ profile] fandom_secrets, amusingly enough. Someone's post sparked my interest in the first volume, my local library had it, so I checked it out. I ended up really enjoying the book and obtained my own copy, along with the 2nd volume in hardcover. Then I had to wait through 7 months of frustration for the third and final volume to be published. Such exquisite agony! =D

Of course, I pounced on the third volume at the first opportunity. Yay to online preordering!! XD

Since this is the last volume and I don't want to give away too many spoilers, I talked about what I liked in the series. This post did end up with spoilers for the romance angle, but anyone who has read a goodly amount of fiction will be able to pick up on the same clues I did while reading and see the outcome of that sub-plot without any great revelations from me. ^^ 

Why I liked the book, including nameless spoilers about who ends up with who. )
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I've been talking about posting my third set of first chapter reviews, and here it is at last. ^^ Two Korean manhwa in this installment!

First chapter reviews for Adventures of Young Det; Alcohol, Shirt, & Kiss; and Angel Diary. )

Past first-chapter reviews can be found on the Master Index Page.
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Okay, everyone! I have officially closed my webcomics poll. ^^ 51 people were kind enough to participate, for which I am very grateful. If you took my poll, thank you!! m(_)m

Those of you who took or at least read it over can probably tell what was on my mind: art and update issues. Now, let us discuss the findings!

Detailed musings on all 9 questions! )

In conclusion, my poll has shown me people are more understanding and tolerant that I had supposed. They realize good art can take time to achieve, and are willing to be at least a little patient for it. The majority want quality storytelling and don't really care in what style it is portrayed, as long as it is done well. I am very pleased with what I have learned!!!

Any thoughts?? Comments from anyone are welcome!! Let us discuss the results. :D

ETA: Heh, apparently I'm the only one who found this interesting. Oh well! Anyone is welcome to comment, even if you see this weeks or months after I first posted it.
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This the master index post for my First Chapter Reviews series, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Click to see the list of titles I have reviewed so far. ^^ )

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I am rather disappointed in my book club's January selection. The Court of the Air, by Stephen Hunt. It suffers from a very common shortcoming, but one usually found in film and comics rather than prose: it has almost no character development.

No, the focus of this book isn't the characters, it's the world those characters populate. Indeed, Mr. Hunt spends so much time developing his admittedly unique blend of steam punk and fantasy setting and various races that he forgets to develop his actual characters. Molly and Oliver are the two leads in this book, yet we know next to nothing about their personalities.

I'll chose interesting characters over interesting world every single time. )
I wonder what my fellow book club members will think of this one? This is the third fantasy I've read with the club, and I've noticed fantasy book month meetings tend to be smaller than the sci-fi ones. In regards to my opinion of the three fantasies in question, this is the 2nd bomb. (The first was Book of the Dun Cow. UGH.) At least Inda was wonderful. They can't all be great, everyone can't like everything, I suppose.

I WANTED to like this one. *grumble* I hope I can manage to finish it before the meeting, b/c I probably won't if I don't. (My eloquence! Let me show you it!)
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I've managed to read three more first chapters in the past couple weeks, and so I am pleased to bring you all the 2nd set of my first chapter reviews project. ^^

First chapter reviews of @Large, The 9 Lives, and 20th Century Boys. )

Past first-chapter reviews can be found on the Master Index Page


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For quite some time, I've wanted to hang out in one of my beloved book stores and simply read. Read everything!! XD Of course that isn't exactly possible, given my work schedule and all, but I can at least sample as much as I can. So last weekend I began my personal manga project!

I plan to read the first chapter minimum of any manga in the store that I have not already read or watched in anime form. Granted, it's difficult to appreciate all a series or even single volume has to offer with only the first chapter, but at the same time, first chapters are mean to grab the reader. Right??

For posterity--and since at least two or three of you will likely be interested in what I find--I plan to post my mini-reviews here. I'm not sure how often I will be able to do this. Ideally it will be once a week, but I think a more reasonable estimation will be 1.5 times a month or so. Heh! And hopefully the store employees won't notice me and start running me off after 15 min or so. *has shifty eyes*

I really do plan to read any book that is next in line on the shelf! I'm glad it's almost impossible to squick me. ^^ It's exciting to think what delightful diamonds I might find among all the dross!

Let us begin! Here are the first three first-chapter reviews. I started at the beginning of the alphabet (or symbols and numbers, if the bookstore chose to stock them in front of 'A'). Banzaiii!

Age Called Blue, 100% Perfect Girl, and 07-Ghost first chapter reviews )

Past first-chapter reviews can be found on the Master Index Page

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I just finished reading a prose novel, Old Filth by Jane Gardam. It was funny, touching, sad, amusing, and made me glad I wasn't alive for WWII, but I'm not actually going to really review it. I will say it's worth a read, though. Give it a try. I'm not sorry I read it at all, though I won't be reading it again.

What I found most interesting about this book, enough for me to blog about it, was how it was NOT what I normally read. When I read prose, it tends to be fantasy/sci-fi, or mystery, or thriller, or a any combination of the same. As I read through Old Filth, I kept waiting for something to happen. I mean, there was no quest to be fulfilled, no couple to watch come together, no spies to evade, no parcel to deliver, no murder to solve, no vendetta to settle...just the life of an 80 year old man with some unusual circumstances, meeting a few unusual people among all the boring ones, told with lots of timeline jumping. To give the author credit, I was never confused by the timeline jumping, and that is difficult to pull off. I must tip my hat to Ms. Gardam for this. She also managed to make the seemingly plotless story interesting enough to keep me reading.

To sum up, the book was very slice-of-life. Granted, there was a little mystery in what happened as a turning point in the main character's childhood, but it wasn't played up nor stressed throughout the book. Even the reveal wasn't met with any fanfare, neither in the character's reaction to it nor in the way the story was told. It just....happened.

Maybe that's the point. Like life, it just happened. *scratches back of head in befuddlement*

Anyway...still glad I read it, if only for the amusing lack of plotty direction. I was never bored with the book, and that is saying something...*wanders off in search of some fluffy manga to read*
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Whew, thank goodness THAT is over. I'm not talking about my previous post's Skip page from hell, but rather the trilogy I just finished reading: Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series. The three book titles are City of Bones, City of Ashes, and finally City of Glass.

Here there be massive spoilers. tl;dr version: meh. Uninspired, full of tropes, and a side character is the only saving grace. )

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I finished Watchmen this past weekend. Everything spoilery is behind a cut.

Plot musings... )

In regards to art and design, Watchmen did nothing for me but increase my appreciation of manga esthetics. Each panel in Watchmen was dedicated to telling the story with no attempt to make the overall page visually appealing on its own. Of course, it seems NA-style comics have to cram as much story as possible into a scant 30 pages, and design has to take a back seat to reaching Point B in the plot by the end of the issue. In NA style's defense, not every mangaka has the luxury of an eye-pleasing layout either, but those who have earned a long print run and can spread out their story over thousands of pages can at least try to do so. (In my experience, you're more likely to find page layout design in shoujo than shounen. Yazawa Ai is a master of the page layout.)

I found myself having to really study the artwork so I could pick up on people's emotions. Part of that was how small the characters were drawn, but it was also two other things. First, the realistic art style. The anti-manga brigade can scream all they want about the huge eyes, vein marks, sweat drops, and chibis found in manga, but those conventions are all excellent and clear portrayers of emotion. When I was stuck was studying busy lines in a face the size of a nickel with eyes the size of half a grain of rice, trying to figure out if the person was jealous, angry, frightened, or nervous, I couldn't help but think how lovely a nice, clear chibi would have been. :P Second, the characters vanished into the uber-detailed OMG white space is the enemy!!!1! backgrounds. Sure, the slapped-on flat coloring helped some, but yeeesh. You don't have to draw every crack in the sidewalk, people!

Oh yes--no sound effects. Not a single one. =O

One thing about Watchmen did impress me--the use of the supplemental articles and interviews at the end of each chapter/issue. Those offered very intriguing insights into the characters.

The ending, with slight sarcasm... )
I read Watchmen for the same reason I read the first volume of Dragonball: pop culture homework. And like Dragonball v1, I'm glad I read it, but I have no desire to do so again. (Or in the case of DB, read any more.) I think I'll pass on the movie as well. I have many other things to watch in my precious spare time. Thank cheese that's over. Whew!
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It didn't occur to me in time to make my previous post's Admiration List, but something else I admire are people who can draw well anytime, anywhere. Particularly under pressure. I'm always agape at mangaka or comic artists who bang out gorgeous pics of their characters at cons. One of my DVDs has an omake video of Watase Yuu drawing a bishounen, surrounded by staring fans, being taped (thus the video), and under what had to of been a great deal of pressure. I was completely riveted as I watched. Oh sure, I do love seeing a bishounen appear before my very eyes, but what held me fascinated was watching Watase-sensei drawing her character flawlessly, with ease, surrounded by a huge audience and a camera recording it forever. D=

I...I can't do that. I would have been so nervous and stressed that managing a stick figure would have been an accomplishment. To sum up my problem, I feel great pressure to produce artistic perfection every time I try to draw. Even if I'm alone and drawing for myself! Let me tell you, there's not much out there I find more intimidating than a blank sheet of paper or Photoshop window, and knowing I have to fill it with something amazing. *shivers*

This is one of the reasons I am awed by the creator of the current webcomic I am reading, Questionable Content. Since 2003, this man, Jeph, has been drawing his comic and posting it online. The entire series is up for anyone to read, all the way from comic #01. As of the writing of this post, he's at #1404. That's a lot of drawing.

When Jeph began his webcomic, his art wasn't that great. Oh, you could tell his people were people,, let me post you a link to the first page so you can see for yourself: QC page 1 (SFW). Not much going for him artistically, is there? I mention Jeph's less than glorious beginning because as you read the comic, his artwork improves before your eyes. Check out page 100 (contains a bra shot). His characters are no longer made of of straight lines, and his backgrounds are more thought out. Now try page 200 (SFW, but has the F-bomb). The lines have different weights, meaning they vary in thickness, rather than being all the same heavy line everywhere like you saw at page 100. Take a close look at the woman's eyes, where Jeph has made a huge artistic leap: he left the line open, her eyes aren't a solid ring. And again, more detail in the background. Page 300 (SFW): his characters now bend and appear more lively, they aren't just standing there. The lines have become more delicate, the shading has improved tremendously, and his costumes are more than just shirt and pants. Ladybug barrettes! So cute! :3 I have yet to read to page 400, so let me show you the most recent page for a real artistic shocker: the current page (no idea about SFW or not, as this will change depending on whenever you click it). WHOA!

Can you guess what I find so impressive about Jeph here?? Oh, yes. When he started his webcomic, Jeph knew he wasn't a great artist. He knew he would screw up, that his characters wouldn't be flawlessly drawn, that he had a long way to improve. Yet he did it anyway. He didn't procrastinate in the hopes becoming a better artist. He just dove right in, amateurish art and all, and he has left up his humble beginnings for everyone to see. Talk about personal! I never show anyone my high school art, or my early fanart from my Sailormoon days. It's so terrible and embarrassing how bad I was!

I have to admire Jeph twice over for those two things. His bravery and ambition has slapped me upside the head in the past month I've been reading through his series. I need to stop obsessing, stop worrying what everyone else will think if my art or toning isn't perfect. Just shut up and DO it, right? Yeah! XD

Now I'm all inspired, but I have to work. :P~~~~~~~ I want to bottle this feeling and open it again when I have the time to put it to good use for myself!!! Nrrrgh! *dives back into her current page of work*



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