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I'll have to keep this brief, since I should be working instead of typing. Eh heh. ^^;;;

Mistress Fortune, the Tanemura Arina-sensei oneshot volume, is due on September 28th. This is set in stone due to the book's printing window. I have script and am lettering as fast as I can, which isn't very b/c it's a Tanemura-sensei title. 6 pages a day will bring me under the deadline with some buffer.

I don't have a due date for Naruto vol 51's conversion, but it's safe to assume ASAP. I'm going to try for 4 pages a day. Thankfully I've finished about a fourth of the book, with emphasis on orange and pink pages.

Naruto chapter 500 is due in a little over a week. 2 pages a day will easily finish in time.

Natsume 6 is due September 29th. I've already lettered about a fourth of the book, and that fourth is mostly yellow through pink pages. 5 pages a day will let me make deadline with a week of buffer.

Saiunkoku vol 2 is due on September 28th, like Mistress, though it's okay for this title to be late-ish. I do not have script, so this one is on pause until I do. Shoujo Editor #3 is focused on sending me Mistress script first, then she'll switch to Saiun.

17 pages a day. At least only Mistress is a hellish title. If Clay 18 were in the mix, I'd be going crazy. Um...yay?

Yes, I will be insanely busy, but this does NOT mean I want you to leave me alone. I will need the odd break from work. It must be kept in moderation, though. Please do comment, or chat with me via our msging program if I am on, or send me txts or emails. (I know this request isn't worded very well, but my brain is rather fried at the moment. Forgive me.)

I need to get back to work. Everyone, be well! FAITO!!!

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I finally feel like I have a short moment to spare, so here's a quick shigoto update. )
I've been reading one of my fave shoujo manga, LoveCom. I plan to blog more about this later as well, but for now I will admit it's making me really want to work on my own original manga. I have the script and the pages I've already drawn open right now. I'm going to spend at least half an hour (in short snippets while I do my pro work) on it! I want to tell my own stories very very badly right now. This is something else to be saved for another post. Nrrrgh!

TIme for me to get to it. Everyone, please be well!
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I've heard astonishment on occasion from people who don't understand why I work so much even when I have acres of deadline, like for Skip these days, and Natsume to a lesser extent.

THIS is the reason. Saiunkoku script has arrived at last, and I have to turn the book around in one month. 200 pages. Wheee! This tight deadline is not the disaster it could have been, due to my finishing Natsume vol4 three weeks early, and only having ten easy pages of Skip 22 left--which is due in a little more than a month.

You see? It all balances out. Though when Clay 17 lands, the scrambling will begin. And when Naruto 50's conversion hits, things will get...interesting. I'm very glad I've already converted 12.5 orange and pink, and purple pages from Naruto 50. Anything to spread out the load.

I'm going to be very busy for the next couple of months. I knew it was coming, at least! And hey--with Saiunkoku here, I have bishounen to comfort me in my time of toil. :3

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First, the big news! Thanks to an observant fan noticing a book listing and sharing the news, (note: it wasn't me, I swear) I can now reveal the true identity of New Title 7!! The bishounen level in my apartment is going to explode, because it is:

...behind the cut to spare flists my large text!! )

And now, the usual lineup:

Naruto - I'll be finishing vol 49's conversion today, then I should have a couple weeks off at least before starting vol 50. Not much to say here, but I hope vol 50 will have less action. Two page spreads are hell to convert. Nrgh.

Natsume - I'm just under a fourth of the way through volume 4. This vol is shaping up to be a really emotional one. I caught myself sniffling yesterday. T.T I wanted to comfort Natsume so badly. *sniffles more* Vol 1 was released back in January. I would be delighted if you would give it a try! This is a very strong title and deserves to be read.

Skip - Script for vol 22 is here at last! KYAA!! The first chapter is chock-full of big FX and shenanigans like early Skip vols. I'm actually waiting to start it until Naruto is out of the way. I can only handle so many pink and orange pages a day, particularly now that I'm not as young as I used to be. :B Damn kids, get off my lawn! *shakes cane* Vol 20 just came out. That particular vol is tooth-achingly sweet, but it's balanced by later events. Endure the cute, it's worth it!

That's it for now. I'll be posting a third set of first chapter reviews soon, so please watch for it. ^^


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