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Hi, everyone. Yes, I vanished again. *sighs* I certainly didn't WANT to. *headdesk*

The past few weeks have been interesting, in that Chinese curse way. In the past week alone: I'm 3/4ths through the process of buying a condo. (SO MUCH PAPERWORK GAH) Estimated taxes #4 were due on Friday (I am le broke now), the annual apartment inspection for water leaks and potential meth labs is Monday (which means I have to deep clean this weekend UGH), my right-side work monitor finally died and I bought another new one to match the recently replaced left monitor (see le broke note), and this weekend was a local convention I wanted to attend with a friend, but had to cancel because of everything else going on. >< (I had my Agatha from Girl Genius cosplay mostly ready, too. Wig and trilobite pin and all.)

And work is hanging heavy over me, as usual. Annnnd I've been 25-75% sick throughout it all. Fun times.

I want to post this now, so I don't put it off any longer. GAH.

More tomorrow or Monday. If I don't follow through with that, please poke me. Seriously, I miss posting!!!
slr2moons: a self-portrait, of me in my usual habitat: in front of my computer monitors! (Default)
I caught my mother's bug. >< No, it isn't the flu, it's some sort of stomach virus that makes you feel generally icky, weak, and not able to eat anything except the occasional yogurt. I hate being sick.

Still no English, so my borrowed time is continuing. I am amusing myself by trying to guess what Lesson we will learn with this last issue. #1 was hunger, #2 was AIDS, #3 (and the issue where I began lettering) was global warming, #4 children armies in 3rd world countries, and #5 equal education for girls. What's left? Drugs, alcohol, rape (ghaaa!), animal cruelty, pollution, hygiene...hmmmm. I'm half-way tempted to start a pool. Heh.

Ah, my aforementioned fanfic's chapter 2 is up on The Pit. Here's the link, if anyone wants to read: With chapter 2 I've topped 100 hits, and garnered a 2nd review AND my first favorites. Heeheehee!! ^^ Out of curiosity, I checked to see what other stories the girl who favorited mine had in her faves list. I was surprised...they all sound like giggly-teenager wish fulfillment concerning Gaara-sama. X_x Of course, the girl says in her profile that she's 14 and is crazy about Gaara-sama. I find it interesting that my drama-suspense Gaara-centric fic would perk her interest enough when she seems to enjoy Gaara-glomping silliness. Perhaps her tastes are maturing.

My Feb issue of Shojo Beat came yesterday. Yay!! *runs in happy--if slightly sick--circles* Baby & Me in particular is very good this time. I also had wide eyes at the ending of Crimson Hero and Vampire Knight. I haven't read anything non-manga in the issue yet except for the editor's letter. It seems this is the last issue for this particular senior editor. What's noticeable about this is that she only became senior editor with the October issue. X_x And when I reflect about the recent ranting on the magazine's content at the Shojo Beat lj community and that particularly nasty rant (not by me!!!) at, it makes me wonder if I had anything to do with this change. Whoa. I talk more about it on my relevant post at the SB lj com:

In regards to reading, I finished Tokyo Boys & Girls, and Mr. Pratchett's first Discworld novel, and am now reading Red River. I've collected 4 new volumes of this series since the last time I read it, so I have 800 new pages to enjoy. ^^V I intend to read it in 5-volume sets, and read a prose book in between to avoid burnout. I am fond of Red River, it's another one of those schoolgirl-sucked-into-alternate-world stories ala Fushigi Yuugi and Esca. As ususal, the average girl has gorgeous bishounen falling all over her, but that's a given. I like this series for a few specific reasons, namely everything isn't always peachy for the main char, Yuri (for example, she was pulled into the setting to be a sacrifice, rather than to save the world.) Speaking of the setting, it's unusual in that she's traveled back in time to the 14th century BCE in what is now Turkey. This is a period which we learn next to nothing about in school, where it's always Egypt, Greece, Troy, etc etc etc. Granted, this manga is hardly 100% historical fact, but it's still a neat time-period to explore. And the artwork is beautiful. This mangaka must be a bit older than her contemporaries, if I had to guess based purely on the artwork, I'd say she's in her 50s or 60s. The art is reminiscent of 70s works like Oniisama E and Ace o Nerae. What I love about the artist is her mastery of line and her composition. I especially love her title pages. This woman knows how to design!! Shinohara Chie-sama, I salute you! *salutes* And for the record, it takes a lot to impress me in regards to art. My only peeve about the series is how often Yuri is kidnapped, usually by men who at some point decide to Take Advantage of Her, but who never actually do so. I plan on keeping a list for my own amusement. As of volume 3, we have our first kidnapping incident: Zannanza, the main love interest's younger brother, who I actually rather like. Of course, he's been drugged by the villain, so he can't be blamed for kidnapping her. Heh. I remember from the last time I read this series (vols 1-11), there are at least 2 more kidnapping incidents coming. I wonder if there will be a 4th in the new volumes I've picked up. ^^

On Tokyo Boys & Girls, I must say I was impressed with the ending. Manga series so often have rushed endings, but this one worked. Not only that, but the playboy main character, while he is mostly reformed of his nampa and careless ways, his reformation is believable. It isn't one of those instant "Oh, you've inspired me to no longer chase women b/c of your purity and beauty!" life-changing moments. No, it didn't happen like that at all. It's good to see a realistic behavior change like this. Yay!

And I now have a 2nd entry in my list of Incredibly Stupid Things I Have Done. This list excludes honest mistakes, faux pass made of ignorance on my part, and other genuine errors. No, to be included in this list, I must have done something that I know was incredibly stupid, and if I had paused for a second to think about it first, I would never have gone ahead. So. Entry #1 on my list is...I almost used a metal butter knife to free my stuck toast from the toaster. I was impatient and in a hurry, so when the toast didn't pop up b/c it was jammed in the toaster, I yanked open the kitchen drawer right below the toaster and grabbed the first thing I saw, namely the metal butter knife. Luckily my onee-chan came into the kitchen that very moment and demanded to know what I thought I was doing. So she saved me from electrocuting myself. Thank you, onee-chan. And I was 19 or so, thus I wasn't a child who didn't know better.

The new entry on my Incredibly Stupid Things I Have Done list isn't quite so life-threatening, but IS extremely stupid. I had my candle burning 2 nights ago, and I decided to lean in for a sniff of its fragrance. So I did, then jerked back when I heard a loud popping noise. I was a bit confused, until I smelled the nasty scent of burned hair. Yes! I singed a hole in my bangs!!!! Bwa hahaha!! Thankfully you can't tell, I think I only burned about a quarter inch from one clump, but still. *cracks up* Thus, we officially have the 2nd note in my Incredibly Stupid Things I Have Done list.

And on that rather amusing anecdote, I shall sign off. Heh.


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