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On Tues evening, I had to move lilies inside b/c of apartment painting. Soon after heard Spicer vomiting, discovered it had a lily leaf in it. I googled "are lilies poisonous to cats". Yes. Yes they are. No cure, they can only try to dilute. Covered lillies with old shower curtain and tablecloth, stuffed Spicer into carrier, and sped to emergency vet. Wed morning picked up Spicer and transferred to regular vet. So far so good, Spicer receiving an IV bag as treatment. Brought home Wed night, Spicer tries his best to chew off catheter for IV. I cover with paper towel and duct tape. It works, ghetto style. Back to vet Thurs morning for more treatment. Pick him up that night, Spicer attacks catheter at home, he succeeds, take him back to vet for catheter check/retaping and bought Cone of Shame. Home again, Spicer freaked about Cone, after 30 min calms down. Can't chew on leg, but still shakes it hard every couple minutes to try to get off bandages. I sleep terribly b/c shaking leg hits Cone and is very loud, afraid to wear ear plugs b/c of alarm this morning. I'm exhausted. In a few min take him back to vet for hopefully final day of IV. Also blood tests to be run to check for any lily effects.

Lesson learned: Make sure any plants inside your house are not poisonous to your pets. Particularly if you know they like to nom on green things. Like Spicer does. *headdesk* T.T
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I finally have script for the rest of the BL book and Natsume 14, and after doing math, 13 pages total a day will let me finish both on time with a little buffer for safety. I finished a little early last night, and was on an adrenalin high. I couldn't fall asleep. In fact, the last time I remember looking at the clock before I did finally pass out for good, it was 4:30 AM.

Enter today. I am very tired. And because I didn't run the day before, I had to run today. I took it easy, and things would have been fine, only apparently I wasn't picking my feet up high enough. My left toe caught on a crack in the sidewalk, and down I went. BLAM! At a jog. It took a couple inches of grating on concrete for me to stop. *wince* This happened on the farthest reach of my run, without a shortcut back to my apartment. I had to hoof it, bleeding all the way. Ugh.

Nothing is broken, but I hurt. I lost skin on both my hands, particularly my right knuckles. It looks like I got into a fist fight and bloodied myself. :B I just took my second painkiller of the day.

The kicker? I've almost tripped on that same crack in the sidewalk several times in previous runs, only I've always managed to catch myself before hitting pavement. But being tired today (and jogging with my eyes closed... I was tired and the sun was bright, damn it) slowed my reflexes.

Ow. I bent up my sunglasses, too. I'm amazed I didn't break them, since they were the part of my head that hit the ground first. After that, was my right cheekbone. I'll have a bruise tomorrow. Ow.

I've been chipping away at work, because if I don't keep up I'll pay for it later. I'm over half-way, at least. Back to it!

Hope you all are doing fine. Feel free to drop me a comment/email/text to let me know how you're doing. ^^
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For quite some time, I've wanted to try walking all the way to my library, a distance of 3 miles. Which isn't too long, except that it's all uphill. It's the return trip that always gave me pause, for 6 miles is 1.5 longer than my usual ventures, and I'd be a zombie from fatigue the next day.

But with my current work level being so light, I could afford to lose a day and a half...and there's this convenient thing in Portland known as Trimet. Yes, it has the light rail trains, and the streetcar downtown, and it also has...BUSES. Hmmm!

Now let me tell you of my adventure... )
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asdfgjkl; *headdesk* )

News from Clay Editor 3! I should have the script for vol 15 this time next week. I'm so glad the female fan service is back in this volume. :3

I have the logo for Natsume, so I can finally finish chapter 1. They're really getting creative with logos these the Wanted logo, this one has lots of killer empty space around and inbetween letters and flourishes. *eyes cross* BUT! The Japanese logo is black with a white border then a black line around that and a 2nd white line on the outside edge. That fills up those holes and blank spaces quite nicely. ^3^ Let us hope Shoujo Editor 2 lets me mimic that style and not have me stick with the plain black with white border (and very spacious) logo that will be hell to retouch. Please please please... *gazes upon her manga books most beseechingly to invoke the kindess of the manga no kami*
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Spicer-kitty approves of the two new quilt additions to my bedding that I mentioned in my previous post. He's taking a bath on my bed right now. Good thing I made it for once, so he'll spread cat hair on the storebought blanket on top. *is rather lax when it comes to housework* He never slept (or bathed...) on it before now!

Speaking of my kitty, he created quite a problem for me late last winter. Though I have only myself to blame. Remember the post I made about how Spicer loved to sleep on top of Jake, my printer?? Well...not too long after that post he was snoozing in said place, and I forgot to check if he was there when I hit print. I did glance at Jake before the page came out and saw him, but decided to not pick him up and move him myself b/c he always jumped out of the way in time before. Oops.

Jake 0, Spicer-kitty 1 details )
*frustrated noise* It REALLY grates on me that this stupid rod is the only thing wrong with Jake. The easiest solution is to just buy a new printer completely. Odds are a repair job on Jake here (even though the stupid rod prolly costs only $10 at most) would be just as much as replacing the entire machine.

Can I PLEASE go back in time and remove Spicer-kitty? PLEEEZE?!?!?!!! 
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At the risk of offending some of you who might read my journal, and of whom I honestly have no idea what your opinions are, I must share this sample of bigotry anyway. If you disagree or find my comments offense, let's agree to disagree and still remain friends. (Believe me when I say I'm an expert at avoiding the religious topic due to growing up as an atheist in a small Southern town. One day I'll relate my "coming out" story.) But for now, let me share....



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