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I had thought New title's true identity would be revealed first. But no--it's Temp title instead. Heh. I think Temp title's shourai will explain a great many things...

Are you ready? Brace yourself!! Temp title is........

Can you stand the suspense?!? XD XD XD )

And now, mina-san, work calls. XD

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It's such a nice day outside...which is good, b/c I can use some cheering up. I'm not quite ready yet to talk about it here, but I probably will in a few days. In the meantime, I'm arranging to buy $200 worth of anime and manga artbooks to comfort myself. It's healthier than gorging on ice cream, ne?

So, my last post was all about Temp. Speaking of which, I have a Temp title update.

And now, for babbling concerning Claymore. 

On the fanfic front, I finished my promised beta of Star-chan's first chapter of her TGQ fic "5 Things that Didn't Happen that Night." It's my first beta, so I was very nervous. But Star-chan said I did a good job, so yay!! ^^V I think before I take a crack at her chapter two I shall begin my TQG contest fic. Gotta get started, since I have to write in snippets.

BTW, this is my other new icon, also taken from fanficrants. This time with permission! Someone was ranting about this particular misspelling, and someone else whipped up an icon. Teeheehee!

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See my shiny new icon?? I ganked it from fanficrants, after I saw it and immediately squeed. ^^ *is evil* I wanted to show it off, and it has bearings on the end of my post. ^^ I have another new icon I'll share later. XD

It's been quite some time since I talked about work, so I thought I should let everyone know what's going on. I've written a library, so I'll spread it out over the next few days. First up is Temp!

I received a wonderful review for Distracting and a Great Bother today!! On Luna, of course. (My fic is most definitely lost in the depths of the yay for Luna!!) It made me all warm and fuzzy and strongly wishing for the return of DaaGB plot bunnies. *^^*

On the subject of fanfic, I'm planning on participating in a fanfic contest for the anime/manga "Tantei Gakuen Q" along with my fanfic sempai [personal profile] stariceling .  

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For some reason today, I am rather perky, though technically I have no right to be.  X_x
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The subject will become self explanatory in a minute, but first, an update:

1. Grandmother was a false alarm, she was only tired from Easter Weekend fun.

2. Mac feels better again. zawa zawa Mac )

3. Temp title editor gave me the extension. I'm amazed. X_x zawa zawa Temp )

4. I found a surprise in my Junk Mail folder today: script for Claymore volume 10! zawa zawa Clay )

zawa zawa fanfic )

Yesterday I bought my subscription through CDJapan to Hana to Yume, the Japanese manga magazine that publishes Skip Beat. zawa zawa HtY )

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Bad grandmother's nursing home called to say she's taking a turn for the worse. (I'm not sure how I feel about this, but I know my mom is upset.)

Mac, my horse, isn't feeling well again. (At least his legs are no longer bleeding.)

I haven't heard from new Clay editor or anyone else yet about vol 10, so I'm beginning to suspect I've been replaced. (Adding Clay back in to the mix now would make things very...interesting. But I still don't like the idea of me being replaced.)

I'm still trying to get over my shut-down days.

It looks like I've lost the lettering job for Temp vol 25. Today, the deadline was moved up from June 25th to May 11th. Unless Temp editor can give me to May 25th, I have to let it go. Which really upsets me b/c vol 25 is the climax of this part of the series and contains uber important flashbacks about a certain character's past. I was thrilled when I realized I would be lettering it. But now I'm waiting to hear back from Temp editor if the extension will happen. If not, goodbye, much-looked-forward-to-volume. More info and a more complete explanation will follow in a day or two. When I know the results.

Shit. And I never curse. ><

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I've been meaning to write about Temp title for weeks, so here it finally is!!

Annnnd! The manga report!! Four day's worth!

Clay: 9.166, 170, 177, 178
New: 1.131-134, 136-141, 145, 146
Skip: 9.91, 93, 98-100, 102-107, 109
Temp: fanbook.251.253-264, 266
Green: 10, Yellow: 26, Orange: 9, Pink/PfH: 2.
Total pages: 47. Wheeee!

And the reason I only did 4 pages of Clay is because Clay vol 9 is DONE. Oh yes, finally over. >< Believe me, I did much rejoicing. YAY!!!!!!! I also tackled New title corrections for the first time. A LOT of them, much more than I'm used to with Shoujo Editor. X_x It's new book/big title syndrome. Everything must be picked over, every readable bit of Japanese in the background must be replaced, everything must read juuuuust right, etc etc etc. I'd be amazed if less than 10 people read over the first version of the pages. Anyway, New title corrections took about 7 hours altogether. Oog. >< That's all I did last night, once I finished my quota. If I'd been able to work on Temp title, like I had intended before New title's corrections arrived and proved so horrid, I'd be done with Temp Proto by now. *sighs* Ah well.


15/2/07 03:39
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My eyes are killing me. >< I must have leaned too close to Tsukushi's monitor for too long today. My eyes do have a high tolerance for staring endlessly into computer screens, but even I can overdo it. I know why this happened, b/c I've done four Pages from Hell in a row, which requires much in the way of careful retouching on my part. I've already cranked down the contrast and brightness on Utena, but I can't on Tsukushi for fear of it affecting my work. Anyway, I'll be hitting the eyedrops every hour or so. They don't cure, but they help.

It's funny how a ten minute conversation can drain you of energy, both from the stress of what you're saying and the relief you've finally said it. More behind the cut below. I can't give specifics but I can still type up a storm.

And the manga report's format has changed. I'll include whatever pages I've done since the last time I've blogged, rather than only listing the previous day's work. This way my babblings will be more relevant.

Oh yeah. I started pre-lettering Temp title today. What a rush. *veen* Once I install the fonts on Tsukushi, I can really letter it!! XD  Of course, when we examine the big picture we realize this means I now am lettering 6 simultaneous titles. But I try not to think about that. No point in letting myself get overwhelmed.

Back to work....
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Ah yes...tonight I finished the last Claymore Page from Hell. And while Skip, New title, and occasionally Nana have plenty of their own PfH, those of Clay are usually the worst. The intricate backgrounds, you know. Speaking of which, Clay's final PfH went out with a bang.

My homework for Temp title has begun. I'm reading all my previous manga volumes and paying special attention to the lettering and FX. I already have the fonts I need, so now I need to study the method. Not to mention keep an eye on the credits page for each vol, to note whenever the letterer changes. Of course, no one IRL really cares who the letterer is except other letterers. And maybe the editor of said manga. Anyway, such is my experience being a professional. *waves hand dismissively*

I'm also reading my 600+ page book of the newest translation of The Three Musketeers, one of my favorite novels. This translation is very faithful to the French original. They kept the purple prose and sexual references. I definitely don't remember reading those in the previous version!! *laughs* And I'd like to reread all of the Harry Potter series as well, before vol 7 comes out in July. I need to hurry up and finish T3M! Yes, I quite often read manga and prose at the same time. I switch back and forth, depending on my mood. I'm a mulitasker, remember?

Four days until new canon episodes of Naruto. *drools* I really want to reread Naruto now, too. >< Not enough time!!!! ARRGGHH!

And the manga report....

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I feel a bit better about work today. My very fun afternoon and evening with Yuumei-chan Sun night is half of my current positive outlook, and the other half is: Temp title editor emailed me to say he should have the script to me for my first volume by 4 to 6 weeks before the due date of April 25th. I should finish both the English and Clay v9 by the end of Feb. If Clay editor runs true to form, I'll have 2 to 3 weeks of no new Clay before I am sent the late script for v10. So while I am waiting for Clay, I can work like mad and pull ahead on my three shoujo titles. Shoujo editor is very good about sending me scripts nice and early--particularly Nana. So I can use my Clay break to build a huuuuuuge lead on the Shoujo stuff. Script for Clay v10 and Temp should arrive around mid March. But since I intend have this huuuuuge lead on my other three titles, I'll be able to take a short break from them, perhaps do one or two pages each day, while I concentrate on Clay and Temp. ^^V Yoshaa! We have a plan!!

Work completed Sunday: (series v#.p#) Clay 9.10, Nana 12.123 and 175, New 1.29, Skip 9.18. One orange, three greens, and one yellow. I only worked for about four hours on Sun b/c of my aforementioned outing with Yuumei. ^^ Oh, and I did start a 2nd orange with Clay, but I lost my will to work and crashed. I finished it Monday, so it's included with that day's quota.

Work completed Monday: Clay 9.12, 13, and 54, Nana 12.176 and 177, New 1.35, 37, and 38, Skip 9.12, 19-21. Three pinks, three oranges, six yellows. I had a good day, as mentioned above! Only two pages short of my Clay ideal quota. ^^

And now, some ramblings on Claymore and Nana. Anything spoilerish will need to be highlighted to be read. ^^V

Here's hoping I can accomplish as much--if not more--work today!!
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Yes, it's Friday night (early Sat morning, if you want to get technical) and of course I'm working. Much and many ramblings, though not as much as I've done in the past.

Tomorrow or Sunday I'll be visiting Yuumei for a few hours. I'm looking forward to it. Not only b/c I haven't seen Yuumei since early December, but b/c I fully expect this will be the last time I will be able to leave my house and do something fun for the next several months. I will be making a point to tell Yuumei, Kiokonai, and Rei to all call me as often as they can stand, so I might have contact with the outside world. That goes for everyone here. Please email/comment me!! I'll probably be a crying mess by the time this is over, so I'll need all the human contact I can get.

But I will persevere!!

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OMG, it's mine it's mine IT'S MINE!!!!! I have the opportunity to work on three volumes of the one manga I would move mountains to letter!!!  AGHHHH!!!! And not only do I get to work on it, but...*drumroll* the editor said they "wanted someone good" and apparently I was their first choice!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!! XD XD XD XD XD

*flipping cartwheels and running screaming around the house*

KYAAA!!!!! I'm still sworn to secrecy, so can't say anything more specific. I hereby dub this manga "Temp Title" in my journal until I can call it by name. Any and all guesses as to the actual title will be met with the vague "I must reveal nothing", be they right or wrong. But those who know me should be able to figure it out...  XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD *faints from sheer joy*
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I'm determined to lose these last 10 pounds. I want to be 130 pounds--if only for a week--so I can see if I like it. And yes, I can spare to lose it. Those final 10 pounds of fat are on my hips and butt. Believe me, I'm not going to make myself sick from starvation any time soon.

The interesting thing about being back on the low-calorie wagon is that it's very difficult for me to make it over the 3-day hump. Here lately I'll be very good and restrict myself to no more than 1300 or so calories, but on the 3rd or 4th day, I'll go insane and stuff myself. It doesn't help that this is winter, which brings on the burning hunger as my always-cold self demands fuel to keep me warm. If I can simply make it over the hump, I can use the inner furnace to help burn away this excess fat. Oh, and for those who might not know, I'm 5 foot 7. So 140 pounds, my current weight, looks long as you don't compare my backside to that of a svelte teenager. If you do, it's pudge city. *puffs up cheeks to demonstrate*

*drums fingers* And of course, with this cold and windy weather, I can't have my daily runs outside for fear of giving myself a cold or the flu. So I'm stuck pedaling on my exercise bike, or walking/jogging up and down the long hallway here at home. While both can make my legs tremble with exhaustion, they don't do much for the heart rate. At least the exercise forces my body to keep the muscle and burn the fat instead. And I mostly know what I'm doing. I'm no expert, but I've managed to lose 35 pounds this way, and keep it off for the past 1 and a half years. 10 more...only 10 more!!

Hmmm. I'm a bit distracted tonight...I'm on pins and needles waiting for a reply to an email. As with The New Title I can't give specifics, but I'm really really REALLY hoping the timing will be right for me take Temporary New Title #2. And I might take it anyway. Who needs a social life, after all? When I read the offering email, I was in shock. I was actually shaking for about 15 minutes. I asked about deadlines, which is the reply I'm waiting to read. But apparently the original emailer had left for the evening before I replied, so now I'm stuck waiting until tomorrow. *in agony*

And on that fun and unfortunately vague note, I shall depart. (OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG...)


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