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I thought I'd do a shigoto update, since it's been a while. C:

Behind the Scenes (the college club comedy) - Volume 1 was finished a couple of weeks ago. I don't have the tanko (Japanese graphic novel) for vol 2 yet, but the raws are up and ready for me. No script, either, so not currently lettering this one.

Bloody Mary (the vampire comedy) - Volume 2 has corrections left. I do have the tanko for vol 3 already, but no script. My editor said I should have script pretty soon. C:

Natsume's Book of Friends (quiet teen boy who sees spirits) - Volume 19 was also finished a couple of weeks ago. They print Natsume quickly, so hopefully it will be out on shelves soon! No word yet on volume 20, but I'm sure it's coming, probably in early spring next year.

Requiem of the Rose King (retelling of War of the Roses, shoujo manga style) - Volume 3 should be out soon, if not already. I've just started lettering volume 4!

Seraph of the End (vampire action) - Volume 8 was finished a couple months back. I have everything I need to start volume 9. Chapter 39 (which will be the first chapter in volume 11) came out this month in the magazine. Things are getting verrry interesting.

Skip Beat (showbiz comedy) - Volume 36 was completed last week. It ends on a killer cliffhanger. :D

And those are my six ongoing titles! ATM, I'm only working on Requiem and Seraph. But Behind will start up again sometime this month, most likely. Possibly Bloody, too. No random BL books right now, either. If the pattern holds, this time next year I'll have Lost Letters vol 3 (overall vol 4 for the series, since volume 1 was called "The Match Seller".)

Requiem is due in mid December, but this will be an easy volume (mostly dialogue, spare FX), which means it will be quick to letter. Seraph is due after the New Year. I am cautiously optimistic about my current work load! :DDD
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Greetings, my flist! All ~5 or of you or so who, like me, are still on DW and LJ and check it regularly. ^^

I haven't said much here lately, and I admit, it's b/c everyone else is on FB and it's nice to say something and start a dialogue. *sigh* I so miss this platform's glory days. But I should stop contributing to the problem by not posting here, and post more! Ha!

Okay,'s an update on what's happening in my life.

Tl;dr: Not much, as usual.

Longer version within! Work, Yuletide, car, health, living arrangements, misc, and entertainment. )

I guess that's it for this long update. It feels good to talk to you guys again! Please leave a comment, if you have anything to say or ask. C:
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It's back to the work grind for me, everyone! Script for Clay 26 arrived last Tuesday, and after some emailing, the deadline was set for November 11th. This volume is one big fight scene, so it's gonna be crazy work time again!

Add that Voice 10 is due the day after. Thankfully this vol of Voice is easier than usual. Whew! I'll be able to make up for time lost to all those time-consuming Clay pages this way.

This means my spare time has vanished again. Alas. I had to miss out on a hike this weekend I really wanted to attend, but them's the breaks.

Kids, be smart. BE SALARIED. *laughs*

Back to work! Deadlines wait for no freelancer. Nope.
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I've really flaked on the posting more often, huh? Sorry to say I lost an LJ friend recently, but I gained a new one. C: Can't really complain! Thank you to everyone who has kept me on their reading/friends list, even though I don't talk much here these days. :P

Work-wise, things are...interesting. I finished Natsume 17's first draft a few days early. Now I'm waiting on corrections. Voice 7 is almost done, nicely on time. For Seraph, the mad dash of all those chapters in a row is finally over this Monday with chapter 21--OMGYAY--and now I have a week off before it's time to letter the first of the now-monthly chapters, with #22. (Seraph is monthly in Japan, so it's monthly here now that we've caught up on all the previously published-in-Japan chapters.)

Sounds like things are in pretty good shape, right? Welp, now let me tell you about Clay. Clay 25 is running behind. The constant Seraph chapters were a real drain on my time, and now I'm paying for it. This volume of Clay is due on June 2nd, and it's going to be interesting meeting that. Particularly since I'm trying to have a life and see IRL friends more than twice a month. ^^;;

I have made one big change with Clay: in all the previous volumes, hand-drawn "organic" sound effects were original to every page. With all my other titles--all the way back to Nana--I save FX and reuse them where I can. It's a big time-saver. I figured Clay was too varied to try that, but the opposite is true. I've always said Clay is like busywork. When it comes to creating the English FX and retouching the artwork, Clay rarely makes me stop and think. It's straight-forward, and I have it down to a science. (Granted, a slow science, but yeah.) And thus, I've begun saving my organic Clay FX for use on more than one page. It's already saved me some good time, even in the ~20 pages I've done so far.

The vast majority of readers won't notice the reusing. For one thing, I don't reuse an FX within 50 pages of a previous use. In fact, I doubt anyone but me would ever know I started this, if I hadn't said it here! Heh. When 25 is released, feel free to play "spot the duplicate FX" and ask me if you're right. ^^V

But when Clay 25 is done, I have to scramble to finish Seraph volume 3, which is when I add FX for the GN version. Fun times.

I'm still hoping this summer will be good for me, since the previous three sucked.

This weekend, I saw two IRL friends! On Saturday, knastymike and I went to a German restaurant. It was DELICIOUS! I must go back, even though it's a little pricey, and a drive! YUM. Then today, I drove to mab's house and we walked around her neighborhood and talked fandom, and house buying, and all sorts of fun stuff. ^^

A satisfying weekend, all around! And now, back to Clay 25. Wheeee!
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Hey, everyone!

I kinda vanished again, didn't I? ^^; Sorry about that. I was busy with work, and finishing my Yuletide fic, and life in general. But here I am! *waves* Hi there. C:

Updates for Seraph, Voice, Natsume, and Skip. )

I should be busy lettering Natsume 16 and Skip 33, but they're on the back burner. And Seraph GN vol 2. *weak laughter* Yes, I am still behind, though I'm still holding my new record of only one late title from this summer. (Voice vol 3.) I'm not worried about catching up yet, but I have to work every day.

I poured myself into my Yuletide fic this year. The collection went live very early on Christmas Day. As of this post, my story has a whopping 4 hits, and that's it. No kudos/likes, no comments, no bookmarks. *crickets chirp* This means my recip simply hasn't had time to read it (it IS rather long), they did read and and are overwhelmed and don't know what to say, or they hated it and are overwhelmed and don't know how to be nice about it. Obviously I'm hoping for the first or second option. Even if it turns out they didn't care for it, I'm okay with that. I know it's a good, solid story. My betas have told me so, and they'd be brutally honest if it were not. I'm still proud of it. I did my best, and it turned out pretty good! ^^V (I can't link it yet until after New Year's, when authors are revealed. But I know one of you will be VERY interested. *grins*)

The story given to me was for Basara, and is cute. I particularly liked the ending, and I just love that the author worked two of my stated favorite things into the story. :3 It's less than 2k, if you want to read. Mild spoilers for Basara through volume 8 or so. (I forget when Asagi enters the story.) Here's the link: Asagi's New Brother by anonymous until New Year's.

I also received a treat fic, which is an extra fic written by someone because they wanted to write, not because I was assigned to them. It's a lovely short little fic for Gill from my favorite Pixar and comfort film, Finding Nemo. Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, author also not known until New Year's!

Two bits of interest: Adobe is now charging me sales tax on my InDesign subscription, which is illegal. No one in Oregon pays sales tax. I found someone else also affected, but my plea on the DamnPortlander's facebook and my Adobe forum post have been ignored. (Colorado peeps with this problem back in October replied immediately.) Here, have a look: my post about it; and here's the related Colorado post, which was answered. I don't think there's anything I can do about it. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Adobe is only doing this to individuals, and not businesses. I bet Oni Press or Dark Horse could sic the law on them. Grrrr.

And the second bit of interest: the private server that has hosted my recs site, pics, and other assorted stuff over the years is down, and has been since December 7th. I'm doing research on renting space on a pro server. I found out who hosts each of my fave webcomics, as I'll be using the space for my own soon! (Think positive!) So far DreamHost is looking like my best bet. Less than $10 a month, unlimited bandwidth and storage, FTP access. Gunnerkigg, Johnny Wander, Manly Guys, and The Meek are all hosted there. Along with Oglaf. If DreamHost is okay with Oglaf, then nothing I could draw or link to fanfic-wise could possibly phase them. Ha! If anyone has any feedback on web hosts, LMK. I could really use my former webcomicking contacts right now, but oh well.

Christmas so far has been quiet. I opened my presents while on the phone with my parents and sister. It was fun! I am pleased with my presents, and not letting myself gorge on all the chocolate today. :3 After that, I made breakfast, played some online games, and then go to work. And it is back to work I go! Voice vol 5 is due on January 22nd. Wheeeee!
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I know I've pretty much vanished from the net and IRL, and for good reason.

I'm scrambling to finish Voice vol 3. I have to letter the 2nd half before Friday. Or to be precise sometime on Thursday so I can do a read-through and tweak things before turning it in. This past summer has really taken it's toll on me. Six titles at once--Lost Letters, NightS, Natsume 15, Skip 32, Voice 3, and Clay 24. Skip was rushed, and Clay was sent to me three months ahead of schedule. Indeed, I should be just starting the fall volume of Clay, not waiting for CE4 to send me corrections!

And to top off the work deluge, Spicer-kitty was so ill. *sigh*

Last week I was offered a new title, one for Shonen Jump. I'm not sure if the title has been announced, so I'll keep quiet for now. I did take it. It might seen foolish to take on another title when I'm still suffering from this summer, but given the extenuating circumstances, I'll be fine once Voice 3 is done. Not to mention the increase in pay. (Money yay!) This shall be New Title 10 until I see the announcement, which will probably be tomorrow, when the new issue of (English) Jump is out. Yep, I'm gonna have a series in a mag again! :D

It all comes down to this week. I have to finish the 2nd half of Voice 3, AND bang out the first chapter of the new title. But in a week from today, things should be better. I can start taking some time away from my computers again.

I ordered pizza delivery today, only the 2nd time in my life. (I grew up in the country, where no one delivered, and pizza delivery really isn't cost-effective when it comes to meals.) Now I have breakfast for all week. It's my personal favorite (deliverable) pizza: pepperoni lover's with stuffed crust from Pizza Hut. YUM. :9 Spicer-kitty and Kakashi think it smells really good, too. *laughs* None for them, though. Pepperoni isn't good for cats!

I do feel better, now. Well enough to make a blog post, even! I just finished my delicious breakfast, have started watching Free!, (AKA the super-fit anime bishounen high school swimming anime *swoon*), and have already done a third of today's first page--and orange one in Voice.

I'm feeling optimistic! Which is good! I always work faster when I'm in a happy mood. :3

And now, back to work!
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It's been a while, huh?

updates for three BLs, Natsume 15, Skip 32, Voice 2 )

Annnd there you go! As for me personally, I'm doing okay. Frustrated with my weight, but that's par for the course. Emotionally I'm fine. I'm over the ex-friends trauma of earlier this year. I keep having these dreams of witnessing 747s crash in front of me, though. I'm not sure what my subconscious is trying to tell me. Any ideas?
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I know I've been really quiet here lately. I have this long post about my sister's visit and accompanying adventure in the works. I'm going to post it soon! But...things are only gonna get busier. ^^; In the next couple weeks I have to:

1. Finish Clay 23 (already done, OMGYAY)
2. bust my booty to finish Voice 1 early, b/c...
3. Stumptown (the indie comics convention is in two weeks. I have so much going on with work and IRL that I'd skip it completely this year, but an out-of-town friend will be exhibiting (not SE3, she has to pass this year T.T) and I'm looking forward to at least having dinner with her twice. I'm not going to a ton panels and hang around all weekend like I normally do. I have too much work, and it's boring hanging around unless you have people with you, and this year that isn't going to happen for both days. Thankfully the wonderful and kind saladbats plans to go for one day, and whichever day is better for her will be when I go to peruse the exhibition hall, too.
4. My sister is flying to Seattle for her own work--much longer and more complicated this time, and she wants me to visit. I'm aiming to ride the Amtrak train up for the 6th, and with Voice due on the 8th, I need to finish early.
5. The monthly hike with my book club cronies.
6. Clean off enough hard drive space on my laptop, Usagi, to reinstall Photoshop CS (yes, CS1. Shut up, I bought it years ago and Usagi is an XP machine!) and my slightly smaller 2nd drawing tablet, Anthy. This way I can do work outside of home again, such as on the train to Seattle, in my sister's hotel room, and even out and about if anyplace has plugs. (Note to self: check if any tablets are capable of running Photoshop. HAHAHAHA! I doubt it...) Also I really hope my old copy still works, b/c I've installed it around 8 times now on various machines, and IDK how many reinstalls the serial number is good for. I gotta find the discs, too. Oh dear.)
7. Iron Man 3 movie marathon on the 2nd. I think this one is a bust, though.
8. my original manga. I actually turned down another series in favor of working on it. I'm tired of doing nothing but paid work all day. I want to be an exhibitor at Stumptown, too! >< /whine
9. anime night, too much fun to miss
10. dinner with A-chan and knastymike, also too much fun to miss

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but those are the main points. FUN TIMES! But it's good to have so much work to complain about, because MONEY YAY. I think everyone understands that. ^^

Back to work for me! I'm gonna do a purple Voice page today. GRAAAH!! BANZAIII!!! XD
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Script for Saiun 4 arrived last Monday, a week ago. The deadline is in a month, which means 8 pages a day. Wheee! I'm perfectly on schedule so far! *knocks on wood*

Thankfully I finished Skip 25 on Saturday, which reduced my daily page quota from 20 (8 Saiun plus 4 each for Clay, Natsume, and Skip) to 16, which is definitely more manageable. I'm hoping I can start running again, as I haven't had the time to leave my apartment for more than snail mail checks and one grocery trip for the past week. It hasn't been too long since my last run, though. I shouldn't have lost too much of my stamina. --;

Things I watched and a manga review that makes me face a formerly unknown side of myself. Oh my! ).

Back to work for me. 14 more pages today to go!
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 Yesterday, I spent a lazy day with the wonderful [ profile] neekaneeks  and [ profile] mcruthless. We talked about art, and comics, and manga, and anime, and webcomics, and movies, and all sorts of other fun stuff. They also introduced me to the Showtime show "True Blood", which I've been vaguely curious about, since I've been a fan of vampires for a good 20 years. I ended up enjoying eps 1 and 2, so now there's yet another entry on my list of Shows to Watch. :B

[ profile] knastymike  joined us after he was free from work and the great glorious geekout continued until sleep was required.

That will likely be my last guilt-free day off for quite some time. Script for Clay 19 is here, and this volume is pretty much one long fight scene. ^^;; Skip 25 is almost halfway finished. This vol is a little bit (just a little) less crazy than 24, which is good! Natsume 9 is halfway done, but it is on pause while we wait for more script. Saiun 4 could arrive any day now, and of course when it does, it will be a rush job.

Thus: no more (guilt-free) days off for me for a while. ^^

Oh yeah, and I repeated my previous posts' running performance this morning. ^^V It wasn't a fluke! XD
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First, the big news! Thanks to an observant fan noticing a book listing and sharing the news, (note: it wasn't me, I swear) I can now reveal the true identity of New Title 7!! The bishounen level in my apartment is going to explode, because it is:

...behind the cut to spare flists my large text!! )

And now, the usual lineup:

Naruto - I'll be finishing vol 49's conversion today, then I should have a couple weeks off at least before starting vol 50. Not much to say here, but I hope vol 50 will have less action. Two page spreads are hell to convert. Nrgh.

Natsume - I'm just under a fourth of the way through volume 4. This vol is shaping up to be a really emotional one. I caught myself sniffling yesterday. T.T I wanted to comfort Natsume so badly. *sniffles more* Vol 1 was released back in January. I would be delighted if you would give it a try! This is a very strong title and deserves to be read.

Skip - Script for vol 22 is here at last! KYAA!! The first chapter is chock-full of big FX and shenanigans like early Skip vols. I'm actually waiting to start it until Naruto is out of the way. I can only handle so many pink and orange pages a day, particularly now that I'm not as young as I used to be. :B Damn kids, get off my lawn! *shakes cane* Vol 20 just came out. That particular vol is tooth-achingly sweet, but it's balanced by later events. Endure the cute, it's worth it!

That's it for now. I'll be posting a third set of first chapter reviews soon, so please watch for it. ^^
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I'm back from Montana, and it looks like the cold followed me home. *pained expression* Not only was the temperature somewhere in the teens when I stepped off the Max for the 3/4ths mile walk back to my apartment on Sunday night, but there was a strong wind blowing, too! Brrrrr! I ran a third of the distance, hauling 25 pounds of luggage between my backpack and roller suitcase. It was that cold. Guh.

Much writing about cats, trip details, book club, reading, anime, manga, Utena2, and movies. Wheee! )

And finally, a brief shigoto update: Naruto 48's conversion is coming along nicely, I'll finish the first half in about a week. I do have script for Natsume 3.2, and am about 12 pages in. Script for Nana 21.1 and Skip 22 are supposed to arrive sometime in January. Prolly the same can be said for New Title 5. It's all going to hit at once, looks like! Kyaaa! =D

Oh yes, and for a bit of an ironic laugh, I lugged Anthy, the drawing tablet I use with Usagi, to Montana with the plan of doing some work on my trip. However...I forgot to take the drawing stylus. And you can't walk into Best Buy or somesuch and pick up a replacement. So I lugged Anthy all that way as sheer dead weight. OOPS. *headdesk* I won't make that mistake again!

And now, minna, work calls. *salutes* (If anyone actually reads this whole post, I will be very impressed!)
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I've been a useless zombie that past few days. Lucky for me I only have three titles at the moment. Buh.

Straight to the good stuff... )

Tsukushi (work computer) was complaining about lack of hard drive space on c:\, so I used the automatic "free up space!" option Windows provides...which screwed up Seth, my printer. He arbitrarily would spit out blank or mostly-blank pages. I reinstalled his software on Tsukushi and things seem to have returned to normal. *knocks on wood*

I've also had two chances to read more first chapters, but I have not taken them because zombie!s2m does not finish her daily work quota and thus does not deserve a treat like reading manga in the bookstore. No, I do not. *shakes chiding finger at herself*

Part of the reason I've been so tired lately is I've been going to sleep too late. With Daylight Savings making the sun set at 5 PM, everything is screwy. <:\ I need to start going to sleep earlier. Around 12:30 at the latest, and that INCLUDES reading time.

Looks like I'll be flying out of Portland twice in December, once to visit my cousin in Montana, and again to visit the family back in TX. Usagi (my laptop) will be going with me to both places, particularly since I now have Naruto 48. I wonder if I can squeeze Anthy (Uasgi's tablet) into my carry-on suitcase? Will security make me take her out and place her in a bucket like they require with laptops?? IDK. Has anyone here flown with a tablet before?

That's it for this month's shigoto update. Let us hope tomorrow I am genki again. It would be quite nice...
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I do believe it's time for a shigoto update, hmm? Though there isn't much actual news to report!

Current status of Captive, Clay, Nana, Naruto, New Titles 5 and 6, and Skip. )

If you read through everything above, this does mean that at the moment, all I have to letter is Nana and Skip! It feels so weird. O.o Both vols are completely pre-lettered too, so I've been working on my art and stories instead. I didn't post it here, but the rough "blue line" of the human main character from my manga short story is up on my Deviant Art account! 100% SFW. I will be posting the final version here. Perhaps in a few days!

On a side note, at my last Sci-Fi book club meeting, I learned that a small group of professional writers meet a couple times a month to write together. New--serious writers--are welcome to join them. One of those authors is in the book club group. I'm trying to work up the nerve to invite myself. I mean, I'm writing a graphic novel. Does that count? Will the cool kids let me play with them?? O.o *fidgets* I'd so dearly love to have IRL writing friends, but I dunno how they'd feel about the whole graphic novel angle and being unpublished for my own work and not intending to actually publish-publish my first original story anyway since I plan to post it as a web comic and I'm nervous but would love to go MY INSECURITIES, LET ME SHOW YOU THEM. *hides*
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I found another one. I just did a search on DA for "model sheet" to help me think outside my own drawing box, and the first one I clicked on ended up being for a man named Giancarlo Valentino D'Osta. It's a plague! A plague, I tell you!! Awesome model sheet, though. SFW.

How about a shigoto update, since that's why pretty much everyone's here?

Clay, Nana, Naruto, Natsume, Skip, my short story, and an unexpected fanart request )

That's it for this update. I'm reading my SF book club's July selection, Day of the Triffids. O.o This book is incredibly unnerving. D= I keep having to take breaks. I might have to pull out the big guns and unwind with Hikaru no Go or One Piece or something half-way through. Ghaaa! (Pretty impressive how scary I'm finding it, considering the book was written in the 50s!)
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Here's the first of the "I'm still alive and kicking" posts. ^^ I'm a bit tired today, but still managing to chip away at work and life. *is gallantly fighting back the zombiedom*

Hoth, Clay, Nana, Naruto, Natsume, and Skip )

I owe email, snail mail, or comments to several of you. Forgive me my silence, I've been rather frantic lately. I'll try to fix it ASAP.

Oh yes, and I've had an epiphany of sorts regarding my future original manga. I'd intended to post about it days ago, but...yeah. Anyway, perhaps I'll make it the main feature of next week's "I"m sill alive!" post. Though Naruto should be here by then. Urgh. It's a good thing I love that series. So until next week! Or when something pulls me out of my silence, whichever comes first.
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Why can't I crave celery sticks? )

Clay 15 is about a fourth of the way finished. I've made sure that fourth includes all pink and orange pages, so the difficult ones are done. Whew! Of course, I'm sure some of my orange-dotted pages are going to end up full-blown oranges, but let us hope they remain easier orange dots. :P

Nana 18 is completely finished. This was another 250 pager, thanks to the bonus story in the back. Just what we need, more of the Rat Bastard. *gags* SE2 tells me events in vol 20 made her feel sorry for him, so we'll see if I decide to think of him a little more favorably. *doubtful sniff* I'm already half-way through Nana 19, per my OMGletterasmuchasIcanbeforeNaruto46hits!!!1!!11 philosophy.

Natsume 1. I turned in the first half yesterday, and am waiting on script for the 2nd half. SE2 says the script was due on the 29th, so it should be here Monday or Tuesday. Which means I'll have four simultaneous tiles again. Wheeee! Feels like old times!!!

Skip 20 is coming along. This vol is more difficult than they've been of late, as some of the craziness is back. It's cute and happy craziness though, not revenge craziness. (IMO revenge craziness is more fun. But then I enjoy writing "Grudge" and "Hate" on all those Devil Kyokos in my creepy-fied handwriting.) :D I'm going to need an insulin shot after I finish this volume. Wooooo, sugar!!! *is dizzy*

I've also made a new entry in my Titles I have Turned Down list. (One of these days I'll do a dedicated post about them.) It was a substitute lettering job for one of the Big Titles. Are you ready?? I guarantee if you know anime and manga at all. you're going to recognize it!!! *drumroll*

Behind the cut to increase the DRAMA!!! XD )

Okay, there we go. One shigoto update! Now I have to get back to finishing the daily quota, and I must google "marjoram", because it is in the recipe I am considering attempting and I have no clue what it is.

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Clay 15 is here!! This is actually the third full day I've had it. ^^ I made my key sheet a couple months ago, right after my copy of the Japanese tanko arrived, and as usual I underestimated the page difficulty. I tend to forget how tedious Clay touchup can be. Ah well...I'm about a month ahead of schedule on Nana, still no script for Skip 20, still no script for the 2nd half of Natsume 1, so it's just Clay and Nana! My Clay daily quota is 4 pages. I have three days off and a 46 page buffer. I'm finishing one pink/Page from Hell Clay page a day to get them out of the way before Skip or Natsume arrive. My key sheet shows Clay 15 has only 6 pink pages, but....*points to earlier sentence about underestimating page difficulty*. This volume is still definitely easier than Clay has been of late, so that makes me happy. And I won't be tweaking my FX letters this time, like I did for vol 14! Wooo!

At least one of my days off will be used this weekend, as it's the big comics festival in Portland, Stumptown. I've scanned the schedule and found two panels I definitely would like to attend, but of course they're happening at the same time. :P I've still barely scratched the surface of non-manga comics, so I haven't heard of all the special guests and names they drop on that site. *goofy smile* Shoujo Editor 2 is actually attending with her comics circle! She does original comics with her sister, and thus will have a table to plug her stuff. Isn't that awesome?!? I wanna do that one day!! X3 It will be fun to hang out with her a bit! This will be the 2nd time I've seen her IRL, as we met face-to-face when I visited Viz on my SanFran/Portland trip in summer '07.

More on Stumptown, the FMA manga, and the Skip anime )
Mmph. Okay, enough from me. Clay calls!! Clare and company are in the thick of it, as always....
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I just started the GN conversion for Naruto vol 45. I don't have the changes yet between mag and GN, but I'm hoping it's a safe gamble I won't have to go back and change too much. I've pre-lettered through page 12, and my comment in my previous post was right: I am completely lost! XD And also... SPOILERS LIEK WHOA!!! *headdesk* Since when did THIS happen, guys?? *pokes the characters in question* You all look so weird!! Kishimoto-sensei, you have some 'splainin' to do...

I won't get much use out of the tag for New Title 4, since the license was announced by Viz at the big anime con that just happened last weekend in New York. So, minna! The true identity for New Title 4 is....*drumroll*

Natsume's Book of Friends! aka Natsume Yuuchinchou. *applauds* I should begin lettering sometime around the Ides of March. A large portion of the FX in this book are creepy in the traditional Japanese sense, meaning wavery black ink hiragana. Mimicing that style for their English equivalents will be very good practice for me and my calligraphy skills. Ohh yeah! XD

Now guys, a quick request. I know some of you read scanlations of my titles the moment they are available from Japan, and some (like me) watch anime eps the same way. But not everyone who reads this blog does so. I formally request that when you comment about something fresh from Japan, or something where the English release is far behind the Japanese one (Natsume, for example), you do not say anything spoilery. If you do--and I'd rather you avoid it--please warn for it and place it in white type. If you don't, then I'm going to screen your comment so you won't spoil anyone who might see it. And I'll probably shake my finger at you, too.

So if you decide to guess what I'm frantic about in my bit of Naruto freakout above, please don't. Okay?? If I had learned these two particular spoilers outside of work, I would have been PISSED. Please be considerate and remember not everyone can or wants to be on top of things from Japan. Sankyuu.

Back to work for me. After I have a few more days of Naruto conversion under my belt, I'll tell you guys how it's going. ^^V


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