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Um....hi, guys. *waves sheepishly*

So...I see it's been over three months since my last post. I'm sorry, if anyone has missed me. The past few months have been a non-stop scramble with work. When I'm super-stressed, I withdraw from social interaction--including posting online, and all I really want to do is sleep, eat, sleep, sleep, and sleep some more. And when I'm sleeping ~12 hours a day, including naps, it doesn't help me get any work done. *sigh*

The fun every-other-weekly write-ins I've been doing this year ended before my last post, and I do miss them. Again, if it weren't for the weekly-weekly walks with Mab and Sno, the only actual people I'd have conversations with in these months would be my regular grocery store checkout woman and the Fed-Ex guy. (The same guy has been bringing me my Viz stuff since I moved here. We're on a first-name basis.)

Those of you who Yuletide have probably noticed I stuck to my guns and didn't sign up this year. It would have been my fifth year, but...given my already heavy stress levels, I think I made the right choice. I followed the Yuletide coms and threads on FFA and such for a couple weeks, but I had to stop. It was too painful to see everyone having fun and chatting, while I was just watching and knowing I really shouldn't sign up this year. It was easier to cut it all off. I haven't arranged any write-ins for the Portland area. I hope someone else is taking care of that. *wistful sigh* And I also stop reading my friends list, to avoid all the painful Yuletide cheer.

Yes, today I loaded my friends page for the first time in a month and a half. I don't know if I'll ever manage to read everything I missed, but I'm going to try.

I'm sorry my sadness of forcing myself to skip Yuletide kept me away from all of you. Checking my friends page has been part of my daily routine for years, but I let it fizzle away. And I remember when I had to force myself to post only once a day. ^^; I miss those fun days of LJ, when my traffic stats showed I had 50 different visitors a week!

I want to post more. I hope you'd like to read more. C: I'm going to try.

I've missed everyone. *hugs*
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Greetings, my flist!

It is now January 3rd, and Yuletide fic authors have been visible since the 1st. C: I am now free to talk about my fics! (Though everyone who came to my write-ins already knows what I wrote anyway. XD) Both my fics have been well-received by their fandoms. Most importantly, my two recipients enjoyed them, and that's how I "win" Yuletide! :D

First up, my assignment!

fandom: Megamind
title: How to Free Oneself of Persistent Mellon-Kolly
genre; ship; rating: Comedy; none; G
summary: Megamind is caught by Roxanne and Bernard in the museum, and the resulting fallout ends up leading to an explosion, swarming brain-bots, confessions, witty banter, delighted evil plotting, and three cups of hot coffee.
length: complete at 9,746 words
setting: goes AU during the museum catwalk scene

And second, my treat!

fandom: Natsume Yuujinchou (Natsume's Book of Friends)
title: Repaired and Strengthened
genre; ship; rating: Drama; none; G
summary: The kitsune travels to see Natsume again, carrying a broken bowl and heavy heart. Natsume is happy to see him a third time, and even Nyanko-sensei is pleased. Ominously pleased.
length: complete at 7,433 words
setting: combination of anime and manga canon, anime: after third season, manga: after volume 6
disclaimer: Since I letter Natsume and want to keep things very clear, let me repeat my disclaimer here: This story is a work of fanfiction and has nothing to do with the original or licensed form of this manga in any way whatsoever. It's just for fun, folks!

Both fics were unique writing experiences. I've mentioned it before, but the Megamind story was extremely reliant on dialogue for the plot developments, which is something I've never done before. It was a challenge to make those three important conversations work--and to remember what I said where! ^^; The Natsume fic was contrastingly almost easy to write. The words just flowed from me, and not once was I stuck for plot. Turns out, Nyanko-sensei is his own version of "Suddenly, ninjas attack!" If I didn't know what to do, I just sicced Nyanko-sensei on the plot. And--JAN! Instant story! *laughs*

I'm thinking about my own year-in-review post, and New Years posts. I hope to do one tomorrow. We'll see. ^^
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Greetings, everyone!

Yuletide fics went live on Christmas Eve (which was midnight UST), and I was pleased with my own gift fic. Once again, my assigned writer wrote for a fic early in my fandom's alphabetical list. C: (There's definitely a pattern here. '11: DOGS, '12: Blacksad, '13: Basara, '14: Claymore.)

Yes, I received my Clay fic for Isley!! XD It is short and sweet, and I am happy with it:

fandom: Claymore
title: And I Am Undone
author: still anonymous until the 1st
genre: Adventure
ships and characters: no ships, a gen fic; Isley and Rigaldo
length: 2,306 words
rating: PG for canon-level violence
summary: Isley had never intended to rule over the North. He’d only wanted to do his duty.

Please swing by and give it a read! C: The title is the link.

And then, a day later, imagine my surprise when I received a treat for Yuletide Madness! (Madness is a companion collection to the main one. It remains open until the 26th, and is for optional fics (not assigned) less than 1k words, or longer fics not finished in time to go into the regular collection.)

My lovely treat fulfilled my perpetual House of Five Leaves request, at last!! \o/ I was delighted to see it, and even happier after I read it. It's very good.

fandom: Sarai-ya Goyou (House of Five Leaves)
title: Tonbo-giri
author: still anonymous until the 1st, but I'm pretty sure I figured out who it is. :3
genre: Drama
ships and characters: Masa/Yaichi
length: 3,666 words
rating: PG for canon-level violence
summary: After meeting with Monji in the woods, Yaichi comes back to Katsura-ya and hopes to be left alone. He's used to not getting what he wants.

Again, please give it a read! Both of my gift fics deserve more love. :3

I'll post with info and links to my own stories on the 1st, when authors are revealed and we can freely talk about our fics. C: Once again, I didn't write a Yuletide hit, but I am happy with how my fics are doing. The manga/anime fandom one in particular is being well-received. Yay!
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Nothing but fanfiction and Yuletide babblings in this post. C:

I am pleased to say that this year, I did meet my goal and finished my assignment AND a treat. My first treat ever! (For those who read this and might not know, a "treat"--in regards to the Yuletide fanfic exchange--is an extra gift fic you write for someone purely for fun. It's not required.) I've never managed to complete a treat before, and I've received two in my three previous Yuletides: my first Yuletide I had one for DOGS, and my 3rd Yuletide, I received a drabble (a real 100 word one!) for Finding Nemo. C:

More Yuletide babblings under the cut! Lots more, b/c ohhh man do I love to talk about fanfiction!! )

This year, the Yuletide exchange is being run on UTC time, which is 8 hours ahead of me, here in the Pacific Northwest. If everyone has a story turned in on time, the stories will go live midnight UTC on the 25th, which is 4 PM on Christmas Eve for me.

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Greetings, my flist! All ~5 or of you or so who, like me, are still on DW and LJ and check it regularly. ^^

I haven't said much here lately, and I admit, it's b/c everyone else is on FB and it's nice to say something and start a dialogue. *sigh* I so miss this platform's glory days. But I should stop contributing to the problem by not posting here, and post more! Ha!

Okay,'s an update on what's happening in my life.

Tl;dr: Not much, as usual.

Longer version within! Work, Yuletide, car, health, living arrangements, misc, and entertainment. )

I guess that's it for this long update. It feels good to talk to you guys again! Please leave a comment, if you have anything to say or ask. C:
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OMG you guys, I think I just caught my Yuletide assignment fic bunny. :D

Yuletide assignments went out Thursday morning, my time. I was pleased by my assignment! It will be my first non-manga or -anime posted fanfic. ^^V I was VERY happy to avoid one tricky potential recipient who I couldn't avoid due to character tweaks unless I completely un-offered the fandom. I kept my offers this year very limited (for me), only offering the 10 that I really really wanted to write. I chose to risk that trick potential assignment and did NOT delete that fandom from my offers, and my gamble paid off! (If I had ended up assigned to that recipient, I would have done my best to give them the fic they wanted. I'm not out to intentionally ruin anyone's Yuletide.)

My actual recipient's letter is quite good and helpful, and I'm using one of their suggestions as the starting point for my fic. I might be able to work two more in, as well! Woohoo!

The fandom is easy for me to review. This is new, and feels kinda weird. I mean, my three previous Yuletides, I was scrambling to read and take notes for multiple manga volumes! DOGS was 7 at the time, Ghost Hunt was 11, and World Trigger was ~42 chapters, which makes it around 5 volumes, I think. To have it so easy this year, canon-review wise, feels strange! I mean, I did offer a 27 volume manga series. ^^;;; If that had been my assignment, I'd have needed to skim and read only the relevant chapters. I keep meaning to reread the entire series near the end of the year so I can offer it properly, and write extra fics to give as treats to any requesters.

I hope I can keep my assignment under control. My previous Yuletide fics have all had major wordcount-creep. ^^; DOGS: 9k. Ghost Hunt: 12k. World Trigger: 19k. *wince* I've been plotting out a potential treat to write this year, in addition to my assignment, and I want to make it happen! (Treat fandom is a manga. Not Yuletide w/o some manga reading!)

Work is chugging along. The worst pages in Clay 26 are done, unless I've misjudged one. I already have the next chapter for Seraph to do. Thankfully it's due on Tuesday, rather than in 2 days as it has been since we caught up. Whew! My only concern is Voice 10. I wish I were further along in Voice.

Back to work for me! I decided to watch a scary movie in celebration of Halloween, since I'm not doing anything else for the holiday. "The Awakening", on Netflix. Yep, pretty suspenseful! (Suspense is always more frightening than gore. Give me Hitchcock over Romero any day.)

And let that bunny munch on its lettuce and parsnips in the back of my mind, so it can grow into a lovely story!!
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These days it's all work-work-work for me, but in this bought of Work Hell, I gave myself two days off. The first was for book club, and the second was for queenie-mab's Halloween party. Which was last night!

Party summary! )

I came home with full intentions to work (I did a pink Voice page before the party, actually!), and I sat in front of my computer monitors, checked my email, blinked, and 45 minutes had vanished. I was SO TIRED. I flopped in bed a good two hours early. ^^;;

This morning I only slept in a little, and made myself exercise for real. I did a loop through my residential neighborhood and walked one minute, jogged the next, walk, jog, etc. Half an hour long, and I didn't cheat! But OMG I am so out of shape. *wince*

I've been pretty much a zombie (and not in the fun costume way) all day. The running on top of exhausting myself yesterday at the party has really put a dent in my productivity. I'll finish my Clay daily quota tonight, but it's gonna be tight. At least the pink page for the day is done. Poor Voice has to wait until tomorrow. Again.

I signed up for Yuletide!!!! XD This is the one fanfic exchange I let myself participate in every year, and those of you who have been around a while know how much I LOVE IT. My letter has been public for about two weeks. You can find it here! I would not object to a treat or three...

I'm requesting the full six fandoms, as usual. Four manga (all which I've lettered!), one movie, and one short story. I've been stalking the sign-up stats so far, and only the movie, the short story, and one of the manga titles has anyone offering to write. It's early days yet, though! (But now I think about it, poor Clay didn't have any offers last year. That will probably be true again this year. I suppose I'm the only English-language Isley fan...T.T)

Last year I went crazy and offered to write for 28 different fandoms. This year, I'm keeping things under control. I've offered only 10 this year (7 anime or manga, 1 live-action, and 2 comics). But TBH I'm reconsidering the live action and one of the anime titles. I'd like to see the letters for those, first.

I've made a promise to write at least one treat in addition to my assignment, and I had a flaily fit of joy today when I read someone's letter and FOUND IT! The request I want to treat!! *flails more* I've been wanting to write a fic about that character for several years, and they were requested by someone whose fanfic wishes seem to mesh well with me!!! Ohhhhhhh!! XD

I am SO excited. I am offering this canon, though, so there's a slight chance I could be matched to this person anyway. Which would mean my treat would become my assignment, and I've have to find a 2nd person to write for. ^^;; But I'll deal with that if it happens, which it probably won't! This fandom is a Yuletide fave, and always has a ton of offers. That means low odds I'll be matched. *clutches her treat's notes file to her breast* I have another episode to take notes on, then find the corresponding manga chapters and read those, too. Heeeee! :3

YULETIDE! I LOVE THEE SO!!!!! But for now, back to work. I need to finish my daily Clay quota. (Alas, Isley I miss you. If only you were still alive...)

ETA: OMG, someone offered to write Clay!! *tears of joy* Thank you, kind writer, should you see this!! I am delighted by the possibility of receiving Isley fic this year! XDDDD
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Today I read the most recent (legally available) chapter for World Trigger, number 45, and I just had to laugh. Not at any specific event in the chapter, but that one of my predictions was right. I knew the SneeBas made sense!! *preens* I suppose there a slight chance the mangaka borrowed the idea from me. This chapter would have been actually drawn no later than the week of Christmas, and storyboarded at least a week before that. If he'd read the chapter Christmas Day and immediately pounced on the idea, maaaybe it could have happened. But it's highly unlikely. Besides, I prefer the idea that great creative minds think alike. :3 *preens*

Speaking of, here's my official announcement for my Yuletide fic this year!!!

title: Family Lost, Family Found (Plus One)
fandom: World Trigger
summary: Arashiyama Jun and his squad meet a new and nasty Neighbor on their first away mission to the Neighborhood. Jun's soul is broken, but a new friend helps piece him back together.
characters and ship: Arashiyama Jun, Jin Yuichi, Izumi Kouhei, Tachikawa Kei;
genre: action-adventure, suspense, bromance or pre-slash :3
rating: PG-13 for language
length: complete at 18,381 words because I can't write short fic to save my Yuletide sanity
setting: after chapter 42

You can read it at AO3 and at I'll post it to Skyehawke and Lunaescence eventually. I keep forgetting. :B

Do please leave a comment, review, and/or kudo if you enjoy the fic! :D

And now, my introspective on 2013, and hopes for 2014. )
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Hey, everyone!

I kinda vanished again, didn't I? ^^; Sorry about that. I was busy with work, and finishing my Yuletide fic, and life in general. But here I am! *waves* Hi there. C:

Updates for Seraph, Voice, Natsume, and Skip. )

I should be busy lettering Natsume 16 and Skip 33, but they're on the back burner. And Seraph GN vol 2. *weak laughter* Yes, I am still behind, though I'm still holding my new record of only one late title from this summer. (Voice vol 3.) I'm not worried about catching up yet, but I have to work every day.

I poured myself into my Yuletide fic this year. The collection went live very early on Christmas Day. As of this post, my story has a whopping 4 hits, and that's it. No kudos/likes, no comments, no bookmarks. *crickets chirp* This means my recip simply hasn't had time to read it (it IS rather long), they did read and and are overwhelmed and don't know what to say, or they hated it and are overwhelmed and don't know how to be nice about it. Obviously I'm hoping for the first or second option. Even if it turns out they didn't care for it, I'm okay with that. I know it's a good, solid story. My betas have told me so, and they'd be brutally honest if it were not. I'm still proud of it. I did my best, and it turned out pretty good! ^^V (I can't link it yet until after New Year's, when authors are revealed. But I know one of you will be VERY interested. *grins*)

The story given to me was for Basara, and is cute. I particularly liked the ending, and I just love that the author worked two of my stated favorite things into the story. :3 It's less than 2k, if you want to read. Mild spoilers for Basara through volume 8 or so. (I forget when Asagi enters the story.) Here's the link: Asagi's New Brother by anonymous until New Year's.

I also received a treat fic, which is an extra fic written by someone because they wanted to write, not because I was assigned to them. It's a lovely short little fic for Gill from my favorite Pixar and comfort film, Finding Nemo. Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, author also not known until New Year's!

Two bits of interest: Adobe is now charging me sales tax on my InDesign subscription, which is illegal. No one in Oregon pays sales tax. I found someone else also affected, but my plea on the DamnPortlander's facebook and my Adobe forum post have been ignored. (Colorado peeps with this problem back in October replied immediately.) Here, have a look: my post about it; and here's the related Colorado post, which was answered. I don't think there's anything I can do about it. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Adobe is only doing this to individuals, and not businesses. I bet Oni Press or Dark Horse could sic the law on them. Grrrr.

And the second bit of interest: the private server that has hosted my recs site, pics, and other assorted stuff over the years is down, and has been since December 7th. I'm doing research on renting space on a pro server. I found out who hosts each of my fave webcomics, as I'll be using the space for my own soon! (Think positive!) So far DreamHost is looking like my best bet. Less than $10 a month, unlimited bandwidth and storage, FTP access. Gunnerkigg, Johnny Wander, Manly Guys, and The Meek are all hosted there. Along with Oglaf. If DreamHost is okay with Oglaf, then nothing I could draw or link to fanfic-wise could possibly phase them. Ha! If anyone has any feedback on web hosts, LMK. I could really use my former webcomicking contacts right now, but oh well.

Christmas so far has been quiet. I opened my presents while on the phone with my parents and sister. It was fun! I am pleased with my presents, and not letting myself gorge on all the chocolate today. :3 After that, I made breakfast, played some online games, and then go to work. And it is back to work I go! Voice vol 5 is due on January 22nd. Wheeeee!
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I finally made time to visit the salon. My rather ridiculously shaggy hair has now been tamed once again into a cute cap. My hairdresser was new (to me), and an amazingly friendly and bouncy woman. She hugged me! XD I had this silly grin on my face the whole time she was working on me. We kept making each other laugh. She about died when I told her how easy it was to make cranberry sauce. "You buy a can, open it, and pour it into a dish." She loved that. XD What a cheerful, genki woman. C: She also swears I look and sound like I'm in my 20s, which I chose to believe she was honest about. *laughs*

Most of you know, I live in a shell of sorts. I don't pay much attention to the news. Once upon a time, I read the daily headlines from the NYTimes, but that takes time and concentration, and I eventually stopped. (Though I still skim the books issue. :3) To give you an example of how cloistered I can be, I had no idea about the whole government shutdown thing earlier this month until it came up on webcomics. :B

I'm tired of being out of the information loop. I know US media can be really skewed *cough* Fox News *cough*, and I wanted something streaming, so I could listen as I work. My cousin R-chan always reads BBC News for a larger viewpoint on the world. I did some googling and found a site that streams BBC World news. I'm pretty sure it isn't an official stream, but it works for me. C: And hey, thanks to it being BBC and my adblock--no commercials at al! :DD

This is my third day of listening to the news for about an hour, and I'm really enjoying knowing more about what's going on, particularly the stories that have stretched over more than one day, like Thailand going batshit, and the China Sea island dispute. Very interesting.

Back to work for me! Oh, and I added about 100 words to the Yuletide fic. First scene is nearing rough-draft-complete status. ^^V
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Went to my third Yuletide/Nano/scribing-for-any-reason write-in on Friday evening, where I saw the wonderful snottygirl, saladbats, and mab. There were only four of us, but it was still fun! We even ran into a past NaNo-er, and a small group of others who WERE NaNo-ing. ^^ As for me, I made some serious inroads on my own Yuletide fic, of which I am very proud. I wrote about 350 words, which is a lot for me in the space of 45 minutes of actual writing time. (The rest of the evening being spent chatting or researching stuff for my fic.)

Speaking of, I finally figured out how to work writing on my phone. I can't write to google docs since my phone isn't an iphone or an Android, I don't trust emails to not lose text half-way through me typing (it's happened), and Livejournal's posting page is ridiculously code-heavy nowadays...but Dreamwidth works great. :D I have my Yuletide WIP in a private post on my DW account, which I keep open in a tab on my phone's browser. I can be in the middle of writing something, pause long enough for my phone to go into power-saving mode, wake it up...and my words are all still there. Dreamwidth doesn't time out! OMGYAY! \O/ As long as I have a net connection, I can write on the go! And carry pen and paper with me, JIC I don't have the connection. Score!

The deadline is less than a month away. Today I worked on it during breakfast and dinner. I'm pleased with what I have so far, including catching two plotholes pertaining to aspects of canon I'd forgotten, annnnnd a really big realization that I needed to lighten the mood of the MC. Thankfully I caught all three problems before I was more than 500 words into the fic. :D

Speaking of wordcount, the Yuletide minimum is 1,000. This fic is going to end up much more than that. I'm about half-way through the first scene, and the fic's already 650 words long. It isn't just my inability to write shortfic, though. My recipient loves a particular trope, and for me to do it justice, first I have to establish certain facts before I go ripping them apart. (No, there's no non-con in this one, I swear! X|) My recipient did say in their letter that they loooove the sexy tiems, but with the plot I've chosen, that won't really work. Not without the trope of Healing Cock, which I refuse to write. I hope they'll be satisfied with manly snugglings. ^^

I had kind of intimidated myself about this year's fic. I mean, last year's Yuletide fic by me turned out GOOD. It's the most popular fic I have at AO3, and I genuinely like it. I even read it for fun every couple of months! I worry that this fic can't live up to the success of last year's. But my fanfic sempai Star-chan calmed me down. She told me to just do the best I can. I am a decent writer, after all, *I* wrote last year's fic! And all the other fics on my account, all of which are perfectly readable. I certainly have the potential to write another well-received fic! And besides, what's truly important is that my recipient likes it, and I'm doing my damnedest to do just that! (Even though there won't be any sexy tiems. Hopefully someone will give my recipient a sexy fic treat. Though maybe if I finish ahead of time (HAHAHAHAH!) I could write a 2nd fic for them and load it with the smut. I'd say there's a 5% chance...)

I've enjoyed typing on the fic today. Not only having a full-sized keyboard, but being in my home, where I can relax and not need to tune out the coffeeshop music and conversation all around me. I do love write-ins, but it's more for the creative companionship and ready opinions/help to be had, rather than actual words produced. Though writing sprints work well for me. Let's do more! C:

I keep forgetting that someone is writing a Yuletide fic for me, too. I suspect I know which one, based on a comment in the yuletide-coal community that fit one of my requests. It will be interesting to see if I'm right. ^^ Whether I am or not, best of luck and good wishes to my author, if they happen to see this post! I'm looking forward to reading your words on the 25th! :DDD

In work news, Clay 23 is in the can. Voice 4 awaiting corrections, Voice 5 lettering begun. Seraph chapter 6 in the can, GN 1 being FXed right now. Natsume 16 and Skip 33 are waiting for me to start. Wheeeee!!
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22 – Have you ever participated in a fest or a Big Bang? If so, write about your favorite experience in relation to one. If not, are there any you’ve thought about doing? And if not, why not?

On Big Bangs and Yuletide... )
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I would like to invite all of you to read my contribution to Yuletide 2012 Small Fandom Fic Exchange!

An intro to how I learned about Ghost Hunt and a little about my fic-writing homework. )

title: Something in the Silence
author: slr2moons
fandom: Ghost Hunt
genre; rating: Suspense, Gen, Friendship; PG-13
summary: Lin is a quiet but integral part of the dynamics that make up SPR, something driven home as they investigate the bold youkai that haunts Mai's neighboring apartment.
legnth: one-shot at 11,305 words
setting: after the anime/manga vol 9
special thanks to: My three beta readers, [personal profile] saladbats, [profile] knastymike, and [personal profile] stariceling, all three of which found different things for me to polish. Thanks so much, guys! *hug*
read at: AO3 - - Lunaescense - Skyehawke
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Greetings, my flist!!

I wanted to squee about and share my wonderful amazing Yuletide gift fic this year. :3 I still don't know who the author is, and I won't until New Year's Day, but whoever they are, they did a MAGNIFICENT job. *hugs her fic tight*

I thought for sure one of my requested fandoms would remain on my Yuletide wish list for years, with me always being hopeful that maybe, just maybe, I would wake up to my Yuletide fic and finally see it granted. But this year, my 2nd Yuletide, it happened!

Everyone, I was given Blacksad fic for Yuletide. Blacksad.


And not only was it for Blacksad, OMG-flaily-keyboardsmash-squeeful-fangirly-windmilling, but it's good. *passes out from joy*

Here here, see for yourself. *swoons again*

Mood Indigo by anonymous until New Year's. Rated T, gen, 2383 words, set after chapter 2.

*floats off on a cloud of joy*
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Hello, my friends!

Today, I bring you two bits of good news. First, the Yuletide fic is finished! WOOT! XD I asked three people to beta read it for me, and I am so glad I did. It's amazing how many errors each one found that I missed in my uncountable read-throughs and edits. I'm not completely blind, though, because last night on my own final hard-copy read-through, I found a logic fail that would have been really embarrassing. ^^;; But no matter! I fixed that and all the problems my beta readers also caught, and YAY, it's done! Now, I can relax. But not too much, because...


It's with my beloved Shoujo Editor 2. She says the license won't be announced for a few more months, so I can't give any specifics, but I am truly excited. It has several volumes out in Japan, and is an ongoing series, which means more steady work for me! *tears of joy* I have read some of the mangaka's other work and found it quite enjoyable. And also...shiny art. Beautiful, gorgeous art!! *more tears of joy*

This one will have to be lettered in InDesign, but we all knew it was coming. SE2 says we will probably get clean (meaning text-free) digital pages from Japan, which would be a huge time saver. *crosses fingers for good luck* Here's hopin'!

Everyone, please welcome New Title 10 to the lineup. XD KYAA!
I have lots of other things to chat about, but best to save them for another post. I want this one to be all joy! *happy dance*
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Remember how I said I was going to make myself a candle to celebrate sending the first draft of the fic off to my beta readers?

Yeah. XD

Final word count: 11,508 words.

And now, I don't have to think about the fic until my two wonderful, generous beta readers end it back to me. ^^V
slr2moons: a self-portrait, of me in my usual habitat: in front of my computer monitors! (Default)
In which slr2moons babbles about writing and low tires. New personal record: 4674 words yesterday! )

The end is in sight. C: Once it's in the betas' hands, I think I'm going to celebrate by making another candle. For it is fun and productive.

Now, back to the fic!!! YEAH! XD


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