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My Yuletide fic, 2013, and hopes for 2014

Today I read the most recent (legally available) chapter for World Trigger, number 45, and I just had to laugh. Not at any specific event in the chapter, but that one of my predictions was right. I knew the SneeBas made sense!! *preens* I suppose there a slight chance the mangaka borrowed the idea from me. This chapter would have been actually drawn no later than the week of Christmas, and storyboarded at least a week before that. If he'd read the chapter Christmas Day and immediately pounced on the idea, maaaybe it could have happened. But it's highly unlikely. Besides, I prefer the idea that great creative minds think alike. :3 *preens*

Speaking of, here's my official announcement for my Yuletide fic this year!!!

title: Family Lost, Family Found (Plus One)
fandom: World Trigger
summary: Arashiyama Jun and his squad meet a new and nasty Neighbor on their first away mission to the Neighborhood. Jun's soul is broken, but a new friend helps piece him back together.
characters and ship: Arashiyama Jun, Jin Yuichi, Izumi Kouhei, Tachikawa Kei;
genre: action-adventure, suspense, bromance or pre-slash :3
rating: PG-13 for language
length: complete at 18,381 words because I can't write short fic to save my Yuletide sanity
setting: after chapter 42

You can read it at AO3 and at I'll post it to Skyehawke and Lunaescence eventually. I keep forgetting. :B

Do please leave a comment, review, and/or kudo if you enjoy the fic! :D

And now, my introspective on 2013.

It sucked. At least the summer and fall did. Spicer becoming so sick caused me so much stress and put me so far behind work...I don't know how I managed to stay afloat. I'm still running to catch up, and depending on when it's time to start lettering Clay vol 25, it won't happen any earlier than March. I put on about 12 pounds, because I am a stress eater and had to stop exercising because I needed the time and energy for work. Juicing was helping me turn healthier, but the stress of Spicer and the extreme cold in December nixed that idea. Early in the year, I confirmed without a doubt that I'd been dumped by two precious IRL friends for reasons they didn't bother to tell me. That still stings, and probably will for some time. I enjoyed my sister's visit in March, though having my car broken into and our bags stolen wasn't fun at all. I'm still not sure where the second half of the year went. I swear just last week I was sweating through the summer force-feeding Spicer in my lap and wondering WTH I was going to do about work. Now it's already 2014. *looks about in confusion*

To be fair, 2013 wasn't all bad. Work-wise I bagged a new series, Seraph of the End, which while causing me some stress while we race to catch up with Japan, is such a welcome dash of added income that I have absolutely no regrets taking it on. I've grown closer to my wonderful IRL friends, even with me not being able to see them as much due to being so incredibly busy. I went on several hikes with even more wonderful friends last summer, which I dearly love, and I need to get back in shape so I can start doing that again this year! I discovered the incredible Tigard Public Library with its THREE enormous comic and graphic novel sections and had a good visit with my favorite cousin R-chan and her hubby. I wasn't nearly as creative as I would have liked, but I did post two well-received (if low traffic due to obscure fandoms) fics in the Yuletide fic above, and my Summer Wars/Skip Beat crossover, Unlikely Idol. (Which had a huge--for an obscure fandom--influx of hits after SW was shown on Toonami in December. Heh!) I figured out how to successfully write on my phone, something that pleases me greatly and no doubt helped with the Yuletide Epic.

I'm reluctant to make a list of goals for 2014, but I feel okay expressing them as hopes.

I hope to do more original art. I hope to finish my promised pics, and finally get back to work on my original manga. I hope to start buying web space on DreamHost. (My friend's server came back up, but it's time to stop mooching.) I hope to get back in shape. If I'm in shape I have more energy, and that will help with work AND with being creative for myself! I hope to post at least two chapters of my crossover fic. I hope to write at least one other story, to thin out the bunnies eyeing me from the bushes and waiting to attack. I hope to assemble more bookshelves. I hope to keep my apartment cleaner. I REALLY hope to win the lottery, just for the peace of mind that would give me. :P

I could keep going, but I think that's a good place to stop. It's the most important stuff.

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