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26 – What is the oddest (or funnest) thing you’ve had to research for a fic?

Oddest would have to be hardness of wood. In my first Yuletide fic, "Doesn't Mean Anything", the poor main character is handcuffed to a heavy wooden sofa. It had to be strong enough to hold him for the length of the fic. The end result: teak. I found a pic of an antique teak sofa that fit the basic idea I wanted, and went with that.

Funniest: how a guy shaves his face, for my fic "It's All an Act, You Know". I asked my IRL male friend about it, and he answered my questions and directed me to a tutorial video (by Gillette) on Youtube.

Okay, I admit researching how a guy shaves his face isn't that funny, but my reaction to it was. X| For some reason, I find watching (or reading about) a guy shaving really hot. That tutorial video was...swoon worthy. (Ha!) And it didn't help that the actor was gorgeous. *headdesk* I kept having to pause and switch to something else for a break. The end result of the research and self-torment is my personal favorite UST-scene ever, so I'd say the embarrassment was worth it. Woot!