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30 Day Fanfiction Meme, day 23!

23 – When you post, where do you post to? Just your journal? Just an archive? Your own personal site?

I post in lots of places. In my early ficcing days, I posted to my LJ/DW, but with more interest given to my work and art here, these days I stick to ficcing in archives.

AO3 has all my fics but one (the long-neglected Naruto WIP), along with artwork. Navigating AO3 takes some getting used to, but I like it. ^^ Anime and manga fandoms are rather ignored on the site in favor of live-action, but it's getting better. The site has much more traffic now, since so many people left last year when they cracked down on reported fics. My most popular fic here is "Something in the Silence", my Ghost Hunt fic, written for Yuletide 2012. was the first site I posted to. It's the biggest fic archive, and generates the most traffic for my stuff. It definitely has problems (mostly due to mod ridiculousness), but I try to shrug them off. I do like being able to see other users' favorite fics. I've found some great stories that way! I'm also addicted to their fic stats page. I might F5 that one several times a day... This site has all my fic, though the DOGS one is edited down to fit into the site's guidelines. (Yes, I know a lot of people ignore the guidelines. But I thought about it, and between feeling guilty about knowingly breaking their rules and worrying about my account being deleted, I decided to just edit instead. I mention where to find the complete version of the fic in its A/N.) BTW, is the best for reading on your phone, of all the sites I'm talking about. My most popular fic here is "It's All an Act, You Know", the UST-filled BL fic for Tantei Gakuen Q.

Lunaescence was the other first site I posted to. My fanfic sempai, [personal profile] stariceling, used the site back then, and she suggested I joined. So I did! Luna attracts a lot of younger writers and readers, since it allows song fic, reader insert, and 2nd person fic. I'm rather fond of the site, and hope it's around for a long time! My complete library is here, too. (I even prepared the site for my upcoming crossover by asking them to make a Summer Wars section, with the characters I needed. Planning ahead!) ^^V Two fics share the most popular spotlight here: my first fic, "Distracting and a Great Bother" for Naruto, and "Forgetting, Flirting, and a Frash Raive" for Tantei Gakuen Q again.

Skyehawke is the most recent archive I've joined. I was only able to get in due to [profile] snottygirl's generosity by activating an account for me. The site's mods have been ignoring/unable to answer all the queries for new accounts from people who want to join but don't have an in. :( The opening page's news is all way out of date, too. The site began as an HP archive, and anime and manga stories are ignored there much more than they are at AO3, but I wanted to post there anyway. I've read so many great HP epics at Skyehawke, I wanted to play, too! XD Unfortunately it's way out of date, and terrible to read on your phone. :/ All of my fic is posted here. Most popular fic is my little gen friendship fic for Naruto and Sasuke, "At the End of Climbing Trees".

I'm glad I can post to multiple archives, as that means if one goes (or I'm deleted...), the others are up for people to find. ^^ I also find it fascinating how each site has a favored fic. FFaaFR is ignored pretty much everywhere, except Luna, where it's bizarrely popular! The difference between the other favorite fics isn't as extreme, but none of them are front-runners for being a fave on the other sites. Crazy!