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30 Day Fanfiction Meme, day 27!

27 – Where is your favorite place to write, and do you write by hand or on the computer?

My favorite place to write is at my desk, on Shetan--my PC tower. (I'm typing this on him now. :3) Normally I'm most creative in the evenings, but lately I've tried writing after my morning jog, while I eat breakfast. I've had good luck with that, no doubt because work has yet to drain my mental energy.

I CAN write in public, and I have with success. My beloved write-ins for Yuletide or with my slashy friends, for example. I've also written good words on the train. But as mentioned on the previous meme post about music, I do best with quiet. Also with surroundings where I can relax, tune out where I am, and become involved with the story.

I prefer to type on the computer. It's faster and easier and almost always legible. Unlike my handwriting, which is best described as chicken scratch. ^^;; I have to make a deliberate effort to write neatly, and often I go back and write a tiny, neater version of a particularly messy word written in the heat of inspiration before I forget what the squiggle is supposed to be. :B

I mention this because my laptop, Usagi, is really heavy and her battery only lasts about an hour. Lugging her around isn't worth it. When I write in the wild, I take printouts of my draft and notes and a couple pens. But lately I've been copypasta-ing said draft and notes to private entries on my DW, reading them on my phone, and using pen and paper for new stuff. ^^ Works great!

Theoretically I could write at DW or LJ on my phone, but I don't trust it. I often hit the back or search button by mistake, and whoops--bye bye any writing. Same for sending an email to myself with fic written on my phone. Not to mention random signal loss or "this site is blocked" irritations. My phone won't let me write to Google docs, either. (If only I'd known that when my family was phone shopping!!) And to be honest, the keyboards are tiny--both the slide-out physical and screen ones. I could do it, but it's easier to just print out or copypasta before I leave, and take pen and paper.

One of these days (most likely when Usagi dies), I'm going to buy myself a nice tablet and use that to write out in the wild. It will be bliss!! But I can't justify purchasing a tablet right now. Gotta be a good girl and spend less!