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30 Day Fanfiction Meme, day 29!

29 – What is your current project or projects?

Oooh, I can talk about my WIPs! XD I've mentioned these before, but here they are again in a dedicated post! With more info than just titles. *wink* If anyone is interested in a particular story, feel free to say so!

In order of how quickly I estimate their first/next chapter will be posted...

"Unlikely Idol" - Skip Beat! and Summer Wars crossover. Eventual BL for Kazuma/Kenji, though the fic is focused more on Kenji and Kazuma's lives rather than just the romance. Their families, careers, how the events of Summer Wars change them, and yes, their relationships. Eye the fic's title and you'll get an idea of what I have in store. *giggles* It seemed only natural to work in Skip Beat. It saved me the need to make up a lot of OCs, for one! And gave me great characters to write about. And I'd like to write at least one fic for each manga I have lettered, too. :3 Naruto: check. Claymore: check. Skip: almost check! Chapter one of this fic is written, and has been beta'ed. I have yet to open said beta, though, as I am working on something else and am determined to finish that first. Also most of chapter two is already written. (Originally it was together with chapter one and thus made it really long, but I decided to cut it in half at a convenient place.) If this fic ends up less than 25k, I'll be surprised. I started writing it in January of last year, and worked on it on and off all year. I also know and accept it will never be hugely popular. A crossover of a small fandom and a tiny one, that isn't full of sexy tiems or crack humor? It's DOOMED. But I don't care. I'm writing this one for me and Star-chan. ^^

still untitled fic - Snatch, the Guy Ritchie film. Straight-up slash romance and angst for Turk, Mickey, and Tommy. I kinda wanted to write Turk/Mickey just from watching the film, but then I ran across someone's request for Turk/Tommy for Yuletide, and the fic began to gel in my head. I have about 3k of this one written, but haven't touched it in 6 months. It was derailed when I received my actual Yuletide assignment, and then that and work conspired to keep me too busy to do more than finish my required fic. I need to finish it this year to make it under the Yuletide '12 deadline and thus be able to include it in the Yuletide New Year's Resolution collection. Hmm. (Being in the collection means more traffic.) I estimate this one will be around 12 to 15k, from what I remember of my outline. I'll also need to decide to post it all at once (required for the NYR eligibility) or post it in two or three installments. Even if I go with the latter, I'll at least have the rough draft done for the whole thing. I don't want this fic to end up like 1S2W. *sigh*

"One-Sided, Two Ways" - Naruto This is my long-neglected Naruto WIP. Shippy het for Hinata/Shino, all started when I was lettering a chapter in volume 29 and a bunny sank its teeth into me. *laughs* This fic is very much all about the romance and getting the two characters together. I think I intimidated myself away from working on it, even while knowing how simple the fic itself is. I have all these ideas for plot arcs and the necessary character development to shift Hinata's regard from Naruto to Shino, and it just scared me. ^^;; I haven't updated it in 5 years, as noted in a previous meme entry. But I have a LOT more writing under my belt know, and a better idea of my own abilities. This fic doesn't scare me any more. Heh. C: As for length...I'd say the first arc will be around 12k. If I write ALL the arcs I want to, it would end up my longest fic. 50k? 75k? Definitely way up there, at least by my usual fic lengths.

untitled Hitsugaya/Hyourinmaru - Bleach I mentioned this ship and potential fic for it in a "What's your crackiest ship?" thread in [community profile] fandomsecrets, and several people chimed in to say they agreed with me and were interested in the fic! At least one of them friended me on DW. *waves, JIC they're reading* This ship is entirely the fault of the 2nd half of Bleach ep239. I estimate this one will be short, probably under 2k. I plan to fill it with all sorts of naughty metaphors and symbolism. X3 *taps her fingertips together most evilly* I'm looking forward to writing this. Maybe I should move it up in the writing order, since it will be so short! Hmmm.

"Hunting for an Answer" - Lion King Gen, Simba coming of age and friendship. The first time I saw Lion King, in theaters when it was brand new, back in '94 or so, I noticed a plot hole. I've remembered it every time I watched the film--and many a time that has been--and finally back in summer '07 I began to write. I managed around 2k before I lost the steam. It was due to a combination of uncertainty about my own abilities and where to take the plot. As with 1S2W above, though, I have much more confidence in myself, and plenty of time for the subconscious to chew things over. I feel capable to tackling this fic now. I'd estimate it will end up being around 15k in length.

untitled doggie fic - Honey & Clover Yes, that's right. The dogs. Leader the Labrador-esque mutt, and Midori the standard poodle, and all the other dogs (there are at least two more) drove me NUTS in Honey. Their cute little dialogues added nothing to the plot and could be such a pain to letter and retouch...that is, until I started writing this fic. Talk about a 180 degree change of opinion!! XD I wrote around 3k of this before I became distracted. I'm going to have to review all of canon before picking it up again, because I set it around specific events, and it's been YEARS. Oh dear. ^^;; If you're wondering what I'm doing with the dogs, the fic is written from Leader's POV. Think 101 Dalmations and Lady and the Tramp. Will there be romance?? I take the 5th. TBH, I'm not sure myself...

untitled Mikaela/Bee fic - Transformers, the first live-action Bay film from '07. The last time I watched the film, a bunny slammed into me, and I'm determined to write it. I've limited myself to notes only, though I've thought about the plot on many a jog. The Transformers fandom has me a little leery of dipping my toe in. From what I've seen, they can be a bit batshit, though likely no worse than any other big fandom. That my fic would be based only on the first Bay movie and nothing else will likely work against me, but whatever. That's my bunny and I'm sticking to it! As for length...15k? Maybe 20? I'm not sure. This bunny is most persistent. I've referred to it before as "the bunny that refuses to die", and I'm making myself wait to seriously work on it until I take care of at least my current project, UI, and the Snatch fic above.

There you go! My current to-write list, all of which have actual words except the Bleach and Transformers ones. ^^ I've had several bunnies for other things--more Naruto, HP, etc--but these are fics that should definitely happen.

Hopefully before I'm 40. Heh.

I should bookmark this post, so I can easily find it and cross each fic off when it goes up. :3

BTW, the current project I've mentioned but not listed is a long guest comic. Heeeeeeee. <3