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Yuleti~~~~de writing BEGINS OMG FLAILY FLAIL

OMG you guys, I think I just caught my Yuletide assignment fic bunny. :D

Yuletide assignments went out Thursday morning, my time. I was pleased by my assignment! It will be my first non-manga or -anime posted fanfic. ^^V I was VERY happy to avoid one tricky potential recipient who I couldn't avoid due to character tweaks unless I completely un-offered the fandom. I kept my offers this year very limited (for me), only offering the 10 that I really really wanted to write. I chose to risk that trick potential assignment and did NOT delete that fandom from my offers, and my gamble paid off! (If I had ended up assigned to that recipient, I would have done my best to give them the fic they wanted. I'm not out to intentionally ruin anyone's Yuletide.)

My actual recipient's letter is quite good and helpful, and I'm using one of their suggestions as the starting point for my fic. I might be able to work two more in, as well! Woohoo!

The fandom is easy for me to review. This is new, and feels kinda weird. I mean, my three previous Yuletides, I was scrambling to read and take notes for multiple manga volumes! DOGS was 7 at the time, Ghost Hunt was 11, and World Trigger was ~42 chapters, which makes it around 5 volumes, I think. To have it so easy this year, canon-review wise, feels strange! I mean, I did offer a 27 volume manga series. ^^;;; If that had been my assignment, I'd have needed to skim and read only the relevant chapters. I keep meaning to reread the entire series near the end of the year so I can offer it properly, and write extra fics to give as treats to any requesters.

I hope I can keep my assignment under control. My previous Yuletide fics have all had major wordcount-creep. ^^; DOGS: 9k. Ghost Hunt: 12k. World Trigger: 19k. *wince* I've been plotting out a potential treat to write this year, in addition to my assignment, and I want to make it happen! (Treat fandom is a manga. Not Yuletide w/o some manga reading!)

Work is chugging along. The worst pages in Clay 26 are done, unless I've misjudged one. I already have the next chapter for Seraph to do. Thankfully it's due on Tuesday, rather than in 2 days as it has been since we caught up. Whew! My only concern is Voice 10. I wish I were further along in Voice.

Back to work for me! I decided to watch a scary movie in celebration of Halloween, since I'm not doing anything else for the holiday. "The Awakening", on Netflix. Yep, pretty suspenseful! (Suspense is always more frightening than gore. Give me Hitchcock over Romero any day.)

And let that bunny munch on its lettuce and parsnips in the back of my mind, so it can grow into a lovely story!!