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My last post was me venting about everything that's been bearing down on me in the past few months. But some good things have been happening, too!

Spicer is doing better, new URL for my fanfic recs page, manga counting continues, reading, small shigoto update, New Title 12's identity revealed, exercising with friends, Adult Things to Do List )

That's everything positive I can think of to share at the moment. ^^ Back to work for me! The Clay women are calling. C:
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Went on a 6-mile hike on Sunday, in gorgeous 70 degree weather and a crisp wind to keep it from becoming too hot. C: I did better than I thought I did, considering how out of shape I am. Came home, showered, and then slept for 3 hours. Heh.

The next day, I joined [profile] snottygirl for dinner at a new-to-me restaurant in the Pearl. It was delicious! I definitely want to go back. :9 Lots of excellent conversation was had. I haven't seen snottygirl since my Yuletide write-ins, so it was wonderful to catch up IRL.

Work-wise, things are teetering on the edge of being under control. I'm trying not to think too much about deadlines, just focusing on finishing every page I can.

Mostly right now, I'm consumed with irritation. It's time for my lease to be renewed, and I learned my rent is going up $80 to $200, depending on how long I renew for. I did some quick internet searching and discovered the new rate is normal for similar complexes in my area. It took me about an hour, but I realized why:

Inflation plus supply and demand makes for a frustrated s2m )

If I place a bag of money under my pillow, with the House Fairy leave me a lovely deed??
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Welp, I survived the Summer of Hell, somehow. Spicer-kitty did, too. ^^

Voice vol 3, New Title 10 revealed as Seraph of the End, YUUUULETIIIIDE!!!, Voice vol 1 is out, hiking, picking blackberries, and making blackberry jam. )

I'm about a week behind on my flists. I'm sorry if I've missed anything important, everyone! I'll try to catch up soon. *hugs for all*
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On Sunday, I went for my first hike ever in Forest Park, invited by some good friends from my beloved book club. :3 The scenery was lush, green, and beautiful, even now when spring is barely getting started. Quite a few joggers passed us, all of them very fit or close to being so. About four were barefoot, something that made me gape. The trail was quite muddy...though I can't help but be horrified at the thought of a muddy foot slamming down on a sharp piece of protruding root or a rock. D=

All five of us talked the entire trip. I wore my new hiking boots (no, I did not go barefoot!), and they should definitely be broken in now. ^^ We did about 5 miles in 2 hours and 15 minutes. I was always at the end of the line or close to it. The walking pace set was slightly faster than my own, and I had to push it to keep up without jogging. It felt like back in my trail riding days, when my beloved horse, Mac, walked slower than all the others. When we'd drop back too far, he'd automatically trot to catch up with the rest, then walk again. I didn't even have to cue him to do it. Heh.)

After the hike, we went to a hole-in-the-wall diner place I'd never been to before in Multnomah Village, and I had a cherry milkshake. It was as delicious as it was huge. :9 I would not mind at all if post-hike milkshakes became a tradition. I am looking forward to tromping through the wilderness with them again. It was fun!

And oooh, did I pay for it. XD My legs and feet were sore yesterday, along with my sides from carrying my backpack. Today only the backs of my thighs ache a bit. ^^ I rested yesterday, but today I make myself go for a walk. I was out for only 37 minutes, and I did walk the entire time, and yet it still wiped me out. I came home, and after breakfast, I crashed for a good hour. Z_z

To be fair, I did push myself hard with work yesterday. Voice is proving to be quite a challenge, not in small part to having to remove ALL the type. *headdesk* I sincerely hope text-free tiffs arrive for vols 2-12, I truly do. Anyway, working with greater intensity is mentally draining, and I'm tired the next day. I'm glad for the work, though. I just love some of the FX tranlsations Shoujo Editor 2 is using for this title. They make me snicker every time. XD

Speaking of work, back to it for me. My sister will be visiting for a week later this month. She's coming to work again, but is staying an extra day and a half to hang out with me. AND with my bi-weekly anime nights, AND now hiking a couple times a month, too, I gotta go through some serious pages to free up time!


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