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The bank appraisal on my potential future condo happens tomorrow, Wednesday. *gulp* This will be the deciding moment, guys! If the bank says the place is worth less than my offer, and the seller won't take the reduced amount, then my search resumes. Ohhh boy.

In work news, I was able to scramble enough to finish Seraph with the extended deadline Seraph Editor 2 gave me. Yay! Mab came over and did some work of her own, and having her here in person helped keep my energy up! Especially when she read aloud two of her racier fics! *laughs* Oh my!! Corrections were sent to me the next day, and I completed them this past weekend.

I'm a few pages into Bloody v3. Thankfully no horrid omake spreads to deal with this time! (Check out v2 when it's out and you'll understand immediately. GAH.) I'm finally getting the hang of the interspatial pages for this series, too! ^^V Unfortunately, this volume will be rushed. But I've already done the two worst pages! Most of Bloody's pages have only one or two minor FX, which means it usually goes quickly.

Have script for Behind v1 and Skip v37. Have yet to start either, though I've made my key sheet for Behind. This one is a little easier than v1, as is usual for manga. Gotta put a lot of effort into vol 1s, to catch those readers and earn those votes!

As usual, I'm in the middle of several different audiobook series. I very rarely read (meaning listen to) more than one book in the same series in a row, to avoid burnout. Well, unless one volume ends on a terrible cliffhanger and I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS. *laughs*

But I think I'll save my current reading ramblings for my next post. ^^ I am trying to post more often, and gotta pace myself!! Also if I delay posting this right now, I might not post at all. I know myself well. ^^;;;;

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My current audio book, Off Armageddon Reef by David Weber, reminds me of why I added #18 to my list of Things I Will Never Include in My Original Stories:

18: Exposition about my setting's history and politics and the wars that shaped it, all delivered within sight of the first page.

Although in Mr. Weber's case, it wasn't within sight of the first page. More like around page 75, if I had to estimate. (Audio book, remember.) But throwing a huge ensemble cast at the reader, with convoluted politics and double-talk and name-dropping and characters who appear only for a few paragraphs to do all this exposition is NOT going to help your reader keep everything straight.

I love thrillers with lots of politicking going on, but when it comes to novels...there MUST be a better way. GAH. I felt like I was reading to a history textbook!
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I missed posting last week. I don't think anyone noticed though, so no harm no foul and all that. *waves hand*

Lured by anti-chan's own meme post about a personality test, I took it myself. Here are the complete results. Tl;dr version: I am an independent thinker. I love to work, I think things through, I'm good at my job, enjoy being alone, and need only a few close friends to be happy. Yep, that's me. What I find amusing is I fully expected to come up with the same results as anti-chan's test. I know I would have, before I found my current job. I guess lettering manga has really changed my life. Omoshiroi.

As a quick shigoto update: Captive v1 is 3/5ths done, I'm actually through with the series content and am now working on the first of two manga oneshots that complete the book. Clay 13 is 4/5ths done. I have two pink pages left before an easy finish of yellow and green. Honey 8 is finished, and I'm now having a mini-break since Japan hasn't sent the pages for vol 9. Yay. Break is good! Nana 15 has begun, I'm a whole whopping one page in. Heh! Naruto 38 is wrapping up, I have about 20 pages left, all yellow and green. I've been working on Skip 17 piecemeal for about a week, so I'm still at the beginning.

At the moment, things are under control. Granted, it's a very thin and flimsy control, but still, I'm not worried. I haven't had to use my freakout icon, which is good. Early this week I had a massive energy shutdown, but I'm apparently mostly over it. Viz is changing some things before pages are sent to me, I'll share what's going on when I know more myself. If I'm lucky, the change will save me tons of time.

And I have discovered audiobooks!!! They are wonderful!! I can work and listen at the same simultaneously!! They've helped me complete so many pages by keeping my alert....I've listened to 7 books so far, and am half-way through my 8th. I listen for 3 to 7 hours a day, so I burn through them pretty fast. More on my newfound passion later, though.

As always, work calls. Minna, be well! *hugs*


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