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I knew my condo-buying adventure was going too easily. My realtor called today to say the underwriter is unhappy with the appraisal. :C Apparently this is a very rare thing. (Personally, when it comes to beating the odds, I'd rather win the lottery.) He's going to call tomorrow after he's talked more with the loan officer, but I might end up having to use a different bank or mortgage company. Nrrrrrrrgh. *headdesk* And here I thought I was almost done with this chore. *sigh*
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The bank appraisal on my potential future condo happens tomorrow, Wednesday. *gulp* This will be the deciding moment, guys! If the bank says the place is worth less than my offer, and the seller won't take the reduced amount, then my search resumes. Ohhh boy.

In work news, I was able to scramble enough to finish Seraph with the extended deadline Seraph Editor 2 gave me. Yay! Mab came over and did some work of her own, and having her here in person helped keep my energy up! Especially when she read aloud two of her racier fics! *laughs* Oh my!! Corrections were sent to me the next day, and I completed them this past weekend.

I'm a few pages into Bloody v3. Thankfully no horrid omake spreads to deal with this time! (Check out v2 when it's out and you'll understand immediately. GAH.) I'm finally getting the hang of the interspatial pages for this series, too! ^^V Unfortunately, this volume will be rushed. But I've already done the two worst pages! Most of Bloody's pages have only one or two minor FX, which means it usually goes quickly.

Have script for Behind v1 and Skip v37. Have yet to start either, though I've made my key sheet for Behind. This one is a little easier than v1, as is usual for manga. Gotta put a lot of effort into vol 1s, to catch those readers and earn those votes!

As usual, I'm in the middle of several different audiobook series. I very rarely read (meaning listen to) more than one book in the same series in a row, to avoid burnout. Well, unless one volume ends on a terrible cliffhanger and I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS. *laughs*

But I think I'll save my current reading ramblings for my next post. ^^ I am trying to post more often, and gotta pace myself!! Also if I delay posting this right now, I might not post at all. I know myself well. ^^;;;;

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Hi, everyone. Yes, I vanished again. *sighs* I certainly didn't WANT to. *headdesk*

The past few weeks have been interesting, in that Chinese curse way. In the past week alone: I'm 3/4ths through the process of buying a condo. (SO MUCH PAPERWORK GAH) Estimated taxes #4 were due on Friday (I am le broke now), the annual apartment inspection for water leaks and potential meth labs is Monday (which means I have to deep clean this weekend UGH), my right-side work monitor finally died and I bought another new one to match the recently replaced left monitor (see le broke note), and this weekend was a local convention I wanted to attend with a friend, but had to cancel because of everything else going on. >< (I had my Agatha from Girl Genius cosplay mostly ready, too. Wig and trilobite pin and all.)

And work is hanging heavy over me, as usual. Annnnd I've been 25-75% sick throughout it all. Fun times.

I want to post this now, so I don't put it off any longer. GAH.

More tomorrow or Monday. If I don't follow through with that, please poke me. Seriously, I miss posting!!!
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Almost two months since my last update. So much for being the change and posting more, huh? Ugh.

Okay, so...

tl:dr: I have been very busy lately. Lots of stress. Staying in my current apartment for almost another year. Spicer is not doing well. Work is crazy-busy. Haven't been able to do anything creative since Yuletide.

The whole nine yards, for those not yet given in to the influence of the brief-content platforms of FB, twitter, and tumblr. )
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Greetings, my flist! All ~5 or of you or so who, like me, are still on DW and LJ and check it regularly. ^^

I haven't said much here lately, and I admit, it's b/c everyone else is on FB and it's nice to say something and start a dialogue. *sigh* I so miss this platform's glory days. But I should stop contributing to the problem by not posting here, and post more! Ha!

Okay,'s an update on what's happening in my life.

Tl;dr: Not much, as usual.

Longer version within! Work, Yuletide, car, health, living arrangements, misc, and entertainment. )

I guess that's it for this long update. It feels good to talk to you guys again! Please leave a comment, if you have anything to say or ask. C:
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Went on a 6-mile hike on Sunday, in gorgeous 70 degree weather and a crisp wind to keep it from becoming too hot. C: I did better than I thought I did, considering how out of shape I am. Came home, showered, and then slept for 3 hours. Heh.

The next day, I joined [profile] snottygirl for dinner at a new-to-me restaurant in the Pearl. It was delicious! I definitely want to go back. :9 Lots of excellent conversation was had. I haven't seen snottygirl since my Yuletide write-ins, so it was wonderful to catch up IRL.

Work-wise, things are teetering on the edge of being under control. I'm trying not to think too much about deadlines, just focusing on finishing every page I can.

Mostly right now, I'm consumed with irritation. It's time for my lease to be renewed, and I learned my rent is going up $80 to $200, depending on how long I renew for. I did some quick internet searching and discovered the new rate is normal for similar complexes in my area. It took me about an hour, but I realized why:

Inflation plus supply and demand makes for a frustrated s2m )

If I place a bag of money under my pillow, with the House Fairy leave me a lovely deed??
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In my apartment I be. ^^ And online I be, as well!! Speaking of which, being connected was frighteningly easy. O.o A previous tenant had the fios hardware installed, so all the guy had to do for me was mess a bit with the said hardware in the closet, plug in a router, plug Utena and Tsukushi into said router, change one setting on both comps (flexible IP addy), told me how to connect Usagi via my wireless connection, and that was it. *blink blink* I keep waiting for the axe to fall. *gazes about suspiciously* BTW, I'm really really loving my 20/20 Mbps connection. I'm looking forward to my first big work upload just so I can grin at how fast it will be. XD

I've been online since early Thursday afternoon, but I was so completely exhausted from the drive (2,000 miles in three days alone will do that to anyone) and the stress of OMG moving, not to mention the many trips from my car, Rei-chan, up the stairs to my apartment to unload (I stopped counting at 10) made me a very very tired chibi elf. Z_z I worked a little bit Wed evening, and Thurs before and after the fios guy came. Yesterday was my first day fully devoted to work. My grand total for all 3 days is 11 pages. Hah! At least I did one pink, one orange, and one orange dot in there. :P

I recalculated my work schedules, and the grand total page quota starting today is 17. Wheee! I've had worse, though not by much. My desk is still with the moving company, so Utena and Tsukushi are set up on the floor. It's nice to stretch out and work, but I can't keep it up too long. Sitting up and working is okay, but I have to bend way over to use Doumyouji. (Tsukushi's drawing tablet.) So yesterday I grabbed one of my boxes to place him on as an impromptu mini-desk, and that really helps. ^^

non-work stuff )
I'm still playing catchup on my flist. It seems like when I vanished, all of a sudden you guys exploded with activity and made several huge posts each. WTH, guys??? You only talk when I'm not around????? *blows raspberries at the lot of you*

I guess that's it for today!! Work calls, as always. Time to don the hachimaki and hit it!! XD
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I'm in Alberquerque! And I managed to get Usagi to work with a hotel's wireless network this time. Heh!

I did about 700 miles today, which is respectable. I'm not speeding more than 3 or 4 miles over, as I drive like a grandma. Spicer-kitty is doing fine. At the moment he's exploring our hotel room, He keeps trying to get under the bed, which is impossible b/c it has a solid base and I jammed pillows in the openings next to the wall. ^^V

We're both lucky tonight. My hotel tomorrow (Mon) might not have the solid-based bed, which means I'll keep him shut in the bathroom so I'll be able to catch him the next day. And the next hotel might also not have free internet! I hope to drive more than 700 miles tomorrow, since I plan to leave an hour or two earlier than I did today.

BTW, running the mountain pass gauntlet with no road shoulders, at night, and stuck with an 18 wheeler in the right lane parallel and pacing you is rather.....interesting.

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*cue cheesy Wagon Trail theme music* Though  most of you are prob too young to have ever played. :P

Sunday morning I begin my 2,000 mile drive to Portland. Wheee! Spicer-kitty will be stoned thanks to the drugs the vet provided, and I'll be singing along with my ancient anime themes CDs while I try to keep from gaping at the scenery and killing us both! Let us hope things go well.

To avoid the traffic nightmare of Denver,  I'm heading west to Roswell, north and west through Albuquerque, skirt along the AZ border, cut across the SW corner of Colorado, north through Utah, wade through Salt Lake City, then across Idaho and west along 84 to land in Portland. I'm not sure if it will take me 3 or 4 days to finally step inside my apartment. More than likely I'll reach Portland on the 3rd day, but too late to move in. (The complex said they can't do a new move-in after 4 PM.) So I might end up in a hotel nearby to await the next day. Anyway, I'll definitely be inside my apartment and back to work on the 10th. I miss work very much, and it will only feel worse after three days of driving. T.T I'm taking Usagi to do some pre-lettering in the hotels. It's an addiction!

I had a decent visit with my IRL friend Yuumei yesterday, was genuinely surprised at the surprise party L-chan threw for me, and had a wonderful long chat with my other IRL friend Rei at the local ihop. I will miss them all terribly. Yay for the net and phones!! Thanks to the masterful skills of my mom and 'nee-chan, we were able to cram everything inside Rei (my car) with room to spare. Heh!

I doubt any of the hotels I'll be staying at will have internet, so I likely won't be back here at LJ or with email until the 11th, when the fios guys are supposed to hook me up. Five days without my internet...'twill be agony!!

Everyone, be well while I'm gone, and send me good vibes! Yahoo has me driving the entire length of Route 666. Hahhahahaha!!!

Gambarimashoooo!!!! XD



3/9/08 22:51
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Everything's packed. It's very rare when I'm so busy I forget to eat, but that happened today. O.o My feet are killing me, espec the right one, around the screw I have on the outside edge.. Itetetetete.... =.=

The movers were supposed to call today and arrange when they will arrive tomorrow. They never called. I have a nasty suspicion they called my cell phone number, which I gave to my rep with the instructions to NOT call until they are ready to DELIVER my stuff in OREGON, since I don't have cell phone reception in my house and thus never have the phone turned on.

So I'm waking up tomorrow morning at 7:45 JIC they show up at 8.

I'm tired. I'm going to bed. After I pack my rice bowl, and move my Harry, and Ron/Hermoine standees into the car pile, since I forgot to include them in the huge poster cardboard package. *sigh* At least they'll lay flat in my trunk. (They're from the first movie. Benefits of being a Blockbuster employee. Heh. Dan is so cute....

And on that adorable note, I shall depart. I'll be back at least once before I leave on Sunday.



2/9/08 00:12
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I am very  near the point where I'm going to dump stuff into a box until it is full, tape it closed, and label it "crap from top of dresser" or "art supplies and papers from that stack underneath your desk". I already have a pile of stuff I will label as "mysteries to deal with later".

I am a 30 year old single woman. How in the WORLD did I end up with so much stuff?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!!

I have so much to rant about, but I don't have the time to do it properly. So here's the short version.

a very tired *headdesk* )
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I'm about to upgrade to widescreen flat monitors for both Anthy and Utena. Why the spontaneous purchase? B/c I can't carry my two current 20 inch CTR boxes. HAHAHA! Oh, they don't weigh too much--barely. They're just the right combination of heavy and bulky-huge for me to drop them. And since all three of my comps are coming with me and Spicer-kitty in the car, and I will be unloading the car on my own...and the CTR boxes will take up the entire backseat...time to upgrade!! After all, who doesn't like dropping $500 on a whim??? Wheeee!!!

My "office equipement expenses" line on my '08 tax return will be immense next year. Anthy $400, Usagi $900, and now two new screens for Utena and Tsukushi at around $500. Heh.

I need to get my butt in gear and do some major packing. The movers will be picking up my stuff on the 4th.

13 days off left. Oh, and script and raw pages for Captive3 are here. Never a dull moment!! *frazzled laugh*

BTW, best wishes to everyone on my flist going back to class!

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Today I used the first of my 14 days off. Since I'll be in Portland on my birthday, my family and I celebrated today. And of course, since you all know what a wild party animal I am, we went to Barnes & Noble, then had Chinese food at PF Chang's (I've been craving noodles for days), off to Borders, and then ice cream at Cold Slab. Mmmmm. :9 It was a wonderful day!!! XD And I really needed a break.

I must have an addiction. Never let me loose in a bookstore with a giftcard (from my neechan), a wad of cash, the will and energy to SHOP, and my all-important book list, b/c bad things happen. Heeeee. :3 Some women live to shop for shoes, or new clothes, or jewelry. Me??? Books all the way. Ohhhh, yeah!

I'm not a complete slacker, though. Once home, I packed three new boxes and finalized the others I had already done. Now I'm finishing the corrections for Captive 2, and will likely take a stab at a couple pages of Honey. Tomorrow, it's back to the grind. Wheeee!
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...I'll be in my apartment in Portland. Wow. And I've barely been able to pack anything, thanks to work and feeling not-that-great in general.

I've been avoiding LJ for the past week--both comms and my flist--for fear of Breaking Dawn spoilers. I'm nearing the end, so I should be back and playing catchup before Monday. If you've been wondering where I went and why, now you know.

Hoping you all feel better than she does,

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I'm back!! Actually, I arrived back late on Sat night, I just didn't have the energy to post until now. :P

Clay 14 arrives tomorrow. Late, of course, but through no fault of CE3 or myself. This means I'll be lettering around 19 pages a day again. Which means the return of Work Hell.

In which I have to pack. Heh. Heheheheheh... O.o

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I finished Clay 13 yesterday.

I finished Naruto 38 today.

This means....WORK HELL IS OVERRRRR!!!!!!!!!! At least until the next session, of course. ^^;; 

I still don't have the raw files for Honey 9, which means at the moment, all I have is Captive 1, Nana 15, and Skip 17. This is...truly wonderful....*eyes sparkle with joy* And it's not just b/c Work Hell is over!! I can use my new bits of spare time to PACK! And get MOVING COMPANY QUOTES! And SCROUNGE FOR APARTMENTS online! My mom, oneechan, and I already bought our plane tickets for my apartment quest in late July. And lined up a rental car!!!

KYAAAAA!!!! The goal is to move in to my new Portland home no later than September 1st. Heeeeeee! <3 <3 <3 (I really really hope I won't have to give up a volume of one of my shoujo titles to a substitute letterer to make it happen. At least Clay is safe, and I don't have any more Naruto books in line. The thought of letting anyone else touch my babies makes me snarl. *clutches Skip, Nana, Honey, and Captive to her bosom* Though if I have to throw one to the wolves, it would be Captive first, then Honey, then Nana. You are correct, Skip is not on that list.

But back into hyper mode!!! It feels great to finally be taking some real steps!!! KYAAA!!!!! *jumps up and down* OMG, I'd better get to work so  can finish Captive 1 ASAP. Heeee!! XD



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