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Now that it's been announced in the July issue of Shojo Beat, I can finally admit New Title's shourai. Of course, it's only fair that I make as big a deal about it as I did Naruto, so....New Title is actually....
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Skip Beat flashbacks are a force unto themselves. X_x
I've decided to somehow get myself a subscription to Hana to Yume, which is the Japanese manga magazine that Skip Beat appears in. >< I can't stand having to wait for the tankos to arrive--I must know what happens!! Plus, it will force me to practice my Japanese vocabulary. S2m has been a very lazy student lately...

I finished New title volume 1 today. ^^
Anyway, Shoujo Editor is rather good with timely scripts, so I might have a day or two before the first half of New title vol 2 arrives. I need to download the raw pages, as well. Busy busy busy...

And the manga report! 

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If I can't be a VK-style Vamp, then I chose an Anne Rice vamp. If that's out as well, I have to go with Hellsing vamp. Buffy vamp is last b/c I don't like what happens to their faces. >< So why am I going on about vampires??

It seems I've reverted to my summer schedule, where I wake up around 1:30 PM and go to sleep around 6 AM. I've always been a night owl, for as long as my parents stopped forcing bedtime on me way back when. I don't mind my schedule too much, except when it  clashes with those of others. "Hey, s2m! Want to go shopping with us? We plan to leave at 9 in the morning!" " long as I don't have to drive." I had been avoiding this reversion since I broke the habit back in August. But thanks to the Night of Fury, it's back. Perhaps this week I'll try to break it. :P

I posted the first chapter of my fanfic at a small fanfic site, Lunaescence

[personal profile] stariceling introduced me to the site. Lunaescence is a fraction of the size of the Pit of Voles, and it's moderated to keep out the "itz just 4 fun so spelng n grammir R stoopid!!11!" drivel. Amazing difference! In regards to my fic, I already have a review and have made the fave story lists of 2 people in only 3 days. *boogies* It's taken me 6 weeks to accomplish the same while my fic flounders in the depths of the Pit. If anyone would like to read my fic at Lunaescence, the link is: If that doesn't work, search for my username (the same as here) or the fic's title "Distracting and a Great Bother". In the Naruto section. I love the warning you have to click through. "Might contain mildly suggestive themes." Yeah, just slightly...  I'll post chapter 2 when I can. I have to convert my fic to HTML for this site, which can take a bit of time. At the Pit, I can send the Word file and be done with it. But the time-consuming submission process probably keeps more of the drivel and bad!fic out. So yay. 

My babblings on New title and the manga report are behind the cut!! Only general observations on the manga, so no need for spoiler-white text. ^^


I should post again later day, since this was meant to go up yesterday. Matta ne!

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The New Title arrived Wednesday, right on schedule. ^^ When Shoujo Editor offered it to me, I actually had a choice between two mangas. I chose this one b/c it was a drama, rather than the action-fantasy of the other title. Drama = lots of dialogue instead of action = much easier. And yes, New Title is indeed a "talkie" drama...a very busy talkie drama! Starring college-aged boys! (Kyaaa!) With lots of little FX. X_x But the background patching is very easy thus far (white backgrounds are our friends, yes....) and it's the background that makes Clay such hell to complete. So. New title banzai!!!! *throws arms in the air in proper banzai style*

I've realized I have a very accurate barometer for my energy level and state of mind. If I sing or hum along with my music, then I am in a very good mood and will accomplish many pages. If I am not singing, then it's a day when work feels like pulling teeth. X_x I've been singing for three days in a row now--though yesterday and the night before that was rather quiet, thanks to the Happiness Vampire. But I'm singing tonight!!! *belts out the lyrics to the LotR: RotK theme song* Singing is good!!

I want to try writing shorter posts every day, rather than huuuuuge posts every few days, so I shall sign off for now. *gasp* Try not to land on your keyboard when you pass out from shock. *raspberries at the lot of you!*

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A friend inadvertently reminded me that my fanfic was available for anyone to read. Naked, flapping in the breeze. So I made it friends-only. (It was the rough draft anyway.) If by some miracle you want to read the final version--or even more miracuously CAME here to read it--then please visit it at The Pit:

If at first the link doesn't work, hit reload. has been being difficult lately. <:P Oh, and you don't have to know the series to understand what is happening. If you did, you'd be better able to appreciate events, but if not then it's still perfectly enjoyable. ^^V

In regards to is about to Descend Upon Me. I heard today from the senior edior who loves me, and she said the English will arive anytime between one and three weeks. (Direct quote.) And it's a long issue at 46 pages, 10 more than ususal. Oog. At least this is the last issue. >< And of course the timing is absolutely perfect, since it will hit when I will (hopefully) be cranking through Clay v9 ASAP (all 200 pages are due on the 10th. Yes, January 10th. And no, I don't have the script yet), and will be beginning The New Title at the end of this month. Five simulatenous titles, two of which--Clay and The English--will be due ASAP, since they will both be late by the time they finally arrive. Thankfully Nana (v12) has been slowed down to 9 weeks a volume, and Skip (v8) and The New Title (v1, obviously) are on the ususal 8 weeks a volume schedule.

Spare time to do things like draw for fun, play my one PS2 game, and write my first little was nice while you lasted. I had a whole three weeks to revel in you. *eyes shimmer with emotion* Jiiiiiiiin....

I'd better go jog while I can still spare the time. Calories wait for no woman. And neither do deadlines. X_x


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