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My last post was me venting about everything that's been bearing down on me in the past few months. But some good things have been happening, too!

Spicer is doing better, new URL for my fanfic recs page, manga counting continues, reading, small shigoto update, New Title 12's identity revealed, exercising with friends, Adult Things to Do List )

That's everything positive I can think of to share at the moment. ^^ Back to work for me! The Clay women are calling. C:
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Almost two months since my last update. So much for being the change and posting more, huh? Ugh.

Okay, so...

tl:dr: I have been very busy lately. Lots of stress. Staying in my current apartment for almost another year. Spicer is not doing well. Work is crazy-busy. Haven't been able to do anything creative since Yuletide.

The whole nine yards, for those not yet given in to the influence of the brief-content platforms of FB, twitter, and tumblr. )
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Greetings, my flist! All ~5 or of you or so who, like me, are still on DW and LJ and check it regularly. ^^

I haven't said much here lately, and I admit, it's b/c everyone else is on FB and it's nice to say something and start a dialogue. *sigh* I so miss this platform's glory days. But I should stop contributing to the problem by not posting here, and post more! Ha!

Okay,'s an update on what's happening in my life.

Tl;dr: Not much, as usual.

Longer version within! Work, Yuletide, car, health, living arrangements, misc, and entertainment. )

I guess that's it for this long update. It feels good to talk to you guys again! Please leave a comment, if you have anything to say or ask. C:
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These days it's all work-work-work for me, but in this bought of Work Hell, I gave myself two days off. The first was for book club, and the second was for queenie-mab's Halloween party. Which was last night!

Party summary! )

I came home with full intentions to work (I did a pink Voice page before the party, actually!), and I sat in front of my computer monitors, checked my email, blinked, and 45 minutes had vanished. I was SO TIRED. I flopped in bed a good two hours early. ^^;;

This morning I only slept in a little, and made myself exercise for real. I did a loop through my residential neighborhood and walked one minute, jogged the next, walk, jog, etc. Half an hour long, and I didn't cheat! But OMG I am so out of shape. *wince*

I've been pretty much a zombie (and not in the fun costume way) all day. The running on top of exhausting myself yesterday at the party has really put a dent in my productivity. I'll finish my Clay daily quota tonight, but it's gonna be tight. At least the pink page for the day is done. Poor Voice has to wait until tomorrow. Again.

I signed up for Yuletide!!!! XD This is the one fanfic exchange I let myself participate in every year, and those of you who have been around a while know how much I LOVE IT. My letter has been public for about two weeks. You can find it here! I would not object to a treat or three...

I'm requesting the full six fandoms, as usual. Four manga (all which I've lettered!), one movie, and one short story. I've been stalking the sign-up stats so far, and only the movie, the short story, and one of the manga titles has anyone offering to write. It's early days yet, though! (But now I think about it, poor Clay didn't have any offers last year. That will probably be true again this year. I suppose I'm the only English-language Isley fan...T.T)

Last year I went crazy and offered to write for 28 different fandoms. This year, I'm keeping things under control. I've offered only 10 this year (7 anime or manga, 1 live-action, and 2 comics). But TBH I'm reconsidering the live action and one of the anime titles. I'd like to see the letters for those, first.

I've made a promise to write at least one treat in addition to my assignment, and I had a flaily fit of joy today when I read someone's letter and FOUND IT! The request I want to treat!! *flails more* I've been wanting to write a fic about that character for several years, and they were requested by someone whose fanfic wishes seem to mesh well with me!!! Ohhhhhhh!! XD

I am SO excited. I am offering this canon, though, so there's a slight chance I could be matched to this person anyway. Which would mean my treat would become my assignment, and I've have to find a 2nd person to write for. ^^;; But I'll deal with that if it happens, which it probably won't! This fandom is a Yuletide fave, and always has a ton of offers. That means low odds I'll be matched. *clutches her treat's notes file to her breast* I have another episode to take notes on, then find the corresponding manga chapters and read those, too. Heeeee! :3

YULETIDE! I LOVE THEE SO!!!!! But for now, back to work. I need to finish my daily Clay quota. (Alas, Isley I miss you. If only you were still alive...)

ETA: OMG, someone offered to write Clay!! *tears of joy* Thank you, kind writer, should you see this!! I am delighted by the possibility of receiving Isley fic this year! XDDDD
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It's back to the work grind for me, everyone! Script for Clay 26 arrived last Tuesday, and after some emailing, the deadline was set for November 11th. This volume is one big fight scene, so it's gonna be crazy work time again!

Add that Voice 10 is due the day after. Thankfully this vol of Voice is easier than usual. Whew! I'll be able to make up for time lost to all those time-consuming Clay pages this way.

This means my spare time has vanished again. Alas. I had to miss out on a hike this weekend I really wanted to attend, but them's the breaks.

Kids, be smart. BE SALARIED. *laughs*

Back to work! Deadlines wait for no freelancer. Nope.
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Interesting things happening in the manga world that are relevant to me.

First, the bad news. Clay is ending in the October 4th issue of Jump Square. This means 2 more volumes in English. I already have Japanese Clay vol 26, which was published in June. One more Japanese volume is coming, possibly two if the final chapter is super-long.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I started lettering Clay in fall of 2005. 9 years, guys. It won't be my first ongoing series to end--that was Nana, which didn't have a real ending, but cut off abruptly due to mangaka health problems. Honey, Captive, and the various oneshots all had ended before I began. Clay will have a real ending.

*is at a loss*

In lighter news, apparently Seraph will have an anime. This is early, particularly since it's a monthly title. IDT we know the anime studio yet, but I hope it's Madhouse or Bones, and that they don't stiff the budget. I likes me some pretty animation. I also hope they wait until next spring. That'll give us around 8 more chapters of manga, and if they keep the anime to a short 11 or 12 ep season, that should be just enough. Please no half-baked anime-studio-written endings! *cough* Clay *cough*.

And in news that's relevant to me on a personal, apparently there's a new manga adaptation of Arslan. O.o Being done by FMA's mangaka, Arakawa Hiromu. Talk about a complete change in style from the original shoujo manga adaption. *blinks* And here I thought the Arslan manga people had mentioned reading at Crunchyroll was the shoujo version, and I'd been surprised someone would license such a dated-art-style manga. This explains things, huh?

As for me, I'm going crazy trying to finish everything--or as much as I can--before the week I lose in Texas for family visits and my cousin's wedding. (No one can lay a guilt trip on you like family, amirite?)

I have this fear that my being away for so long will trigger Spicer into another bought of health problems. It's entirely possible. Argh.
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Have you ever wanted to go back in time and give yourself a hug of thanks? I do. I surely do!

Clay vol 25 is due tomorrow, Monday, and I finished yesterday after a flail-filled work rush. 14 pages of Clay a day is NOT fun, I can tell you. The reason for the last-minute dash was the Seraph-chapter-every-week final rush while we caught up with Japan. Even without needing to worry about FX for the individual chapters, lettering 45 pages of text-only a week takes time. But I brought everything in under or before deadline, once again! *triumphant pose* Oh yeah, including Voice vol 7. ^^

Now it's time for me to start the Seraph vol 3 (chapters 8-11) graphic novel version, which means stringing the four chapters together, creating the English sound effects and doing all the related retouch, and the omake pages. The original deadline for Seraph vol3 was June 6th. As in 5 days from today. *sick laughter* But thankfully, way back when Seraph Editor sent me everything I needed to do the volume, I realized my schedule was going to be tight in May, thanks to the Seraph mad dash and my twice-yearly vol of Clay. And I asked for more time, which SeraphE kindly gave. Now I have a whole month to do the GN conversion, rather than 5 days. THANK YOU, PAST ME!!! *tearful, glompy hugs*

Today I've taken most of the day off to let myself recouperate from the work rush. I've been skating on the edge of being sick, and really needed some sleep. I've taken three naps, all with Spicer-kitty snuggled up! He does love napping with me. Then I updated my fanfiction recs page, and FINALLY finished the link and WIP-status update check. Speaking of, I might as well plug my site again. It's been a while.

I like fanfic! I like telling other people about the fics I've really enjoyed!! I have eclectic tastes, in all sorts of fandoms! Books, movies, tv shows, and of course--anime and manga! I enjoy every iteration of romantic love! I enjoy drama! Comedy! Suspense! Romance! Adventure! And I don't just rec fanfic, I have original online fiction AND webcomic recs!!! Do please stop by. I have just under 500 recs now! *flails with excitement*

Slr2moons' Fanfic and Online Reading Recs

Now that I've satisfied my need to share fun stuff, I shall get started on Seraph vol 3. My day isn't complete unless I've done at least SOME work, after all. Even holidays. ^^V

Oh yes, and I've taken on a 6th title. It's a shoujo title with Naruto Editor, with whom I've worked for years and really get along with. (note: he doesn't edit Naruto anymore, but he'll always be Naruto Editor to me. :3) The title won't be constant lettering, from what I understand, and I know NE will do his best to give me lots of lettering time. I can't say what it is or who the mangaka is, but I do like their stuff! Until the official announcement, everyone please welcome New Title 11. I should begin lettering it sometime in July or August. (I know, I'm already super-busy. But that was because of lingering effects from last summer and fall, and the Seraph catch-up. I'm confident I can handle this specific 6th title because of reasons, and remember I have home-buying in my near future. Extra $$$ is a good thing!)
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I've really flaked on the posting more often, huh? Sorry to say I lost an LJ friend recently, but I gained a new one. C: Can't really complain! Thank you to everyone who has kept me on their reading/friends list, even though I don't talk much here these days. :P

Work-wise, things are...interesting. I finished Natsume 17's first draft a few days early. Now I'm waiting on corrections. Voice 7 is almost done, nicely on time. For Seraph, the mad dash of all those chapters in a row is finally over this Monday with chapter 21--OMGYAY--and now I have a week off before it's time to letter the first of the now-monthly chapters, with #22. (Seraph is monthly in Japan, so it's monthly here now that we've caught up on all the previously published-in-Japan chapters.)

Sounds like things are in pretty good shape, right? Welp, now let me tell you about Clay. Clay 25 is running behind. The constant Seraph chapters were a real drain on my time, and now I'm paying for it. This volume of Clay is due on June 2nd, and it's going to be interesting meeting that. Particularly since I'm trying to have a life and see IRL friends more than twice a month. ^^;;

I have made one big change with Clay: in all the previous volumes, hand-drawn "organic" sound effects were original to every page. With all my other titles--all the way back to Nana--I save FX and reuse them where I can. It's a big time-saver. I figured Clay was too varied to try that, but the opposite is true. I've always said Clay is like busywork. When it comes to creating the English FX and retouching the artwork, Clay rarely makes me stop and think. It's straight-forward, and I have it down to a science. (Granted, a slow science, but yeah.) And thus, I've begun saving my organic Clay FX for use on more than one page. It's already saved me some good time, even in the ~20 pages I've done so far.

The vast majority of readers won't notice the reusing. For one thing, I don't reuse an FX within 50 pages of a previous use. In fact, I doubt anyone but me would ever know I started this, if I hadn't said it here! Heh. When 25 is released, feel free to play "spot the duplicate FX" and ask me if you're right. ^^V

But when Clay 25 is done, I have to scramble to finish Seraph volume 3, which is when I add FX for the GN version. Fun times.

I'm still hoping this summer will be good for me, since the previous three sucked.

This weekend, I saw two IRL friends! On Saturday, knastymike and I went to a German restaurant. It was DELICIOUS! I must go back, even though it's a little pricey, and a drive! YUM. Then today, I drove to mab's house and we walked around her neighborhood and talked fandom, and house buying, and all sorts of fun stuff. ^^

A satisfying weekend, all around! And now, back to Clay 25. Wheeee!
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*points up* That's me, right now. For the most part, each deadline since the disaster during the past summer is slightly easier to meet.

The past three weeks, I haven't been able to do anything outside of work but run errands and go to Book Club, and I really should have skipped that. Or at least bailed out when the 35-minute argument started over what we would be reading in future months. (Some days I just don't have the time and/or patience to sit through that fiasco.) I've missed a birthday party for a dear friend (so sorry, Sno!), and I will be missing a chili cookoff for another dear friend this Saturday (so sorry, Phil!), and it comes down to no fun for me until I'm done. With Natsume, at least.

Info about specific titles, wistful desires for time to be creative. )

I should stop writing this blog post and get back to work. Natsume won't letter itself. Don't let me being busy stop you from commenting! I haven't heard from anyone in some time.
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Went to my third Yuletide/Nano/scribing-for-any-reason write-in on Friday evening, where I saw the wonderful snottygirl, saladbats, and mab. There were only four of us, but it was still fun! We even ran into a past NaNo-er, and a small group of others who WERE NaNo-ing. ^^ As for me, I made some serious inroads on my own Yuletide fic, of which I am very proud. I wrote about 350 words, which is a lot for me in the space of 45 minutes of actual writing time. (The rest of the evening being spent chatting or researching stuff for my fic.)

Speaking of, I finally figured out how to work writing on my phone. I can't write to google docs since my phone isn't an iphone or an Android, I don't trust emails to not lose text half-way through me typing (it's happened), and Livejournal's posting page is ridiculously code-heavy nowadays...but Dreamwidth works great. :D I have my Yuletide WIP in a private post on my DW account, which I keep open in a tab on my phone's browser. I can be in the middle of writing something, pause long enough for my phone to go into power-saving mode, wake it up...and my words are all still there. Dreamwidth doesn't time out! OMGYAY! \O/ As long as I have a net connection, I can write on the go! And carry pen and paper with me, JIC I don't have the connection. Score!

The deadline is less than a month away. Today I worked on it during breakfast and dinner. I'm pleased with what I have so far, including catching two plotholes pertaining to aspects of canon I'd forgotten, annnnnd a really big realization that I needed to lighten the mood of the MC. Thankfully I caught all three problems before I was more than 500 words into the fic. :D

Speaking of wordcount, the Yuletide minimum is 1,000. This fic is going to end up much more than that. I'm about half-way through the first scene, and the fic's already 650 words long. It isn't just my inability to write shortfic, though. My recipient loves a particular trope, and for me to do it justice, first I have to establish certain facts before I go ripping them apart. (No, there's no non-con in this one, I swear! X|) My recipient did say in their letter that they loooove the sexy tiems, but with the plot I've chosen, that won't really work. Not without the trope of Healing Cock, which I refuse to write. I hope they'll be satisfied with manly snugglings. ^^

I had kind of intimidated myself about this year's fic. I mean, last year's Yuletide fic by me turned out GOOD. It's the most popular fic I have at AO3, and I genuinely like it. I even read it for fun every couple of months! I worry that this fic can't live up to the success of last year's. But my fanfic sempai Star-chan calmed me down. She told me to just do the best I can. I am a decent writer, after all, *I* wrote last year's fic! And all the other fics on my account, all of which are perfectly readable. I certainly have the potential to write another well-received fic! And besides, what's truly important is that my recipient likes it, and I'm doing my damnedest to do just that! (Even though there won't be any sexy tiems. Hopefully someone will give my recipient a sexy fic treat. Though maybe if I finish ahead of time (HAHAHAHAH!) I could write a 2nd fic for them and load it with the smut. I'd say there's a 5% chance...)

I've enjoyed typing on the fic today. Not only having a full-sized keyboard, but being in my home, where I can relax and not need to tune out the coffeeshop music and conversation all around me. I do love write-ins, but it's more for the creative companionship and ready opinions/help to be had, rather than actual words produced. Though writing sprints work well for me. Let's do more! C:

I keep forgetting that someone is writing a Yuletide fic for me, too. I suspect I know which one, based on a comment in the yuletide-coal community that fit one of my requests. It will be interesting to see if I'm right. ^^ Whether I am or not, best of luck and good wishes to my author, if they happen to see this post! I'm looking forward to reading your words on the 25th! :DDD

In work news, Clay 23 is in the can. Voice 4 awaiting corrections, Voice 5 lettering begun. Seraph chapter 6 in the can, GN 1 being FXed right now. Natsume 16 and Skip 33 are waiting for me to start. Wheeeee!!
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I know I've been really quiet here lately. I have this long post about my sister's visit and accompanying adventure in the works. I'm going to post it soon! But...things are only gonna get busier. ^^; In the next couple weeks I have to:

1. Finish Clay 23 (already done, OMGYAY)
2. bust my booty to finish Voice 1 early, b/c...
3. Stumptown (the indie comics convention is in two weeks. I have so much going on with work and IRL that I'd skip it completely this year, but an out-of-town friend will be exhibiting (not SE3, she has to pass this year T.T) and I'm looking forward to at least having dinner with her twice. I'm not going to a ton panels and hang around all weekend like I normally do. I have too much work, and it's boring hanging around unless you have people with you, and this year that isn't going to happen for both days. Thankfully the wonderful and kind saladbats plans to go for one day, and whichever day is better for her will be when I go to peruse the exhibition hall, too.
4. My sister is flying to Seattle for her own work--much longer and more complicated this time, and she wants me to visit. I'm aiming to ride the Amtrak train up for the 6th, and with Voice due on the 8th, I need to finish early.
5. The monthly hike with my book club cronies.
6. Clean off enough hard drive space on my laptop, Usagi, to reinstall Photoshop CS (yes, CS1. Shut up, I bought it years ago and Usagi is an XP machine!) and my slightly smaller 2nd drawing tablet, Anthy. This way I can do work outside of home again, such as on the train to Seattle, in my sister's hotel room, and even out and about if anyplace has plugs. (Note to self: check if any tablets are capable of running Photoshop. HAHAHAHA! I doubt it...) Also I really hope my old copy still works, b/c I've installed it around 8 times now on various machines, and IDK how many reinstalls the serial number is good for. I gotta find the discs, too. Oh dear.)
7. Iron Man 3 movie marathon on the 2nd. I think this one is a bust, though.
8. my original manga. I actually turned down another series in favor of working on it. I'm tired of doing nothing but paid work all day. I want to be an exhibitor at Stumptown, too! >< /whine
9. anime night, too much fun to miss
10. dinner with A-chan and knastymike, also too much fun to miss

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but those are the main points. FUN TIMES! But it's good to have so much work to complain about, because MONEY YAY. I think everyone understands that. ^^

Back to work for me! I'm gonna do a purple Voice page today. GRAAAH!! BANZAIII!!! XD
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Yesterday I took the day off running to repot my lilies. I should have done it last year, but never found the time until it was too late. I'm glad I did this year, because wow. What started as a single bulb in 2010 turned into a root mass 6 inches in diameter, and I'm not exaggerating! O.O

In the end, I used the new tall pot I bought, all of both long troughs, and the half-sized trough. Lily bulbs everywhere! I don't know where the all-white or the pink-tinged ones ended up. It will be interesting to find out, come June. ^^ The crop will likely be still bigger next year, unless plant disaster strikes. Anyone want dibs on some lily bulbs??

In work news, script for Clay 23 has arrived!! This volume has more talking than fighting, something which I am always happy to see in Clay. :D I finished Natsume 14's first pass, and now only await corrections. The BL title will be done in about a week. Oho, and come to find out it isn't a oneshot like I thought, there's a sequel! I'm signed on to letter that one, too, again with my beloved Clay Editor #3. :3

Also it's been two days, and I'm holding true to my promise to draw something for myself every day. Yay! Last night in particular was incredibly fun. I want to finish it and post it sometime, for you all to see. It's my OTP from one of my fave webcomics, the fun and surprisingly epic DMFA. Safe for work, unless someone objects to scantily clad characters of both sexes. *laughs*

And don't forget: if you want to remain on my friend's list and haven't spoken to me in a few months, leave a comment here or on this post before March 1st!! Hope to hear from you soon. ^^V
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I tripped again on that same stretch of road two days ago. Not the exact same place, but close. I'm going to take [profile] lyschan's advice and change my route. I've already plotted one the same length that avoids that particular stretch of road. Bah! And for the record, that second time, I was not half-asleep nor jogging with my eyes closed. I just didn't pick up my feet enough, and down I went. At least I didn't fall as hard or do as much damage to my hands.

Speaking of which, last night my scrapes were itching so much, it woke me up. :B I'm glad I still have a tube of anti-itch cream laying around. Geez.

I won the lottery again at Publisher's Clearing House. Another Amazon gift card, for $5 this time. Wheeee! I can buy 3 or 4 mp3s! Or half a hard-copy book! Or a whole digital book! Or a sixth of a blu-ray movie! My oh my, so many options...

A couple weeks ago, I visited my friend A-chan in Salem, and she took me to an amazing used book store there called Escape Books. It's in a converted house, much like Powell's, only the books are cheaper and that's all they sell. ^^ I definitely want to go back! I picked up a couple manga vols I needed, and two fantasy books because they sounded interesting. That store is amazing and very cute. :3

I was feeling rather down this morning, until I told myself to knock it off and changed my mind from obsessing over things I can't change to what I planned to do today. To my delight, it worked! I felt much better, and spent half an hour on a promised gift pic for my fanfic sempai [personal profile] stariceling. Something in that pic has been bothering me for weeks, and is why I have yet to finish it. I wasn't good enough, damn it! >< I did some moving things around, shifted a character's position, and now it is indeed much better. Of course, now I have to redraw 3/4ths of one character, but it'll be worth it. Yay!

On a work-related note, script for Clay 23 should be arriving any day now. Skip 31 is 100% finished. Natsume 14 will be done in a week, and the BL in two. Things are chugging along nicely!
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I just finished the first pass of Clay 22, right on time. ^^ I also did a little experiment with the pdf. Those of you who have no interest in lettering or publishing can skip this part. Here, I'll put it behind a cut. PDF crunchings! A comparison by s2m )

In other work news, for Skip fans who have hard-copy vol 29, you might have noticed the white margin around almost all the pages. This is because the page files we were sent from Japan were actually cropped across the width smaller than normal. To preserve as much artwork as possible, the pages were set up by Viz for printing without full bleeds. Thus, the white margins almost everywhere. I'm glad Viz was willing to show the white around the margins, so readers can see all the available art! And thankfully, Skip 30's pages were sent at a nice, fat size. In fact, the largest of the three sizes Skip has come in so far. C: Yay!

Now that work is done until Natsume 14 or a new title arrives, it's back to artwork for me! I'm still working on the bday present for Star-chan, but she kindly said she doesn't mind if I put her pic on pause so I can finish the bros calendar pic for this year. The official deadline is the 15th, in four days. All I have is a rough sketch. *has huuuuuge sweatdrop* I know, I know!! >< Thankfully ensuing knows I'll probably be a little late. I'm going to work on the pic full-time until it's done.

I've waited too long to make an LJ post. I keep thinking of all sorts of topics to babble about, but I don't want to post a novel here. :B I'll save them for the next few days!! I'd like to post more often again.

Time for me to upload those pdfs to Clay Editor 4 and then fire up the bros calendar pic again. Busy busy busy!!
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It's clear I have a new fan-favorite of all my works at AO3: the HP fanart pic. 17 more hits and it will dethrone the current winner, which is my Yuletide fic from last Giftmas. The switch should happen by Tuesday. Heh!

My fandom sempai, Star-chan, and I have made a pact: we will work on our original stuff for a set time every day. Her an hour, and me 30 minutes--to start. You know, until I get in the habit. This means that, yes, I am plugging away once more at my original manga, starring Laurie and her demon.

The last time I worked on it, I was coloring the first page at an agonizingly slow pace. Like with a new manga title, the first few pages will be in color, then I'll switch to b&w. Now I'm back at it, with the HP fanart pic under my's like I'm a whole different person. Guys, I'm getting more done in half an hour than I did in three hours before the HP pic. My confidence as improved that much. WOW.

I am really amused at myself, because I left all these scrawled notes to myself on the pic about my uncertainty on what I was doing. And I never deleted or merged any layers, so Laurie's hair consists of 8 different layers. ^^;;; I want to go back in time when I was freaking out over the page, give myself a hug, and tell me to relax. I'll figure it out!

Fannish and IRL stuff behind the cut! )

In work news, I'm plugging away at Clay 22. Doing at least one Pink page a day, to get as many out of the way as I can before Natsume 14 hits. Still no fourth regular title, but I remain ever hopeful! And if I'm lucky, it'll be a good one, too. ^^
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Let me start this post by saying: I hate masonry. As in the stonework, not the sekrit society. You'll see why next week, when I will have finished my pic for this year's Het Big Bang. Working on it half an hour a day for the previous weeks wasn't enough. I need to put in a minimum of 2 hours a day in this final stretch to finish in time. Pic is due Sunday.

Thankfully, work is under control! Skip 30 is almost done, with only one medium and a handful of easy pages left. This is good because I now have script for Clay 22. Remember how I said that earlier volume last year was so full of fighting it was pretty much one big fight scene? Welp, 22 really IS one big fight scene! The same bad guy, the same scene, with a bunch of different women waving swords at it. FUN TIMES. *wonders if that counts as a spoiler*

I've had an eventful week. On Wednesday I was the chauffeur for a friend's day surgery. I'm still not comfortable driving downtown, and that make it extra-fun. Then on Saturday, I helped Chiz and Neeka move to their gorgeous new place. I'm still sore! Only a little bit in my forearms, though. Apparently I really did manage to lift with my legs. ^^

Wow, when I was thinking about making a post, I kept thinking of all these fun and chatty things to say. And now, when I'm here typing, I can't come up with anything. :P

I recently caught up reading the wonderful shoujo manga "We Were There" by Obata Yuki. I had to stop at 13, because I have yet to buy 14 (no one carries it in physical store, and I keep forgetting to order it online), and 15 isn't out yet. Unfortunately, this is another series that only gets one volume released here a year. *hugs WWT and Kaze Hikaru close* I still love you!! Anyway, I'm quite irritated with the female lead of that series. Ugh. I just want to smack her. And while I do like the male lead, at this point I've lost patience with him to the extreme and am rooting for the other guy.

But of course, given the Law of First Love Interest Introduced (namely that they always win) and that ALL the book covers feature female lead with male lead, the other guy doesn't stand a chance. *kicks the stupid leads*

This is proof it's a good series, though. If I didn't care about the characters, then it would be forgettable and a waste of time. Nrgh.

In fannish news, the first chapter of my next fanfic is with my beloved beta-reader and BFF, Star-chan. I've been typing this on and off since January, when I started plotting it as a direct opposite to the extremely dark fic I wrote for Yuletide. *wince* When Chapter One is ready to go up, I'll be posting it to my Dreamwidth account,, AO3, and Luna. Skyehawke too, though I think I'll wait a bit on that one. I'll be linking them all here. ^^ Oh, and this is the Summer Wars/Skip Beat! romantic comedy crossover fic I've mentioned earlier. :D

My first hour of Big Bang piccing is done, so it's time to get to paid work. Yes, Kyoko-chan, it's your turn!
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I've been quite sociable the past two weeks! (Shocking, right?) Saturday the 19th I helped [ profile] knastymike with the heavy lifting part of his move into a new apartment. It wasn't that bad...except the leather recliner. That thing was SO HEAVY OMG. >< I was sore for two days! Small price to pay for good company, though. And Mike bought[ profile] inkytwist (who tackled packing and unpacking the kitchen...YEEK!) and me food at Old Chicago Pizza (OM NOM NOM), and frozen yogurt after we saw the Avengers.

Speaking of which, fun film! Even with me not knowing much Avengers canon at all. :B I do know enough to want a Loki movie, where he can be badass and awesome and crack that smile and wear more tuxedos. :3

The next day, I drove down to Salem to meet up with one of my Sci-Fi book club buds, Acacia, and we went to see Battleship. It was fun! I liked it more than Avengers, too. *dodges tomatoes* It's true! Even if they killed off the actor we went to see the film for. :P~~~ At least he took his shirt off at one point. ^///^ And yes, he also appeared on-screen in uniform, which is what we bought our tickets for in the first place. This was Alexander Skaarsgard, BTW. Best-known as Eric Northman, sexy Viking vampire in True Blood. Rowr! We ate at an El Salvadorian place. It was very tasty. :9

After that, I scrambled like mad to finish Naruto 59 and Skip 29 on time, which I did manage. ^^ Skip is now completely in the can, still awaiting corrections on Naruto. Clay 21 is almost done, I'm waiting for either more corrections or the go-ahead to upload. Now I'm powering along with Natsume 13! And this volume is making my BL-loving heart just pitter-pat. *giggles like she's 14*

Then this weekend, I lost my beloved pocketknife on Friday morning, during my usual run. I didn't notice it was gone until I was emptying my pockets after finishing, and the knife wasn't there. I immediately retraced my entire 3.5 mile loop, and no knife. T.T As much foot traffic as this area has, it could have been on the ground as short as 20 seconds before someone scooped it up.

I've had that knife since 1998, when my Dad gave it to me before I headed off to art school. *cries* I keep telling myself it's just an object, and if someone decides to commit murder with it, that they'll wipe my fingerprints off it, too. >< My mom says Dad will have fun shopping for a replacement for me. This gives me something to anticipate, at least. I feel naked when I go outside without my knife. I alllways carried that knife with me everywhere. *sniffle*

On Friday evening, knastymike and inkytwist sent me an impromptu invite to Mongolian grill, after they finished cleaning up knastymike's old apartment. I'd just eaten dinner, so I had ice cream while they had real food. Good company and conversation!

And on Monday, it was [ profile] saladbats' birthday! I headed out to a Doctor Who-themed room inside a fish-and-chips place in the NE of Portland. Only took me 15 minutes to drive! I could have ridden the Max, but by the time I realized how simple it would have been, it was already too late to make it that way. :P No matter, driving was fun! I made a new friend,[ profile] winnett, saw[ profile] snottygirl again, and hope to hang out with all of them more, soon! We are all writers or appreciators of same, and the whole lot of us are complete geeks. FUN! XD Even if all the Doctor Who themed stuff was wasted on me. *makes flyby noise*

Oho, and I ordered a Scottish soda. "Irn Bru". Tastes like bubblegum. I liked it, though I couldn't drink it every day. Far too sweet!

One of the webcomics I enjoy every week, Candi, is asking for guest strips. I'm going for it! OMG SO EXCITING!! XD I'm going to try to finish it before the 1st. KYAAA!! It will be my first guest webcomic strip, the first of many I hope! :D

And finally, I have a [ profile] dreamwidth account. Not sure how much I'll use it, but it's there if I need it! I'm slr2moons there too, of course. ^^ 
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Today, I noticed a new character in Clay 21 has a birthmark on her right cheek. It was quite a surprise, since I've lettered over half the book by now. I just went through the completed pages to check if I'd unknowingly erased the birthmark, thinking it was a speck.

I only did it once. Whew! Problem fixed, and now I know.

/anecdote ^^

Oh yeah, Usagi (my laptop) picked up a trojan last week. My computer doctor had to format C:\, after taking all my data off. Thankfully. He said he's noticed an increase in infected computers since mid-December. Everyone...

Update your anti-virus program. Update Java. Update Flash. Update Adobe Acrobat Reader. Update your browser. Install adblock if possible. Beware when clicking on random sites generated from Google search results. BACK UP IMPORTANT FILES.

No, I haven't fired up Usagi again. I have to reinstall everything, and with me barely hanging on re: work, I don't have the time to deal with it. *wince*

A plague on all trojan writers, users, and profiters!!! X(
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Wednesday night, winter said goodbye with a beautiful snowfall. My area had about an inch of snow, I think. I walked in it twice, once Wednesday evening when it had been falling for about half an hour, and then the next day when it was already melting. It lasted until 3 PM, I was impressed. Today on my walk, I saw the sad remains of a couple of snowmen, fighting to live on lawns in my neighborhood.

Good-bye, snow! See you again in 9 months or so. *wistful sigh*

For the record, having grown up in north-central Texas, where snow falls maybe 3 times a year and actually sticks once every other year, it will always hold a magical place in my heart. I'm sure I'd have already changed my mind if I'd moved to, say, Minnesota...but here in my part of Oregon, it snows maybe 7 times a year and sticks for 2, so it's still magical to me. :3

I am also happy to say that I am as caught up with Bleach manga as it is possible to (legally) be in North America! Thanks to my subscription to SJ Alpha, I can read the new chapter only 2 weeks after it appears in Japan. The chances of me happening across spoilers in fic or art are negligible!!! I can now read almost any fic without fear!!! Yes, this pleases me greatly. ^^

Next on my manga catch-up list...Bakuman. XD I have...*checks* 100 chapters to read. Not as bad as Bleach, for which I had about 170! ^^V

I'm hard at work on Clay 21 and Naruto 59. Trying to finish as many difficult pages as I can before Skip 29 and Natsume 13 hit. I have scripts for both, but no raw pages from Japan. Oh yes, and I finished the 2nd one-shot book I did for the new genre sort-of being released by Viz.

A little health stuff, under the cut to save those who'd rather not. )

Back to work for me! I have no idea what is going on in Clay 21, bouncing around from difficult page to difficult page as I am. Everyone is fighting everyone else, I swear. :P

ETA: Fish skin is sticky!! (Apologies to any vegetarians or vegans or see this.)
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Usagi (my laptop) visited the computer doctor again today. The cat hair wrapped around her exhaust fan was finally causing performance problems. She overheated and shut herself off twice the past couple days. I didn't freak out; I knew what was going on, as this happened before back in October '10.

Thus, the visit to the computer doctor. He saved the cat hair for me. It was as interwoven and soft as a piece of felt. About half an inch wide at the beginning, trailing to frayed-yarn at the end, which was about 5 inches.

I can't hear her fan at all. It's bizarre! I'm so used to the whine being in my ears. The silence is so loud!

I will finish New Title 9 tomorrow, then do a read-through and make sure I didn't accidentally change a font w/o noticing, which is quite possible with InDesign. After that, it's time for Naruto AND Clay! Yes, I have script for Clay 21, as well. And oh man...this volume is going to be HARD. *wince* It's one long fight scene again...probably to make up for all the exposition pages in vol 20. T.T

Also on Wed night, I couldn't sleep. (Thus, my new icon is very appropriate.) It wasn't a bad insomnia, I didn't really mind. I just stayed in bed, staring at the ceiling and letting my mind wander.

This weird random insomnia happens once every couple months, I guess. *shrug* Probably happens to everyone.

And when was the last time I posted something random like this? I kinda miss it...


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