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A couple paragraphs about the heat and swimming, which I dearly love! )

In work news, Saiunkoku v1, Skip 22, and Naruto 50 are all completely finished. At the moment, I "only" have Clay 17 and Natsume 5. I have 7 pink Clay pages left in this vol, and I'm trying to finish them before I have script for New Title 5. Speaking of which, at Expo, Viz announced their new licenses, which includes the true identities of New Titles 5 and 6. *drumroll*

New Title 5 is Mistress Fortune, by Tanemura Arina-sensei.
New Title 6 is Sakura Hime Kaden, also by Tanemura Arina-sensei.

And now those of you who are familiar with Tanemura-sensei's work will understand why I've been collecting screen tones and trying to clear my other titles like mad. Heh heh heh. ^^;;; If you don't know her stuff, next time you're in the bookstore check out Gentlemen's Alliance + or Fullmoon o Sagashite and you'll understand. This mangaka appears to believe white space is wasted potential. It will be interesting to see how lettering these two Tanemura titles compares with lettering Hino-sensei's Captive Hearts, which was also a lesson in cramming as much as possible onto every bit of page.

I have yet another pink Clay page mocking me from Tsukushi's monitor, so I'd best get to work. It's going to be difficult going today, but I must persevere!
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I finally feel like I have a short moment to spare, so here's a quick shigoto update. )
I've been reading one of my fave shoujo manga, LoveCom. I plan to blog more about this later as well, but for now I will admit it's making me really want to work on my own original manga. I have the script and the pages I've already drawn open right now. I'm going to spend at least half an hour (in short snippets while I do my pro work) on it! I want to tell my own stories very very badly right now. This is something else to be saved for another post. Nrrrgh!

TIme for me to get to it. Everyone, please be well!
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Hey, everyone! Here's what's going on with work. ^^

First up, Natsume volume 1 is out!! Kyaaa! It's always exciting when a volume 1 is released. XD New series debut, yay! Minna, I would be delighted if you would do me the honor of reading this volume. I've grown to really like Natsume, and want everyone to give it a try. ^^ I think it is worth it!

The usual suspects behind the cut. )

Oh yes, and I'm being interviewed about my job!! It's terribly fun answering the questions. I even managed to summarize my lettering method in two short paragraphs! I didn't know that was possible. Of course I will post the link to the site when it is up. :3

ETA: Yay, the rest of the Nana 21 script is here! *pounces on it*
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I've been a useless zombie that past few days. Lucky for me I only have three titles at the moment. Buh.

Straight to the good stuff... )

Tsukushi (work computer) was complaining about lack of hard drive space on c:\, so I used the automatic "free up space!" option Windows provides...which screwed up Seth, my printer. He arbitrarily would spit out blank or mostly-blank pages. I reinstalled his software on Tsukushi and things seem to have returned to normal. *knocks on wood*

I've also had two chances to read more first chapters, but I have not taken them because zombie!s2m does not finish her daily work quota and thus does not deserve a treat like reading manga in the bookstore. No, I do not. *shakes chiding finger at herself*

Part of the reason I've been so tired lately is I've been going to sleep too late. With Daylight Savings making the sun set at 5 PM, everything is screwy. <:\ I need to start going to sleep earlier. Around 12:30 at the latest, and that INCLUDES reading time.

Looks like I'll be flying out of Portland twice in December, once to visit my cousin in Montana, and again to visit the family back in TX. Usagi (my laptop) will be going with me to both places, particularly since I now have Naruto 48. I wonder if I can squeeze Anthy (Uasgi's tablet) into my carry-on suitcase? Will security make me take her out and place her in a bucket like they require with laptops?? IDK. Has anyone here flown with a tablet before?

That's it for this month's shigoto update. Let us hope tomorrow I am genki again. It would be quite nice...
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Here's what's going on in regards to work:

Cut because it ended up longer than I thought it would. )
For those who read everything and paid attention, yes, at the moment I only have Nana to letter. O.o I'm trying to finish as much now as I can, since a rushed Clay 16 is about to land, and New Title 5 in a couple of months. All Pink, Orange, Yellow with Orange Dot, and straight Yellow pages are finished in the first half, which is all I have script for. I'm working on the Yellow with Green Dots now. Without more script, I can't fully preletter the 2nd half, but I'm doing what I can: straightening pages, whiting out Japanese, numbering pages, etc. I'm also doing this with Clay 16. It's all about planning ahead! Particularly since L-chan is going to try to visit in a couple weekends. :3

Back to work for me, then. Shigoto shigoto!
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I do believe it's time for a shigoto update, hmm? Though there isn't much actual news to report!

Current status of Captive, Clay, Nana, Naruto, New Titles 5 and 6, and Skip. )

If you read through everything above, this does mean that at the moment, all I have to letter is Nana and Skip! It feels so weird. O.o Both vols are completely pre-lettered too, so I've been working on my art and stories instead. I didn't post it here, but the rough "blue line" of the human main character from my manga short story is up on my Deviant Art account! 100% SFW. I will be posting the final version here. Perhaps in a few days!

On a side note, at my last Sci-Fi book club meeting, I learned that a small group of professional writers meet a couple times a month to write together. New--serious writers--are welcome to join them. One of those authors is in the book club group. I'm trying to work up the nerve to invite myself. I mean, I'm writing a graphic novel. Does that count? Will the cool kids let me play with them?? O.o *fidgets* I'd so dearly love to have IRL writing friends, but I dunno how they'd feel about the whole graphic novel angle and being unpublished for my own work and not intending to actually publish-publish my first original story anyway since I plan to post it as a web comic and I'm nervous but would love to go MY INSECURITIES, LET ME SHOW YOU THEM. *hides*
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I found another one. I just did a search on DA for "model sheet" to help me think outside my own drawing box, and the first one I clicked on ended up being for a man named Giancarlo Valentino D'Osta. It's a plague! A plague, I tell you!! Awesome model sheet, though. SFW.

How about a shigoto update, since that's why pretty much everyone's here?

Clay, Nana, Naruto, Natsume, Skip, my short story, and an unexpected fanart request )

That's it for this update. I'm reading my SF book club's July selection, Day of the Triffids. O.o This book is incredibly unnerving. D= I keep having to take breaks. I might have to pull out the big guns and unwind with Hikaru no Go or One Piece or something half-way through. Ghaaa! (Pretty impressive how scary I'm finding it, considering the book was written in the 50s!)
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Like the subject says, I'm no longer in Work Hell! Nana 19, Clay 15, and Natsume 1 are all finished, and Naruto 46 and Skip 20 are both under control. I'm already a few pages into Nana 20 and prelettering Skip 21. Planning ahead DOES work! In the works of one of my fave Disney songs, "Be prepaaaaaared!"

[ETA: Bwhahahahaha!! XD XD I did it to myself with this post. Just heard from Temp Naruto Editor and I need to try to finish Naruto 46 by tomorrow afternoon. 30 pages in a day and a half. HAHAHA!!! THis is what you get for speaking to soon, stupid! *smacks herself in the face* Okay, I really need to hit it. CAFFEINE!!!!! GRAAAA!!!  /eta]

I have good news! Now that all 5 of my titles are slow and intermittent (especially Clay, which is now only twice a year) I can officially handle a 6th title! Lucky for me, I timed it just right and bagged a great one with Shoujo Editor #3. It's actually two separate titles that she happens to want lettered by the same person. I can't reveal names or even the mangaka, but I'm excited! I should begin the first book in about 3 months. This means it's time for two new tags: New Title 5 and New Title 6! (I have to count on my fingers to keep all the New Title identities straight. :B )

my doujinshi, a Deleter ComicWorks bug, Watchmen--slight spoilers--and my current audio book )
That's it for today. Work calls!!


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